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The Future of Coupon Distribution Coupon distribution is set to go ahead with new platforms for distribution. Advertising companies are now looking into new and improved technologies used with cell phones and web sites to distribute their coupons.

On Demand Internet Video This video content is displayed on websites and it is a powerful extension on television advertising. Users with broadband connections can view the 2 types of internet videos now available. 1. In-Stream Videos: These videos appear on certain websites and are approximately 15 – 30 seconds long. It is primarily syndicated video content like what is seen on television. When internet users click on certain content these videos appear. The video also normally features a banner which displays a coupon which is run alongside. 2. In-Banner Video: These videos are embedded in banners on websites. Some of these videos run when the users click on the banners, some run automatically. The banners often incorporate a coupon. Read the full article here

The Future of Coupons - shortened