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Monday. Day 3, May 20, 2013 | Chicago | McCormick Place Convention Center

Clean Temp Interview with Amber Price, Vice President, VANCO, Inc Foodservice Daily News: Tell us about your company and its product. Amber Price: VANCO, Inc makers of CleanTEMP, is a small women owned and operated family business located in Bristol, Vermont with offices in Providence, Rhode Island. Inventor/Chef Wal-

BOOTH 9541

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American Food &  Beverage Show Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast

e Food Export Association of the Midwest USA (Food Export-Midwest) and Food Export USA-Northeast (Food Export-Northeast) help small food and agricultural compContinues page 8

Passport Food Group


Mrs. Prindable's

Interview with Patrick McBride, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Jim Stone, Director of Marketing, Tellermate

Todd McClamroch’s for Mrs Pridable’s

Foodservice Daily News: Tell us about your company and its products. Patrick McBride: Passport Food Group was founded in 1978 as Passport Asia Associates. Located in downtown Los Angeles and operating as Wing Hing Noodle Company, we started out

Enterprise Wide Visibility into your Cash Management Processes. Tellermate Tknx cash analytics and T-iX electronic cash counters provides faster, more accurate in-restaurant counts of cash together with a realtime view of the cash position in every location. For restaurants, this means that you can gain imme-

Twenty five years ago, in the kitchen of a suburban home, Mrs. Prindable's Original Gourmet Caramel Apple was born and a gourmet category was created. ese handcrafted, Jumbo Gourmet Apples are hand-dipped in our signature all-natural caramel and made fresh in small

BOOTH 6472

BOOTH 9561

American Food Fair, North Hall BOOTH 6846

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ShopKeep POS

Bright Vision

Hood Mart


e FryerTuck is an All American Product

Interview with with Jason Richelson, CEO and Founder

An Interview with Don Scherer, Vice President of Sales,

Starting a Food Truck Business? Call Hood Mart. Inc

An Interview with Nick Ciriello, Fuwak Connections

By: Jeff Johnson/Gary Sink e FryerTuck is a unique deep fryer filtration unit and caddy used to transfer spent cooking oil to a collection point with no spills, no leaks, no drips, nor anyone getting burned. e FryerTuck is an All American product, and its aluminum construction pro-

ShopKeep POS, made for retailers, by a retailer. Foodservice Daily News: Tell us about ShopKeep POS: Jason Richelson: ShopKeep POS is an iPad point of sale system that makes it easy for merchants to run their businesses, including ringing up sales, processing credit

Foodservice Daily News: What products do you carry? Don Scherer: BriteVision produces generic, stock and custom hot beverage paper cup sleeves. We work directly with distributors and their clients nationally and internationally including Core Mark, Bunzl,

e Food Truck industry is expanding all across the country. Food trucks, step vans, concession trailers, and gourmet food trucks, the list goes on and on. Not to Worry! You have a friend in the business. :-) is coming to the rescue of many a food truck business and giving them technical sup-

Foodser vice Daily News: Tell us about your Company and its Products. Nick Ciriello: Fuwak Connections is a Web Solutions Company based out of Akron, Oh. Founded by myself, Nick Ciriello. I have over 10 years of experience in media and de-

BOOTH 8260

BOOTH 6078


BOOTH 1105

BOOTH 9295

Fryer Tuck

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Now availab ble in Foodservice available NRA booth # 6457 877-847-618 1 877-847-6181


Foodservice Daily News

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

Foodservice Daily News

Welcome to NRA 2013

Christopher R. Gudenzi, Editor & CEO It is all about engagement. Of course all of us at Foodservice Daily News love it when the restaurant numbers are on the upswing - and there is no denying that they are. As for getting the diner through your doors there are ever changing tools at your disposal. A great upward trend is the adoption of mobile app usage by consumers and business alike. It was reported recently by Tech Crunch that mobile app users are now equal to laptop and desktop users. A pretty amazing statistic when you think about it. is means everything to the restaurant owner who has to adapt with the competition not only in terms of smart phone marketing but also the ancillary services associated with mobile technology. Namely the services of online ordering, payment and delivery need to be addressed. If you are not prepared to meet this rapidly growing segment, you will probably lose business to the restaurateur that does. ere are services in place that can truly deliver a better mousetrap and indeed some will do a great deal of hand holding manage if bandwidth is an issue. ough consider in producing a social media/ technology position in a restaurant, could be part time, that is on the message for you all the time. Something like the sidewalk barker of yesteryear. is could be a savvy


Per Nozzle h Wa Operating Costs per Year (4 hours/day) - Water, Sewage and Energy


busboy for all we know. Consider visiting the following business that addresses these needs at this year’s show. Chow Now Booth: 6370 for a leading online ordering platform and a company that pioneered Facebook ordering. App Tech Team Booth: 9658 for a firm that creates apps for just about any service, be it smart phone or mobile web, simple or highly complex. Fuwak Communications Booth: 9295 for a variety of engagement tools including site traffic evaluations, online assessments of where you stand and what you can do to maximize your presence. You need to be engaged with your patrons more than ever and for this the technology of mobile applications has the answer. Dick Tracy would approve. Not to overlook the the rubber hits the road…we don’t want you to forget to check out the great front of the house technology of Table Check Booth: 5248. is clever system allows for the management of table turns that simply increase revenue for you. Barbara Horan, founder and President, likes to call it a “virtual cash machine”. We think she’s right.

Jay Avery, Publisher/National Sales Mgr.

John Deibel, Assiciate Editor/ Production Manager

Sheila Moon, Associate Editor

Toni Goodman, Photographer

Richard H. Stewart, Art/Design Director

Kelly Clements, Internet Technologies Icarus Networking Daily Media Group, llc does not accept responsibility for the advertising content of this publication nor for any claims, actions or losses arising therefrom. Products and services advertised within the publication are not endorsed by, or affiliated with Daily Media Group, LLC. Foodservice Gourmet is a publication of Daily Media Group. P.O. Box 732 Evergreen, CO 80437 PH: 720-414-2200

Strah Strahman hman V Valv Valves alves T The he W World’s orld’s B Best est P Pre-Rinse re-Rinsse Spr Spray ay N Nozzles ozzles

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   I nfinite choice of spray patterns (from a soft hollow cone to a powerful jet blast)   E liminates the need for a separate handle


   All stainless steel operating parts versus the industry standard plastic and chrome-plated brass



   5 year warranty versus the industry standard 1 year $1,000


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   U ses 12% less water, sewage and energy; and saves $450 per year, versus the industry standard 1.42 gpm nozzle    Buy one Vari-Spray® for every three or four competitor’s nozzles in any 5 year period

The world’s The world’s BEST performance, pe erformance, construction, construction, warranty, warranty,, lifetime lifetime value, value, and environmental environmental friendliness! frien ndliness! BOTH BOTH recipients recipients of o the National National Restaurant Restauran nt Association Association Kitchen Kitchen Innovations™ Inn novations™ Award. A Aw ward. The The ONLY ONL LY Y pre-rinse pre-rinse products products t to to ever ever receive receive this award! award!

Visit V isit us at NR NRA RA R A Show Show Booth Booth #2285! #22 285! Strahman S trahman V Valves, alves, IInc. nc. x (484) 893-50800 x mxw

Great TTomlinson omlinson products for ever rything yo ou need everything you Trust TTr rust ust TTomlinson omlinson om inson ffo for or q qua quality ualiity tyy foodserv ffoodservice oodservice ice eq e equipment quipment uipment and and ffood ood safety sa saf fety etyy pr p products ro oducts ducts ffo for or commer or c commercial/institutional ommercia cial/institution /institutiona nal kitchens kitchens and and convenience/ convenience/ nience/ self-serve self-serv se f serve e vven venues. enues. ues Our Our we w well-designed ell-designed designed pr p products rod oducts ducts wi w will ill he h help elp yyo you ou u dispense dispense ense itit better b better, etter,, serve serv ser ve e itit better b better, etter,r, and and or o organize rg ganize gan anize ze iitt b better etter ‌ ffo for or yye or years ears to ears to come c come. ome. +ETTLESs-ARSTON7OOD0RODUCTSs-ODULAR3IMPLI &LEX +ETTLESs-ARSTON 7OOD0R 7O ODUCTSs-ODU ULAR3IMPLI &LEX XŽ$ISPEN $ISPENSERSs NSERSs #AST)RONAND4HERMAL0LATTERSAND3KILLETSs#+&OOD3AFETY0RODUCTSs #AST)RONAND4HE ERMAL0LATTERSAND3KILLE ETSs#+&OOD3AFETY0R RODUCTSs Ž &AUCETSAND&ITTINGS &USION#OUNTERTOP%QUIPMENTs.O $RIP &USION#OUNTERTOP P%QUIPMENTs.O $RIP

booth bbo ooth 6834 683 34

NRAA Show Shoow



Foodservice Daily News

CleanTemp ter Van Price III patented the CleanTEMP product as he saw a need in this industry to streamline a fundamental food safety requirement. FSDN: What separates your company from the competition? AP: e unique thing is that we are the utility patent holders, therefore the only competition we face is the current industry protocol of using probe wipes to sanitize a thermometer. Our product offers an alternative solution that can help kitchens streamline functionality and food handling practice. FSDN: Who is your target audience/ market and demographic? AP: As we’ve recently launched, we are focusing on college and university food serv-

ice providers and culinary institutes of learning. However, our product has a place to fit naturally within any commercial kitchen large or small whether they are a food manufacturer or a string of franchised establish-

ments. We are also looking carefully at a distributor that could carry the product to complement their current line. FSDN: As your customer, how will my business benefit from using your product? AP: CleanTEMP is an easy way for chefs to regulate food handling practices within their establishments. It allows them to save

American Food & Beverage Show anies export their products and support them on their way to becoming global brands. rough a custom, 3-tiered approach of exporter education and outreach, market entry and market promotion, more and more small companies are discovering the benefits of exporting. Food Export-Midwest and Food ExportNortheast are two of four U.S. State Regional Trade Groups. ese non-profit organizations partner with state agricultural promotion agencies and use federal, state and industry resources to help U.S. suppliers increase sales overseas. Services they provide are funded through the Market Access Program, administered by the Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. “Every day we help companies across a 22 state region in the Midwest and North-

east learn about the value of exporting, enter new markets and remain successful in those markets. rough Food Export-Midwest in Chicago and Food Export-Northeast in Philadelphia, and our extensive network of partners and In-Market Representatives around the globe, we provide cost-effective services to help companies increase sales and expand internationally.” States Tim Hamilton, Executive Director of Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast. “e majority of companies we assist are small, in many cases family-owned, and don’t have the resources or capital to even learn about exporting much less enter new markets. at’s where we help. Food exporting remains an incredibly bright spot in today’s economy and many companies are not aware of the help available to enter and succeed in new markets.”


for additional training or the intentional shrink situation. ey can do this on a real-

diate insights into loss prevention and training issues for every location, down to the cashier level. In a typical QSR environment there can be more than a dozen counts a day across all the POS locations; every POS station for every shift. Shrink, whether it is intentional or unintentional can go unnoticed. With a Tellermate T-iX electronic cash counter you can ensure every count is conducted quickly and accurately. When connected to T-knx cash management analytics you can gain enterprise wide visibility to your cash counting and deposit preparation. From an operations perspective, T-iX can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to count a drawer and provides you an accurate count first time, every time. Save a few minutes in getting each operator “off the clock” and the minutes soon turn into many saved hours. If the manager participates in each count, you will soon find that they have more time to do what they are supposed to do; ensure your guests have a great dining experience. By integrating T-iX with T-knx, Loss Prevention can quickly identify issues that call

time basis by looking at their T-knx dashboard to get an enterprise wide view of counting data. By looking at the exceptions

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

time monitoring temperatures on a busy line, teach young chefs proper sanitation guidelines and prevent health inspector slip ups. FSDN: What brings you to the NRA Show? Do you have any specials or attractions taking place from your booth this week? AP: We are looking to use the NRA Show as our official industry introduction for CleanTEMP. We’ve teamed up with Food Network’s host, Chef Ben Vaughn for a summer culinary tour and will host him in our booth both Saturday and Sunday at the show. FSDN: What knowledge of your product do you want show attendees to walk away with? AP: We’d like them to see the value that CleanTEMP can bring to their business

whether they are a manufacturer, distributor or restaurant executive. CleanTEMP is a patented self sanitizing thermometer system designed to hold common sanitizing solution held in the coat pocket on the chef. e CleanTEMP tube is filled at the start of each shift with the sanitizing solution and delivers a sanitized thermometer after each use throughout the day. FSDN: How does a potential customer reach out to you? AP: Visit us in North Hall Level 1, booth #9541 at the show or contact me via email or through our website.

Depending on where a company is on their exporting path, Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast can provide a custom package of services to meet the needs of U.S suppliers. Specific programs include Buyers Missions in which international buyers come to the U.S. to meet with

ment service so suppliers can maximize their international trade show experience and take advantage of extensive market expertise. e Market Builder program provides tailored, in-market research to help determine if a market is right for a particular product. e Branded Program provides 50% cost reimbursement for a variety of international marketing activities including: package and label modifications, advertising, in-store promotions, product demonstrations, public relations, tradeshow expenses, marketing and point of sale materials. While at the NRA show, stop by booth 8080 for more information and to discuss your specific needs and get information on all of their programs and services. Or visit

suppliers. Focused Trade Missions bring U.S. suppliers to a country to meet with international buyers and engage themselves in the market and learn firsthand about distribution, sales, pricing and competing products. Food Export also offers Food Show PLUStm!, a customized trade show enhanceview they can immediately identify restaurants and cashiers that are outside of prescribed standards. Tellermate T-iX and Tknx can also be used in the preparation of deposits. e count for each deposit is sent to Tknx and can be compared to deposit data received from the bank. If you already use DTS from International Financial Services, T-knx data can be used to further prepare your deposit for pick-up by your armored carrier. For over 30 years Tellermate has provided electronic cash counting solutions for restaurants, C-stores and retailers around the world. Our range of solutions cover simple cash counting needs to state of the art Wi-Fi solutions that connect to enterprise class back office solutions. Stop by stand 6472 at NRA 2013 to or email

Visit us at booth 9541

American Food Fair, North, Hall see how Tellermate can help your business count cash faster, reduce loss, and provide valuable analytical insights into your business. Jim Stone Director of Marketing Tellermate, Inc

Visit us at booth 6472

Look for tomorrow’s edition of Foodservice Daily News Day 4, Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Foodservice Daily News

Passport Food Group literally as a "mom and pop" operation with one machine making authentic noodles for Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles. Now, manufacturing our products in our new state of the art facility in Ontario, California, we have since become a leading manufacturer of fresh/pre-cooked Asian noodles, fresh wraps, fried crispy salad toppers, and fortune cookies under the Wing Hing and House of Bee brands. In addition to the products manufactured, we source hundreds of Southeast Asian ingredients, both domestically and internationally that support the unique flavors and textures that Chefs demand and our consumers crave. And we will soon be producing our own line of Asian appetizers, including Egg Rolls, Potstickers, Dumplings, etc., with a “made in the kitchen” quality. FSDN: What separates your company from the competition? PM: With our brand new state of the art manufacturing facility in Ontario, California, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy continued growing demand for products in the Asian segment. We have invested heavily to reduce non-value added costs from our production processes, and now have the largest capacity of any other company in our business. Quality and consistency are hallmarks of our products and food safety is an

Mrs. Prindable’s batches using old fashioned copper kettles. Each apple is then dipped in chocolate and rolled in delicious candies, nuts and hand decorated with premium chocolate. A variety of ribbons or ornaments help make Mrs. Prindable's a memorable gift for any season or occasion. Over the years many other handmade confections have been created to complement the famous line of Gourmet Apples such as caramels, nut clusters and chocolate & caramel dipped pretzels. e Mrs. Prindable’s brand established its reputation for premium quality while selling through high-end stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Av-

Fuwak sign, however, I began my journey in the bar/restaurant industry working with my family’s restaurant of 65 years. We at Fuwak Connections specialize in providing an end-to-end solution to all your web needs. FSDN: What separates your company from the competition? NC: We take on the full load of your online presence. Offering social media management, professional web design, search engine optimization and marketing, and to top it off we are leading the way in smartphone development for business, specializing in iPhone and iPad design. FSDN: Who is your target audience/ market and demographic? NC: We target all industries and all markets. Mobile development is setting records

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

area where we truly separate ourselves from our peers in this segment. We have an award winning food safety program that incorporate GMP/HACCP principles are third party audited several times each year, consistently rating Excellent or better, and are compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements. We offer over 300 sku’s of Southeast Asian products and ingredients, and have partnered with DOT Foods to be able to deliver case quantities to over 3000 distributors throughout the United States. Our products are also exported to Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and the Middle East. We are well on our way to becoming “one stop shopping” for all Southeast Asian foods for the foodservice marketplace. FSDN: Who is your target audience/ market and demographic? PM: Wraps, noodles, and other Asian products are no longer seen strictly on Asian restaurant menus. e growing popularity of these items is evident in the amount of Asian dishes or Asian inspired dishes we are

starting to see on more and more mainstream operator’s menus. As such, our products have application on virtually any menu or concept. Whether it be a traditional, authentic noodle application or an Asian inspired appetizer like pizza egg rolls, Won Ton Tacos or even a chocolate chip cookie dough rangoon, Passport Food Group helps non-Asian restaurants to create mouthwatering Asian inspired dishes that have helped make Asian foods the second fasted growing category in the foodservice market. FSDN: As your customer, how will my business benefit from using your product? PM: Consumers are asking for Asian menu items – we can help you satisfy your customer’s cravings by creating highly profitable Asian and Asian inspired dishes that fit with your operational abilities. If your store has complete culinary ability to create an item from scratch, we can provide you with the ingredients. If you have more limited kitchen talent or operational abilities, we have pre-cooked items that will make it look like the product just came out of your kitchen without sacrificing taste or quality. Asian dishes have some of the highest profit margins of any entrée on the menu – much like pasta. FSDN: What brings you to the NRA Show? Do you have any specials or attractions taking place from your booth this week?

PM: 2013 marks our second consecutive year exhibiting at the NRA. From our experience last year, we feel this is a perfect venue for us to create more awareness for our quality brands while at the same time, networking with, educating, and learning from our customers. Being a very customer focused and driven company, interaction with our customers is critical in us staying current with what they and their customer’s are asking for. During the show, we will be featuring our fresh Eggroll and Won Ton wraps in unique applications as well as our value added line of pre-cooked and par-cooked noodles. In addition, we will be handing out samples of our fortune cookies and are conducting a daily drawing for an iPad mini or Kindle Fire. Make sure to stop by our booth #6846 and try some of our products and enter to win! We’ll look forward to seeing you there! FSDN: How does a potential customer reach out to you? (Contact, phone, email, etc.) PM: To find out more, please visit our web site at or call us direct at 855-PFG-ASIA

enue. Mrs. Prindable's recently unveiled a new line of handmade confections inspired by the artisan heritage of their Gourmet Apples.

Prindable’s” said Stuart Sorkin, President and CEO. e line of specialty handmade confections will includes specialty chocolate truf-

We are excited for our new product extension. Each of these additions is consistent with our quality and uniqueness our customers have come to expect from Mrs.

fles, Chicago-Style chocolate covered Toffee, Gourmet caramel and chocolate pretzels. e truffles are all-natural, hand decorated and will be available in assorted unique and

classic flavors. Included is a fresh-cream line of chocolate truffles ideal for the food service industry. is new combination of fresh fruit based products as well as shelf stable confections gives Mrs. Prindable’s both seasonal and everyday products to drive sales for their partners and customers. eir products are elegant enough to be given as a unique gift and delicious enough to be kept for oneself. “Our new line of products opens the door for many retailers who have wanted our brand for years. We can now offer a line of products in their stores!” Dave Sanborn, VP of Sales.

for growth and is changing the way society works. ere is not an a business still around that will not benefit from mobile ap-

visit a competitor after having a “Bad Mobile Experience.” With our mobile app you will engage and interact with your customers like never before. You will also learn about your product/service with the robust analytics and tracking provided with all of our services. FSDN: What brings you to the NRA Show? Do you have any specials or attractions taking place from your booth this week? NC: Since my birth, I was raised in a restaurant. erefore, the first web presence I managed was a restaurant. Now, many years later, the bar/restaurant industry is still my passion and we are leading the way for innovative technology use in this industry. We are offering FREE custom demos of mobile apps for your business throughout the entire show. Stop by our booth to reserve your spot before they all fill up.

plications, social media, and a professional web presence. e average person spends 132 minutes a day on their mobile phone. FSDN: As your customer, how will my business benefit from using your product? NC: Your business will find new opportunity all across the playing field. Our studies have shown that 55% of consumers will


Visit us at booth 9561 FSDN: How does a potential customer reach out to you? (Contact, phone, email, etc) NC: Give us a call or check us out online @ or (747) 33-FUWAK. You can also scan the QR code right here to upload my personal contact info and I will make sure you are taken care of!

Visit us at booth 9295

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Foodservice Daily News

Change the sanitizing solution at the start of each shift!


PATENTED self sanitizing nitizing

thermometer th hermometer tube designed designed to to

PREVENT PR REVENT CROSS C CONTAMINATION, CO ONTAMINATION, TION, providing pr roviding a thermometer th hermometer that that is

ALWAYS AL LWAYS AT T THE READY. REA EADY EADY. Visit V isit us: N North Hall L Level evel e One @ Booth h #9 #9541 541

Meet Mee et B Ben en e V Vaughn au Food F ood Ne Network’s et twork host o f He eal alth Ins of Health Inspectors May Ma y 18Th 18Th & 119Th 9Th cleant








Foodservice Daily News


Sixteen year old hosts making the enormous business decision of finishing the conversa-

Revolution at the Host Stand! By: Barbara Horan, President, Tablecheck Technologies Major changes are coming to the way the hosts do their jobs. Gone are the noise, clutter and annoying distraction of the old ways of getting the crucial table status information to the hosts who are seating guests. Bev-naps or other paper with quickly outdated and almost useless table status info, GONE! Voices carrying across the restaurant stating "table 5 is ready!" ENDED! Two hosts with headsets dedicated to sending and receiving table status, NO MORE!

tion with the guest and losing the table status information OR cutting off the guest

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

conversation to write down the table information to got those guests to a table, NEVER AGAIN! Tablecheck SMS removes all these problems. No more noise about table status. e information is transmitted silently across the restaurant so that the hosts have the critical information about the tables right at their fingertips when they need it. Now all the staff on the floor who can see the tables let the hosts know what is happening. Bussers who usually are left out of the loop can transmit the information about what they have just done. ey check to make sure the panel information is correct as they are returning to the kitchen. Servers whose desire is usually to maximize cash and get out of the restaurant up-

Return to Your Roots with Barilla’s Chef Recipe Contest Professional Chefs can win valuable prizes with local-ingredient infused pasta recipes By: Alexei Rudolf, Barilla Foodservice CHICAGO – Whether expressing their own cultural background or that of their operation’s city, state or neighborhood, chefs nationwide are getting back to their roots with regionally-inspired fare. In celebration of that spirit, Barilla Foodservice is launching the “Return to Your Roots” Recipe Contest exclusively for professional chefs in three categories: K-12, Commercial (Restaurant/Lodging), and Non-Commercial (C&U, Healthcare, B&I, Other). Recipes using Barilla® Semolina, Whole Grain or PLUS® pastas will be judged on creativity, taste and ap-

petite appeal, mass appeal, and relevance to the contest theme. Each category winner will win hotel accommodations and registration to the 2013 Culinary Institute of America’s World of Flavors Conference in Napa Valley November

14-16, a $1,750 value. Entries will be accepted from May 1 through August 31st, 2013. For more information, complete rules and to enter, operators should visit About the Barilla Group Barilla, originally established in 1877 as a bread and pasta shop in Parma, Italy, ranks as one of today’s top Italian food groups. Barilla leads in the global pasta business, the pasta sauces business in continental Europe, the bakery products business in Italy and the crispbread business in Scandinavia. Barilla owns 42 production sites (14 in Italy and 28 outside Italy) and exports to more than 100 countries. Every year, about 2,500,000 tons of food products under the brands of Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Voiello,

date their section so it stays full while there is a wait. Of course, the managers and hosts are also updating the system while they are on the floor as well. All the eyes of staff people in the restaurant are used to silently update the hosts so they can focus on the guests and when a light shows up on their board they know that they need to jump into action to get a party to that table. Come by Booth #5248 Tablecheck Technologies to see how your restaurant can silently become an even more well oiled system - taking your great work and making it even better!

Visit us at booth 5248

Pavesi, Academia Barilla, Wasa, Harrys (France and Russia), Golden Toast (Germany), Misko (Greece), Filiz (Turkey), Yemina and Vesta (Mexico), are featured on dining tables all over the world. Barilla has become one of the world’s most esteemed food companies and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Italian know-how by respecting its longstanding traditional principles and values, considering employees a fundamental asset and developing leading-edge production systems. For more information, please visit: Visit us at booth 4654


Foodservice Daily News

Fryer Tuck vides years of useful service. Operation is simple and the owner’s manual describes everything you need to clean like a pro. Since e FryerTuck is designed to clean a fryer with the hot oil from the fryer (175-200 degree oil is recommended for cleaning, though higher temperatures can be used), no water, no soap, nor scrubbing of the fryer is needed. Simply wash the fryer out using the wand of e FryerTuck. Maintenance is a breeze. Just wipe the ma-

ShopKeep POS cards, and printing or emailing receipts. Supported by a powerful, cloud-based BackOffice system merchants are also able to easily manage inventory, employees and customers in real-time. FDN: What gave you the inspiration to start ShopKeep POS? JR: ShopKeep POS was born out of the frustrations I felt when running my own shop, e Greene Grape in Brooklyn, NY. e point of sale offerings available at the time were complicated, incredibly expensive and unreliable. It felt like I spent half my time fixing things and fire fighting various problems. One day I was like, you know what? We have to switch to a cloud-based point of sale. I did a little searching in 2008, and I simply couldn’t find one. at’s when I decided to launch ShopKeep POS. FDN: What separates ShopKeep POS from the competition? JR: e POS market has come along way since 2008 but I feel that my background as a retailer has really stood us in good stead.

Bright Vision PFG, and GFS. Distributors appreciate the value of generic sleeves and custom printing solutions for their accounts. FSD: How can cup sleeves provide value for clients and not be just another expense item? Don: Cup sleeves help drive branding, loyalty, and sales. BriteVision’s magazinequality printing transforms them from an expense item to an extension of the marketing calendar. Companies are able to change creative throughout the year so that their messaging integrates with their other media and in store promotions. As a result, messaging is always timely and impactful and turn-key. Independent research shows that

Hoodmart port on how to overcome their ventilation obstacles. Factory support direct from the manufacturer, for those on a tight budget. e technical staff walks food truck owners through what started out as a complicated process, into an easy stepby-step journey. Concession Hood Systems come ready to install with complete packages in a full range of sizes to fit your food truck are available. All you need are the nuts and bolts!

chine clean at the end of the day, replace the filter bag and you are done. No dis-assembly, no washing, no drying or re-assembly required. Both your oil and fryer are now clean in less than 5 minutes.

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

If you determine your oil is spent, simply roll e FryerTuck to the collection tank on its multi directional wheels, insert the wand into the tank and flip the switch. e unit will transfer the oil to the collection tank. Eliminates need to carry a heavy tub of hot oil risking hot grease spills and burns. You don’t have to worry about Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) enforcement, lost employee time or insurance claims related to slips on the slick kitchen floor where oil has been spilled. In addition to safety, e FryerTuck will dramatically reduce the monthly cost of new cooking

oil. An overwhelming number of restaurant kitchen staff and owners report the filtration process is superior to existing procedures due to use of 5 micron filters in the caddy which doubled the cooking life of their oil. It is an all-natural procedure and requires no chemicals for oil replenishment. See the Fryer Tuck in action as you browse the Show Floor this week! Come and see us at Booth 8260.

I’ve been behind that counter, so I know the ins and outs and ups and downs of running a small business. at’s helped us focus on what’s really important to the merchants themselves. We’ve created a product that is reliable, affordable, intuitive and incredibly easy to use. When you look at the other products on the market it’s evident they don’t really understand what retailers want to see, the numbers they want to see, where they want to see them and how they want to see them. So when a retailer tries ShopKeep POS, they get it and they know that this is what they have been looking for. FDN: Who is your target audience/market and demographic? JR: ShopKeep POS is for any merchant running a small to medium sized enterprise who is looking to get serious about their business. Ringing up sales is just the beginning of what ShopKeep POS is all about. e service’s powerful ClearInsight™ reporting tools enable merchants to analyze their business data in an incredibly granular and effective manner.

Merchants can splice and dice their data as they require in order to better understand their inventory needs, their employee performance and more. At its heart, ShopKeep POS is about giving merchants access to the information they need when they need it,

at and we just love coming to Chicago. ere is the most amazing small business scene here and it’s really great to be able to touch base in person with some of our favorite ShopKeep POS merchants. FDN: Where is ShopKeep POS currently available? JR: We’re available in the US and Canada right now. In fact, ShopKeep POS is already the leader in iPad point of sale to brick and mortar merchants across the U.S, with over 6,000 active merchants. We’re proud to have merchants in every state, including a really strong presence in Hawaii so one of us is going to have to throw ourselves on that grenade and head on out there soon! FDN: How does a potential customer reach out to you? JR: During the conference, come and visit us at booth #6078. Otherwise merchants can sign up now and start ringing up sales in minutes at or give one of our award winning customer team a call on 800-820-9814.

cup sleeves stays with the consumer for over 50 minutes and are seen by an additional 6 people. e research has also shown that:

tional messaging! FSD: Are clients limited in terms of color? Don: No, we take color out of the price making the creative process unlimited in design potential. BriteVision is able print for the same cost as single color sleeves. As a result, we see clients featuring new coffee flavors, breakfast food items, later day part items, seasonal promotions, holiday messaging, iced drinks, and much more. FSD: You mentioned the term “turnkey”. What does that mean in the context of promotional messaging throughout the year on cup sleeves? Don: BriteVision produces millions of

• 68% of respondents said they liked receiving offers and information on cup sleeves. • 40% stated that the cup sleeve message aided in purchase decisions • 50% said they were likely to purchase based on the promotional message on the sleeve at’s impactful branding and promo-

Unlike some other manufacturers, when HoodMart, Inc. says complete, it's complete with hood, filters, stainless grease cup, duct work (from hood to fan), concession mounting curb, curb plate and fan. Standard and custom sizes are available, your HoodMart rep will help you decide the right size hood and fan to fit your needs. Curved top trailer? ey have a custom hood that will work perfect for you too. Having the fastest lead times, a knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff, as well as an experienced technical support

enabling them to make smarter business decisions. FDN: What brings you to the NRA Show? JR: We’re at the stage of our business where we are out there ‘singing it from the mountain tops’. We’ve built a really great product, we’ve got an incredible, growing team who are working hard to make it even better and we’re here to spread the word.

Visit us at booth 8260

Visit us at booth 6078 sleeves each year and our supply system is created to deliver them at low cost and with quick timing. As a result, it takes 3-4 weeks from time of approved artwork to delivery. Also, we offer floor stocking so that a branded sleeve is consistently in inventory when promotional sleeves are not in use. Stock sleeves fill the time gaps between promotional messaging so that consumers receive great branded sleeves throughout the year. We look forward to attendees visiting our booth (#357) to learn more about our research and see samples of our sleeve products!

Visit us at booth 375 Pat Ranch of HoodMart, Inc. told us "HoodMart has one of the quickest, if not the fastest delivery times in the Food Service Industry". Come and see our Concession Hood Package Display at our Booth 1105 Call 1-800-715-1014 Now ... All HoodMart's restaurant exhaust hood systems are ETL listed to the UL710 Standard, built to the NFPA 96 Standards and NSF Listed.

team, has made HoodMart, Inc. one of the major players in the commercial ventilation equipment industry.

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Easy to Make, Can’t Beat the Taste!

Making your job easier. Keeping your customers coming back for more. VISIT US AT BOOTH # 7667

OUR MIXES ARE: Allergen-free


Great tasting

A better value

No gluten, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, or dairy

Over 250 recipes for our 17 mixes, including vegan recipes, all using readilyavailable ingredients

Full flavor, moist and delicious

Our mixes make more than twice as much as other brands and freeze well



DRIVES SALES… · Full Color Printing · Short Lead Times · Promote Seasonal Coffees · Gift and Loyalty Cards · Introduce New Food Items QSR & Fast Casual, Hotel/Resort & Casino


MONEY! · Plain Brown Sleeves · 100% Compostable · 100% Recyclable · Shipping Included Food Service, Distributors, Schools, Commissaries


Welcome to the only company you'll need for your exhaust hoods, fans and fire suppression systems.


s y  S t  s u

Restaurant Exha


EXHAUST FANS Our exhaust fans are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum housing. Direct and belt drive motors are enclosed in weather tight compartments and have a 90 day limited warranty. Totally engineered for perfect airflow.



Our supply fans are constructed with heavy gauge aluminized and galvanized steel and powder coated to resist weathering. All come with a limited 90 day warranty. Our fans utilize belt drive motors encased in weather tight compartments.

Our canopy hoods systems are constructed of 18 Gauge 430 Stainless Steel. The hoods are available in many different styles and sizes. The hoods are ETL Listed to the UL710 Standard, NSF Marked and built to NFPA96 Standards. All hoods are Made in USA. Packages are available and can be designed to meet your ventilation needs.

The perfect solution where portability is needed. Our ventless hoods are triple filtered and come with a cleanable grease filter along with an integrated wet chemical fire suppression system. No venting is needed. 800-715-1014 VISIT US AT BOOTH #1105


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May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

1-2-3 Gluten Free – Easy to Make, Can’t Beat the Taste! By: Carol Ullner, Director of Sales and Marketing, 1-2-3 Gluten Free, Inc. 1-2-3 Gluten Free produces 17 gourmet/allergen-free baking mixes. Women owned business. All of our products are free of gluten, wheat, dairy,casein, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and eggs. All but 2 products are corn free. Products are made in a dedicated facility in the USA and certified gluten free and kosher. 1-2-3 Gluten Free was founded by Kimberlee Ullner out of the need to have top quality, great tasting,quick and easy mixes for our family to prepare.Kim watched her older sister grow up with Celiac Disease, 45 years ago, and struggle handling the challenges of keeping a gluten free diet. When her 2 nieces and nephew were diagnosed with Celiac disease Kim started formulating products that made it easier for her sister to make for her children. Our products are known for their taste,

textures, full flavors, versalitity and ease to make with common ingredients found in

anyones kitchen. We have the only Multi purpose Flour mix on the market that is fortified with B vitamins, calcium and iron and we have also fortified our biscuits, dinner rolls, muffins/quickbread, pancakes and corn bread. For those customers wanting to add their own sweetener we are producing yellow cake, devils food cake, poundcake,both chocolate and lemon flavored, flour and corn bread. Our target market are those people with celiac disease or sensitivities to wheat and gluten and allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, dairy and casein. All but 2 of our products are corn free so people with corn allergies can also use 15 of our products. Because our products are so easy to make and taste terrific they will be an asset to any busy kitchen or business wanting to serve their customers needs without having to develop products from scratch themselves. is will save your business time and money and serve your customers.

We are at the NRA show to introduce our great taste and wide range of products to this sector of the allergen free community. We have baked up samples for people to try our mixes and see for themselves what we have to offer. We can produce individual units or bulk of any product you may need. We have available biscuits, dinner rolls, corn bread, buckwheat pancakes, muffins/quickbread, cakes, cookies, brownies and multi purpose, cup for cup, flour mix. We can be reached at, booth # 7667 and after the show at 216-378-9233. Visit us at booth 7667

Mrs. Prindable’s Handmade Confections is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new line of specialty handmade confections. New products include Chicago-Style Toffee, Gourmet Caramels and Chocolate Truffles. The truffles are all-natural, hand-decorated and will be available in a multitude of classic flavors. They will be available in a shelf-stable line as well as a fresh-cream line ideal for the food service industry.

Visit us at a the NRA S Sho w Booth 9561 Show to samp ple some of tthe he ne w products! produ ucts! sample new MrsPrindab • 866.6 78.9797 866.678.9797


Foodservice Daily News

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

Restaurant Industry Will Grow, Outpace National Job Growth in 2013 Despite Sustained Challenges Washington, D.C: While the operating environment will remain challenging, America’s 980,000 restaurants are expected to post record sales and continue to be a leading job creator in 2013, according to the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) 2013 Restaurant Industry Forecast released today. Total restaurant industry sales are expected to exceed $660 billion in 2013 – a 3.8 percent increase over 2012, marking the fourth consecutive year of real sales growth for the industry. In addition, 2013 will be the 14th straight year in which restaurant industry employment will outpace overall employment. Restaurants will employ 13.1 million individuals next year as the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer, representing 10 percent of the total U.S. workforce. “Despite a continued challenging operating environment, the restaurant industry remains a strong driver in the nation’s economy,” said Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. “Ours is a resilient and flexible industry that continually finds new ways to keep growing, relying on the creativity and innovation exhibited by the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2013, restaurant operators will continue to explore ways of navigating the rocky economic landscape to find the road to success.” “e fact that the restaurant industry will continue to grow in an operating environment that presents substantial challenges is a testament to the essential role that restaurants play in our daily lives,” said Hudson Riehle, senior vice president, Research & Knowledge for the National Restaurant Association. “Restaurants are offering products and services that consumers actively seek out and enjoy; an activity in which consumers are selecting to engage despite cash-on-hand restraints because it is an important component of their lifestyle.”

pushing industry employment to 14.4 million by 2023. Because of this strong growth in restaurant employment, labor challenges will start to reemerge next year. Recruitment and retention, which was a top challenge pre-recession, will make its way back onto restaurant operators’ radar as the U.S. labor pool is starting to become shallower; restaurant operators in all segments expect recruitment and retention to be more challenging in 2013 than in 2012. Challenges and Opportunities While the restaurant industry is expected to grow in 2013, operators will continue to face a range of challenges. e top challenges cited by restaurateurs vary by industry segment, and include food costs, the economy and health care reform. After increasing steadily in the last three years, wholesale food costs will continue on an upward trajectory through 2013, putting significant pressure on restaurants’ bottom lines as about one-third of sales in a restaurant goes to food and beverage purchases. Because of these prolonged cost pressures, restaurant operators will continue to use creativity and innovation to drive out cost inefficiencies and increase productivity to not pass along the increases to consumers at the same rate. e sluggish economic and employment recovery impacts consumers’ cash-on-hand situation, which in turn impacts restaurants as there is a strong correlation between consumers’ disposable income and restaurant sales. ere is currently substantial pent-up demand for restaurant services, with 2 out of 5 consumers saying they are not using restaurant as often as they would like; with improving economic conditions, that demand is likely to turn into sales.

Workforce Outlook Total U.S. employment grew at a rate of 1.4 percent in 2012, while restaurants added jobs at a strong 3.0 percent rate – more than double the overall rate. In 2013, the NRA expects the restaurant industry to add jobs at a 2.4 percent rate, nearly a full percentage point above the projected 1.5 percent gain in total employment.

Preparing for the implementation of health care reform will put additional cost pressure on some restaurant operators in the near future. One-third of a typical restaurant’s sales go toward labor costs, so significant increases in those costs will result in additional cost management measures to preserve the already slim pre-tax profit margins of 3-5 percent on which most restaurants operate.

Looking ahead, the NRA expects restaurants to add 1.3 million new positions in the next decade,

Consumer Trends Consumers’ interest in technology continues

unabated. Restaurant operators recognize that technology can enhance customer service and appeal to consumers, but they are not fully meeting consumer demand in this area yet. At tableservice restaurants, more than half of consumers say they would use tableside electronic payment options and 44 percent would use a tableside ordering system. Nearly one-third would use mobile payment options, four in 10 would use tablet menus (such as iPads), and 50 percent would use a smartphone app for viewing menus, ordering or making reservations. Less than one in 10 tableservice restaurants currently offer these options, but 54% say they will invest more resources in customer-facing technology in 2013. At quickservice restaurants, 44 percent of consumers say they would use self-order terminals, two in five would use smartphone apps to place orders or view menus, and more than one-quarter would use mobile payment options. Currently, less than 2 percent of quickservice restaurants offer these technologies, though 48 percent say they plan on investing more in customer-facing technology next year. Also among the strongest consumer trends for 2013 are local sourcing and nutrition. More than seven out of 10 consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers locally produced menu items, and more than six out of 10 said locally sourced menus are a key attribute for choosing a restaurant. Currently, a majority of tableservice restaurants offer locally sourced produce, meat or seafood, with availability being highest in the fine dining segment. In addition, more than seven out of 10 consumers say they are trying to eat healthier at restaurants now than they did two years ago; women more so than men (75 percent vs. 66 percent). Similarly, about three-quarters of consumers say healthy menu options are an important factor when choosing a restaurant (80 percent of women vs. 71 percent of men). Restaurants are responding to this increasing demand for nutritious options, as 86 percent of consumers say that restaurants are offering a wider variety now than two years ago. For more information about the NRA’s 2013 Restaurant Industry Forecast visit


Foodservice Daily News

May 18-21, 2013 | Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center

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INSTANT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Listen to your customers anytime anywhere

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As a Kendell customer you have 24 hour access to invoicing, bills of lading, sales history, order tracking and proof of delivery. Helping you to service your customers better. And anyone, anywhere can scan the bar code on our packages with a hand held device to identify the vessel name, FAO location of catch and chain of custody of the Platinum Chilean Seabass the package contains.



Easy. Online. SurePayroll for Restaurants. Making Payroll Easy & Affordable Automatic Tax Pay & File. >LWH`HUKÄSL`V\Y federal, state and local WH`YVSS[H_LZMVY`V\ Multiple Pay Rates & Earnings Types. *HSJ\SH[LZWH`YVSSMVY T\S[PWSLWH`YH[LZ  earnings types with LHZL7H`YVSSMVY employees and contractors KVULPUTPU\[LZ Automatic FICA Tip Credit Calculations. ;YHJRPUNOLSWZLUZ\YL`V\ RUV^M\SSJYLKP[HTV\U[ `V\»YLLU[P[SLK[VJSHPT Minimum Wage Alerts & Shortfall Reports. Helps LUZ\YL[H_YLX\PYLTLU[Z HYLTL[HUKHKQ\Z[ZM\[\YL WH`YVSSZ[VJV]LYZOVY[MHSSZ

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