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A 20th century I tal i an arti st,w ho overthe course ofti m e transi ti ons from a cubi stto a surreal i stto a scul ptor.Bei ng from a fam i l y ofarthe dove ri ght i nto the cubi sm

W ord study from w atchi ng vi deos of Gi acom etti i ntervi ew s.Al so research that I ’ ve done on the w ork he does. Iw anted to geti nto m ore detai l wi th the w ay he thoughtabout hi s art and how hi s w ork agrees wi th w hat hi s i ntenti ons w ere

era and experi m ented w i th

surreal i sm .He began to real l y take after hi s dad i n the w ay of pai nti ng and started to focus on hum an


especi al l y




parti cul arl y the gaze a person has. After l i vi ng

After goi ng through the w ords I choose w ords that w ere repeated a l otand w ords that stuck outto m e as w ords that descri bed hi s w ork and m i nd.

through W W I I he had "w eary hopes" for w hat hum ani ty i s headi ng tow ards so he experi m ented wi th expressi ng hi m sel fthrough scul pture.He di d a l ot of hum an figures to express how w e are thi nni ng oursel ves outas hum ani ty.He w anted to al so portray the natural and real i ty beauty of hum ani ty i n hi s hum an figures.Thi si s w here he stayed unti l hi s unfortunate death and peopl e al w ays asked w hy he conti nued to do scul pture of thi s ki nd and he stated "because I don' t understand i tful l y yet,w hen Ido I ' l lbe sati sfied and Ican m ove on to the nextthi ng".



I ncresi ng the fragi l e feel by addi ng som ethi ng that l ooks and feel s heavy on the l ayers bel ow . Fragi l e l ayers.Usi ng real l y ski nny m em bers thatw oul d be i n equi l i bri um .

Usi ng hi sl ove forthe hum an face to create a l ayered com posi ti on.

Structure that l ooks l i ke i t’ s fal l i ng dow n ( fragi l e)

Layered facade. T r a v e r s e underneath, l i ke an arch w ay






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