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PSY 110 Exam 1 (3 Set)

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This Tutorial contains 3 Set of Exam 1

PSY 110 Exam 1 (3 Set)

Question 1

Which of the following subjects do not display Self-

Recognition when looking into a mirror? •

Question 2

According to your text, in 2012, what percentage of

adults believed that, “It’s alright for Blacks and Whites to date each other?” •

Question 3

Attribution theory concerns our tendency to explain our

behavior and that of others

Question 4

__________ is the process of making inferences about

Question 5

Forming first impressions of others by looking at their

behavior. •

face has been done by: •

Question 6

According to your text, which of the following

individuals had the strongest influence in the field of social psychology? •

Question 7

Going on a date rather than studying for your final exam

is an example of •

Question 8

If researchers gave participants varying amounts of a new

“memory” drug and then gave them a story to read and measured their scores on a quiz, the ______ would be the independent variable, and the ______ would be the dependent variable. •

Question 9

Subjects in Schachter’s classic study on emotions were

given an injection of epinephrine, which caused physiological arousal. One group were informed about the drug’s effect, another group were uninformed about the drug’s effect, and a third group were injected with harmless placebo. Which of the following happened? **********************************************************

PSY 110 Exam 2 (3 Set)

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This Tutorial contains 3 Set of Exam 2

PSY 110 Exam 2 (3 Set)

• Question 1 Expected behavior patterns associated with particular social positions are called • Question 2 The organization of roles, patterns of communication, and power in a group defines the group's

• Question 3 Subjects in Milgram's experiment who gave large shocks rationalized that they were NOT personally responsible for their actions. This raises questions about our willingness to commit inhumane acts as a result of ********************************************************** PSY 110 Quiz 1 (2 Set)

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This Tutorial contains 2 Set of Quiz 1

PSY 110 Quiz 1 (2 Set)

• Question 1 The goal of ___________ is to describe the strength of the relationship between two or more events or characteristics. • Question 2 We make and test inferences through:

• Question 3 The scientific method involves a prediction that can be tested. This prediction is called • Question 4 Sarah is Native American, and she passes on to her children the traditional dress, music, and ceremonies of her people. She is teaching her children Native American _______. • Question 5 Now that Jesse has had a psychology class in college, he recognizes astrology as: • Question 6 Critical thinkers are more likely to: • Question 7 Genetically, males are XY and females are XX. This is a(n) _______ difference. • Question 8 According to your textbook, what are the goals of psychology? • Question 9 A set of closely related ideas that attempts to organize observations and connect observations and research is known as a: • Question 10 Subjective well-being is the scientific term for how people evaluate their lives in terms of their:

********************************************************** PSY 110 Quiz 2 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 2 (2 Set)

• Question 1 Which of the following psychologists was a concentration camp survivor who wrote the book, Man’s Search for Meaning? • Question 2 A person from China or Japan would tend to revere possible selves that: • Question 3 Victor Frankl believed that: • Question 4 According to Waterman’s research, when do MOST identity changes take place?

• Question 5 ________ are standards that we apply to determine the worth of things, ideas, or events. • Question 6 The link between self-esteem and happiness is stronger in: • Question 7 Self-esteem is sometimes referred to as one’s: • Question 8 Western culture is to ________ as non-Western culture is to ________. • Question 9 Erikson believed that _______was more important to the identity of males, while ________ was more important to the identity of females. • Question 10 A person who has not experienced a crisis nor made any commitments and who shows little interest in such matters would be in which identity status? **********************************************************

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PSY 110 Quiz 3 (2 Set)

• Question 1 Which of the following is NOT true of the self-concept? • Question 2 Self-awareness is a ________, whereas self-consciousness is a ___________. • Question 3 Which of the following is NOT involved in symbolic interaction? • Question 4 Which of the following does NOT belong? • Question 5 Our evaluations of ourselves as good or bad constitute our • Question 6 People who are good at __________ have been shown to have better grades and social skills. • Question 7 According to Mead, which of the following is NOT involved in the emergence of the self? • Question 8 Which of the following statements is FALSE? • Question 9 In their differing theories of the self, Mead focused on __________ factors, whereas James emphasized _________ factors

• Question 10 How is the concept of self defined in your text?

********************************************************** PSY 110 Quiz 4 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 4 (2 Set)

• Question 1 In attempting to deceive someone, the LEAST truthful information is transmitted via the • Question 2 What do heuristics do?

• Question 3 Which of the following does NOT offer good evidence regarding the likelihood of deception? • Question 4 The process by which we interpret, analyze, remember, and use information about the social world is called • Question 5 Which of the following is out of place? • Question 6 What effect do schemas have on the recall of memories? • Question 7 A mental model or representation incorporating information on persons, objects, or situations is referred to as • Question 8 According to counterfactual thinking research, if all of the following people miss the plane, who is going to be the most upset? • Question 9 _____ are socially shared generalizations about people based upon their group membership. • Question 10 Which of the following emotions is someone from a collectivist society LEAST likely to express? • Question 3 Use of the representativeness heuristic allows us to Explicit cognition involves **********************************************************

PSY 110 Quiz 5 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 5 (2 Set)

• Question 1 Nancy’s mother was an alcoholic and would be abusive whenever she had too much to drink. As an adult, Nancy does not like to drink and is even upset at the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath. Which theory would explain Nancy’s attitude? • Question 2 Which of the following is out of place? • Question 3 Mark wants to buy a new car. All of the new models are designed with a decorative balloon-like feature that runs across the top. Mark isn’t sure he likes this new feature, yet every car he looks at has it. Mark sees these new models everywhere and, eventually, he comes to like it. Which of the following principles BEST explains Mark’s change of attitude? • Question 4 Which of the following is out of place?

• Question 5 Acquiring an attitude through operant conditioning involves • Question 6 Manuel prefers to use Sunny Airlines because it offers generous frequent flyer miles whenever he purchases a ticket. What function does his attitude toward Sunny Airlines serve? • Question 7 Harry feels very positively toward Econo Automobile Company and purchases one because he believes it to be the most economical car available. What function does his attitude toward the Econo Automobile Company serve? • Question 8 The key concept in acquiring an attitude through operant conditioning is • Question 9 Ellen and Robert both have positive attitudes toward social psychology. Ellen believes that social psychology has practical value in understanding how and why people sometimes behave in unusual ways. Robert believes the knowledge and skills he will learn as a social psychologist will give him access to financial rewards. Which of the following BEST explains the difference in their attitudes? **********************************************************

PSY 110 Quiz 6 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 6 (2 Set)

• Question 1 Although men typically hold ________ attitudes toward women, women’s attitudes towards men tend to be more __________. • Question 2 What are the cultural beliefs, values, and customs that denigrate nonheterosexualbehavior called? • Question 3 What is a characteristic that discredits a person and/or places the person in unequal status to a majority group? • Question 4 What is the MOST likely explanation for illusory correlations? • Question 5 When a young woman is asked to think of as many traits as she can to describe “a typical elderly person” and can only come up with “kind, frail, and poor,” which of the following does her short list exemplify? • Question 6 Derek is a psychology major. He observes how varied psychology majors are and notes their very diverse interests in the field. Derek wonders about those "up-tight accounting majors," whom he sees as very

conservative and interested only in making money. Derek's attitudes best exemplifies ______. ********************************************************** PSY 110 Quiz 7 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 7 (2 Set)

• Question 1

What is publicly acting in accord with a direct request called?

• Question 2 Research on the relationship between group size and conformity pressures suggested that in situations of ambiguous reality, • Question 3 Although he is Jewish, Michael agrees to exchange Christmas gifts with his co-workers when asked. He feels rather uncomfortable about this but

is concerned about how he will be treated if he does not do so. Michael’s behavior is an example of • Question 4 What was the purpose of Sherif’s use of the autokinetic effect with groups? • Question 5 Normative social influence involves • Question 6 Ostracism is a common reaction to those who dissent from the group’s norms. What costs does it have for those doing the ostracizing? • Question 7 Which statement accurately describes Asch’s findings regarding group pressure to conform? • Question 8 What is the degree of attractiveness that group members have for one another called? • Question 9 Research suggests that in situations in which there are few dissenters, as opposed to when there are many dissenters, • Question 10 Why is it sometimes difficult to distinguish between independence and conformity? ********************************************************** PSY 110 Quiz 8 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 8 (2 Set)

• Question 1 For women and men, women’s bodies are • Question 2 According to social psychological researchers, proximity is a good predictor of • Question 3 What motivated anxious individuals to affiliate with others in the Schachter experiments? • Question 4 In their classic study of friendship patterns among graduate students, what factor did Festinger, Schachter, and Back find to be most important in friendship choice? • Question 5 Regarding the physical attractiveness stereotype, researchers have found that attractive individuals demonstrate

• Question 6 Introverts and extraverts are known to have different levels of a need for contact with others, and this is related to physiological mechanisms. Introverts, as compared to extraverts, • Question 7 Studies investigating the cross-cultural standards of attractiveness have found that • Question 8 What do we call a person’s tendency to be very active in pursuing social contacts and valuing positive outcomes in such pursuits? • Question 9 Participants anticipating an embarrassing situation preferred solitude to affiliation or to wait with participants who were not going to be in the same experiment. What appears to be motivating their behavior? • Question 10 Which of the following is social physique anxiety strongly associated with? ********************************************************** PSY 110 Quiz 9 (2 Set)

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PSY 110 Quiz 9 (2 Set)

• Question 1 In his revision of the frustration-aggression hypothesis, Berkowitz would NOT support which of the following statements? • Question 2 One major tenet of the original frustration-aggression hypothesis that failed to gain research support was • Question 3 One key factor in interpreting behavior that results in harm to another person as aggression is ____ • Question 4 Any external condition that prevents a person from obtaining the pleasures he or she expected defines • Question 5 A dentist is drilling a cavity and the patient yells out in pain. The dentist’s behavior is • Question 6 Females of certain species of fish and bears must sometimes protect their offspring from being eaten by the very males who fathered them. Such behavior within a species appears to contradict

• Question 7 A restaurant owner spreads a false rumor that a competing restaurant was fined for sanitary code violations. This is an example of what type of aggression? • Question 8 The weakening of an individual’s restraints against behaving aggressively is called • Question 9 The person who kicks the soft-drink dispenser in order to obtain the change he was entitled to is engaging in what type of aggression? • Question 10 Which of the following personality factors has been linked with aggression? ********************************************************** PSY 110 Week 2 Assignment 1 Description of Research Methodology (2 Paper)

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In this assignment, you will write an essay about the research methods and ethical implications of a social psychology study. You will get information about the study from one of the entries in the SPARQ "Solutions Catalog", which is a web site maintained by Stanford University at SPARQ is an acronym for "Social Psychological Answers to Real-world Questions." Each entry in the Solutions Catalog names a problem, and then offers a solution to that problem, based on a research study in social psychology.

********************************************************** PSY 110 Week 8 Assignment 2 Aggression and Violence in the Media (2 Papers)

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This Tutorial contains 2 Papers of this Assignment

Assignment 2: Aggression and Violence in the Media Due Week 8 and worth 180 points

Reflect on two to three (2-3) TV shows in which characters demonstrate aggression or violence. Consider the context in which this aggression or violence occurred and ways in which it can lead to desensitization.


PSY 110 Competitive  

For more classes visit This Tutorial contains 3 Set of Exam 1 PSY 110 Exam 1 (3 Set)

PSY 110 Competitive  

For more classes visit This Tutorial contains 3 Set of Exam 1 PSY 110 Exam 1 (3 Set)