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PRG 420 Week 4 Coding a Program Containing an Array(New Syllabus) To Purchase This Material Click below Link Click Here to Buy the Tutorial Individual: Coding a Program Containing an Array Instructions: Resource: • PRG 420 Week Four Coding Assigment Text File (starter code for this assignment that includes placeholders) For this assignment, you will apply what you learned in analyzing a simple Java™ program by writing your own Java™ program that creates and accesses an array of integers. The Java™ program you write should do the following: • Create an array to hold 10 integers • Ask the user for an integer. Note: This code has already been written for you.

• Populate the array. Note: The first element should be the integer input by the user. The second through tenth elements should each be the previous element + 100. For example, if the user inputs 10, the first array value should be 10, the second 110, the third 210, and so on. • Display the contents of the array on the screen in ascending index order. Complete this assignment by doing the following: 1. Download the linked PRG 420 Week Four Coding Assigment Text File. 2. Read each line of the file carefully, including the detailed instructions at the top. 3. Add comments to the code by typing your name and the date in the multi-line comment header. 4. Replace the following lines with Java™ code as directed in the file: • LINE 1

• LINE 2 • LINE 3 • LINE 4 • LINE 5 5. Comment each line of code you add to explain what you intend the code to do. 6. Test and modify your Java™ program until it runs without errors and produces the results as described above. Note: Refer to this PRG 420 Week's analyzing code assignment if you need help. After you complete your assignment, zip your JAVA source (.java) file and submit the ZIP file using the Assignment Files tab. Supporting Material: PRG 420 Week Four Coding Assignment Text File

Prg 420 week 4 coding a program containing an array(new syllabus)  
Prg 420 week 4 coding a program containing an array(new syllabus)