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“A Facility to Support Your Innovation”

Special Products Division Brandauer’s introduction of a Special Products Division means that time-to-market pressures can be significantly reduced with fast turnarounds and prototyping. R&D and low-volume projects can be fulfilled to a level of expertise that you can always expect from Brandauer’s core business culture. We deliver projects spanning between 1 off and 20,000 metal components, supporting contract assembly, CNC machining and cleaning processes, all within a modern manufacturing cell that boasts self-contained Quality Control and Tool Room facilities. Whether your requirement is a one off or the staged development of a process/component to higher volume, we can offer a turn-key package.

Capability / Services Wire EDM Laser Cutting, Etching and Blanking 3-80 Tonne Mechanical / Hydraulic Press range (With or Without coil feed) CNC Machining Self-contained Quality Control and Tool room Post-operation heat treatment, cleaning, selective plating and finishing

Typical Materials

3D Printing


Sub and Final Assemblies

Nickel Alloys

Fly/Toggle Secondary op press range


Dedicated Special Prototype team


Multi-sector experienced engineers


CAD, customer Inventory management, customer tooling management, tool transfer processes

Beryllium Copper Steel

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