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This method of organizing your coupons is similar to the coupon binder method but instead of using a coupon binder, you use a box system to categorize and file your coupons. Unlike a binder, you will not be able to flip through the pages of coupons so this method is preferable for couponers who collect less than 30 coupons per week.

You can use just about any type of box you can get your hands on. Some couponers even use briefcases as a replacement for a box. You will need file folders to separate the different categories of coupons. You can use a number of different materials to divide your coupon categories from envelopes to index card file folders.

With this system, the type of box you use will affect the price. Using a box you already have in the house is going to save you money but you can buy coupon boxes made just for coupons. With regards to the file dividers, those should not set you back more than a few dollars. Overall, getting your coupon box set up should not cost you more than $40 even if you do decide to buy a deluxe coupon box.

You will first need to decide how you are going to organize your coupons. You can divide the coupons up into common grocery groupings or use an alphabetical structure. Once you have decided which system to use, you then need to create your file dividers, clip the coupons that you have and file them in the categories they belong.

: Use this category to store any really great deals that you don’t want to let expire. Place it in the front of the box so you will be reminded of the hot deals every time you open the box.

: This is a great place to store all the coupons that are only valid at certain stores.

: With this method, it is not easy to see what coupons you have. To keep track of what coupons you have, try setting up a spread sheet that lists all your coupons and keep it updated.

: To make sure your coupon box is up-to-date, set time aside each week to throw out all expired coupons, clip your new coupons and file them. Failing to do this consistently will make it much harder to do when you finally get around to it.

: Try and choose a box that has a lid that can be closed tightly. The last thing you need is to drop the box and have your coupons fly everywhere. A tight fitting lid will ensure your coupons stay organized even when you are carting the box to the store and back.

For the couponer who likes to save money but does not have a lot of time to , the coupon box method is a great choice.

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