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Department of Education and Our Communities 2012NSW Schools Spectacular Time Promotional DVD Accompanying Document to OUR TIME The 2012 Schools Spectacular

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time There are very few events that are so important and have such cultural and social impact upon the New South Wales landscape. The Schools Spectacular can truly claim to have had a significant and positive impact upon thousands of young people right across the state for more than 27 years. Organisations need to get behind this iconic event to make sure that it continues to grow, continues to provide an economic boost to the state, and continues to produce the quality of youth who will become the leaders of our state in the future.

Alan Jones AO Australia's most popular and influential talkback presenter Broadcaster, 2GB Radio Board Member, Talent Development Project The Schools Spectacular is a world class event unlike anything anywhere in the world and I am proud to say that this vision of mine enables the talents of so many young people to be brought to the public’s attention. Nowhere else in the world could you see the number and calibre of young performers in one event of such magnitude, professionalism and longevity. The Schools spectacular has always maintained a true Australian Spirit; a spirit of inclusiveness and vision whilst ensuring that the spirit of unique Australian entertainers of the past live on. The Schools Spectacular and The Talent Development Project that was borne from it are traditions that need to be nurtured and to grow. Investment in the Spectacular is an investment in the future of the State of NSW.

Mary Lopez AM CEO and Artistic Director, Talent Development Project Emeritus Director, Schools Spectacular Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University Of Western Sydney I am proud to say that I was the host of the marvellous Schools Spectacular for its first 5 years, handing the mantle to wonderful Australians such as John Williamson, The late Bobby Limb, Margaret Tierney (Miss Australia 1995) Brent Meyer, Vanessa Corish, Darren Coggin, Genevieve Davis and the current host John Foreman. After successful first few seasons, that unique format has formed the basis of 27 record-breaking annual productions. There is no other variety show like it and no other variety show in Australia has been staged every year since 1984. Internationally, there has never been a theatre entertainment of its size, quality and integrity. This is an iconic show, one that touched more than 75,000 young performers and one that has produced more than its fair share of true national and international Australian Living Treasure stars. This event needs and deserves the support to continue to allow the MBE (1968-1977) wonderfully talented youth of New South Wales shine to the rest of the OBE (1977-1989) world. AM, OBE (1989-2006) Honorary Doctorate, University of East London Honorary Doctorate, Liverpool Hope University

Rolf Harris CBE, AM

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time The Schools Spectacular: An Australian Icon Since its beginnings in 1984, the Schools Spectacular has grown to become more than just an event highlighting the talents of the students of New South Wales Public Schools. It is an iconic cultural event incorporating students from diverse backgrounds and communities from the length and breadth of the state of New South Wales. The Schools Spectacular is a world-class arena production, and the largest annual event of its calibre anywhere in Australia and arguably the world, having been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In brief, the Schools Spectacular: has taken place annually at the Sydney Entertainment Centre since 1984 involves over 3500 students from over 750 schools each year is an established and well-recognised item on the Sydney live entertainment calendar delivers outstanding, cutting-edge youth dance and musical performances features an 80-piece full symphony orchestra as well as jazz, stage, and rock bands features state-of-the-art sound, lighting and staging managed by industry professionals of world-class standard including Lighting Director Trudy Dalgleish (Hairspray, Fame, Boy From Oz, Carols By Candlelight, Cabaret) and Audio Director Scott Willsallen (London 2012 Olympic Games, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games) provides Vocational Education and Training (VET) entertainment students with work experience opportunities leading to work in the theatre and events industries in NSW is televised nationally in a prime time slot Sunday night on the Australian national broadcaster ABC 1 receives extensive print, radio, and television news coverage is included in Qantas in-flight entertainment on national and international flights establishes NSW as a national and world centre of excellence in youth performance and performing arts education

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time The Schools Spectacular: Success Stories The Schools Spectacular is a remarkable New South Wales success story.

Cultural Significance: The Schools Spectacular holds unquestionable cultural significance in Australia. Since its inception, the Schools Spectacular has incorporated performances from Indigenous students from across the state of New South Wales, providing opportunities that did not exist previously. In 2011, the Schools Spectacular featured more than 100 indigenous performers, as well as a dedicated Aboriginal Ensemble developed in a significant partnership with the Bangarra Dance Theatre. The participation of boys, particularly those in risk categories, has also been of significance. Over ninety boys participate in a Hip Hop ensemble developed especially for the Spectacular. The Schools Spectacular has also attributed to significant increases in participation of boys in the Arts in NSW through involvement in the Choir and Dance ensembles. The Schools Spectacular is known for its inclusivity and incorporation of cultural diversity and participants with disabilities. The Schools Spectacular is unique in its involvement of over 3500 students and over 500 teachers from diverse backgrounds in an event of such performance excellence. In turn, NSW reaps the benefit of this state grown event. The Schools Spectacular also has a significant social and cultural impact on regional towns and centres. The inclusion of students from all regions of the state has ensured that the impact of the event is felt across New South Wales. Small rural communities often combine together to provide the funding for students to take part, and many whole communities travel to the Darling Harbour precinct for the event. In turn, regional workshops and rehearsals provide stimulus to communities state-wide.

Creating Stars Many high-profile artists in the Australian and International Music industry owe their performing roots and the development of their skills to the NSW Schools Spectacular. Outstanding performers include, amongst many others, Recording Artists: Human Nature (Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, Voted Best Voices in Las Vegas 2010, Embarking US tour 2012), Paulini (new single released 2012), Angus and Julia Stone (Aria Award Winners); Music Theatre Starring Performers Lucy Maunder (Dr Zhivago), Amanda Harrison (Wicked) and Trevor Ashley (Hairspray) Julie Goodwin (Westside Story, Annie) Kirby Burgess (Officer and a Gentleman) Brendan Irving (Officer and a Gentleman); Country Music Artists The McClymonts, Felicity Urquhart and Darren Coggan. Renowned Composer Gavin Lockley and Music Director John Foreman; Nowhere else in Australia exists an event to the scale and excellence of the Spectacular with such an alumni of star-class performers. The event promotes the quality of the performing arts and the ability to coordinate spectacular large scale events New South Wales to the rest of Australia and to the world.

Human Nature at the Schools Spectacular

Angel Tupai (newly signed to Sony/BMG) and Paulini

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Iconic Event The Schools Spectacular is an event of extraordinary proportions that has taken place each year for the past 28 years. The Schools Spectacular is held in such high regard that the Sydney 2000 Olympic Ceremonies team sought advice from its production team in regards to organising large groups of performers.

Community Impact Opportunities for students, teachers…….and communities state-wide From its inaugural performance, the Schools Spectacular has actively supported a policy of inclusiveness and engagement, particularly those in NSW government schools considered ‘at risk’, those from rural and remote parts of the state and from Aboriginal and non-English speaking backgrounds. Opportunities exist for students from all socio-economic, geographical, and cultural heritages to participate and, indeed to proudly profile their backgrounds. The show symbolises both the diversity of the NSW population and the harmony under which its population lives. Each year the Schools Spectacular includes groups such as: • Deaf signing choirs • • • • • •

Indigenous Dance groups Boys Hip Hop Crew (engaging ‘at risk’ students) Male and Female Ballet ensemble Multicultural ensembles Students from rural and remote parts of the State Wheelchair bound and special needs performers

The Schools Spectacular provides unique opportunities for all teachers, primary and secondary, from all corners of the state, to gain valuable arts performance and production experience from which NSW students will be the ultimate beneficiaries. The broad spectrum of opportunities provided through the Schools Spectacular are a contributing factor to NSW being regarded as the leading state in performing arts education in Australia.

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time What the Schools Spectacular says about Sydney and New South Wales Each year, the Schools Spectacular demonstrates the capacity of NSW Public Schools to discover and nurture young performing arts talent. This event provides unique opportunities for the truly gifted to develop their individual skill and to perform under state of the art production conditions. The Schools Spectacular’s contribution to the arts confirm NSW’s place as a leader in youth performance and performing arts education, both nationally and globally. It also highlights that NSW possesses a resource that artistically and operationally remains unmatched in any other Australian state, and perhaps the world. The Schools Spectacular enhances the skill level and production standards of local event industry specialists as well as NSW teachers of dance, instrumental music, choral and solo singing. From its very first performance, the Schools Spectacular has demonstrated its capacity to work closely with a diverse range of commercial organisations to: • • • •

produce a high quality production of live music, song and dance embrace the most up to date standards in lighting, audio, and staging coordinate a large scale event annually provide opportunities for young people to develop their performance skill levels under high level industry standard conditions.

Such has been the success of the NSW Schools Spectacular that other states, Victoria and Queensland, are producing replica productions. These productions are in their infancy and are yet to match the Schools Spectacular's production standards, sophistication, quality in costumes, choreography, musical variety, depth of talent and overall presentation. Testament to the prestige of Schools Spectacular production team was the extensive consultation sought by the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games on matters relating to the coordination of the large cast in their Opening Ceremony.

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Performance Outcomes The Schools Spectacular aims to: Develop and grow the iconic NSW event both nationally and internationally Develop and maintain the positive impact on NSW regional towns and communities Develop and maintain the inclusivity and integration of diverse cultural groups Broaden and increase its audience both live and television Broaden the marketing of the Event both within the state and externally Develop the economic benefit to the NSW economy through the retention of students at school Develop and maintain partnerships within the NSW Arts Industry Develop and maintain Arts Partnerships globally. Aim to broaden the development of programs associated with the event

The staging of the Schools Spectacular employs the latest technology and utilizes local production personnel who are leaders in their fields. The footprint of the staging is comparable to that of any of the largest productions ever staged at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and this is done annually.

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Testimonials: “The Schools Spectacular is an extraordinary event and a great showcase for the youth of NSW. Each year the event unearths amazing, world class talent and provides a brilliant night's entertainment for the tens of thousands who flock to the show. The show has become an important event in Sydney's entertainment calendar and is a great celebration of NSW and its culture and diversity. I fondly recall performing at the Schools Spectacular as a teenager, what it did for me, and I am pleased to be able to return each year as host” ~JOHN FOREMAN Musical director and producer, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight ® Musical director, TV Week Logie Awards Musical director, Australian Idol Australian Music Council ambassador, Music Count Us In 2012 Musical director, Young Talent Time

 

“The NSW Schools Spectacular is undoubtedly the greatest showcase of young talent in Australia. You could not find nor create a more positive example of the youth of NSW and the opportunities available to them through the NSW school system. This event truly set me on the path to where I am today.” ~ DARREN COGGAN 1998 "Young Citizen of the Year" 2001 Golden Guitar, Toyota Country Music Awards of Australia 2003 Centenary Medal – "For Services to Australian Society" 2008 Golden Guitar, Toyota Country Music Awards of Australia 2010/11 Peace Train National Tour 2012 War Stories Tour

 

“When you see the amazing talents and diversity in The Schools Spectacular you have to remind yourself that these performers are all of school age - their performance abilities are quite astounding. The Spectacular gives the students a rewarding experience and for many, including myself, the spring board into a career in the music business.” ~ FELICITY URQUHART Two Musicoz Awards Three MO Awards Three CMAA Indie Entertainer of the Year Awards Three Golden Guitar Awards 2009 ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards Nominee . 2010 FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the 38th CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia 2012 ABC National Radio Host of Saturday Night Country

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Testimonials: “The Schools Spectacular event is a major highlight in the Sydney Entertainment Centres yearly event calendar. The event brings great social and economic benefits not only to the venue but to the precinct, the government and let’s not forget the thousands of young performers. This event creates a wonderful platform to showcase the amazing talents found in our public school system with the performers entertaining over 30,000 patrons each year. We look forward to our continuing relationship with this event and it is our earnest wish for the Schools Spectacular as an event to continue long into the future.”

~ STEVE ROMER General Manager, Sydney Entertainment Centre President, Venue Management Association

 

Attending the concerts as a doting parent I marvelled at the theatricality, originality, ingenuity, scale and sheer variety on display in each concert. By pulling together so many disciplines and so many age groups it was clear that a great camaraderie was generated by being involved in such a huge event. These concerts provide a platform where these young performers can not only develop their craft, but also be seen especially through the annual broadcast on ABC Television. I heartily endorse the NSW Department of Education and Communities Schools Spectacular. The ‘Schools Spec’ has enriched the musical life of Sydney immeasurably; long may it thrive.

~ Stuart Maunder Artistic Administrator, Opera Australia 1999 - 2003 Executive Producer, Opera Australia 2004 – 2008 Director, Meridth Shaw Pty Ltd 2009 - 2012

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2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Our Time – Stephen Sondheim Something is stirring shifting ground It's just begun. Edges are blurring all around and yesterday is done Feel the flow hear what's happening We're what's happening Don't ya know We're the movers and We're the shapers We're the names in tomorrow's papers Up to us, man, to show 'em. It's our time Breathe it in Worlds to change and worlds to win. Our turn Coming through Me and you, pal, me and you. Years from now We'll remember and we'll come back Buy the rooftop and hang a plaque This is where we began Being what we can. It's our heads on the block Give us room and start the clock Our dreams coming true Me and you, pal, me and you. Me and you.

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time I Believe: Promotions DVD Backing Track

Yolanda Adams, from the Movie Musical Honey Honey Daniels is a 22-year-old, tough-minded, part-black, part-Latina hip-hop dancer in New York's East Harlem who dreams of making it big as a music video choreographer. She teaches hip-hop dancing at a local youth centre and encourages the local kids to attend to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. Honey struggles to pay the down payment on the studio, and eventually comes up with an idea to raise revenue.

Soundtrack Album Cover

They said you wouldn't make is so far uh uh And ever since they said it, it's been hard But never mind the nights you had to cry Cause you have never let it go inside You worked real hard And you know exactly what you want and need So believe and you can never give up You can reach your goals Just talk to your soul and say‌ I believe I can (I can) I believe I will (I will) I believe I know my dreams are real (know my dreams are real) I believe I'll stand (Oh yea) I believe I'll dance I believe I'll grow real soon and (That's why) That is what I do believe Your goals are just a thing in your soul uh uh And you know that your moves will let them show You keep creating pictures in your mind So just believe they will come true in time It will be fine Leave all of your cares and stress behind Just let it go Let the music flow inside Forget all your pain And just start to believe Nevermind what people say Hold your head high and turn away With all our hopes and dreams I will believe Even though it seems it's not for me I won't give up I'll keep it up Look into the sky I will achieve all my needs I will always believe‌.OoOo I believe I can I believe I will (I can) I believe I know my dreams are real (I got strength) I believe I'll stand I believe I'll dance (I gotta dance) I believe I'll grow real soon and (watch me watch me watch me) That is what I do believe (I do believe in me)

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Appearing in the Promotional DVD Many successful artists are a part of the Schools Spectacular Alumni. There are far too many to be able to create a show reel of them all. Appearing in the promotional DVD are (in order of appearance)

John Foreman Shannon Brown Julie Goodwin Belinda Wollaston Paulini Sean Rennie Travis Collins Michael Tierney (Human Nature) Human Nature Gavin Lockley Darren Coggan Felicity Urquhart Nathan Foley Sharon Millerchip Trevor Ashley Brendan Irving Evelyn Willie Angel Tupai Many of the Australia Entertainment Industry greats have given their time to work with the students of the Spectacular. Apart from the returning Alumni of performers professionals such as:

Rolf Harris Ricky May John Williamson Bangarra Dance Theatre Sydney Dance Company TaikOz Drumming

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Snapshot of Performers: This is a tiny snapshot to illustrate of the impact of the Spectacular on students’ lives. It is by no means anywhere near a definitive list. Dance


Matt Lee

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Brenton Wilson-

Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts

Melissa Toogood Andrew Crawford Adam Blanch

Hunter School of the Performing Arts

Kristy Ayre Harriet Ritchie Tyler Hawkins James Andrews David Tandy Jenna Roberts CalliRoberts

Hunter School of the Performing Arts Hunter School of the Performing Arts

Alexander Ellis Peter Furness

So You Think You Can Dance for Network Ten Choreographed the opening of the 2010 Logie Awards Currently starring in Mary Poppins, Miss Saigon, We Will Rock You, Hugh Jackman’s ‘The Boy from OZ’, RENT, The Witches of Eastwick, ‘Oh’ What a Night, Grease, Dein Perry’s ‘Steel City’, Hot Shoe Shuffle The Australian Opera production of Rags Jersey Boys, CATS (Mungojerry) for the Really Useful Company, Dusty (Original Pop Diva) for Dusty Productions, Saturday Night Fever (David Atkins Enterprises) and Leader of The Pack - The Ellie Greenwich Musical (Leader Entertainment). Merce Cunningham Dance Company NY, USA Sydney Dance Company Performed until 2010 with Sydney Dance Company - now in Europe. Chunky Moves, Melbourne

Moulin Rouge in Paris. Royal Ballet London. WICKED, Rock of Ages

Dubbo Sth HS

Expressions Dance Co. and Leigh Warren Dance Company

(1996 - 1999) (1997 – 2000) Jamison High School

Performing in Opera Houses in Europe Performing in Opera Houses in Europe Recently studied in the United Kingdom as a winner of the 2010 Big Brother Movement Undergoing Master of Music Studies, Opera.

Choral Anita Watson Lauren Easton Lorenzo Rositano

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Michael Vaiasinni

Barrenjoey High School

Studying Opera in Italy after being awarded a scholarship.

Sharon Millerchip

Davidson High School

David Harris

Rutherford Technology High School

Trevor Ashley

Sydney Technical High School North Sydney Girls High School Picnic Point High School Conservatorium High School

Successful performer in musical theatre; Cabaret Performing in Wicked as Fiyero, Helpman and Sydney Theatre Award winner Hairspray

Musical Theatre

Lucy Maunder Adam Rennie Julie Goodwin

Brendan Irving Kirby Burgess

Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts Batemans Bay High School

Leading lady in the Australian premier season of “Dr Zhivago�. Korean tour of Jekyl & Hyde the musical. Maria in the national tour of West Side Story Grace in the national tour of Annie World Premier of Officer and a Gentleman the Musical World Premier of Officer and a Gentleman the Musical

Musicians Claire Edwards


Simon Sweeney

Orchestra and Stage Band

Shefali Pryer


Paul Champion Brielle Clapson Martin Penicka\

Orchestra Orchestra Orchestra

International Percussion Soloist. ABC Young Performer of the Year. Principal Trumpet. Broadway Musicals, e.g Wicked, Priscilla, West Side Story, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliot and many more. Associate Principal Oboe, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Principal Clarinet, Orchestra Victoria Violin, Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Cello. Tasmania Symphony Orchestra

Schools Spectacular, then Australian Idol Star Roshani Priddis

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time Student Involvement in the Arts – delivering benefits Student participation in the creative arts is increasingly regarded as an important, if not vital component of school education. Literacy and numeracy are necessary components in a student’s growth, but they are not sufficient. A well rounded education can only be secured if students are engaged in a variety of activities that fully engage them and from which they derive personal satisfaction, peer recognition and increased self esteem. Involvement in arts programs has been shown to engage students who show signs of leaving school prematurely. Engagement with arts programs not only improves student overall participation in school but has been shown to improve self confidence and self esteem. As well as arts participation delivering better outcomes for students, it also delivers an economic benefit by reducing the number of ‘at risk’ students, i.e. those who would, under normal circumstances, leave school early with few job prospects, little inclination to enter workplace training and the likelihood of long term social security dependence. Research has shown that students engaged in the arts • are less likely to leave school early • rarely report boredom at school • • • • •

have more positive self concepts display more positive attitudes to being at school work more productively and less antagonistically with their teachers learn to work in a team and collaborate better with their peers are more inclined to be involved in community work

The Schools Spectacular provides opportunities for students across New South Wales in a truly remarkable way.

Youth drummers part of the professional association with TaikOz Australia.

Country Music sensations, The McClymont sisters began their careers at the Schools Spectacular

2012 Schools Spectacular Our Time The Impact of the Arts on Learning The ultimate challenge for education is to place all children on pathways toward success in school and in life. Through engagement with the arts, young people can better begin lifelong journeys of developing their capabilities and contributing to the world around them. The arts teach young people how to learn by giving them the first step: the desire to learn. The student benefits and so does society ●

~ RICHARD RILEY United States Secretary of Education, 1999 Honorary Co-Chair for the World Justice Project. Champions of Change Research


Our Time! The 2012 Schools Spectacular  

Accompanying material to promotional DVD for the NSW Department of Education and Communities, 2012 Schools Spectacular

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