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WHALE WATCH Divisions 19/36: Jefferson, Kitsap, Clallam, & Mason Counties

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Proud N’ Willing To Serve! AN INSIDE LOOK

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” -Hellen Keller


In just a couple weeks, we will be having the Election Rally! If you are still interested, it isn’t too late! Please feel free to suggest a friend, or even yourself ! I know many of you are capable of this. Sign up fast! Continued on Page 2

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DCON 2013!

DCON is in less than 90 days! Everyone at the District and Division levels are working hard to make it the best yet! Get ready for the time of your life, register fast! Continued on Page 2


These are great projects the district is promoting. Through these and many others, we all are making the world a better place. Show your support by purchasing a T-shirt today! Continued on Page 2

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Fresh air!

“Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.” -Fernado Flores

3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA | 1.800.KIWANIS |

KEY CLUB: WHALE WATCH ! NEW TERM, NEW LIEUTENANT GOV. Guess what? The next election rally is right around the corner! I know many of you can be great Lt. G’s. It takes a lot of work, but is a bunch of fun! You meet many new people from all over the district such as Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Canada! Most of all, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. Some of the responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governorship is that of: • Serve as a liaison between the clubs in your division, and the district board • Visit each of your clubs • Publish a monthly divisional newsletter, and a monthly report • Hold a monthly Divisional Council Meeting • Communicate with your clubs, district executive board, and Kiwanians • Attend the seasonal board meetings and travel to DCON, and if able, ICON. T h i s ex p e r i e n c e w i l l m a k e a n impression that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out!

ALL ABOUT DCON It is fast approaching! I hope all the clubs have got their dues paid on time! This is a momentous event. Check out the PNW Key Club Call to Convention 2013 on youtube to get a glimpse! While at DCON, your new Lt. Governor will be installed as well! Here are the three candidates: Allisha Cornell from the South Kitsap Club; Amy Liu from the Bremerton Club; and last but not least, Yamini West from the South Kitsap Club. All three are outstanding candidates and will serve our divisions well! DCON will begin on March 22nd and come to a grand finale on March 24th. It will be at the Double Tree Hotel in Seatac, right beside the airport. The hotel makes some



scrumptious cookies, don’t hesitate to ask for one! The brief layout of the weekend will be fun, fun, and more fun! Also there are some important events DCON highlights: the caucusing of the upcoming district board, and the installation of the new Lieutenant Governors and the honorable resignation of the outgoing ones. But that isn’t all! For the grand finale there will be the Governor’s Ball. An upbeat and exciting dance with the other 1,700 key clubbers! See you there!

PROJECT EDUCATE, KCCP, AND ELMINATE PROJECTS Project Educate is a new project and it’s already got a great start! It fundraises to help provide materials and labor to build schools for the It’s a party at Tri-K! less fortunate in Jamaica. What a great cause to contribute! KCCP (Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program) & ELMINATE are the district projects. The money donated to KCCP goes directly into research to find the CONTACTS cure for cancer! These children are very Governor Giovanni McKenzie grateful for all your efforts to help. ELMINATE is a project that gives mothers Secretary Kelsie Hoppes and their children cures for maternal and neonatal tetanus. Tetanus is a major killer. Treasurer Kenneth Lam This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly   60,000 innocent babies and a significant Bulletin Editor Bassel Hamieh number of women each year. Show your   support by purchasing an ELMINATE tConvention Chair Andy Nguyen shirt today! (Price: $5)

REMINDERS! ➡Secretaries, please don’t forget to turn your report in online by the fifth of each month.

Please contact me by email, if you have any questions! I’m here to serve YOU! ||

International Trustee Calvin Leung   District Administrator John Jay   Assistant District Administrator Suzanne Endroedy

3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA | 1.800.KIWANIS |

Divisions 19 and 36 January Newsletter  
Divisions 19 and 36 January Newsletter  

Divisions 19 and 36 January Newsletter