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Blue Beret/October 2010



ootball season again. When home in Iowa, as we are now, I occasionally drive a schoolbus to High School activities. Last night our freshman team suffered a 6-47 drubbing by State Center. The bus was quiet for two hours on the way home, and I had time to think. Let me try to reconstruct the conversation I had with myself. I am dismayed whenever I hear the occasional remark that “they” (the leadership) do not hear us/support us/represent what we want. The observation is either true or false. If false, then the Club has a problem with communication. I know the Club has taken positive measures to improve communication with members in recent years. The Blue Beret will never be a slick commercial publication, for it is primarily intended to be an expanded newsletter. Nevertheless, articles are much improved. I enjoy it each month. In addition, the Letters to the Editor column responds to member questions and comments. The monthly WBCCI President’s Newsletter is a summary of issues or items in which the membership may have general interest. We are now using Constant Contact for faster mass distribution via email. Last, the 2020 Committee’s initiative of Round Table Discussions is an additional attempt to solicit feedback from members so that Region Officers are better informed to represent them. If it’s true that the leadership doesn’t represent the membership – well, that’s just “Seek responsibilplain wrong, and is a statement that is even more difficult for me to understand. We did, however, have a gentleman stand up during the IBT Seminar at Gillette and say that he ity for improving does not trust the International Board of Trustees (IBT). Imagine that! Where do you suppose the IBT, or the “leadership” come from? what’s good about Unit Presidents have one-year terms, unless the Unit is “recycling.” These are our fellow Unit members and are the first level of “leadership.” We elected them. They repour Club, and corresent us at Region Board meetings. Region Presidents have two-year terms and are rect what needs to members of the IBT. We elected them. We know these people – they or the Region Vice-Presidents visit their Units at least annually. Approximately one-third of the IBT (half be fixed.” of the Region Presidents) is replaced each year. International Presidents have one-year terms. Unit Delegates elect all the International officers, plus two of the three members of the Nominating Committee. Each level of our leadership is refreshed annually. Given this, how could it be true that these members do not represent the membership? Perhaps the membership is electing the wrong people. Perhaps the wrong people are running for office. Perhaps the membership is not participating effectively. Our Parliamentarian reminds us periodically that we are a “deliberative body.” I think deliberation/discussion/communication is more effective when at a meeting, or face-to-face in more informal settings. Forums on the Internet are fine, but for me will never substitute for open discussion, which includes body language, smiles or frowns, and hand shakes when agreement is reached. I suggested last month that, “Participation is the key.” If you think that the leadership doesn’t hear you – if you know you could do a better job – become a candidate for Unit, Region or International office. Step up to the plate. Put your oar in the water. Seek responsibility for improving what’s good about our Club and correcting what needs to be fixed. Become one of the group called “the leadership.” There is still time. For an International office, submit your resume and statement of willingness to serve if elected to Cindy Reed at Headquarters. She’ll forward it to Tom Collier, President of the Nominating Committee. So, those are the thoughts of your International President, from a dark, quiet school bus on a highway in NE Iowa. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members. Safe travels. Norm Beu BLUE BERET is the official publication of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. (WBCCI), the recreational vehicle club of Airstream owners. BLUE BERET welcomes contributions of articles, photographs, news items and advertising. However, their publication in the BLUE BERET does not constitute endorsement. The opinions of the authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of either the BLUE BERET or WBCCI. The products and claims of advertisers are their own and, too, do not necessarily represent endorsement by either BLUE BERET or WBCCI. BLUE BERET (USPS 669-270; ISSN 0744-5601) is published monthly except January and July. Periodical mail postage paid at Jackson Center, OH and additional mailing offices. Canada Publications Mail Agreement #41295545. Canada Post Returns: 7289 Torbram Road, Mississauga, ON L4T 1G8.


Blue Beret/October 2010

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What’s Inside... Vol. 46

October 2010

Issue No.8

President’s Corner............... 2 Club News............................. 6 Welcome New Members.........................................6 Letters to the Editor.............................................10 Safety Note From Herb........................................ 11 Airstreamer’s Computing Guide........................12 Family and Youth ..............................................13 Community Service..............................................14 MEMBERSHIP....................................................15 Airstream Tech Help Group................................18 In Memoriam........................................................19 Headquarters Notes..............................................20 Inspiration 101......................................................21 Unanimous Consent.............................................22 VINTAGE SPIRIT...............................................26

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on the cover...

Photos courtesy of the Sierra Nevada Unit: L-R Rally at Twin Lakes, photo by Diane Leipper, #772 Rally at Sweetwater Summit, photo by Diane Leipper, #772 Rally at Sweetwater Summit, photo by Anita Leipper, #5502 Rally at Pyramid Lake, photo by Diane Leipper, #772 Rally at Obsidian Dome, photo by Diane Leipper, #772 Rally at Obsidian Dome doing clean up work, photo by Dave Gmur, #5936

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Blue Beret/October 2010



Blue Beret/October 2010

Blue Beret/October 2010



Blue Beret/October 2010

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Blue Beret/October 2010


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: “The Airstream brand is iconic. I am proud to own and use my 2004-25 CCD. The members of British Columbia Unit 121 welcomed me to the club very warmly. The leaders work diligently to plan and host events, issue the annual roster and schedules. I appreciate their commitment to the club very much. Having said that I believe the “image” of the club is dated and its vision blurred even though the manufacturer builds an excellent high design product that is revered. The declining membership numbers reflect the brutal facts. The Club has become an echo of its former self and seems to be focused on the “caravan” experience mainly for retired persons. The beret as uniform and the continued celebration of Wally is rather quaint. If it is a “caravan” club then it will go the way of caravan attendance. I think the WBCCI could be renewed with a new vision, image, name and “story” that resonates with many more buyers of our great travel trailer. Questions that occur to me, as a relatively new member are: Could we not just have an Airstream Club? It is not a life style and adventure interest? Is its only purpose to generate group activities and rally support? We should have a visioning process based on wide research of owners and potential owners that might be based on the following questions: Why does an Airstream Club exist? Who does it serve? How is it unique? What are the real interests of Airstream owners? How can these people be united in their commitment to Airstream? I notice that I look forward to receiving my copy of Airstream Life and less to the Blue Beret although the color rally schedule and tech tips can be very useful. Perhaps the WBCCI should consider purchasing a dedicated section within the Airstream Life magazine.” Respectfully submitted, David Aitken, WBCCI #8581

Mr. Aitken: Thank you for your concern. The 2020 Committee chaired by Darrell Waters is addressing many of your concerns. EDITOR Dear Editor: I am Edson Snow WBCCI #4584, age 95, UPP South Florida Unit 30. I live at an Assisted Living Residence, Coconut Creek, Florida. I was also the 3rd President of the Upstate New York Unit, one of the group that was combined to form New York Unit 2. While I was born in New York City, my family came from Chautauqua County. I had a lifetime career with Kodak in Rochester. I am still a New Yorker at heart. If you are planning to visit Florida for the first time, try to include the Florida State Rally at Sarasota in February. Edson Snow WBCCI #4584 Thank you, Mr. Snow, you must have a wealth of great memories of your Airstreaming days. EDITOR

Please keep the Letters coming to This is your opportunity to have your voice heard. The Letters to the Editor Committee will respond as needed. Be sure to include your full name and WBCCI number. DISCLAIMER: The Letters to the Editor Committee reserves the right to edit or withhold any letter received and will only publish those that are considered beneficial to the club as a whole and as space is available. Letters may be addressed to and must include writer’s full name and WBCCI number to be considered noteworthy for publication.


Blue Beret/October 2010

Club News

Safety Note From Herb Herb Quade, WBCCI #3575

We are still on the road following the Rally in Gillette, as I write this we are on the south shore of Lake Superior. We’ve been looking for the Northern Lights over the lake but haven’t seen them yet – they were over the lake a few nights ago, but we were sleeping. I saw something interesting shortly after leaving Gillette. We were camped at Devils Tower in Wyoming and the International Space Station made an appearance one night – it appeared rising from the top of Devils Tower and proceeded across the heavens followed by the resupply capsule. The Space Station was very bright and the capsule was just a speck. Here is something I read in the American Legion Magazine – My parents recently retired. Mom always wanted to learn to play the piano, so Dad bought her one for her birthday. A few weeks later, I asked how she was doing with it. “Oh, we returned the piano,” Dad replied. “I persuaded her to switch to the clarinet.” “Why?” I asked. “Because,” he answered, “with a clarinet, she can’t sing.” Here is something from the California DMV Recreational Vehicles and Trailers Handbook –

Motorhomes Towing Cars or Other Vehicles Towing small cars behind motor homes has become popular as a way of providing transportation after the motorhome is parked at a camp site. Towing a car differs from towing travel trailers or fifth-wheel trailers. Very little hitch weight is involved when the car is towed on all four wheels and only minimal hitch weight is involved when the car is towed on a dolly. If you wish to tow a vehicle behind your motorhome, you need to consider whether or not your motorhome can handle the extra weight under all conditions (i.e., climbing steep hills or mountains). Your vehicle must have sufficient power to climb grades without holding up traffic and its braking power must be sufficient to stop the combined weight of the motorhome plus the car and/or tow dolly effectively. Motorhome chassis manufacturers provide limits on gross combined weight (motor home plus car). If you are towing a car, be sure the hitch attachment on the motorhome is secure. Hitch weight ratings are usually stamped on the hitch assemblies. The tow bar attachment is also a concern because of the integrated frame construction used in most small cars. If you use a tow bar, safety chains are required, but a breakaway switch is not. Fully operational tail, brake, and turn signal lights are required on the towed car. It’s easy to forget you are towing a car when driving a large motorhome, because you can’t see it. So remember to allow extra space when entering a freeway or passing another vehicle so you won’t cut off the other driver. Your vehicle combination cannot exceed 65 feet. However, cities and counties may prohibit vehicle combination lengths over 60 feet, when posted. (VC §35401) One other thing to consider - you may only tow a single

vehicle with your Class C driver license. You may not tow two vehicles or trailers with a Class C license. (Example: You cannot tow a boat trailer/boat and car behind your motorhome or pickup/camper.) Here is some good information from a safety article in Family Motor Coach Magazine –

AC Shoreline Cord All Airstreams will have either a 30-amp or a 50-amp shoreline connection. The difference is obvious: the 30-amp plug has three contacts and conductors; the 50-amp plug has four. Since this is the umbilical cord that brings electrical life from the pedestal to your unit, it’s important that it be in good operating condition, so it can safely provide the current. Begin by closely inspecting the entire length of the cord from the point it enters your Airstream all the way back to the plug. Look for cuts, abrasions, or any damage. At the plug cap end, be sure the molded plug is intact. Look for any sign of melted rubber where the metallic prongs emerge from the plug. Molten rubber is a sign of overheating and should be investigated further. Try to wiggle each prong with your fingers. If the prongs appear to be loose, pitted, wobbly, or otherwise burned or damaged, replace the cord. If the plug cap has pulled away from the remainder of the cord, exposing the individual wires (such as might happen when forgetting to unplug the cord before pulling away from the campsite), it will be necessary to replace the entire cord. Yes, I know retail outlets sell individual plug caps that can be installed in the case of such an occurrence, but there are a couple of reasons to avoid doing so. First, to remain code compliant, the plug cap must be molded onto the shore cord in order to safely guard against water intrusion (important). Second, replacement plug caps usually necessitate attaching the stranded conductors with a screw-and-clamp-type mechanical device. Screw connections have a propensity to vibrate loose, which could result in an unnecessary arcing situation. Arcing can cause overheating, which can lead to other problems. While inspecting the shoreline plug, take the time to clean and brighten the prongs. Corrosion and oxidation on the metallic contacts can cause improper conductivity of the AC electricity. Use 0000 steel wool or 600-grit (or higher) sandpaper to remove the corrosion, leaving each prong bright and shiny. Add an electrical contact preservative such as DeoxIT to aid in maintaining the cleanliness of the plug contacts. Perform this maintenance task two or three times per year or as necessary. For a video explanation regarding shoreline plug maintenance, check out this YouTube tip: watch?v=QoVUozvu5IU. And remember – before you plug in make sure the circuit breaker on the pedestal is off. Turn it on after you plug in. We’ll see you down the road – and buckle up! Herb Quade WBCCI #3575, Home (757) 583-1405, Cell (757) 535-1084. Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News

Airstreamer’s Computing Guide Connectivity

by Michael Yeargin


one thing more and more Airstreamer’s must have is connectivity, that is they must be able to connect to the internet, so they can stay connected to everyone else. This requires them to do many things, first is to get a service like AOL or XYZ Cable right? No, you may not need to do anything but turn on your PC and click the mouse a few times. Wait just one moment, when you got a computer the instructions said you needed something like AOL, AT&T, etc. before you could go surfing. Well, no it said select one from the list and it was very forceful about you selecting one, but you could have said ‘skip’ and it may have still worked. Let’s start this section out by doing some basic understanding and terms. First any company that provides you access to the internet is known as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and these companies make money in several ways. They charge you for connecting to them and they sometimes provide you software to use (we’ll get to it more later) that tracks your usage or provides you local advertisements which the software helps determine. Second term you will need to understand is IP address, this is the number your computer is either assigned or gets automatically when you establish a connection, for the time being consider it to be like a phone number (it is actually made up of 4 groups of numbers ranging from 0 to 128), and just like a phone number everyone who has a public phone, only one person can have that number on the public network. Now let’s look at the actual connection, it can be made one of two ways wired or wireless. Wired con-


Blue Beret/October 2010

nection is simply that, you connecting your PC to an ISP via a wire, commonly this is done via an ethernet cable or in some cases you may use a Modem and a phone line. The Wireless can take two primary types, Wi-Fi which is wireless that uses Access Point to provide a signal, this type is like the wireless phone you use in your home. The second wireless type is cellular based known as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) or newer 2G and 3G service. Now let’s break this all down starting with the ISP. The software that you use MAY help you in the setup of your modem which can be a cable modem (i.e. Comcast) or and phone modem commonly called a DSL (i.e. ADSL is correct for most home use), other less used options are Frame, ISDN, and Asynchronous (a.ka. Dial-Up). All of these will use setup software to do the initial programming of the “box” that you are provided. After initial setup you normally do NOT need the software installed and this prevents tracking and advertising. So, connection goes something like this: Computer to cable, cable to “box,” “box” to ISP via whatever ISP you select (cable company, phone company, etc.). This hard wired method most often provides the fastest service. If you use a cable company then you do “share” the line with everyone else, so your speed can decrease as usage increase along the line, most phone company connection are not this way due to individual connections back to the central point, which is fiber optic. As for security, hardwire is the most secure as it is hard to ‘jump in the middle’ and steal the signal. Let’s talk wireless, or more to the point WiFi. The common use of WiFi is that “free” signal you get at many places while Airstreaming, well not really. WiFi can best be described as you having a portable phone, you know the kind they sell for homes (no not cell phone) that allows you to use your own phone line when at home and other peoples phone line when out. The three steps to using WiFi is: Step one Identify the system you want

to connect to. Step two is authenticating to the system, most use some type of encryption and password. Step three is to obtain the IP address for use, this give you a different ID than others using the same WiFi. This doesn’t sound too bad right? Wrong, first you should obtain permission to use the WiFi signal to be legal and second even if it is encrypted your information may still be at risk, so know the WiFi provider and use caution when doing personal things like banking. Also be kind to others unless you own the WiFi and don’t do downloads of movies and such, because you are all using the same connection to get to the ISP and in this case the more using it does not make you more merrier. There is a lot more you can learn about wireless and making it secure and easy to use, but WiFi can be a full article on its own. Did you say cell phone? Well, no what I said was GPRS, which is the same digital signal used by all modern cell phones. Did you know that many cell phones can be used as a modem for your computer? Well yes and no, you can use it as your ISP, but most won’t let you take or make calls when your computer is connected. Many computers today use either built-in GPRS modems or a dongle (those funny things you plug into the USB port). The services vary greatly as to cost and coverage and many have their opinions as to which is best, me included. I have tried many different ones while Airstreaming and found my Verizon to give better coverage while on the road. While camping I find the issue of being in a aluminum can to be a big issue regarding signal. If you use a dongle style and have a long USB cable and zip lock bag you can overcome some of this (by the way this is where I say it is not recommended or approved use and to do so is risking harm to dongle and PC) by taping it outside. There is also many gadgets sold today to help overcome this Continued on page 13

Family and Youth

WBCCI Members: We cannot even begin to express our thanks to the WBCCI members for the money raised for our daughter, Jordyn, during the rally in Gillette. We felt extremely blessed to be chosen and amazed at everyone’s generosity. We really enjoyed coming to the WBCCI Band and Choir concert to meet everyone and see their smiling faces. With the money raised, we are excited to pursue seeing a few specialists in Denver to help with our daughter’s disability. We also plan to get some medical equipment that will help her quality of life. We will always have a special place in our hearts for the WBCCI members. We will show Jordyn pictures of our night at the rally and tell her all about the kind people who helped her. If Jordyn could talk, I’m sure she would give a big smile and say, “Thank you.” Emily, Tom, and Jordyn Bybee Dear Mr. and Mrs. Amme: Thank you for your kind gift of $1,071 to the Campbell County Healthcare Foundation, designated for the Close to Home Hospice Hospitality House. Your contribution will make somebody’s life easier. We rely on the kindness and generosity of individuals in our community like you. We are excited to announce the opening of the Close to Home Hospice Hospitality House. The

Connectivity continued issue. A good article on type of connectivity can be found at, which has points that are agreed and disagreed with regarding some of its pros and cons. The other mentioned solution, which is questionable by FCC regulations, is the use of uplink satellite systems, but we’ll avoid going there as having used one for a period of time and knowing how regulated they are unless you have a homestead location it would be suggested that you stay away from both a cost and regulations perspective. So let’s sum it all up: To connect to the Internet, all I need is an ISP either wired or wireless and you don’t have to use AOL, ComCast, etc. software unless it’s for the initial setup of a device. Once you select the ISP that you are going to use to get connected then you are on the Internet. At this point you hope you have good protection software from viruses and malware. It can’t be that easy? Well it can and it is, once you learn a little bit about how you are connecting and what you need to do, then your connected to the world.

Emily and Jordyn Bybee and Linda Amme, Family & Youth Chairman

Healthcare Foundation is still fundraising, and we have until the end of 2010 to complete our capital campaign. Thanks to your generosity, we are one step closer to meeting our goal. Nachell McGrath Executive Director Dear Linda, The amount that we received from Pacific Steel and Recycling along with the additional donations brought the total WBCCI donation to $1,071. You have made an impact in Campbell County through your donations. Thank you so much for your support, help, and clarification in the process. Sincerely, Jamie Leupold Dear Ron and Linda, Thank you ever so much for the wonderful donation of stuffed animals to the Pediatric Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital. Wow!! So many and all different characters for all ages to pick out and enjoy to have as their hospital friend! We will be sharing with St. Mary’s Emergency Room since they get alot of children that are treated and go home. They were very pleased. Thank you again for doing something so special for others to enjoy. Peds Staff

Thank You Note..... We wish to thank the many Airstream friends who have prayed for us, sent cards and visited us as we have been recovering from the rear end collision by a sleeping semi truck driver in South Dakota in July. We are very appreciative of our WBCCI family. We expect a full recovery in the coming weeks. Leonard and Betty Sullivan

Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News

Community Service I would like to share with you the wonderful notes I have received from the organizations that you helped in Gillette, Wyoming. From the Senior Center. Quote: Campbell County Senior Center wishes to thank the Airstream RV Association for their generous donation of the stuffed animals, crocheted items and lap robes. Please accept our heartfelt thanks! Signed CATHY KNORATH & Senior Center Staff. From the Animal Shelter. Quote: Thank you so much for the wonderful generosity of your Airstream Association! My Grandma & Grandpa were Airstreamers and I have many fond memories of their "Silver Bullett." We are so grateful that your group chose to donate to our Animal Shelter - the supplies and cash will be put to good use! God Bless You All. Signed Bonnie & the shelter gang.

Janet Kendig Chairman

From Youth Emergency Services (Y.E.S. House). Quote: Members of the Community Service Team. What a wonderful surprise you have prepared for all of us. We could not believe how many items you were able to gather for our children. Y.E.S. House is sincerely grateful for kind people like you. The items you donated: several bags and boxes of books, stuffed animals, games and hand knitted scarves and hats, our children will enjoy immensely. Thank you for your active support of our community youth, and especially for taking the time to show our kids here at the Y.E.S. House that you care. It warms our hearts! Signed Sheri England, Executive Director. As you can see your donations were very much appreciated. Thank You

RALLY RECYCLING PROGRAM This summer at the 53rd International Rally, the City of Gillette, Wyoming, partnered with WBCCI to initiate an innovative event recycling program at CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Center. The program was extremely successful due to the concerted efforts of all parties involved.

recyclable materials at the rally. This was a great accomplishment on the part of all involved and demonstrated that with the right collection system, a tremendous amount of materials can be recycled. The members of WBCCI are to be commended for their active participation in this recycling program. Plans are being made to continue our recycling success at the DuQuoin, IL International Rally in 2011. We hope to exceed the amount of recyclables collected in Gillette when we are in DuQuoin next year! Jerry Humble Chairman International Committee Recycling, Trash, Dumpsters

The City of Gillette supplied collection receptacles that were placed at strategic places throughout CAM-PLEX. Wal-Mart donated blue bags that were used for “curbside� recycling at CAM-PLEX RV sites. Members of WBCCI took full advantage of each of the services offered. As a result, members of WBCCI diverted 3,595 pounds of


Blue Beret/October 2010

Club News

MEMBERSHIP Fall Fun, And Planning For Next Year

For many the fall period is one of the most enjoyable times to travel and have rallies due to the greater availability of RV parks, or other camping facilities at town and city fairgrounds, no need for air conditioning, but more importantly, in many areas especially in the northern climates the gorgeous fall foliage. Usually the weather is more reliable, although there can be some rain and perhaps colder weather, but that makes it all that more exhilarating. Have you considered attending some of the ‘Autumn rallies and caravans’? If you hurry you might still be able to check if there are any spots left at the: Autumn Leaf Special Event Rally in Leavenworth, WA which runs Sept.

Delaware Valley NJ Unit 23-26, contact Carol Ortiz 360-491-6511 or email her at Although the other Autumn Leaf Festival conducted by the Pennsylvania Unit in Limestone, PA will not be conducted this year it will be back again next year, so you might want to really get a head start and plan to attend in 2011. Perhaps you may want to attend the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention Special Events Rally in Athens, AL from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, contact Leon Dussault, 256-883-2512 to see if they have room for you. How about the longest running national rally – the Swiss Festival in

Sugarcreek, OH which runs Sept. 25 to Oct. 2? As of early Sept. there were still plenty of vacancies and if you call Carmel Porter at 304-550-6336 or email her at to see if you can attend. Another new rally is the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4, contact Sandy or Harold Hughes at 423-612-3465 or Again, short notice but the Balloon Fiesta is in Albuquerque, NM, from Oct. 1-5, contact John Elliot at 505-263-7707. The Victorian Days Rally in Cape May, NJ, is from Oct. 7-10, contact Linda Amme at 609-381-2495 or prof899@ And if you cannot make that Rally consider the Columbus Day Rally in Provincetown, MA, Oct. 7-11, contact Tye Mott at Interested in Jazz and more then consider The Sun Valley Jazz Festival in Ketchum, ID, Oct. 1217, contact RB & Zelma Bernd 360-459-4342 or Unfortunately, the Southeast Coast Spectacular Caravan Oct. 5-13 is fully booked for this year, but there are vacancies for Oct. 4-11, 2011 Caravan– see details in this issue under ‘2010 – 2011 WBCCI National Caravans’. As you may or may not know, many of our national caravans are booked up sometime in advance, although often there are waiting lists and sometimes you just might be lucky to get on especially if you are prepared to go at the last minute. A couple of examples – we were 19 on the standby list for the American Adventure Southwest Caravan and got the word about 2 weeks before the start of the caravan that there was an opening – we jumped at the opportunity and went, also we were about 120 on the

standby list for the very special, one time Don McKelvay only, Golden Anniversary Membership Chairman Caravan and luckily our number came up for that one as well. So the key, I think, is to plan ahead particularly for national caravans and rallies and sign up for those you want to attend next year and perhaps the years after that, then be patient and hope you can go and enjoy some of the greatest pluses this wonderful Club has to offer. We all know the Units are the center and the foundation of our Club. In October there are 88 Unit rallies for you to choose from – go and have a great time with friends – new or old and consider inviting one of them to go along with you on a mini caravan to the rally. Many of these rallies are also installation of new Unit officers and it is important for you to be there to show both your support and to learn what exciting activities have been planned for you in the coming year. Take the opportunity to thank those who have served and those about to serve you. There is still one state rally in October, the Carolinas Mountain Jamboree and State Rally in Cleveland, SC, from Oct. 13-17, contact Carolyn Rosendale, 828606-3679 or And let’s not forget some of the Regions are holding their annual Region rallies in October, and even if you are not a member of that Region, you as a member may attend any Region or Unit rally provided there is space, and in almost all cases I am sure they will make room for you. Region 11 is holding their Rally in Gallup, NM, Oct. 6-11, contact Sue McDowell, 505-250-8341 or email Region 12 is holding their rally at Hemet, CA Oct. 14-18, contact Joe Thomas at Continued on page19

Blue Beret/October 2010


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Blue Beret/October 2010

Blue Beret/October 2010


Airstream Tech Help Group Howard Lefkowitz, #6077 Phil Broomall, #2654 Jim Cooper, #3056 Jamie King, #7018 This group has been established by WBCCI to help the membership with any of their technical RV problems. Examples of questions that might be of interest to many members will be published in the Blue Beret. We will respond directly to you, in response to your email or letter describing a problem you are having. We hope you will find this new service of value in the care and feeding of your RV. You may contact us as follows: or by mail: Howard Lefkowitz, 11508 Colt Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Furnace Not Working QUESTION: We have left our 1997 34’ Excella 1000 trailer in Florida (Land Yacht Harbor) for the past three years. Last spring the furnace would not run. After checking connections and my limited inspection, I contacted an RV Service Technician. He has a truck that appears to be a total shop and he started checking components in the outside compartment. He was able to get the furnace to run by bypassing some connections. He found that all of the controls in the compartment seemed to check-out, including the circuit board. Then he told me that he would need to get on top of the trailer to check the circuit board under the air conditioner cover. Our trailer has the electronic thermostat that controls the fan, air conditioner, heat strip and furnace. He found that the furnace circuit in the main circuit board on the roof was dead. His estimate of replacement was $600-$700. However, he recommended that a separate thermostat be installed that would only control the furnace at a very much reduced cost. The electronic thermostat would continue to function. I did nothing, since we were returning home in a week and would contact him when we returned to Florida this fall. Do you think that installing a separate thermostat is a good idea? Would it work? Do you need more information? Thanks for your service to WBCCI members and for your recommendation for my furnace problem. ANSWER: Yes, this will work fine and is a reasonable low cost solution to your problem. When a combination Comfort


Blue Beret/October 2010

Control Center (CCC) electronic thermostat is used you have a single temperature sensor and point of control for all of your heating and cooling equipment. This system is very easy to use and provides a centrally located temperature sensor. For your furnace there are two leads that go to an electronic control board located in your air conditioner unit. Without the CCC these leads would go to a conventional wall thermostat designed to work with a house furnace. When you are below the temperature set on the thermostat a set of contacts would close calling for the furnace to start. Once the temperature set on the thermostat is reached the contacts open to turn off the furnace. The CCC circuit board is expensive since it controls all temperature related equipment in the trailer. If only the furnace control circuit is not working then the solution proposed by your service technician is quite reasonable. He will have to run a pair of wires to the new thermostat and he should install it in the main living area, which will give you a reasonably balanced trailer temperature. Any standard inexpensive house thermostat (Home Depot available) will work fine. Usually the failed component is the contacts in the furnace relay, which is located on the CCC electronic control board. Howard

Trailer Brakes Not Working

Question: We own a 1986, 27’ Airstream Sovereign Trailer, which is giving us brake problems. On the side opposite the door (right side) it does not have power to the brakes. The left side

brakes are fine.  Thor says it is spliced up under the belly, but they are not sure where.  We have contacted several sources and have been unable to find an answer. We would appreciate any help you could give us. Unfortunately, we are not close to any Airstream help and have several rallies coming up.

Answer: I know the feeling. Usually the breakage occurs at the connection between the brake pigtail leads and the 12 volt line.  If your 12 volt wires to the brake pigtail do not have any voltage when you turn on the controller then the broken wire is indeed under the belly pan where the right and left side wires join the main feed line.  Where the connection was made could be anybody’s guess.  The easiest and fastest solution is to run a new wire from the front of the trailer (where your brake wire feed is) direct to the right side brakes.  As a temporary fix, you could run this along the belly pan (for a quick solution) so you can go on the rallies.  Just be sure to install some wire clamps.  The permanent solution is to run the wires inside the trailer along the wall. Since it is on the side away from the door, you just have to feed it through closets and behind moldings.  Be sure and protect the wires if they have to go through any sheet metal using plastic or rubber grommets.  Use nylon wire clamps that have a mounting hole to hold the wires in place.  Near the brakes you will need to drill a hole through the floor and belly pan to feed the wire through.  Get a 12” drill that will go through the floor and pan and stick out so you can see it.  This would work best in a closet.  continued on page 19

Airstream Tech Help Group continued Be sure and use a grommet on the belly pan.  Don’t forget to tape off the old wires, so they cannot cause a short if the connection comes back.  Leave a reasonable loop and securely mount the wires next to the brake connection. Be sure and use the same size wire that is currently installed. The only other solution I am aware of is to remove the belly pan, fix the connection, and re-rivet the pan.  This is probably in the $500-$600 range and not a usual do-it-yourself  job.  Properly supporting the pan for both removal and re-installation is the big problem.  Let me know how you make out. Good luck. Howard


Thanks!  You have given me assurance on what to do.  Will get to it this day and I have an appointment with a Trailer Service Company in October.  The earliest they could do it. Thanks again. “Blue Beret” and you deserve a big pat. GREAT SERVICE Help!

Trailer Wheel Bearings QUESTION: Is there any recommendation as to when trailer wheel bearings should be re-greased? Mileage or time? ANSWER: Every 10,000 miles or at least once per year. Here is an excellent reference article: bearings/index.html.  A great source for seals, bearings, races, brakes etc. : http:// The page for the seals is: Code=E&Category_Code=Bearings. also has some great videos.

MEMBERSHIP continued from page 15 Region 6 is holding their ‘Autumn in TN’ Region Rally in East Ridge, TN Oct. 19-23, contact John Stumpf at 850456-0475. If you are traveling this is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends as well as see how others conduct their events, which you might then adapt for your own Unit or Region. Some of our greatest memories have been the friendship shown to us at such rallies. Going to other rallies also gives you a super source of information about what to see in the local and you will probably do more/see more than you ever would on your own. Finally, as can be seen planning

ahead is important. When you receive your new Unit directory or rally list start blocking off those dates you can attend. When you receive the Club Annual Directory use that to determine which rallies and caravans you might want to attend and then contact them, so you will not be disappointed later. There are other sources for details on the above rallies and caravans such as our Club website at (which has links to all the Regions and the Units) and www. We cannot do everything we want but we can want to do everything and then narrow down the list so we can have FUN, FELLOWSHIP and ADVENTURE.

In Memoriam

The officers and members of Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. express their sympathy to the families and friends of these departed members.

Bowman, Don (010-CA)................................#2124 Hack, Jerome (Jerry) (078-OH)....................#6426 Hartshorne, Alan (103-TX)...........................#6554 Kramer, Arthur F. (027-FL).........................#24275 Lawler, Bill (099-TX).....................................#1184 Rawson, Bill (029-AL)...................................#3735 Schmidt, Frank (001-AL)................................#343 PP Alabama Unit Stone, Addison W. (035-ID)............................#311 Past Region 10 President Taylor, Kirby (103-TX)...................................#2634 PP Texas Gulf Coast Unit Wilson, Rollin R. (Bob) (103-TX)..................#2299 Woodard, William (Bill) (143-TX).................#6953 Worthley, Paul L. (064-ME).............................#201 Past Region 1 President Young, Shirley (029-AL)...............................#1987 Younts, Karmen (172-TX).............................#1416 PP Texas Unit Zike, Robert L. (041-IN)................................#4564

Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News

Welcome to the 38th Florida State Rally Sarasota Fairgrounds 3000 Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, Florida 34237-5395 February 15 - 20, 2011 Frank Carson, Rally Director You have all heard me say we have the climate, (hopefully), we have the space and we have the price. This year we have the dealer, the repairmen and the Airstream parts. Florida’s newest Airstream dealer, Camping World, of Fort Myers, will be on the grounds with parts and repairmen. Where can you go in Florida, at the height of the season in one of the most prestigious cities for $185.00 based on 2 people in an Airstream, for six days with water, rally electric, (electric has all been

redone), professional entertainment, seminars, games, crafts, hobby show, door prizes sightseeing, best shopping around, donuts and coffee each morning and a roast beef dinner. If you were breaking it down, it would come down to $18.50 a person per night. Some of the seminars will include items on your Airstream on how to maintain your Airstream. There will be a First Timers Seminar, which is a must for all new Airstreamers and first time rally goers.

Last year the pet show went over big, so we will do it again. The Fashion Show, this year, will be hosted by one of the local premier department stores. This is a do not miss show. The Saturday Morning flea market is a great place to find bargains and sell your treasures. The tables are free so sign up early for one of the many spots. Saturday afternoon is the pet show and the Vintage open house. Saturday evening will be the roast beef catered dinner. The colors this year are red and white and the theme is Roses and Romance.

Headquarters Notes Cindy Reed, Corporate Manager

“Wool” Beret now available

For those of you who have requested a wool beret, they are now in stock at headquarters. Please contact Deb Sailor, or 937-596-5211, if you would like to place an order. The wool beret is one size and priced at $21.50. Email address updates Please be sure to notify headquarters when you change your email address. Note that all email addresses on file at headquarters on December 1 will be published in the 2011 Membership Directory. Any member who does NOT wish their email address published in the directory must notify headquarters. Have you paid your 2011 dues? Time is running out...the deadline for payment of dues to your unit is November 1st in order to be listed in the 2011 Membership Directory. If you have not received a dues renewal notice from your unit, contact your Treasurer immediately. Members at Large must send payment to Headquarters. Courtesy Parking Do you have Courtesy Parking? If so, please make sure the Courtesy Parking box is checked on your dues receipt in order to be listed in the 2011 Membership Directory. Officer Reporting Forms The 2011 New Officer Reporting Forms are due at headquarters by November 1st for inclusion in the 2011 Membership Directory.


Blue Beret/October 2010

Club News

Inspiration 101 Dr. Harold Kingdon, WBCCI #14383 International Chaplain

I witnessed

something sad this morning. Sitting in my living room, reading the newspaper, my peripheral vision caught sight of two birds at the precise moment that they made impact with a window pane. One flew away dazed, the other dropped onto a ledge just below the window. I watched as it lay on its side gasping for air for less than a minute, then its tail feathers slowly lowered, and life was gone. It was all the more sad because it was a young robin, probably hatched only this past spring. I thought of how little of this beautiful world it had the opportunity to experience. It had scarcely learned to fly; fend for itself; feed itself; forage for worms. The poor creature would be deprived of the annual ritual of migration to the south in company with its feathered friends. So much was suddenly taken away in that one brief moment. But, what does it matter? It was only a bird, after all! Who cares! Who cares? God cares!! “Not even a sparrow [or a robin]…can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it” (Matthew 10:29), said Jesus. That’s pretty amazing. Kind of boggles our finite minds. Then comes the punch line: “You are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows [or robins]” (Matthew 10:31). Life happens, but it’s good to know that nothing escapes the eye of the Almighty. The experience reminded me that all throughout the Bible, birds – God’s creatures – frequently serve as examples to teach us some valuable lessons. For example, assurance of God’s compassionate care for us when we call out to him is found in the fact that he even “…provides food for the ravens when

their young cry out to God” (Job 38:41). When undue stress over money and possessions overwhelms, remember that “… life consists of far more than food and clothing. Look at the ravens… God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds! So…don’t worry” (Luke 12:23-24, 22). Birds are famous (infamous?) for building nests in unusual places. Having observed birds building nests in God’s holy temple, a writer in Psalms envied their wise choice: “I long… to enter the courts of the Lord… Even the sparrow finds a home there, and the swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place near your altar…” (Psalm 84:2-3). What better place to be, than in God’s presence? And who has not cried out in desperation like David, “O, how I wish I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest!” (Psalm 55:6), only to rise above the tensions of life by remembering the promise: “Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31)? Have you ever wished you could take back words as soon as they came out of your mouth? There is a reason for that: “People can tame all kinds of animals and birds…but no one can tame the tongue” (James 3:7-8). Weigh your words with great care before you speak! Birds of all kinds flit about the pages of the Scriptures. We can learn so much from them. One symbol that is widely recognized today is that of “…the dove…[as it] returned [to Noah’s ark]…with a fresh olive leaf in its beak” (Genesis 8:1011) indicating that the storm and flood had ceased and there was calm. This image of a dove holding an olive branch in its beak has become the universal symbol for PEACE. Pray for peace in our time! Shalom.

DID YOU KNOW Comments by your Treasurer As shown on the income statement for the year ended June 30, 2010, the Club received Member Contributions of $7,690. The contributions were made as follows: Region 6 - $3,500 Region 8 - $1,500 Matching challenge by Jim Franklin - $1,000 Past & Present members in leadership positions - $1,690 These contributions were made to help support the club and its activities even though they are not deductible on individual tax returns. I know that all of you contribute in many ways; however, as your treasurer I am particularly aware of the monetary contributions because that’s what pays the bills. Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News

UNANIMOUS CONSENT What - Why - When - Where - Who By Dona Garner, WBCCI Parliamentarian What is Unanimous Consent? It is also called General Consent. It is a method of taking care of routine business or business that seems to have no opposition during a meeting without taking a formal vote. Listen for the terms like “Unanimous Consent” or “Without Objection” or “If there is no Objection” or “If no one objects.” When you hear these terms, it means that if no one objects, the question being acted upon at that time will be adopted. An example is when the Chair says, “The members have the minutes of the last meeting before them. Without objection, the minutes will not be read.” The chair will PAUSE and if no one says they object to not having the minutes read, the Chair will say, “Hearing no objection, the minutes will not be read.” Then the Chair will proceed to the next business, which in the case of minutes, would be asking for any corrections to the minutes. If you or any other member has an objection and want the minutes read, you can call out that you object and the minutes will be read. Why would it be used? It is used to make a meeting run more smoothly and quickly. As you can see in the example, if everyone got a copy of the draft of the minutes and had time to read them, does time need to be taken to read them aloud? Unanimous consent

should never be used to push a motion through without a vote where there is opposition (commonly called ‘railroading’). If in doubt, take the vote. When is it used? Whenever it seems that there is no objection to the action being acted upon. It doesn’t mean that nobody objects; just that no one feels that it is necessary to take a vote since it is obvious that the majority is in favor of the action. There could be a member who objects to approving something by Unanimous Consent but who is for the motion and feels that a formal vote should be taken. They should then call out that they object and a vote would be taken. Where is it used in a meeting? Roberts Rules of Order, 10th edition, lists 45 different pages in the Index where Unanimous Consent is mentioned. It can be used where ever routine and/or unopposed business takes place. In the example of the reading of minutes of previous meetings comes at the beginning of the agenda. Another common place is at the end of a meeting, Adjournment. When the Chair feels that all business has been taken care of and there is nothing else that anyone wants to bring up rather than waiting for someone to make a motion to adjourn, he can say, “Without Objection, this meeting will ad-


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•Drop Ship from Airstream

•Electrical Work


•Plumbing •Grey Tanks


4 196

9241 Sonrisa Street

•Metal Damage

Bellflower, CA 90706

•Carpet, Drapes, Upholstery

(562) 634-6286

•Factory Warranty Work •Insurance Claim Specialists •Previously Owned Airstreams •Free Overnight Parking While Your Airstream is Repaired

TOLL FREE (800) 662-3790



Blue Beret/October 2010

journ.” PAUSE and if no one objects, he says, “Hearing no objection, this meeting is adjourned.” You can see that this is a lot faster than someone making a motion to adjourn, getting a second, taking a vote on adjourning, the Chair reporting the outcome of the vote, and then the Chair declaring the meeting adjourned. Another common place Unanimous Consent is used in WBCCI in the election of International Officers. If there is only one person running for an International Office with no other nominations from the floor by Delegates, the roll call vote is dispensed with by Unanimous Consent and the individual is elected. This can be found in the WBCCI Constitution Article XII, Delegates Meetings, Section 5 on page 30 of the 2010 Directory. Who can ask for Unanimous Consent? The Chair makes the request for Unanimous Consent instead of a vote. A member can ask the Chair to request Unanimous Consent of the members. An example of this is when there is a time limit on how long a member may speak during discussion, let’s say three minutes. When the member who is speaking is getting close to that limit and needs an additional minute to finish his point, he can say to the Chair, “I request the Chair ask for Unanimous Consent to grant me an additional minute to conclude my discussion.” If the Chair asks the members if there is any objection to extending the speaker’s time by one minute and no one objects, the time for that speaker is extended by one minute. An explanation of what the Chair does with a request will be left for next month when I’ll write about “What Does a Chair Do?” Unanimous Consent is a very useful tool to process routine business and speed up a meeting as well as make meetings run more smoothly. Keep in mind that whenever you hear a request for Unanimous Consent, however it is phrased, you have the right to object.

Club News

2011 Membership Directory • Do you want additional copies for home or tow vehicle? • Would you like the convenience of a spiral bound directory? • Would you like the Directory provided in your membership mailed 1st class? PLEASE REMEMBER! • The Directory is sent bulk rate and is NOT forwardable. (Be sure to inform headquarters of your mailing address if different than what is currently listed.) • All address changes prior to December 1 will be listed in the 2011 Directory. To order, use coupon below. Deadline: December 1

2011 Membership Directory Name___________________________________________________________________ WBCCI #_______________ Street__________________________________________________________________________________________ City________________________________________________ St/Prov._________________Zip__________________ Addl. Directory_____ x $5.50 = $__________ (mailed 1st class)

Spiral Directory_____ x $7.00 =

1st Class Mail Service ONLY x $3.50 = $__________ (for directory provided with membership)

Total Enclosed

$__________ (mailed 1st class)


*1st Class Mailing Service - Members who will not be at the address listed in the Directory when it is mailed in late December should use this service. Directories mailed other than 1st Class are NOT forwarded. Members without 1st Class mail, who do not receive their Directory, may request an additional copy at the $5.50 rate. Mail coupon and check to: (must be received by December 1)

WBCCI Headquarters P.O. Box 612 Jackson Center, OH 45334

Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News

Some Silver Clouds are Aluminum Marty Shenkman (19’ Bambi Flying Cloud; WBCCI #1577)

How Our AS Journey Began We all hit bumps in the road. The trick is to find the silver lining in the black clouds that those bumps bring. For some, those silver clouds are made of aluminum! People RV for a myriad of reasons. Traveling with health issues convinced us to try since pulling an RV means keeping your safety net in your rearview mirror. Until about six months ago, the sum total of our RV experience had been seeing Robin William’s movie “RV.” But in the short time we’ve had our ‘Stream we’ve discovered not just a travel safety net, but a community of people that has been extraordinarily welcoming and willing to help teach us the ropes. (Sometimes a bit too helpful. Have you ever tried to hitch up a trailer with six energetic people all helping at the same time?) A Bump In the Road My wife, Patti, was diagnosed 4 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Having an Airstream in tow solves so many travel issues. Patti penned the following line in an article soon after her diagnosis: “It took a while before I was able to see the silver lining in the black cloud that had entered my life.” Little did either of us imagine at the time that the “silver” would be “aluminum!” Helping Others We believed that something more meaningful should be woven into our new Airstream adventures. Our experience living with chronic illness and the challenges it brings made it apparent that many of the struggles people have could be mitigated or avoided entirely if those advising them were more knowledgeable. Chronic illness (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) is far more common than most imagine, with 120 million Americans affected. Finally, as we learned, you cannot travel by RV without passing a lot of towns while on route to your destination. The idea for our new charitable endeavor, became clear. We’d lecture to professional advisers (accountants, attorneys and financial planners) along the way. Charities Three major national charities were immediately on board: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Michael


Blue Beret/October 2010

J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the Association of the Hole in the Wall Camps. We hope to involve many more. If you have a favorite charity let us know and we’ll try to help them, too. Streamers to the Rescue Airstream Life and many others have been incredibly encouraging. Fellow Airstreamers we met our very first rally with the Watchung New Jersey Unit, Scott and Cathy Leiber, are hosting our first educational program. Members of the NOVA Unit will join us on a tour of a new Hole in the Wall Camp, Flying Horse Farms, in Mount Gilead, Ohio, and a trip onto Jackson Center. Our charity’s logo was designed by Loren Woodruff, the daughter of NOVA members. The Mission of Education Giving professionals free continuing education credits is a great enticement to come. A national professional seminar organization, Lorman Education Service is handling these credits at no cost to help make this venture a reality. Other professionals host the programs, so it’s both good marketing and a good deed for them. Since each professional has hundreds or thousands of clients, we’ll indirectly help many more people. We’ll also lecture to consumers dealing with these issues, as well as charities raising money for those living with health issues. Professional Organizations Several large professional organizations have already begun to support our efforts. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is encouraging members to host programs. They also issued a national press release to the financial media about our Airstream and our efforts. The American Institute of CPAs has hosted a free webinar for professionals and will be hosting a free webinar for consumers on these issues. Tell professionals you know to use the resources on our website www. or attend our free educational seminars. Aluminum While “aluminitis” probably won’t directly cure any disease, we’re confident that it will help us raise awareContinued on page 34

2011 MID-WINTER IBT RALLY January 24—28, 2011 RICHARD M. BORCHARD REGIONAL FAIRGROUNDS 1213 Terry Shamsie Blvd Robstown, Texas 78380 (BIRTHPLACE OF TEXAS HOLD’EM) Directions: From San Antonio, Texas go SOUTH on I-37 approximately 120 miles. Take Exit # 14 towards Kingsville/Brownsville onto US-77 SOUTH, go 5.1 miles. Watch for Airstream signs. Take the Corpus Christi Exit onto US-77 SOUTH and go .6 miles. Turn Left on TX 44 and continue onto Terry Shamgie Blvd and go .5 miles. You have arrived. Flying In & Local Motel: Fly into Corpus Christi International Airport, the Fairgrounds are 10.8 miles on TX-44 W. Days Inn Robstown 650 S Highway 77 1 King Size Bed $69 Robstown, TX 78380 2 Queen Size Beds $74 (800) 329-7466 Make Checks Payable to: 2011 Mid-Winter IBT Mail To: Jerry Larson 200 Walnut Hill Ave # 91 Hillsboro, TX 76645-9523 Cell: (972) 467-0049

IBT Seminar: Tues-Wed, Jan. 25-26 IBT Meeting: Fri, Jan. 28

2011 TEXAS HOLD’EM MID-WINTER IBT RALLY LAST NAME________________________FIRST________________________SPOUSE_______________________ ADDRESS______________________________________________________________________________________ CITY___________________________________STATE/PROV_________________________ZIP_______________ WBCCI#_______________PHONE_________________________UNIT____________________________________ HANDICAPPED PARKING: YES_____ NO_____ Need a receipt? Enclose a self addressed stamped envelope RALLY FEE: $65.00 Per Person X _____ $_________________ (Includes Reception, 2 Dinners, 1 Breakfast, Social Hour, 3 nights entertainment) Optional Banquet

$10.00 Per Person X _____ $_________________

Rally Sites (50 & 30 amp Electrical and water)

$20.00 Per Night X _____ $_________________ TOTAL:

$_________________ Blue Beret/October 2010


VINTAGE SPIRIT Meet “Pearl” by Patricia Reed I found “Pearl” (named after her first owner) on a mountain top campground storage lot in Lancaster, PA in July of 2003. She had sat, untouched for 27 years, and her elderly owner was ready to part with her. She was mounted on cement blocks with no tires, (a bird’s nest propped on one hub) no propane tanks, jack, running lights or working brakes, but it was love at first sight! When the door was opened I saw a completely original 1953 Flying Cloud with no signs of water damage or rodents! I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for in a Vintage Airstream! I brought Pearl home in a blinding rainstorm, which probably protected me from the numerous tickets a policeman could have written me if I’d been seen. The Rocky Mountain Vintage Airstream Club was holding a rally in La Veta, CO in two weeks, and I wanted to take Pearl regardless of her current condition. I had new tires, brakes, running lights and a jack installed. Inside, the fridge didn’t work, nor did the hot water heater, the toilet flushed to the ground, I had no 12 volt system or holding tanks. Undeterred, I made the four-day trip from Long Island, NY to CO. I camped in her for three weeks making copious notes of the improvements that I wanted to have done at the Airstream Plant in Ohio. I had an appointment for work to be done and was met by the service manager who I happily gave my long list to. I explained that I had a brand new Airstream at home and could leave the Flying Cloud for the


Blue Beret/October 2010

winter if they would only do the work. He agreed but warned me that they might not be able to do everything I wanted. I left her in Ohio. Within a few weeks I started getting weekly phone calls from the mechanic doing the work to update me on the progress being made. By the following April they had accomplished all the work I had requested: black/grey tank, fresh water tank, 12 volt system, air conditioner, two Fantastic Fans, Zip Dee awning, stabilizers, propane fireplace heater, hot water tank, fridge, new toilet and shower pan, rewired the interior, secured the frame to the shell, and the list went on! I was a happy camper! I now had a beautiful vintage Airstream that was fully useable and comfortable too! I still had polishing ahead of me, but the work I was unable to do myself was done.



Want to Know… October

SIDRA SPIES, # 1861 Unit 29, Pensacola, FL

Have any good ideas or favorite recipes??? Send yours to publish….

The majority of units across WBCCI have installed new officers for the year. Welcome to you all and hope it will be a most successful year for you group. Also welcome to our new Region Presidents.

Common Helpful Hints Cell Phone Lands in the Toilet, Bathtub or Sink If you act fast, you may be able to save the phone. Pull the battery out ASAP. Then dry the inside of the phone with a hair dryer. Put the battery back in to see if it works. You probably will have to get a new battery. Take the phone to a service center to check it out.

Updated method: Ballpoint-Ink Stain THEN: Hairspray NOW: Rubbing alcohol Ink formulations, fabrics, and hairspray ingredients have changed today. To get rid of the ballpoint ink from clothing you launder, place the garment on a towel stain-side down. Lightly dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently dab (do not rub) the stain.


Newer-model toilets with a shiny finish are easy to maintain by scrubbing with the toilet brush several times a week (for a minute) rather than only once a week. This will prevent a hard-water buildup. For regular cleaning, use a disinfecting Prevent campfire soot from sticking to the bottom of pots and pans. Thinly coat the bottoms of pots and pans with Irish Spring Soap before putting them over an open fire. Bounce or Downy fabric sheets, can also be used as a dusting cloth to prevent dust from setting on your furniture or the dash board in your car. Pam prevents car doors from freezing shut when sprayed on the door frame. Put baby powder or baking powder on the window sill and entry door and your ant problem will disappear without using insecticide. Baking powder will help get rid of odors in your clothes, shoes and car.

sssbiol@yahoo,com 


From the Grill Grilled Hash Brown Casserole 1 bag ORE-IDA hash browns (defrosted) Potatoes O’Brien w/onion/bell pepper 8 oz. sour cream 1 can cream of mushroom soup 16 oz. shredded cheddar cheese 1 stick melted butter. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl (save ½ of cheese) and place in iron skillet sprayed with Pam. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Cook over the grill on medium heat for30 to 40 min.

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs pound shrimp (about 28 shrimp) 2 tablespoons butter 1 clove garlic, minced tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice Warm the butter and garlic. Mix with juice Baste the shrimp with half the mix then wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour. Use two skewers each through shrimp. With the grill fired up to high, add the shrimp with shells directly over the flame, and the shelled shrimp just off the flame. Marinate carefully (butter dripping will flare). Cook for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes then turn and marinate again. Cook another 2 1/2 minutes or until the shell is pink and the shrimp are translucent. Serve hot, dipping in remaining sauce.

Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News


“KEEPIN’ UP WITH BUSINESS” Beth Zile, WBCCI #9068 Community Service, Special Projects The Greater St. Louis, MO WBCCI Unit, has been “keepin’ up with business.” They have adopted the Wentzville Crisis Nursery as their Community Service Project for 2010. The Crisis Nursery directly focuses on the p r e v e n ti o n o f child abuse and neglect. Families reach out for help because of overwhelming parental stress, parental illness/death, lack of utilities/food/ shelter, domestic violence or a drug/alcohol related crisis. The Crisis Nursery (of which there are four others in the St. Louis area) is able to provide needed care 24/7 for disadvantaged families reaching out for help.

sized bed pillows; 11 large and 2 small cans of Enfamil; 108 pairs socks; 16 pair shoes; and 161 pairs undies. The GSL Unit will be collecting blue jeans (children’s sizes) and batteries yet this year. The Crisis Nursery responded: “Thank you so much for your donations. Gifts such as yours allow us to provide a safe, warm and loving environment for children at-risk of abuse or neglect. Each year thousands of children are welcomed through the doors of the five Crisis Nurseries in the St. Louis area. Thank you!” We members of the Greater St. Louis, MO, WBCCI Unit are proud of what we have done to help this much needed facility in Wentzville, MO.

The Greater St. Louis, MO WBCCI Unit has collected goods for the nursery every month since December 2009. To date, our Unit has given 96 knit hats; 37 mittens; 80 stuffed animals; 26 packages of diapers; 19 packages baby wipes; 27 regular-


Unit Planning Guide goes electronic Planning Guides and Merit Awards Chairman Jim Haddaway has announced that the Unit Planning Guide & Merit Award Form is now available on the WBCCI web site in electronic form. Members can download the form from the web site and fill in the information without having to adjust each line. The new version should help unit officers who use the form for planning unit activities. It should also help the Unit Merit Award Chairman track Unit activities during the year and submit the Merit Award Application when due. Committee member Jack D'Atre developed the new version for Club use. Go to and click on the "General Info" tab to download the new e-form.


Blue Beret/October 2010

August 11, 2010 To: International Board of Trustees From: Bob Moss, Treasurer Following are the June 30, 2010, financial statements, which are prepared using generally accepted accounting principles. The statements include the general club operations, the Gillette Rally, Common Cents for Kids and Life Member transactions. These statements were prepared to meet the requirements of the motion passed at the January 2009 IBT meeting. That motion required that all club operations be included in one financial statement and that they be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Cindy has done an OUTSTANDING JOB of putting these statements together using her normal software, quick books. Thanks to Cindy and several other members we were able to accomplish this change with no cost to the club. The good news is that the Club performed much better than was budgeted for the year ended June 30. The budget called for a loss of $76,671. The Club actually achieved Net Income of $32,123. This Net Income is the result of Net income from the Gillette Rally of $85,026 and a Club operations loss of $52,903. When the Club operations loss is deducted from the rally income the result is Net Income of $32,123 to the Club. Club operations had two significant items that affected its loss. The first item was that $1,000 was budgeted for attorney fees. The actual amount that was expended for attorney fees was $29,952. These fees were primarily due to grievances filed and the eventual expulsion of a member as well as for those who threatened a law suit. The second item was actual officer’s expenses were $39,169 less than budgeted. This was due in part to the fact that some of the officers did not turn in their expenses, which was their way of helping the club.

Blue Beret/October 2010


Club News


Blue Beret/October 2010

Club News

Blue Beret/October 2010


International Convention/Rally

1,286 Miles by Dottie Steurer, #4025

U.S. Route 51 is a long highway. It runs from the WisconsinMichigan border to the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana. 1,286 miles. Importantly, the site of the next WBCCI International Convention/Rally is on Highway 51 just about in the middle. DuQuoin, Illinois. If you travel the entire route, your Airstream will visit 6 states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. You will see the North Woods, dairy land, rugged outcroppings, prairie, the mighty Mississippi River, hills, forest, and southern charm. It’s not an ordinary road; its history, its small towns, and its landmarks. Okay sometimes it travels along with the interstate, but mostly you will travel like we did years ago. You can check out the local shops and diners and churches of small towns. You can experience the true countryside. Right through Middle America. Now if you want some inspiration DuQuoin while reading this article, turn on your computer, crank up the sound, and Google “you tube Highway 51 Blues.” You will want the one by “The Wandle Delta Blues Band.” It has Mike on guitar and Lorenzo on Blues Harp. Pretty cool stuff. You can get on the highway’s north end at Hurley, Wisconsin, or the highway’s south end at Laplace, Louisiana. In between, Highway 51 junctions with several interstates. Lots of choices and opportunities. So let’s get started on this wonderful road. We’ll start in the north. Highway 51 starts in Hurley, Wisconsin, not far from Lake Superior. It began in an iron-mining/ lumbering area; it once boasted 76 saloons in five blocks. It is tamer now. A 1962 movie called Adventures of a Young Man was fil med there. Continuing through the North Woods country, you will come to the area of Manitowish Waters. Once there was a shootout between the Dillinger Gang and the FBI. There are lots of lakes in the area with the accompanying outdoor activities. You can get cranberry marsh tours mid July to mid October. Wausau (meaning “far away place”) is not actually so far down the scenic road. A lot of cheddar cheese is produced there. Ginseng too. Red granite is mined in the area. Enjoy interstate driving for a while. Bring your picnic basket to Stevens Point. The wildlife preserve has trails, boardwalks, fishing, and a visitor center. In Portage you can see a historic Indian Agency House. And on to Madison where we had good times at the 2009


Blue Beret/October 2010

International Rally. Remember Lakes Mendota and Menona? Janesville, home of General Motors and Parker Pen is a little further on. See 7500 angels, including 500 from Oprah Winfrey’s collection, in Beloit. The town also boasts the largest can of chili in the world. Then drive into Illinois. Rockford is located on both sides of the Rock River. The city likes its trees and is nicknamed “Forest City.” At Bloomington you will leave the interstate behind. Speaking of nicknames, Decatur is sometimes called the “Soybean Capital of the World.” Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech in Decatur. It was about the importance of navigation on the Sangamon River, which is in the area. At the Du Quoin Fairgrounds, you will see Airstreams, meet old and new friends, enjoy seminars and entertainment, and eat way too much food. Remember the theme: “Adventure Is Where You Find It.” You will leave Illinois at Cairo. The confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers is there. You will only be in Kentucky for a little while, so enjoy the scenery. You can see the site of a prehistoric Indian Village near Wickliffe. Carlisle, Kentucky, established on a peach orchard, has an eclectic (and probably electric) courthouse. Fulton, not to be outdone by the “Soybean Capital of the World,” was once known as the “Banana Capital of the World.” In the old days, bananas came from South America by ship to New Orleans. There they were loaded onto railcars on the tops of 162-pound blocks of ice. By the time they got to Fulton, the ice was melting. You guessed it…the bananas were re-iced in Fulton to continue their journey. Crossing into Tennessee, drive on down to Memphis, again on the Mississippi River. W. C. Handy composed St. Louis Blues there. (I’m from Missouri; so that’s important to me.) Do some city things in Memphis. See Graceland, visit the many museums, stroll the botanical gardens, and enjoy the zoo. Take in the River Walk and Museum. They depict the Mississippi River and its history, people, and music. Okay back on the road and into Mississippi (the state, not the river). You will be riding sort of parallel to Interstate 55. Grenada has an unusual history. In 1836 there were 2 rival towns. A man from one town and a woman from the other town got married. And then so did the towns in a symbolic Continued on page 41



  Convention/Rally Fees for registrations received prior to January 1, 2011, will be $475 for couples, $375 for singles, and $120 for each additional adult. Convention/Rally fees for the first 1100 to register include 30 amp electricity and water. Pump trucks will be used. (Please note that there is no 3 amp electricity or generator section available). Rally Fees received after January 1, 2011, will be $500.00 for couples, $400 for singles, and $130 for additional adults. Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc., all members pre-registering on or before January 1, 2011, will be eligible to participate in a drawing for up to a total of $2,000.00 in awards. These awards may be redeemed at any Airstream Dealership or at the Jackson Center Service Center for parts and service. Free parking in the Bull Pen, with no services, is permitted for one night before your assigned parking date only. If you arrive before your parking date and are parked with services, the parking fee is $25 per day. Please use the marked gate on Route 14. FEE REFUND POLICY All convention/rally fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2011, and must include the complete pass receipt. All cancellations will be assessed a $30.00 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if postmarked after May 15, except as approved by the International Rally Committee. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Convention/Rally Parking Pass Receipts will be mailed beginning January 17, 2011. Make checks payable to: WBCCI Mail to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 Canadian Checks must be stamped “US Funds”  

For registrars only:  Amt:__________ Check #__________  Date:__________ Recd. by:________ 


54th International Convention/Rally DuQuoin, Illinois June 28 - July 4, 2011

LAST NAME ____________________________________________ FIRST__________________________________WBCCI #_____________ SPOUSE_____________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY__________________________________________________________ST/PROV ________________________ ZIP______________



Fees Fees Amount Mark boxes that apply: prior to Jan. 1 after Jan. 1 @ $475.00 @ $500.00 __________ � First International �Airstream w/2 adults �Airstream w/1 adult @ $375.00 @ $400.00 __________ �Additional adult in Airstream @ $120.00 @ $130.00 __________ � Staying Off Site � _____ Youth (Ages 4 - 19) @ $ 60.00 @ $ 60.00 __________ � Prefer to park in Dog Section �Youth after two full youth payments: _____Youth (Ages 4 - 19) @ FREE @ FREE � Vintage Parking �Not bringing Airstream DEDUCT $200.00 DEDUCT $200.00__________ �WBCCI Life Members DEDUCT $5.00 DEDUCT $5.00 __________ � Handicapped Parking

Application on file at Headquarters


$ __________

For registrars only: 

Amt:__________ Check #__________  FEE REFUND POLICY All rally fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, Date:__________ Recd. by:________  2011, and must include the complete pass receipt. All cancellations will be assessed a $30.00 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if postmarked after May 15 except as approved by the International Rally Committee. Make checks payable to: WBCCI Canadian checks must be stamped US FUNDS Mail to: P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

Blue Beret/October 2010


National Rallies

51st Annual Hobo Rally Blythe, California

Hosted by Region 12, WBCCI January 31 - February 6, 2011 Joe Ten Berge, Region 12 First Vice President, Chairman It’s almost Hobohemia Time. Let’s talk hobo! The committees are gearing up for the 51st Hobo Rally. A special invitation is extended to all who have been selected as Hobo Queen an Hobo King to return to the site of their crowning (or their spouses) and be honored. Special recognition will be given to the actual King and Queen who have held the title for the longest period of time. Original costumes will not be required, just your presence. If you think you’ve seen it all, you ain’t seen nothing yet! New and interesting things are in the planning stages. Members of the Vintage Airstream Club and the Classic Airstream Caravan Club are invited and will be given special parking. We’d love to see the Vintage Parade of Flags come in. Just let us know when to expect you, so we can put it in the program. The Classic Caravan Club could put on a caravan to either arrive or leave from the Rally. Shake that “shack fever” of the winter and come join in the fun. It’s the 51st time this one of a kind rally will get your toes tapping and hands clapping while listening to the Hobo Band. Early on our “GAM” (get acquainted meeting) will get everyone to know one another and let new friendships be made. We will gather in the club-house with snacks and libations and join in the talkfest. We hope you will be a joiner and help us put on one great get-together. If a problem develops, look for Chairman Joe or the newly installed President Judy. One of them will correct the problem as soon as possible. Some entertainment contracts have been signed, and other fun-filled acts are being sought. Different tours are being considered, along with some of the old standbys. Bring your “stripper” gear and sharp knives to join in the fun with the stripper gals and guys Saturday preparing the Hobo Stew. Also you guys that have been “scrapping the pavement” can let it all grow out after January 1. We want to see some good looking beards in the contest on February 5. The earlier dates for HOBO are great since we can participate in some of the Quartzsite activities at the largest swap/ sell/buy venues around. So get these “snapper rags” ready, return that coupon before January 1 and you’ll save five dollars for one and ten dollars for two registrants. Hope to see you in Blythe, CA January 31, 2011. (Hobo Jargon from


Blue Beret/October 2010

2011 National Mardi Gras Rally Univ. of New Orleans Lakefront Arena New Orleans, Louisiana March 2 - 9, 2011 (7 nights) Lonnie Carver The Greater New Orleans Louisiana Unit invites you to attend the 2011 National Mardi Gras Rally, held at the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena. Mardi Gras Day is March 8th, so hopefully the weather will be much warmer this time around. Our Unit is so anxious to welcome you to New Orleans. Plan to join us for the National Mardi Gras Rally! We will show you a good time! For more info feel free to contact Lonnie Carver @ 504-957-9362 or email: Please see the registration form located in this issue of the Blue Beret and more information in the August and September issues. Laissez Bon Temp Rouler!! (Let the Good Times Roll!)

Some Silver Clouds are Aluminum continued from page 24 ness! The image of an Airstream is so distinctive and classic that the AS trailer itself is helping us achieve our mission – everyone, including the media, notice it and love it! Bambi is so photogenic! Educating professionals around the country on charitable giving techniques will help them to help important charities raise more money to fund the cures. Guiding people all across the country who are living with chronic illnesses to better plan for their futures will bring more certainty to counter the uncertainty of a chronic disease. You can Help There are some really easy things you can do to help make a constructive difference (and they don’t cost a nickel; we’re not asking anyone for money!): Join us on Tell us about your favorite charity. Let us tell your story in “People Along the Way” on www. where many amazing Streamers are profiled. Encourage accountants and financial planners you know to come to our free programs. Vote for us on as Good Sam RV’ers of the year to promote our charity and have an AS featured in their January issue. Get a group together – you provide the coffee, we’ll provide the lecture. Together we will make a positive impact and help our Airstreams shine even brighter.

Special Event Rallies

Columbus Day Rally

30th Annual Rose Parade Rally

October 7 - 11, 2010

Pasadena, California December 28, 2010 - January 1, 2011

Provincetown, Massachusetts Rich Walbridge

Judy Bechthold

The Cape Cod Massachusetts Unit announces the 4-day Special Event Rally in Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod over October 7-11. The Canadian Thanksgiving & Columbus Day Special Event Rally is a celebration of Thanksgiving for Canada’s thriving harvest and a salute to Christopher Columbus for his successful voyage to the “New World.” Our W/E campsites are within walking distance of the downtown area of Provincetown. “Lobsta, Chowda and Steamas” are part of our Clam Bake. Not into seafood? We’ll have BBQ ribs & chicken for you. Includes camping for 4 days, a pumpkin pie social, 1 full breakfast and 3 continental breakfasts and the Lobster/BBQ. Please see the rally fee in the coupon within the Blue Beret. Chairman, Tye Mott #7719 E-mail:

Region 12 will be hosting the Rose Parade Special Event Rally in Pasadena, CA only a couple of blocks from Colorado Blvd., the site of the 122nd Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day. The fee includes 4 nights of dry camping in a fenced area, morning breakfasts, two dinners, tours and curbside viewing of the fantastic Rose Parade from your own chair. Pasadena is loaded with things to do and great shopping is just across the street. Check out www. The rally is limited to 25 rigs so be sure to sign up early. See this edition of the Blue Beret for a coupon or go to www. For questions contact Judy at 530-9080400 or email her at

IF YOU ASK, THEY WILL RESPOND! ...Pat Shaw #6318 For the past three years when hosting a rally, we have been very successful getting it publicized in the local papers. It is amazing how generous and anxious they are to share the event through their media. All it takes is an enthusiastic email with a short article concerning your rally. How nice it is to reach your destination and know that an article has already been posted in the local newspaper. We then make a personal trip to the newspaper office to greet the personnel, thank them for the article, purchase several copies, and further explain more exciting activities we will be doing in the community. This is followed by an invitation to come see us. Each invite has received a positive response with follow-up photos and articles. Give it a try—–If you ask, they will respond!

Blue Beret/October 2010


Region News

Region 1

Russ Melocik, Contributing Editor You likely look on John Deere as a real person. That he was. He was born in Rutland, Vermont, and worked in nearby Middlebury before relocating to Illinois where he developed the first steel moldboard plow. The rest is also history. It is no coincidence that Deere’s and Vermont’s colors are yellow and green. Does the name Wilson Bentley ring a bell? How about “Snowflake” Bentley? Born in snowy Jericho, Vermont, the year Lincoln died, Snowflake Bentley, a farmer, developed a way to photograph snowflakes thereby revealing their common hexagonal shape and their infinite number of designs. Sound easy? Try it. Then try it with 19th century equipment and technology. During wintertime. Outdoors. Ever heard of Henry Leland? Also born on the farm in Barton, Vermont, Leland is best remembered as a founder of what became General Motors. As chief engineer at Cadillac, he, among other firsts, put forth the concept of interchangeable parts and the automobile self-starter. In his later years, he founded the Lincoln Motor Company and developed the Lincoln automobile. Stephen A. Douglas, Lincoln’s 1858 debate opponent. That’s right, another Vermonter, born in Brandon. The 21st president, Chester A. Arthur, was born in Fairfield, Vermont, in 1829. The president himself quoted the year as 1830 and Democrats tried to further cloud the issue of his birth by claiming it was in Dunham, Quebec. When in Fairfield, turn left at the town hall, home of the Chester A . Arthur Conference Room, pass Chester’s Bakery and turn right on Chester A. Arthur Road. Five miles and countless Holsteins later is his birthplace at what is now the Chester A. Arthur Historic Site. Then try to reconcile all this “Arthurness” with Dunham. Two prominent writers got away from it all in Vermont: Pearl S. Buck retreated to Winhall and Danby where she died in 1973. Rudyard Kipling built Naulahka in Dummerston, near Brattleboro. In 1895, through the popularity of his Jungle Book and other writings, Kipling was receiving more mail than anyone else in Brattleboro, the nearest Post Office. Soon the Post Office of Waite (Anna Waite, Postmistress) was established near the Kipling house. It is the only incidence of a Post Office in Vermont being built solely for one person’s benefit. And when Kipling left Vermont for England, the Post Office closed for good.

Region 2

Bonnie MacDonald, Contributing Editor Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members and I know how the USA members love to decorate for their spooky Hallowe’en Time. Enjoy these times with your families and friends and hopefully our weather will be cooperating so that


Blue Beret/October 2010

we can enjoy more camping. By the time that you read this, many of the fall installations will have taken place with President Roy and his two right-hand helpers, Kathy and Pat, attending as many of these special times as possible. It is always great to be able to attend the various rallies all through our wonderful Region. This is one of the greatest benefits of being a Region officer. Remember the elections will be here before we know it, so think seriously about taking on one of these jobs. Talk to any of the team if you are thinking of this in your future. Thanks to Lee Baltzell from the Central Maryland Unit for volunteering to chair our Region 2 Rally in 2011. We know that everyone will be willing to work on the various committees, but we needed one person to step forward and be the chairman. Thank-you, Lee! The contract has been signed for the South Mountain Fairgrounds in Arendtsville, PA for May 26th – 30th, 2011. Mark those dates on the calendar for next year and watch for further information as it becomes available. If you have a special committee that you would like to chair or some new ideas, please contact Lee or Roy. Many hands make light work! While in Wyoming, where the sidewalks end and the West began, we were given a sheet with 10 Cowboy Ethics on it. Now I know how the West was won if all cowboys followed these rules. Live each day with courage Take pride in your work Always finish what you start Do what has to be done Be tough, but fair When you make a promise, keep it Ride for the brand Talk less and say more Remember that some things aren’t for sale Know where to draw the line What a great brand, WBCCI, we would have if we all followed these Cowboy Ethics! We know a number of people have had to show great courage this fall overcoming accidents that occurred on their way from the International Rally. We wish you well and are thinking of you as you proceed on this unwanted journey. Region 2 members wish International President Norm and First Lady Linda a great year and we hope many of our members will be able to make the trip to the International in DuQuoin, Illinois. Watch the Blue Beret for all the necessary information. Again, if you are interested in working on any committee, get in touch with the International Team. As you plan your winter’s activities, don’t forget to include the Mid-Winter IBT at Robstown, Texas. From January 24th28th, 2011, you will enjoy a rally with lots of Food, Fun and Fellowship. Pre-registration forms can be found in this edition. The Region 2 Team hopes that everyone keeps safe as they travel the highways and byways of this huge continent and we hope to see you down the road!

Region News

Region 3

Carol Bell, Contributing Editor The following is a letter from Region 3 President Rick Bell, 330 Puddin’ Ridge Road, Moyock, NC 27958, 252-435-2337 Home 757-377-3727 Cell, Email: 3485RWBell@embarqmail. com Region 3 had a good showing at the International Rally in Gillette, Wyoming. We had a wonderful luncheon at the Prime Rib restaurant with 112 people attending. There was an award given for the first time to the Region with the largest increase in membership, I am proud to say that this award went to Region 3. It is a beautiful trophy with our Region engraved on a plaque as the first recipient. Thanks to Julian, Frank and all the Units for keeping the WBCCI spark alive and bringing new members into the club. The Region presented our outgoing president Julian and first lady Lynne Clements with gifts as a token of our appreciation for all the efforts that they have extended within the Region and elsewhere to help WBCCI and Region 3 continue to be strong and viable. On July 5th I took my seat on the International Board of Trustees as the representative for the Region. Being president of the largest Region in WBCCI is quite a responsibility as it is my duty to see that I bring your wishes and desires forward. The difficult part is to understand the needs and desires of such a diverse Region as ours as these are not always the same for each Unit. Looking at the Units and the Regions it seems that there is difficulty in getting members to step up to the role of leadership. We are having Units merging as a result of no one coming forward to fill these positions. Without presidents and other officers these Units and Regions cannot keep their charters. The repeating theme at both IBT meetings and the Delegates meeting was fiscal responsibility. The membership let it be known that they considered the travel and expenses of the Region and International officers to be out of line considering the budget deficit. I was also told that many Regions only have their Region rally once every two years. Hearing this repeated time and time again I have decided to take two actions; the first is to only do installations at state rallies, the second is to only have one Region rally. As everyone is well aware Region 3 is the largest Region in WBCCI and one that is increasing in membership. This is a wonderful situation to be in, but there is a downside as well. To the best of my knowledge we are the only Region that does not have any Vice Presidents or the prospect of interviewing any candidates. Units have the ability to install their own officers I assisted Eastern North Carolina last year as there was a conflict in schedule and was told that it went well. The year before Piedmont North Carolina installed their officers again as a result in conflict of schedule and as something that they wanted to try. I provided them with the outline and they conducted the installation without any problems. I thoroughly enjoy going to the Units, meeting the members and doing installations; however, it is becoming

more and more difficult without help. My tentative schedule for 2010- 2011 is as follows: September 10-12 Virginia Commonwealth Rally. Harrisonburg, Virginia October 13-17 Carolinas Mountain Jamboree Rally, Cleveland, South Carolina January 24-28 Mid Winter IBT, Robstown, Texas February 15-20 Florida State Rally, Sarasota, Florida Region 3 rally will not be held in 2011. The Region 3 rally will be held in 2012. Tentative site is Ocean Lakes, at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Region 4

Nancy Brett, Contributing Editor Greetings from Region 4! The 48th Swiss Festival National Rally is almost over. Thank you Land-O-Lakes Unit for your participation and support - this rally would not be a success without your help! If you did not attend this year, please add this rally to next year’s schedule, you will not be sorry! Region 4 proudly displayed their blue (Merit Awards) and gold (Superior Merit Awards) colors earned through the Unit Merit award Program. Congratulations! Unit installations taking place during October Rallies: Auglaize will hold their installation October 7-10 in Van Buren, Ohio; Akron Ohio Unit’s installation will take place October 13-17 at Wooster, Ohio; and Cleveland Ohio Unit will install their officers during an “Old Fashioned Halloween Rally” October 22–25 in East Springfield, PA. Will your Unit have a special or unique service project this year? - Or a new rally destination? Or a joint rally? Will you host a history rally at your state capital? Will you have a theme rally this year – youth, grandchildren, springtime, soup, or winter wonderland? Don’t be afraid to share new ideas with each other and with other Units. Whether you will be attending a “late fall” rally in the North or packing up and heading South with the “snow birds,” don’t forget to renew your membership in WBCCI. Sign up for another year of fun and fellowship. The 34th Annual Region 4 Rally will be held in Van Wert, Ohio, from May 17-22, 2011. The 54th International Convention/Rally will be held in DuQuoin, Illinois from June 28-July 4, 2011. Be sure to check the Event Schedule for Region 4 Activities in the Blue Beret and Consider attending a neighboring Unit rally or luncheon - it’s a great way to make new friends. Also, please email your schedules and newsletters to or mail to Nancy Brett, 40 Edgewater Drive, Poland, Ohio 44514. “Adventure is where you find it” – plan to attend your October luncheon or rally. Safe travels– see you down the road!

Blue Beret/October 2010


Region News

Region 5

Nancy Green, Contributing Editor The “Silver Bullet Shootout” hit the target at full force last month. Thanks to the Humbles and all who helped make this rally a success. More details next month. Region president Louise Humble has announced her staff for the coming year: lst Vice President, Barry Bell; Secretary, Susan Swearingen; Treasurer, Ron Gordy; Parliamentarian, Bonnie Nester; Chaplain Rev. David Leeper; Contributing Editor, Nancy Green; Community Service, Carol White, Karen Bell; Legislative Chairman, John Green; Newsletter Editor, Bill Schrader; Webmaster, Larry Spaulding and Past President, Bob Moyers. Congratulations to all! Speaking of congratulations, welcome to all new Unit officers taking their positions this month. We wish you a successful year. Remember to check out your helpers, that “Ideas Book,” Merit Awards Guide and most of all your members. Your Region officers are ready to help you too, just ask. Members, it’s that time again, to pay your annual dues. Consider that item an investment in your fun future. Feel free to contact others to renew their membership and encourage them to attend an event this year. Membership books will be available at the first of the year. Remember if you travel in the winter; watch the Blue Beret for a form to order first class postage for your book. The post office does not forward these unless they are first class. Last, but not least, enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in Region 5 before old man winter shows up.

Region 6

Sandy Stumpf, Contributing Editor CALLING ALL BLUEGRASS FANS! The Region 6 “Autumn in Tennessee” rally will be held at Camp Jordan, East Ridge, Tennessee October 19-23. This should be a colorful time in the mountains of Tennessee with the leaves in various shades of red, orange, and brown. The rally fee includes four nights of parking with electric, water, and a dump station on site. Please arrive at the rally site with an empty holding tank. We have booked two professional bluegrass bands for our entertainment - the Lone Mountain Band on Friday evening, and the nationally known Dismembered Tennesseans for Saturday evening. Thursday evening will be an Airstream Jam Session with Bill and Betty Lancaster, talented Airstream musicians, heading up that jam session. All acoustic stringed instruments are welcome and encouraged to participate in the jam session. This will be a grand time of “pickin’ and grinin’.” In addition to the fantastic entertainment, the rally fee will include three breakfasts, two donut and coffee mornings, two catered dinners, Joker & Golf Tournaments, Flea Market, seminars, two nights of ice cream, and lots of door prizes. Some lucky Airstreamer who is present Saturday evening will


Blue Beret/October 2010

have their name drawn for a refund of their rally fee, less any refunds they may have received. First timers to a Region 6 rally who pay their International dues through a Region 6 Unit, and pre-register for the rally, will be entitled to a 50% refund of their rally fee. This would be an excellent incentive for Region 6 Units to recruit new members, and hopefully retain them. There will be a reduced rally fee for those Airstreamers who are still working and only able to come to the rally on Friday and Saturday. Children 12 and under are free. The famous Region 6 Cooking Crew, under the direction of Lonnie Carver, Region 6 2nd Vice President, and Chefs Hugh & Euna Ridenour, will be preparing the delicious meals. Various Units will be helping to serve the meals; and Cookie Bonner, Memphis TN Unit, and her team will be in charge of clean-up after the catered dinners. Thursday will be a free day to tour the area, which is adjacent to Chattanooga. Elaine Risher is in charge of the Women’s Hat Luncheon on Friday, October 22nd at 11:30 am at Wally’s Restaurant, approximately one mile from Camp Jordan. There will be three prizes for the most creative hat, most original, and theme. Anyone who wants to participate in the pumpkin carving contest needs to bring a pumpkin for carving. Look for the coupon in August and September issues of the Blue Beret. Hope to see you all in East Ridge for fun and fellowship!

Region 7 Cathy Ruebel Here we are at the close of another great rally season in the upper Midwest. Region 7 President Joan Lahr and her staff put together an outstanding Region Rally in Medora, North Dakota. There were plenty of energetic activities to keep everyone entertained and very well fed, with horseback trail rides, hikes, and driving tours, the Medora Musical and Pitchfork Steak Fondue, all in the scenic, beautiful North Dakota Badlands, and copious amounts of ice cream to top off most days. As this issue of the Blue Beret is reaching mailboxes, the rally schedules in Region 7 are wrapping up with the Wisconsin Unit installation rally in Sparta. New officers are eagerly putting together schedules for next year, and the rest of us are looking forward to where 2011 will take us. Don your Cheeseheads, because next year, the Region 7 Rally will be held in DePere, Wisconsin, just outside of Green Bay, in the heart of Packer Land. It will be held July 24 through 29th, and plans are underway to take in a Packer training day, and the Oshkosh International Fly-In and Air Show – AirVenture 2011. President Lahr and the Region staff will no doubt have plenty of activities for both younger and “higher-mileage” rally attendees. But until then, some of us will be tucking our Airstreams away for a long winter nap, and keeping in touch with friends at luncheons and holiday parties. The Snowbirds – you know who you are – are already waiting for that optimal tailwind to

Region News ease their travel south, to avoid Old Man Winter altogether. Here’s an old Irish blessing to guide you in your travels.

May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home And may the hand of a friend always be near.

Region 8

Paul & June Ryan, Contributing Editors WHY DO WE COLLECT PULL TABS? We give them to the Ronald Mc Donald Houses. Our Family has just had an experience with the Ronald McDonald House in Des Moines, Iowa. Our granddaughter (Cassie) had a beautiful, well developed full term baby on July 22nd. Her name is Liliana Christine. However, on the next day she had to have surgery. She had to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care (NIC) Unit for 2 weeks. Her family was over 150 miles away. We wanted to help so we went to Des Moines with our Airstream motor-home and her mommy stayed with us for several days until she could drive a car. Trips to the hospital early in the mornings then stay the day then back in the evenings. A few days passed when a social worker from the hospital came in and told Cassie about the Ronald McDonald House. (From their website) IS IT A HOME, A HOUSE, A MOTEL? Yes, it is all of those things and much, much, more. It is a safe haven, a port in the storm for the thousands of families that stay in Ronald McDonald Houses each night all over the world. RMH is a home away from home, a place for families to stay when their children are being treated at area hospitals. In 1974 the first Ronald McDonald House was built in Philadelphia. On August 29, 1981, the Des Moines House opened. (The 26th House) Today there are 298 Houses in 30 countries. The Ronald McDonald House is a place to sleep, prepare meals, do your laundry, read, relax, play and watch TV. Families must be referred to the House by a hospital social worker, case manager or nurse before checking in. The house in Des Moines has 12 rooms with private

baths. Kitchen, laundry facilities and a family room with TV is on the first level with another sitting area on the second floor. After a visit to the RMH, Cassie decided she would stay. What a great place. When she checked in they gave her a tour and showed her the food in the kitchen, snacks and laundry facilities with soap and softener. She received toiletries for the bath room and a gift blanket and teddy bear for her baby, which were all donated by groups and individuals. They do have a shuttle that runs from the hospitals to the RMH, but Cassie was now able to drive her own car. Liliana came home before the two weeks and is doing fine. Thanks to the RMH for providing a place for the parents to stay. Instead of paying $60-$100 per night at a motel it was only $60.00 for the 6 nights Keep pulling those pop tabs to benefit the Des Moines Ronald McDonald House and others. The proceeds from the pop tab project are used for the operational expenses of the House. (1 inch = 1 tab top 1 foot = 12 tab tops 1 lb = 1,267 tab tops 1 mile = 63,360 tab tops) We will continue this project, because we know it is well worth it. Other contributions can be made of food, laundry supplies and toiletries, but it would be wise to contact your local RMH to see what they need and can accept.

Region 9

Ken Sands, Region 1st Vice President Hopefully, the cool weather has started to arrive by the time you read this article. It sure is difficult getting one’s mind around cool weather during this August heat wave. But we Airstreamers are a hardy group and as the song says “we will survive.” The 5th Texas Chili Cook-Off is just around the corner. There is still time for you to enter a team of award winning members. Your team can enter the traditional Texas Chili category (no beans etc.) or the untraditional category (almost anything goes.) Remember you have to taste your chili in the presence of the judges prior to the judges tasting your chili. Get your entry form at ChiliCookoffAd.pdf Hope to see you there. October is a great time to renew your friendships with your fellow Airstreamers. Plan to attend your Unit rally this month or attend another Unit’s rally. I encourage you to get out and socialize with other Airstream owners. There should be several Halloween themed rallies planned this month. The Region is looking for a few good people. We need Chairpersons for the following four committees: Community Service, Family/Youth, Historian and Legislative. The titles of the committees are descriptive of the duties. None of the jobs require extensive amounts of time. If you are interested in serving the Region, please contact me or CC. Hopefully, I will see you around a campfire. Blue Beret/October 2010


Region News

Region 10

Kathy Ciokiewicz, Contributing Editor Just a minute ago it was June and we were still waiting for the rain to quit. Today I woke up and fall is here. October in the northwest can be very enjoyable. The busy travel months of summer are behind us. The main business meetings of the year are past and new officers have been elected and installed into their respective positions. It’s time to take a break before the rainy season is upon us again. Take time to ready the “rig” for winter, catch up on home chores, take a hike in a nearby forest or spend a day at the seashore. One of these days though, you may answer the phone to hear the voice of a new Unit Officer requesting your help on this committee or that. Maybe it will be to host a rally or give a seminar on a topic you have a keen interest in. Keep in mind that these members have offered to volunteer to work for their Unit. We, the Unit members, should be willing to give a helping hand, if we are able. Congratulations are due all those Unit members who have stepped up to run for Unit offices. Your tasks lie ahead of you but; hopefully, it will be made easier by the strong volunteerism that exists in our club. Enjoy the last days of warm, sunny weather as soon the rain and snow cometh.

Region 11

Barbara Vaughn, Contributing Editor October in Vacation Land USA! What a great time to take in the fall colors before the snow makes our travels a slight bit more challenging. By now we should all be planning our trip to the Region 11 Rally at Red Rock RV in Gallup, NM. Don’t forget to allow extra time for the adventure and fun of visiting the wonders of our Region as you travel to the Four Corners area. Those of you that are traveling from the northwest consider visiting two amazing National Monuments, the Vermillion Cliffs and the Grand Staircase Escalante in southern Utah. This route will lead to Lake Powell in the heart of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area along the Utah and Arizona border. If you haven’t taken the boat ride out to Rainbow Bridge National Monument this should be on your “bucket list.” Hopefully, you can make it when the ranger is sharing his early pictures and history of the area. There is plenty of RV parking available, ranging from the dry camp on the beach at Lone Rock to full hookups in the park and nearby Page, AZ. If you are arriving from the southwest this is the opportunity to visit two National Monuments, Montezuma Castle and Walnut Canyon, both of which give you an insight into the life of the early Native American. However, if you want to enjoy the fall colors AZ Highway 87/260 should be your choice route.


Blue Beret/October 2010

An overnight stay at Fool Hollow Lake State Park outside of Show Low will make it an easy drive on into Gallup. Our friends traveling from Colorado have the opportunity to stop and visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, where you can find nice facilities to overnight in the San Luis State Park. The road to Gallup takes you on through the wonders of northern New Mexico and provides you with beautiful scenery from Questa, Red River, Angel Fire, Taos to Santa Fe. The trip up from southern New Mexico can include Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the White Sands National Monument. If you are feeling up to it, while you are visiting White Sands, you can rent a plastic sled and enjoy sliding down the dunes. (I tried it and it is not as easy as it looks!) Whatever route you take don’t miss the Region Rally and the fun that is planned. Dan and his crew have been working hard to make it special. More information and a coupon can be found in this issue of the Blue Beret. ***Here’s what is happening in the Units around our Region. Region 11 Rally - October 6-10, Red Rock RV, Gallup, NM (coupon in this issue) Special Event Rally - October 1-5. Balloon Fiesta Rally, Albuquerque, NM New Mexico Unit - October 15-17 Estancia Pumpkin’ Chunkin’’ Rally Four Corners NM Unit - October 1-5 Balloon Fiesta Rally, Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque, NM Denver CO Unit - October 16, Election Luncheon and Shopping Extravaganza, Lafayette, CO Utah Unit - October 16, Luncheon Arizona Unit - October 14-17, Lake Pleasant Rally/Annual Meeting Colorado West Unit - Vacationing

Region 12

Sally Elmlinger, Contributing Editor Region 12 will again be hosting the Rose Parade Special Events Rally starting December 28, 2010 through January 1, 2011. This is a dry camping rally only. The site is situated in a fenced parking area a couple of blocks from the parade route on Colorado Blvd. There will be morning breakfasts, two dinners, tours and best of all is the curbside viewing of the famous Rose Parade from your very own chair. Look for the rally coupon in this issue of the Blue Beret or go to the Region 12 website www. or contact Judy Bechthold (530) 908-0400 or email her at There are many things to see and do in Pasadena and the surrounding areas. One of the great areas of Pasadena is “Old Town Pasadena.” The late 1970s brought new ideas for redevelopment and talk of tearing down the old buildings. Fortunately, new interest in preservation of the old buildings brought about a city ordinance to preserve the architecture of Old Town Pasadena. However, it took until the 1980s until

Region News city ordinances and financial backing came together in a $70 million project that served as a springboard for property owners to make major improvements to their historic buildings. This great area is now a walking paradise with many, many shops and restaurants in a setting of beautiful historic buildings. Check the Internet for Tournament of Roses Association happenings during the week prior to the parade. There are all kinds of events in and around the Pasadena area including Bandfest, where bands, who will be marching in the parade, will perform on 12/29 and 12/30 at the Pasadena City College Football Stadium. Also, there is Equestfest on 12/29 at the L. A. Equestrian Center in nearby Burbank, CA. There will be all sorts of demonstrations by the horses who will perform in the parade. There is an admission charge for adults at both of these events and children under 5 are free. These are both great outings for families. These events sell out often, so you might consider purchasing your tickets from www. A reminder that the 30th National Hobo Rally will be taking place on January 31, 2011 through February 6, 2011 at the Colorado River Fairgrounds, Blythe, CA. There are exciting things planned for this rally from seminars, a wonderful dinner of Hobo Stew, showings of pets, hobbies and crafts, the Hobo Parade and competition for the Hobo King and Queen, indoor and outdoor games and the list goes on and on. Check for the rally coupon in this issue of the Blue Beret or go to www. for further information. You can contact Joe Ten Berge, Rally Chairman, at or call him at 209-652-2747. Get out and about and enjoy all the events that Region 12 has to offer!

Intra Clubs

Classic Airstream Club Kay Corder, Treasurer Have you paid your dues? Our fiscal year is July 1 through June 30 and dues can be paid between July 1 and October 31 but will be delinquent on November 1. If you would like to be included in the 2011 Directory, please pay your dues NOW! If you aren’t sure whether you have paid for 2011, contact Kay Corder at or 816-524-5240. Anyone interested in joining the Classic Airstream Club, go to the web site below, download an application and mail it to the address shown on the application. Several caravans are in the works, so be sure to keep up on the club’s activities by going to our web site, A newsletter will be available October 1st on the web site.

International Rally continued ceremony. Much of Canton is on the National Register of Historic Places. The courthouse square is beautiful; the town has often been used as a setting for movies such as Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Jackson, Mississippi, was named for President Andrew Jackson. Okay, here’s a little trivia: 3 other state capitals were named for Presidents. What are they? At Jackson, you can pick up the Natchez Trace Parkway. It is a wonderful historic slow-paced trip through natural wooded areas, with no “trace” of modern buildings and stores. There are lots of trees in Mississippi. Pine cones too. McComb was founded when the president of a railroad moved his maintenance shops to McComb and away from New Orleans and its many saloons. If you haven’t thought of the other three capitals named for Presidents, here’s a hint. Either the state or name of the city is mentioned in this article. Louisiana is the last state on Highway 51. You will still ride alongside I-55. Do you want to know how far it is to Wall Drug? A sign in Ponchatoula will tell you. Ole Hardhide lives in Ponchatoula and writes for the newspaper. He’s an alligator. Soon Lake Pontchartrain will be on your left, and you will arrive at the other end of Highway 51. Laplace is the place. If you want to know more about Highway 51, yep, you guessed it. There is a website: http:// When you get to the home page, you will feel right at home. You will see a Cadillac pulling sort of an Airstream. The site will have lots of interesting history, facts, stories, historical markers, geocaching, music, and games to play along the way. You can request a map and more information. Like I said: 1,286 miles of highway is a long way. Enjoy all it has to offer. Trivia answers: Madison, Wisconsin; Jefferson City, Missouri; Lincoln, Nebraska; Jackson, Mississippi Blue Beret/October 2010



Dave Schumann, General Manager

Customer Relations Group

Hot Topic What are the normal Operating Temperatures for Dexter Axle Components and Assemblies? This is a question that we have asked Dexter to help address due to the volume of questions we receive in Airstream Customer Support on this topic. We are contacted by owners that indicated that their brakes are hot or very warm, is this normal or do I have a problem? Brake Drums and Shoes: The function of brakes is to convert the kinetic and potential energy of the vehicle to heat generated by the rubbing friction of the brake linings against the brake drum or rotor. Normal operating temperatures for most drum brakes range from 150 degrees F. to 400 degrees F. Temperatures can exceed 600 degrees F. during certain stopping conditions although the braking effectiveness is considerably reduced at these elevated temperatures. Temperatures above approximately 650 degrees F. may damage brake components and brake drums. Disk brakes may operate up to about 1600 degrees F. without damage. Most people find 150 degrees F. too hot to touch comfortably. Do not touch brake drums or brake components immediately after stopping the vehicle. Severe burns may occur. Bearings: Tapered roller bearings can withstand considerable temperature without damage. The bearing lubricant generally cannot. Temperatures in excess of about 200 degrees F. (measured at the outside of the hub.) may indicate a bearing or bearing lubrication problem. Temperatures in the range of 140 degrees F. to 175 degrees F. are considered normal. Use extreme caution when attempting to determine hub temperature. Normal bearing operation temperatures may cause the hub to be too hot to touch comfortably. The above information courtesy of Dexter Axle Engineering Boondocking Cooler weather is approaching, if you boondock frequently be reminded RV furnaces use a lot of power. To conserve your power supply, lower the thermostat for the furnace, wear warmer clothing and use an extra blanket. Maybe even a little snuggling may be in order! Reminder NHTSA Recall No. 10V-344--Transport Canada Recall No. 10-239 Airstream is recalling certain model year 2005-2009 classic travel trailers manufactured from March 2005 through April 2009 and equipped with a hydraulic brake actuator manufactured by Active Technologies. It is possible that the brake actuator can fail unexpectedly causing the brakes on the trailer to lock up or to fail completely. The locking of the brakes or brake failure could result in a loss of vehicle control that could result in a crash and possible serious injury. Dealers will inspect the brake actuator and if found to be defective it will be 42

Blue Beret/October 2010

Airstream replaced free of charge. The recall is expected to begin during August 2010. Owners may contact Airstream at 1-937-596-6111 ext.7409 & ext. 7411 concerning the recall. Acti-Brake Actuator- Version II is the pump being inspected for possible fluid leak per the recall. Airstream Factory Tour Reminder Tours are: Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday-Thursday- Friday at 2 pm Friday Tours are after normal production hrs. This is a walking tour approximately ¾ of a mile in length. Request for special needs must be made in advance. The tour begins in the Service Lobby and travels outside to the production facility. Eye protection and hearing protection are required (eye and ear protection are provided). No sandals or open toe shoes. For groups of 10 or more or any questions, please contact us at 937. 596. 6111 ext. 7400 or 7418 and we will be happy to assist you. Three Wishes A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead where marooned on an island and the blonde stumbled across a lamp with three wishes, the blonde called the others over and said look I found a lamp. The redhead quickly snatched the lamp out of her hand and said “I wish I was at home in my warm bed” she disappeared to her bed with her husband. The brunette then said “I wish I was at home too!” so she to disappeared. The blonde was then scared of being left alone so she said “I wish the other two were back here!” Have a great month and we will see you on down the road. If you have a topic for this column, please send your suggestions to: Dave Schumann, Airstream, Inc., 419 W. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334

If your topic is published, you will receive a “Schu’s News” t-shirt!

Airstream Dealer Update 937-596-6111 New Dealer

Deleted Dealers

Prime Motor Cars 137 US Route One Scarborough, ME 04074 Ph. 207-252-5868 Ph. 207-510-2250

Affordable Cars & Finance, Inc. dba: Airstream of Ohio 27726 Lorain Rd. North Olmsted, OH 44070 Ph. 440-777-2424

Blue Beret/October 2010


Owners and Service Manuals available for purchase at Also check out our Service Section of the website for valuable information including manuals on newer Trailers and specs on vintage Trailers. 44

Blue Beret/October 2010


Jan 24-28 Jun 28-Jul 4

2011 Mid Winter IBT Rally, Richard M. Borchard Regional FG, Robstown, TX 2011 International Convention/Rally DuQuoin, IL


None in 2010, Autumn Leaf Festival, Limestone, PA


Jan 31-Feb 6 Hobo Rally, Blythe, CA Mar 2-9 Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA


Sep 30-Oct 4 Oct Oct 1-5 Oct 7-11 Oct 7-11 Oct 12-17 Dec 28Jan 1, 2011

Storytelling, Gray, TN No Tall Stacks till 2011 Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM Columbus Day Rally, Provincetown, MA Victorian Days at Cape May, Cape May, NJ Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA


Oct 5-Nov 13


Feb 8-Mar 29


N-40-L Mar 8-Apr 7 N-40-I Mar 8-21 N-40-D1 Mar 28-Apr 11 N-40-D2 Apr 23-Jun 7 N-40-H May 5-27 N-40-G May 24-Jun 7 N-40-M Jul 6-Aug 6 N-40-E Jul 7-31 N-40-O Jul 8-Aug 30 N-40-F Jul 8-Sep 4 N-40-C Aug 31-Oct 9 N-40-N Oct 4-Nov 12 N-40-A

Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnein

2012 Florida Fantasy - Leader: Buchanan Ph. 321-243-2789 The American Civil War, Part 1 - Leader: Jones Ph. 703-780-6597 Louisiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph. 504-450-6486 Louisiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph. 504-450-6486 American Adventure Southwest - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-0036 & Montague Ph. 850-491-7444 Taste of Carolina-Heartland - Leader: King Ph. 252-670-8440 Fly Drive Alaska - Leader: Guy Ph. 704-560- 3075 The Northern Experience - Leader: Kiple Ph. 641-777-3288 Discover Ontario Caravan - Leader: Morson Ph. 905-459-2008 Nor’ x Nor’ East - Leader: Levinson Ph. 845- 562-0091 The Viking Trail - Leaders: Buchanan Ph. 321-243-2789 & Pember Ph. 913-226-4313 Watch It Made In The USA - Leader: George Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928 or 352-430-5834 Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762

N-41-A N-41-B N-41-C

National Landmarks West - Leader: Glassey 206-6052986 The Great River Road - Leader: Kiple Ph. 641-777-3288 The Yellowhead and More - Leader: Pember Ph. 913-2264313 N-41-D The American Civil War - Part 2 - Leader: Jones Ph. 703780-6597 N-41-E The Wilder West - Leader: Paulk Ph. 925-864-1683 N-41-G American Adventure Southwest - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-0036 / Montague Ph. 850-491-7444 N-41-H Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623974-4762 N-41-I Taste of the Blue Ridge - Leaders: King Ph. 252-670-8440/ Bennett 919-467-3681 N-41-J1 & J2 Louisiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph. 504-4506486 N-41-K Alyeska, The Great Land - Leader: Johnjulio Ph. 216-5331752

Blue Beret/October 2010


Event Schedule

Region 1 Activities Region 1 Website: Canadian Atlantic Unit - Oct 16

Potluck Luncheon, Martins Point, NS, Joan Drake 902-6272348, Email:

Cape Cod Massachusetts Unit - Oct 8-11

Weekend Rally, Coastal Acres Camping Court, Provincetown, MA, Ron Chateauneuf 413-527-9900

Charter Oak Connecticut Unit - Oct 1-3 Oct 3-11 Nov 7

Rally TBA, Raymond Richard 860-873-1973 Caravan TBA, Raymond Richard 860-873-1973 Installation Banquet, Cynthia Richard 860-873-1973

New England Unit - Oct 4-7

Oct 8-11

Nov 24-28

Rally, Fryeburg FG, Fryeburg, ME, from MA: N on I-95 toward Maine, in Portsmouth, NH merge onto Rt. 16 N via Spaulding Turnpike & head N to Exit 4 to White Mts., in Conway, NH, pickup Rt. 113, go R to Rt. 302 & proceed to Rt. 5, another route take Maine Turnpike to Westbrook exit (48), follow signs to Rt. 302 N, it will go directly to Fryeburg, Durwood Libby Cell 207-290-4810, Email: drwd4lib@aol. com Rally, Wompatuck State Park, Hingham, MA, on Boston’s South Shore, from S & Cape Cod: Rt. 3 N to Exit 14 & intersection with Rt. 228, follow Rt. 228 N approx. 5 mi to Free St. on R, turn R onto Free St. one mi. to park entrance on R, camping 1.5 mi. to park on R, from N, follow Rt. 3 S to Exit 14 & intersection with Rt. 228, follow Rt. 228 N approx. 5 mi. to intersection with Free St. on R, turn R onto Free St., & follow 1 mi. to park entrance on R, Michelle Plunkett 603-487-3815, Email: michelle.plunkett@comcast. net White Mtns. Thanksgiving, Hancock CG, Kancamagus Hwy., NH, from Lincoln, NH, travel E on SR 112 (Kancamagus Hwy.) about 5 mi., Jim Pfeiffer / Cathy Loeffler 603-673-4255, Email:

Quebec Canada Unit - White Mountains New Hampshire Unit Oct TBA

TBA, Dave Peirce 802-728-3386, Email: loripeirce@gmail. com

Region 2 Activities Region 2 Website: Oct 7-10

Victorian Days Special Event Rally, Holly Shores CG, Cape May, NJ

Al-Mon-O Pennsylvania Unit Sep 30-Oct 3 Rally “Franklin Applefest 2010,” Rock Grove VFD, Sugarcreek, PA, 29 Shuffstall St., Franklin, PA, Drew Calderwood 412-731-7694, Email: calderwooda@comcast. net, Jack Bell 412-672-1151

Berkshire New York Unit Oct TBA Nov TBA

TBA, William Hannis & Barbara Bondar 845-679-9238 TBA, Bill Kelly 845-778-1845

Central Maryland Unit Oct 1-3 Nov 5-7


Joint Installation Rally w/Mid Atlantic Unit, Roamer’s Retreat, Kinzer, PA, Jo Jugel 301-262-3257 Rally, Maddox CG, Chincoteague, VA, Dale Hartig 301464-2632

Blue Beret/October 2010

Central Pennsylvania Unit Oct 8-10

Installation Rally, Rt. 72 & Turnpike Exit 266, Manheim, PA, Joann Olshefski 570-473-9649, Email: joannolshefski@

Delaware Valley New Jersey Unit Oct 7-10 Nov 5-6

Victorian Days Rally, Holly Shore CG, Cape May, NJ Turkey Rally, Blueberry Hill CG

Delmarva Unit - Oct 14-17

Installation Rally, 4-H Park, Centreville, MD, Chuck Helwig 302-730-1206, Email:

Hudson-Mohawk New York Unit - Oct 15-17 Nov 14

Installation Rally, West Canada Creek CG, Poland, NY, Polly Herring 315-896-2795, Email: pherring1144@ Luncheon 12:30 PM, Turf Tavern, Rt. 5, Scotia, NY, Gerry Schulitz 518-863-2335, Email:

Keystone Pennsylvania Unit - Oct 7-10 Oct 9 Nov 5-7

Service Rally, French Creek State Park, 843 Park Rd., Elverson, PA, 610-582-9680, Don Weaver 610-582-3363, Email: Installation Dinner 5 PM, Deluxe Rest., 2295 Lancaster Ave., Shillington, PA, Ph. 610-775-2577, Carlye Brayton 610-678-6751, Email: Mystery Rally

Metropolitan New York Unit - Oct 28-31 Nov TBA

Halloween Rally, Croton on the Hudson NY, Colleen Ahlers 914-739-0232, Email: TBA

Mid Atlantic Unit - Oct 1-3 Nov TBA

Joint Installation Rally w/Central MD Unit, Roamers Retreat CG, Kinzers, PA, Howard Lefkowitz 301-649-3373, Email: West Point Rally, NY, Phil Pons 757-224-6999, Email:

New Jersey Unit Oct 7-10 Oct 15-17 Nov 13

Victorian Days Rally, Holly Shore CG, Cape May Area, NJ, Linda Amme Email: Birthday/Election Rally, Jersey Shore Haven, 728 S. Dennisville Rd., S Seaville, NJ, Charles Petrillo 732-5339713 Installation Luncheon, Masso’s Captain’s Room, Glassboro, Charles Petrillo 732-533-9713

New York Finger Lakes Unit - Ontario Canada Unit - Penn Lehigh Unit Sep 29-Oct 3 President’s Rally, KOA, Bellefonte, PA, Keith Rohrbach 570-455-0969 Nov 6 Installation Luncheon Noon, Top of the ‘80’s Rest., Hazleton, PA, Keith Rohrbach 570-455-0969

Washington DC Unit - Oct 7-10

Installation Rally, Gettysburg, PA, Garnett Horner, Email:

Watchung New Jersey Unit - Oct 8-11 Nov 14

Buddy Rally, Jersey Shore Haven, Don Bookholt 973-8757386 Luncheon, Harold’s NY Deli Rest., Edison, NJ, Joe Fodor 732-287-1179

Event Schedule

Region 3 Activities

Northern Virginia Unit - Oct 14-17

Take Pride & Buddy Rally, Loft Mtn. CG, Shenandoah National Park, VA, near Milepost 80 on Skyline Dr., approx. 2 1/2 hours from Washington, DC, Cecil Hoosier 540-9373527, Email: / Williamson 540778-1823 Mystery Dinner Playhouse “Murder Las Vegas Style” 7 PM, Sheraton Hotel in Crystal City, 1800 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Arlington, VA, I-66 to Exit 75 onto SR-110 Jefferson Davis Hwy. 1.5 mi. towards Pentagon/Alexandria, turn R, 0.2 mi. towards Pentagon Mall & River entrances, 0.4 mi. bear R., Boundary Channel Dr., 0.3 bear L old Jefferson D/ Hwy. 0.5, Della Hoosier 540-937-3527, Email: hoosierw@

Region 3 Website: Oct 13-17

Carolinas State Rally, Palmetto Cove, Cleveland, SC

Big Bend Florida Unit - Oct 15-17 Nov 12-14

Nov 13

Rally, White Oak COE Park, Eufaula, AL, Bill Worthington 850-576-5071, Email: Installation Rally, Sugar Mill RV Park, Ochlochnee, GA, Mac Palmer 229-294-0419, Email:

Carolinas Unit of North Carolina Oct 14-17 Nov 4-7

50th Anniversary/Election Rally, Tanglewood CG, 4061 Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, NC, George Lamb 336-7667744, Email: Rally, Ocean Lakes CG, Myrtle Beach, SC, George Lamb 336-766-7744, Email:

Palmetto State South Carolina Unit Oct 8-10

Installation Rally, Palmetto Cove RV CG, 521 Table Rock Rd., Cleveland, SC, Bernie Dufort 864-855-4474 Carolinas State Rally, Palmetto Cove RV CG, Cleveland, SC Thanksgiving Rally, Palmetto Cove RV CG, Cleveland, SC

Oct 13-17

Coastal Georgia Unit

Nov 12-14

Nov 1-4

Piedmont North Carolina Unit

Installation Rally, Sugar Mill RV Park, Thomasville, GA, Gordon Howell 912-265-9570

Oct 7-10

Rally, Carolina Crossroads, Roanoke Rapids, VA, 415 Wallace Fork Rd., Scotty Stewart 919-846-2370, Email: Rally, Pirateland CG, 5401 S. Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC, Jerry Shelton 910-591-9757, Email: jbshelton5353@

Eastern North Carolina Unit Oct 22-24 Nov 19-21

Election Rally, Fayette/Wade KOA, I-95 Exit 61, Mac Cassell 919-658-3966, Email: Rally, Smithfield KOA, I-95 Exit 90, Mac Cassell 919-6583966, Email:

Everglades Florida Unit Oct 18-21 Nov 15-18

Rally, W.P. Franklin North CG, 5 mi. E of Rt. 31 on Rt. 78, Roy Dalrymple 239-481-0093 Rally, Myakka River State Park, I-75 N Exit 205, E Rt. 72, 9 mi., Roy Dalrymple 239-481-0093

Florida Unit Oct 21-25 Oct 23 Nov TBA

Rally, Daytona Speedway CG, Daytona Beach, FL, turn N from US 92 to airport, Tom Moore 386-727-2372, Email: Luncheon/Election/Business Meeting 11 AM, TBA see Unit Website, Randall Godfrey 321-633-7591, Email: TBA See website

Florida Springs Unit - Oct 7-10 Nov 11-14

Installation Rally, Olde Mill Stream, 1000 N. Central Ave., Umatilla, FL, Sonja Meistrell 352-489-9569, Email: Mystery Rally, Rosalie Stone 352-486-1822, Email:

Florida Sun Coast Unit Oct 20-24 Rally, Franklin Lock RV Park, 5 mi. E of Rt. 31 on Rt. 78 North River Rd., make reservations ASAP at (www., park on Caloosalhatchee River, Don Oberg 239-281-7324

Nov 11-14

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Unit South Carolina Coastal Unit - Oct 1-3

Rally, New Green Acres CG, Walterboro, SC, I-95 Exit 53 at SC 63, see website, Sue Hartnett 843-884-4307 Installation Rally, The Oaks, Point South, I-95 S, Exit 33, Sue Hartnett 843-884-4307

Nov 5-7

South Georgia Unit Oct 21-23

Rally, High Falls State Park

Tampa Bay Florida Unit Oct 20-24

Rally, Travelers Rest, Dade City, FL, 29129 Johnston Rd., Dade City, FL, Dale Edwards 863-533-5750, Email:

Tidewater Virginia Unit - Oct TBA

TBA, Simpsons 540-538-5819, Email: hwsimpson@ Rally, Gloucester Point Family CG, Gloucester, VA

Nov 13-15

Virginia Unit Oct 7-10

West VA Rally, Steve Lambert 434-933-8513 (H), Email:

Western North Carolina Unit - Oct 12-17

Carolinas State Rally/Installation, Palmetto Cove Airstream Park, Cleveland, SC, Carolyn Rosendale 828-698-5829, Email:

Florida Treasure Coast Unit - ­Nov 3-7 Nov 6

Installation Rally, Lee Cty Civic Center, Ft. Myers, FL, Jerry Lipps Installation Dinner, Ft. Myers, FL, Jerry Lipps

Georgia Unit - Oct 13-17

Installation Rally, Top of Georgia Airstream Park, 14255 Hwy. 75 N., Helen, GA, Warren Fore 865-712-5672, Email:

Region 4 Activities Region 4 Website: Akron Ohio Unit - Oct 13-17

Installation Rally, Meadow Lake Park, 8970 Canaan Center Rd., Wooster, OH, Jack Ketterer 330-494-2415

Blue Beret/October 2010


Event Schedule Appalachian Unit of West Virginia Oct 15-17

Auglaize Valley OH Unit Oct 7-10

Installation Rally, TBA, Dale Briggs 419-849-2666 or 419849-3024, Email:

Cincinnati Ohio Unit Oct 7-10 Nov 6

Turkey Rally, Franklin 4-H FG, Brookville, IN, John Hice 513-777-8586 Brunch 9 AM, Golden Corral, Fairfield, OH, off Winton Rd., Bob Drake 513-523-1067

Cleveland Ohio Unit - Oct 22-25 Nov TBA

“Old Fashioned Halloween” Rally, East Springfield, PA, Joe Maxwell, see website for further details New Member Cocktail Party, Tom Christopher, see website for further details

Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit - Oct TBA Nov TBA

Installation Luncheon, Kay’s Place, intersection of Rt. 193 & I-90, Rick Richardson 440-964-2723, Email: TBA, Don Marinelli 330-533-7745, Email: don8809@

Metro Detroit Michigan Unit Oct TBA


Region 5 Activities

Installation Rally, KOA, Wytheville, VA, Bill May 304-3849938

TBA, Bill English 517-523-2042, Email: jagermeister@ TBA, Jim McDaniels 313-433-6343, Email: Jimire271@

Region 5 Website: Central Indiana Unit - Oct 1-10

Illinois Lincolnland Unit - Oct 8-11

Indiana Unit 1st Mon ea mo except Dec Dinner 5:00 PM, Ryan’s Rest., Anderson, IN, 6315 Scatterfield Rd., Jct. of I-69 at Exit 26, S, Rest. on W side of Scatterfield Rd., Bob Green 765-644-5289 1st Thur ea mo except Dec Luncheon 11:30 AM, Golden Corral, 4747 Lima Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN, Exit I-69 at Exit 111A onto Lima Rd., go SE a short distance, Fred Bennett 260-244-4507 Oct 7-10 Installation/Buddy Rally, EZ Kamp, 9415 E. 500 North, Grovertown, IN, Bill Walter 574-784-3471

Kentucky Unit - Jan-Nov 1st Tues ea mo Oct 7-10

Breakfast 9:00 AM, Roush’s Rest., 405 W Main St., Fairborn, OH, Tom Heckman 937-335-8614

Michigan Unit May-Oct Last Tue ea mo Nov-Apr 1st Thur ea mo ea Tue Dec-Apr ea mo Oct 6-10

Dinner 6 PM, Cottage Cafe at Days Inn, 420 Munson Ave. (US 131), Traverse City, MI, Sharon Webster 231-839-3249

Nov 4

Luncheon 2 PM, Travelers Rest CG, 29129 Johnston Rd., Dade City, FL, Dean Bigelow 352-588-0966 Installation Rally, FG, Midland, MI, Wally Kimmel & Karen Fisher 248-236-9044

Rally, McCurdy’s Orchard, Sam Earl 989-673-4572

Halloween Luncheon/Installation 11:30 AM, Carl & Nancy Findling’s home, 285 State Rt. 19, Galion, OH, Nancy Findling 419-468-7304, Email: Thanksgiving Luncheon 1 PM, Golden Corral, 575 LexSpringmill Rd. N, Mansfield, OH, Marthalee Horning 419-468-5385

West Virginia Unit TBA TBA TBA


Thanksgiving Rally, Lee Cty FG, Amboy, IL, US 30, 16 mi. W of I-39, Exit 87, Terry Chesnut 815-874-3307, Email:

Southern Illinois Unit - Luncheon 1:15 PM, Old Country Buffet, 5220 West Main St., Kalamazoo, MI, Alice Taylor 269-344-4888 Luncheon Noon, Call for location, Geraldine Craig 517321-3468 or Pat Hatfield 517-589-9190

Oct 8-10 Nov 5-7

Camping/Amphitheater, Flatwoods KOA, Flatwoods Exit I-79 Behind Days Inn, Donald Summers 304-595-3920 Rally/Amphitheater, Chief Logan State Park, Logan, WV, from Charleston take Rt. 119 S to Rt. 10, Old Logan Rd., N 4 mi. to park, Donald Summers 304-595-3920 Rally, East Lynn Lake, East Lynn, WV, from Charleston take Rt. 119 S to Chapmanville, at bottom of ramp turn R on Rt. 10 to Harts, continue on 10 to Rt. 37, turn L, Donald Summers 304-595-3920

Blue Beret/October 2010

Early Halloween Party, Marion Cty FG, Salem, IL, US 50 & Rt. 3, 1 mi. S of town, Gordon White 618-319-0523, Email: Rally, Forbes State Park, IL 50 + Iuka/Omega Rd. N to sign Forbes St. Pk., Erika Schaette 618-393-2955, Email:

Southern Indiana Unit - 1st Thur ea mo Oct 19-21

Mohican Valley Ohio Unit Oct 8

Luncheon/Dinner, TBA see newsletter, Richard Lewis 502-452-6507, Email: Installation Rally, Canal CG, Grand Rivers, KY, from Nashville I-24 W to Exit 31, turn L on Hwy. 453, 2 mi. to CG, from Louisville-Lexington Western KY Parkway to I-24, W on I-24 to Exit 31, turn L on Hwy. 453, 2 mi. to CG, Tommy Phipps 606-743-4349, Email: phippsto@

Northern Illinois Unit - Oct 15-17

Mid Eastern Michigan Unit Oct 14-17

Rally, Camp Nauvoo, Nauvoo, IL, 1095 S. Warsaw St., Mary Elliott 815-257-1420, Email: Installation/Luncheon TBA, Bill Shelander 309-253-2961, Email:


Miami Valley Unit of Ohio 1st Wed ea mo

Unit Caravan TBA, Dan Kachele, Email: dachele@gmail. com

Dinner 5:30 PM, Sirloin Stockade, Evansville, IN, Shirley Clodfelter 812-626-0696 Installation Rally, Hay’s home - Seabee Acres, 2023 Deckard School Rd., Radcliff, KY, John Hays 270-8776298, Email:

Region 6 Activities Oct 19-23

Region 6 “Autumn in TN” Rally, East Ridge, TN

Alabama Unit 2nd Sat ea mo 2nd Mon ea mo Nov 18-21

Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Ruth Hollingsworth 205-3456077 Dinner 6 PM, TBA, Montgomery, AL, call for directions, Paul Aehnlich 334-277-9647, Email: Rally, Hwy. 69 S, Moundville, AL, David Hollingsworth 205-345-6077, Email:

Event Schedule Arkansas Razorback Unit 1st Thur bi-mo

Nov 13

Starting Feb-Luncheon 11:30 AM, David Gulley 501-8516668

Region 8 Activities

East Tennessee Unit Oct 19-23 Nov 13

Region 6 Rally, Camp Jordan, East Ridge, TN Luncheon Noon, The Board Room, The Salvation Army Center of Hope, 409 N. Broadway, Knoxville, TN, Matt Frere 865-898-9466, Email:

Louisiana Unit 1st Tue ea mo

Dinner 6:30 PM, alternates between Baton Rouge & Hammond, LA, call for location & directions, Dale Spillman 225-753-9546, Email:

Louisiana Acadiana Unit Oct 19-23 Nov 11-14

Region 6 Rally, East Ridge, TN Thanksgiving Rally, Lagneaux’s CG, Lafayette, LA, take Exit 97, I-10 (KOA), S on LA Hwy. 93 (doglegs to R) for 3/4 mi., turn R on Hwy. 90 for 2 mi., turn L on LA Hwy. 724 (Fieldspan) for 4 mi. look for sign on L, Lagneaux CG, turn L & go to the bldg. on L, CG is behind Bingo Hall, Carrol Mouton 337-234-6882

Memphis Tennessee Unit Oct 19-23

Nov 12-14

Region 6 Rally, Camp Jordan Park, Camp Jordan Parkway, East Ridge, TN, see Blue Beret or http://www.campjordan. com, John Stumpf 850-456-0475 or 850-292-4987, Email: Rally, David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN, from Memphis follow Hwy. 64 E to Lawrenceburg, TN, turn N onto Davy Crockett Park Rd., park is located at 1/2 mi. W of Lawrenceburg off of Hwy. 64 and is about 150 mi. from Memphis, Buddy Bonner 901-377-1405, Email:

Mississippi Unit 1st Tue ea mo

Luncheon 11 AM, Golden Corral, 988 Top St., Flowood, MS, off Lakeland Dr., turn at Primos, Evelyn Hitt 601992-1405, Email: - North MS members TBA, contact: Ethel Grisham 662-837-3320

Nashville Music City Tennessee Unit Oct 19-23 Nov 20

Region 6 Rally, Camp Jordan, East Ridge, TN Luncheon Noon, TBA, Jim Massey 615-889-0486

Pensacola Florida Unit Oct 14-17 Nov 15-20

Harvest/Buddy Rally, Mystic Springs Cove Park, 30 mi. N of Pensacola on Hwy. 29, McDavid, FL, Park Host 850256-3280 Thanksgiving Rally, Mystic Springs Cove Park, 30 mi. N of Pensacola on Hwy. 29, McDavid, FL, Park Host 850-2563280

Tennessee Unit Oct 8-10

Election Rally, TCPC, Crossville, TN, Leon Dussault 256883-2512

Region 7 Activities Region 7 Website:

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Perkins Rest., Delavan, WI, 1312 E. Geneva St., about 1/2 mi. W of Geneva St. (WI Hwy. 50) Exit off I-43, Dick Redell 262-248-6108

Region 8 Website: Greater St. Louis Missouri Unit - Oct 14-17 Nov 6

Installation/Buddy Rally, Lady Bug RV Park, 355 Hwy. F, Cuba, MO, Hugh Bartlett 573-364-6063 or Richard Hunt 636-230-5810 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Pitman’s Reception Center, 1545 Wentzville Parkway, Wentzville, MO, Dan Zile 636-3273232, Email:

Greater Wichita Kansas Unit Oct 21-24 Nov 13

Installation Rally, Abbyville Community Center, Abbyville, KS, Ben Stewart 316-683-9023 Holiday Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Leon Foster 620-3317459, Email:

Iowa Unit - Nov-Apr 1st Thurs ea mo Oct 14-17

Luncheon - Meet at 11:45 AM Eat at Noon, Golden Corral, 1868 North Power Rd., Mesa, AZ, Charles Cabalka 480986-0978 Installation Rally, Keokuk Cty FG, What Cheer, IA, N edge of What Cheer, Hwy. 21, Marilyn Mulbrook 319-377-3883 or 319-329-6627 cell, Email:

Kansas City Missouri Unit - Nov TBA

Holiday Luncheon TBA, Henry Roberts 785-252-5222, Email:

Missouri Delta Unit Oct 10

Luncheon 1 PM, Ryan’s Steakhouse, Poplar Bluff, MO, Tom Mesko 573-201-1040, Email:

Missouri Greater Ozark Unit Oct 14-16

Rally, Osage Beach RV Park, Osage Beach, MO, Gary Rush 573-345-3727, Email: / George Payne 573-635-5903

Nebraska Unit - 2nd Mon ea mo Oct 7-9

Luncheon Noon, Old Country Buffet, 14525 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE, Dwight Olson 402-490-6431, Email: lmodo1@ Installation Rally, Tahhazooka Park, Norfolk, NE, Ron Savicky & Glenda Rickert 402-560-1709

North Iowa Unit Oct 7-10

Installation Rally, City Park, Manilla, IA, Jim Macumber 712-654-3062

Region 9 Activities Region 9 Website: East Texas Lakes Unit

Minnesota Unit - Oct 1-3

Rally, FG, New Ulm, MN, see website, Jim Costello 651483-6989

Oct 1-3 Nov 4-6

Rally, North TX Airstream Community, Hillsboro, TX, Paula Grant, Email: Rally, Shady Pine RV, Redwater, TX, Isaac Holmes 214592-3109, Email:

Wisconsin Unit -

Heart of Texas Camping Unit -

Oct 1-3

Installation Rally (explore Amish Country), downtown park, Sparta, WI, Dave Stowell 608-269-1330, Email:


Monthly Activities TBA, please visit our website

Blue Beret/October 2010


Event Schedule North Texas Unit -

Texas Plains Unit

2nd Sat ea mo

except May, Aug & Dec 1st Sat ea mo Luncheon 11:30 AM, Home Plate Diner, 7615 University, Lubbock, TX, Carl Davis 806-829-2232 ea Thur Balloon Volleyball Games 1 PM, 2001 19th St., Lubbock, TX, George Hughes 806-794-0198 except Thanksgiving & Christmas ea Thur Dinner 5 PM, Home Plate Diner, 5600 S. Bell, Amarillo, TX, Don Goforth 806-356-0077 Oct 15-17 Fall Foliage Festival Rally, N of Canadian, TX, US 83, Richard Brock 806-255-4125 / David Thompson 806-3554914 Nov 4-7 Rally, Fredericksburg RV Park, Fredericksburg, TX, 305 E. Hwy. St.

Oct 20-24 Nov 19-21

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Spring Creek BBQ, 3608 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX, 1 mi. N of I-20 W side of Cooper, Andy Selking 817-879-5866 Blue Grass Festival Rally, Mitchell RV Park, Perrin, TX, Mike Mack 817-371-3507, Email: Installation Rally, RV Ranch, Burleson, TX, Howard Watts 903-883-0442, Email: wattshoward@yahoocom

Oklahoma Unit Oct 11-15

Rally, Cedar Oaks RV Resort, 1550 83rd St. NW, Grove, OK, Leroy Meyer 918-865-4740

Texas Unit 1st Thur ea mo Oct 12-17

Nov 18-21

Luncheon 11 AM, location TBA, Kerrville, TX, Frank Murray 830-367-2360, Email: (reservations are not necessary) Rally, Oakwood RV Resort, Frederickburg, TX, from Jct. 290 & SR 16 S, S 2 mi. on SR 16 S to FM 2093/Tivydale Rd./Airport turn R into park, Charles White 830-257-2914, Email: Installation Rally, Skyline RV Ranch, Bandera, TX, from N Jct. of Hwys. 173 & 16N (in town), W 1.1 mi. on Hwy. 16N, turn L, Charles White 830-257-2914, Email: sandynchas@

Texas Alamo Unit - 1st Sat ea mo Oct 28-31 Nov 24-28

Dinner 5 PM, Las Carrelas Rest., 3975 Perrin Central, San Antonio, TX, Paul Zappe 210-260-8081, Email: zappiii@ Rally TBA, Linda Knezek 361-576-6784 Thanksgiving & Christmas Rally, Alamo Fiesta RV Resort, 33000 IH-10 West, Boerne, TX, take Exit 543 off IH-10, then go 1 mi. W on frontage road, Linda Knezek 361-5766784

Texas Coastal Plains Unit - Oct 7-10

Nov 11-14

Chili Cookoff Buddy Rally, Coushatte Ranch RV Resort, Bellville, TX, Ph. 979-865-5897, W of Houston on I-10 to Sealy at Hwy. 36 Exit 720, go N about 5 mi. to FM 331 turn R & go 4 mi. on FM 331 to Coushatte Rd., turn L & go 2 mi. to Nelius Rd., turn L & go 1 mi. into park, Sandy Sands 254-580-0620 Buddy Rally, TX Airstream Harbor Park, Zavalla, TX, 5 mi. NE Zavalla Hwy. 147, Paula Largent 936-875-2699

Texas Gulf Coast Unit Oct 8-10 Nov 12-14

Rally, Texas Airstream Harbor, located 5 mi NE of Zavalla, TX on Hwy 147, Paula Largent 936-635-9295, Email: Joint Rally w/TX Coastal Plains Unit, Texas Airstream Harbor, located 5 mi NE of Zavalla, TX on Hwy 147, Paula Largent 936-635-9295, Email:

Texas Highland Lakes Unit 1 Tue ea mo Luncheon 12:45 PM, Luby’s Café., 13817 Hwy. 183 N, (S of TX 620), John Irwin 512-736-5200, Email: Oct 6-9 Buddy Rally, Whispering Pines RV Resort, Tyler, TX Nov 11-14 Installation Rally, Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, Kerrville, TX, Jean Beebe 512-745-4204, Email:

Texas Hill Country Unit - h ­ ttp:// Oct 7-10

Nov 4-7


TX Chili Cookoff Rally, Coushatte Ranch RV, Bellville, TX, from Bellville, 36 S to Coushatte Rd., at traffic light, go L, over railroad tracks, go R, go 5 mi., take R on Nelius, 1 mi. to R, Joe Long & Gayle Ketchum 210-860-6006, Email: Installation Rally, Boone RV Park, Lampasas, TX, Hwy. 281 South, CG website:, Sandy Sands 512-869-5595, Email:

Blue Beret/October 2010

West Texas Unit - 1st Tue ea mo except Jul & Dec Dinner 5:30 PM, Cattleman’s Steakhouse, 3300 N. Big Spring, Midland, TX, Ashley Coco 432-413-6601

Region 10 Activities Region 10 Website: Oct 12-17

Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID, R.B. & Zelma Bernd 360-459-4342

Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit British Columbia Unit - Idaho Unit - 2nd Sat ea mo Oct TBA

Breakfast 8:30 AM, Golden Corral, 8460 W. Emerald St., Boise, ID, Darrell Ostyn 280-880-2042/Bill Grange 208327-1238 Harvest Dinner, Brick Bistro 29, Nampa, ID

Montana Unit - North Cascade Washington Unit Oregon Unit - Oct 8-10 Nov TBA

Rally, Belknap, Hot Springs, Vicki Jenkins 541-382-7089 Luncheon TBA

Washington Unit Oct 28-31

Halloween Rally, TBA, Jerry Patten 360-355-9308, Email:

Region 11 Activities Region 11 Website: Oct 6-10

Region 11 Rally, Red Rock Park, Gallup, NM, Sue McDowell 505-250-8341, Email:

Arizona Unit - Oct 1-5

Unit Caravan to Region 11 Rally, rendezvous at Camp Verde, AZ

Event Schedule Oct 6-10 Oct 14-17 Nov 11-14

Region 11 Rally, Red Rock Park, Gallup, NM Rally, Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Group Area, Morristown, AZ, Vaughns Service Rally, Holy Trinity Monastery, St. David, AZ, Jack Frost

Colorado West Unit TBA


Denver Colorado Unit - Oct 16 Nov 13

Election Luncheon 11 AM & Shopping, Asian King Buffet, Lafayette, CO, Tom Reed 303-746-9441, Email: Pvreed1@ Luncheon 11 AM, Trail Dust Steakhouse, 7101 S. Clinton, Englewood, CO, Chris Hildenbrand 303-403-1441, Email:

Four Corners Unit of New Mexico Oct 1-5 Nov 18-21

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM, Ken Johansen, Email: Thanksgiving Rally, Quartzsite, AZ

New Mexico Unit - Oct 1-5 Oct 6-10 Oct 15-17 Nov 11-14

Balloon Fiesta Rally, Expo New Mexico State FG, Sue McDowell 505-250-8341, Email: Region 11 Rally, Red Rocks Park, Gallup, NM, Sue McDowell 505-250-8341, Email: Rally, FG, Estancia, NM, Marshall Hall 505-384-8082, Email: Thanksgiving Rally, Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM, Jack Palmer 575-434-5337, Email: Palmrranch@aol. com

Nov 11

Monterey Bay California Unit Oct 14-17 Nov 11-15

1st Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, Marie Callender’s Rest., 4800 Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV, NE corner of Eastern Ave. & Tropicana Ave., Myrna Austin 702-870-0037 Nov 18-21 Turkey Time Rally, Mesquite, NV, Tom Fuller 435-6285106, Email:

Northern California Unit - Oct 21-25 Nov 10-14

Region 12 Website: Oct 14-17 Region 12 Rally, Hemet, CA Dec 28, 2010 Jan 1, 2011 Rose Parade Special Event Rally, Pasadena, CA

Central Coast California Unit -

Oct 14-17 Nov 19-21

Region 12 Rally, Hemet, CA Rally, Lopez Lake/Quail CG, Arroyo Grande, CA, Mark Kiger 805-937-6803, Email:

El Camino Real California Unit Oct 20-24 Nov TBA

Rally, Parker, AZ, Bill Westbrook 760-345-3611, Email: / Jerry Hartman 951-780-0267 Past Presidents’ Rally, TBA, Jim Randall 760-758-7072, Email:

Golden West California Unit - Oct 14-17

Nov 11-15

Region 12 Rally, Hemet, CA, Judy Bechthold, 530-6665839, Email: Installation Rally, Jackson Rancheria, 12222 New York Ranch Rd., Jackson, CA, Debbie Sode 925-679-0617, Email:

Region 12 Rally, Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet, CA, Region 12 Rally, Santee Lakes, Santee, CA, Rick Blacklock, Email:

San Fernando Valley California Unit - Oct 14-17 Nov 19-21

Region 12 Rally, Hemet, CA, Bobbi Kingsland 714-4349878, Email: Thanksgiving Rally, Chula Vista RV Resort, Chula Vista, CA, 460 Sandpiper Way, Chula Vista, CA, 800-676-0401, from the I-5 in Chula Vista, CA, Exit at 7B - “J” St. toward Marina Pkwy. turn R onto “J” St., keep straight onto Marina Pkwy., turn L onto Sandpiper Way, Bobbi Kingsland 714434-9878, Email:

San Joaquin California Unit Oct 14-17 Nov 11-15

Region 12 Rally, Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet, CA, Joe Thomas 760-439-3701, Email: Installation Rally, Jackson Rancheria, Jackson, CA, Debbie Sode 925-679-0617

Santa Clara California Unit - Oct 14-17 Nov 11-15 Oct 14-17 Nov 5-7

Carally, Columbia 49er RV Park, Martha Jones 209-2675674, Email: Rally, French Camp, Manteca, Hedda Smithson 916-9617214, Email:

San Diego California Unit -

Luncheon 1 PM, TBA

Region 12 Activities

Region 12 Rally, Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet, CA, contact: San Diego CA Unit Installation Rally, Wine Country RV, Paso Robles, CA, Dannie Weston 831-426-2271, Email:

Nevada Unit

Utah Unit Oct 16

Rally, Camp Pendleton Marine Base, San Onofre, CA, Velinda Howard, Email:

Region 12 Rally, Hemet, CA Installation Rally, Jackson Rancheria, 12222 New York Ranch Rd., Jackson, CA, Debbie Sode 925-679-0617, Email:

Sierra Nevada Unit - Oct 21-24 Nov 14 Nov 18-21

Rally, Nevada State Park (Lahonton Reservoir), near Silver Springs, NV off Alt 95 S, Diane Leipper, 775-9725011, Email: Luncheon 11:30 AM on Hwy. 95 just S of Fernley, NV, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, Email: hq@ Rally, N end of Death Valley near Scotties Castle, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, Email: hq@

South Coast California Unit Oct 8-10 Nov 5-7

Weekend Rally, Golden Shore RV Park, Long Beach, CA, Lydia Terhorst 949-725-3222, Email: Rally, Oak Creek RV Park, El Cajon, CA, Lydia Terhorst 949-725-3222, Email:

Long Beach California Unit - Oct 14-17

Region 12 Rally, Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet, CA, Judy Bechthold, 530-666-5839, Email: jabkeb@aol. com

Blue Beret/October 2010




Airstream Parks RETIRED? FULL TIMER? SNOW BIRD? RALLY PLANNER? CARAVAN LEADER? The North Texas Airstream Community can meet all your needs. We are located on I-35 exit 368A, in the heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Waco triangle in historic Hillsboro, Texas. Stay “For a Night or a Lifetime.” Our clubhouse seats 200 for dinner, new laundry facilities, free WiFi, mail forwarding service. 100% Airstream community. Call 254-582-5566 or visit TAHI, TEXAS AIRSTREAM HARBOR, INC. Is located in NE Texas on beautiful Lake Sam Rayburn is known for Bass fishing. A haven for bird watchers. Daily $10. Come visit or stay with us. 5 miles NE Zavalla on Hwy. 147. Contact: TAHI, 714 Angelina, Zavalla, TX 75980, Ph. 936-8978014. PENN WOOD AIRSTREAM PARK - Traveling I-80 thru western Pennsylvania or looking for a quiet, all Airstream, summer home for a few weeks or all season? We’re the perfect stop! Full hookups with cable TV & WI-FI. Reasonable rates, area attractions and site of Autumn Leaf National Rally. Near Clarion, PA - four miles south of I-80, Exit 64 on SR 66; Ph. 814-764-8963; Open 5/1 to 10/15. STOP AND CHECK OUT THE MINNESOTA AIRSTREAM PARK! Free golf, tennis, pool, sauna, bocce ball, tennis and much more. Sites for rent or purchase. Full hookup OR water & electric sites. Rallies and Caravans welcomed! 10% WBCCI discount. or Ph. 320-743-2771. MYSTIC SPRINGS COVE is an Airstream only park located 25 mi. N of Pensacola, FL, on US 29, between I-10 and I-65 on the banks of the Escambia River. Just 30 minutes to white sand beaches, shopping, museums and a casino. Owned and operated by Unit 29. Open all year with full hookups at $15 per day 30 amp/$18 per


Blue Beret/October 2010

day 50 amp. Pets welcome and washer/dryer are available. Host opportunities. Ph. 850-256-3280. LAND YACHT HARBOR: Florida’s Best Kept Secret!!! Located off I-95 between Exits 183 & 180, miles to Disney 65, beach 10, Cape 30, leases available to Airstreams, overnight rentals available. Visit us at or phone 321-254-6398. NO PETS. TOP OF GEORGIA, 7 miles north of Helen, GA on State Road 75 in beautiful North Georgia mountains. Full hookups, cable TV. Free Limited Wi-Fi. $7.00/night, $180.00 monthly. During Rally weeks Rally fees will be an additional charge. Open year around. No reservations. WBCCI members only. No dry camping. Ph. 706-878-3590. http://home. STAY IN THE BEAUTIFUL PACIFIC NORTHWEST AT WASHINGTON LAND YACHT HARBOR. Home of Washington Unit. Open year round. All WBCCI members and guests welcome. Ideal for rallies/caravans. 163 FHU sites. Large meeting hall with kitchen. Free WiFi. Reservations accepted. Visit Seattle, Pacific Ocean, 4 National Parks, Canada, Alaska. Residential mobile homes for sale to WBCCI members. 9101 Steilacoom Rd. SE, Olympia (Lacey), Washington 98513; phone 360-491-3750. website:

WANTED WANTED - 34’ AIRSTREAM CLASSIC TRAILER 1997 TO 2007 for use on permanent site in Florida. Retired so can pickup anywhere. Alternatively will consider large modern park model. Email: or call 613-841-0735.

For Sale Trailers/ Motorhomes 1979 - 24’ AIRSTREAM CLASSIC MOTORHOME (painted); good and original condition. 90,000 total miles, 10,000 miles on rebuilt 454 engine, runs great, Onan generator, $13,000. Email: or Ph. 360-377-0264 for more details. 1988 - 345’ CLASSIC AIRSTREAM MOTORHOME, Chevy 454 gas engine, Banks Power levelers, newer A/C and gas cooktop, awnings, windshield and drivers cab sunscreen, queen bed/ rear, newer wash/dry custom drapes, $21,500. Herb Fanders Ph. 856-912-1943, (New Jersey).

GOING TO THE VICTORIAN DAYS IN CAPE MAY RALLY? Jersey Shore Haven is a convenient Airstream park to the rally. Located mid-way between Atlantic City and Cape May, Jersey Shore Haven offers an unhurried relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy wooded sites with 4-point hookups, the most reasonable rates in the area, and convenient to a variety of adventures--sightseeing, beaches, boardwalks, fishing, casinos, wildlife refuges, zoo, etc. Jersey Shore Haven, 728 Dennisville Rd., P.O. Box 99, S. Seaville, NJ 08246. Ph. 609-861-2293.

1999 - CUTTER DIESEL PUSHER, FREIGHTLINER, 300 HP Cat, 1 slide, with 2004 Chevy Malibu setup for towing. Price for both $60,000. Full specs and photos at:, Ph. 609-737-3339, (New Jersey).


2000 - 36’ AIRSTREAM LAND YACHT XL 350 MOTORHOME - Ford Chassis with Triton V10 275 hp gas engine, auto transmission 4-speed with overdrive, power assist brake, backup camera, hydraulic leveling jacks, awnings all around, 1 slide out, 5.5 KW generator, electrical management system, Corian counters, queen bed, new tires, shocks, and emergency brake. 93,000 miles, all routine maintenance performed. $25,000. Ph. 757-220-4262.

LED LIGHTS 4 AIRSTREAM or toll free Ph. 866-244-6591.

1999 - 33’ LAND YACHT MOTORHOME, 454 Vortec, 68,000 miles, jacks, camera, 2 HD TVs - 19” & 27” both with DVD, 2 - 21” x 47” Solar panels, good tires, water filter, awning, windshield cover, new floors, $29,900. FIRM, Ph. 662-279-4622, (Burnsville, Mississippi).

NATIONAL CARAVAN APPLICATION (please type or print clearly - every blank must be filled in) Caravan #__________________ Caravan Name__________________________________________________________________________ Last Name_ ______________________ First______________________Spouse_____________________WBCCI#____________________ Summer Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Phone # _______________________________EMail___________________________________________ Winter Address:

From:___________________________ To:_ _______________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #________________________________EMail_____________________________________________________________________ # of Adults__________Children_________Pets_________Ham #___________________MH/T_________ft. Handicapped? Amount Enclosed: (US$)_ _____________________Check #________________

Make checks payable to:

WBCCI National Caravan

Mail to: Caravan Leader

IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE BLUE BERET ! “Two for the Price of One” Payment for a classified ad in the “Blue Beret” includes an ad on the WBCCI website FOR INFORMATION, CALL 937/596-5211 or email Rates for Classified Advertising are $50 up to 35 words, $60 for 36-65 words. Payment in full must be received with the ad copy. BLUE BERET reserves the right to reject advertising not suitable for inclusion. The publisher reserves the right of approval of all advertising. BLUE BERET is not responsible for advertiser’s representations or performance. For more information on display ad costs, contact WBCCI. For your convenience, you may use the coupon below. Please type ad. Count words and determine cost as indicated above. Make check payable to “WBCCI” and mail with completed coupon to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. Name_ __________________________________________________Address ______________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________________St/Prov.____________________________________Zip________________ Classified Ad: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Location of trailer/motorhome:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadline: Classified Ads for November must be received with payment no later than October 1. NOTICE: Advertisement should be typewritten. The Blue Beret is not responsible for the accuracy of handwritten submissions. Refund Policy: No refund after the 7th of month prior to publication.

Blue Beret/October 2010


2010 - 2011 WBCCI National Caravans N-39-G SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR 10/5-11/13/2010 Start:Rehoboth Beach, DE Stop: Jekyll Island, GA If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of the United States, this is the caravan for you. We’ll visit a historic US Lifesaving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware, eat seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia, visit countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood and see the sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we’re going to eat seafood? We’ll travel about six weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park south of Rehoboth Beach and travelling (eating) through coastal Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and ending at the Georgia sea islands. The kitty fee includes campgrounds with full hookups, many meals (predominantly seafood), tours, fun and much more! Leaders: Ron and Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Phone: 623-9744762, E-Mail:, Address: 3700 S Westport Ave. #1704, Souix Falls, SD 57106-6360, Limit: 24, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,500.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $2,750.00; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $50 before 6/1/2010, Leaders discretion after

2011 N-40-A SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR 10/4-11/12/2011

Start: Rehoboth Beach, DE Stop: Jekyll Island, GA If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of the United States, this is the caravan for you. We will visit an historic US Lifesaving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware, eat seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia, visit countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood, and see the sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we are going to eat seafood? We will also attend graduation ceremonies at the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The caravan will travel about six weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park (south of Rehoboth Beach) and traveling (eating) through coastal Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and ending at the Georgia sea islands. The kitty fee includes campgrounds with full hookups, many meals, boat, carriage and bus tours, museum admissions and much more! Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Phone: 623-974-4762, Email: car9@, Address: 3700 S Westport Ave., Souix Falls, SD 57106, Kitty Fee w/2 $3,500.00 est.; Kitty Fee w/1 $2,900.00 est.; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250.00; Cancellation: $50 before 4/1/2011, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 20

N-40-C The VIKING TRAIL 7/8-9/4/2011 Start: St. Andrew by the Sea, NB Stop: N Sydney, NS

The 2011 “Viking Trail Caravan” will travel quickly through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to Newfoundland/Labrador spending 53 of 59 days in the Province of Newfoundland/Labrador. This caravan highlights the history of the Province and provides an opportunity to meet and experience the warm hospitality of the wonderful people who live on Newfoundland. We will spend overnight at the Woody Island Resort, so bring an overnight grip. Here we will experience the way of living in Newfoundland prior to 1960 when the Canadian government transported all Newfoundlanders to the mainland, so they could provide medical and educational service. While visiting Newfoundland/Labrador we will enjoy many activities, such as whale watching in the north sea, attending a playhouse in Stephenville, visit Saint Johns the oldest city in North America (bus tour), and travel throughout the many peninsulas of Newfoundland. Included in the kitty fee are more than 30 paid activities, more campsites with electric (caravanners request) than ever before, boat tours, bus tours, cookouts, dinners, entertainment and all ferry cost to and from Newfoundland. Leaders: Al & Gracie Buchanan WBCCI #800, Phone: 321-728-2789 Cell 321-243-2789, Email:, Address: 766 Floyd Bennett Dr., Melbourne, FL 32901 and Leaders: Marion & Carol Pember WBCCI #4634, Kitty Fee w/2 $4,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1 $3,900.00; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250.00; Cancellation: $50 before 4/15/2011, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 30


Blue Beret/October 2010

N-40-D1 LOUISIANA CAJUN HERITAGE 3/8-21/2011 N-40-D2 3/28-4/11/2011 Start: Gonzales, LA Stop: Lafayette, LA

Come and go with us to Louisiana and take a boat ride into a bayou swamp, tour a real oil drilling rig, see the State Capitol and old plantation homes. We will go into the Cajun Country and experience the sound of a unique music and language, taste Cajun food, and listen to Cajun accordion music. Tour rice and sugar cane farms and learn how they harvest crawfish. See live alligators, eagles, blue heron and more. Come and learn all about the Cajun Culture. Some of the tours are walking tours. On the oil rig there are some stairs to climb. Leaders: Rick & Marilyn Solera WBCCI #252, Phone: 504-733-1582 Cell 504-450-6486, Email:, Address: 725 Newman Ave., Jefferson, LA 70121-1234, Total Nights: 14, Kitty Fee w/2 $795.00; Kitty Fee w/1 $580.00; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $200.00; Cancellation: $50 before 11/1/2010, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 26

N-40-E The NORTHERN EXPERIENCE 7/6-8/6/2011 Start: Sioux Falls, SD Stop: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Rendezvous in South Dakota and travel North above the 53rd parallel in Manitoba to enjoy Up North in the summer blooming season. See and hear Beluga Whales with calves in their summer range of the Churchill River at Hudson Bay in Churchill, MB. The Beluga Whales, often called the “White Whale” or the “Sea Canary,” are part of the bountiful Western Hudson Bay population, which are both healthy and approachable. Your visit Up North will give you the opportunity to experience the tundra in full spring bloom, view several unique species of birds and who knows, we may also see a polar bear. The entire journey from rendezvous to Churchill permits us to transition from midsummer back to spring and then to very early spring Up North shortly after the ice leaves the lakes and Hudson Bay. Join us to enjoy the Up North culture above the 53rd parallel for a Northern Experience. Leaders: Dave & Linda Andrzejewski WBCCI #811, Phone: 603-770-1609, Email:, Address: 196 Rainbow Drive #9616, Livingston, TX 77399-1096, Total Nights: 31, Kitty Fee w/2 TBD; Kitty Fee w/1 TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $500.00; Cancellation: $100 plus Non-Refundable deposits before 11/15/2010, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 25



Start: Wa Cty. Fg, Richmond, RI Stop: Cornwall, PEI, can Come travel with us as we spend 54 days exploring the beauty of New England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Stops are scheduled in Rhode Island, Cape Cod, and the Boston area. Then it is on to Boothbay and Ellsworth, Maine near Acadia National Park. We then cross into Canada. The first stop is Campobello Island, summer home of President Roosevelt. We will then travel to St. John, NB, home of the 40 ft. tides. Experience Moncton, NB’s tidal bore and the Flower Pots. While in Windsor, NS, you will have an opportunity to visit Kentville and Hall’s Harbour. We will visit the Digby, NS, area - famous for their scallops. Other destinations include Lunenburg, Halifax, Antigonish, Louisbourg, Baddeck, and Cape Breton, where you will have an opportunity to drive the Cabot Trail. Lastly, it is on to Prince Edward Island, home of Anne of Green Gables, and the Anne of Green Gables musical. This trip offers many “Kodak moments” and several great golfing opportunities. Kitty fee includes camping, many tours, meals, ice cream socials, and a final banquet. Most stops are in campgrounds or fairgrounds with hookups, but there are two stops with limited electricity. Leader: David Levinson WBCCI #802, Phone: 845-562-0091 Cell 914-213-5333, Email:, Address: 35 Stony Run Rd., Newburgh, NY 12550, Co-Leader: Gary Levinson, Total Nights: 54, Number of Stops: 16, Kitty Fee w/2 Est. $3975.00; Kitty Fee w/1 Est. $3125.00; Guest: Est. $900.00; Deposit: $200.00; Cancellation: $50 before 4/1/2011, Leaders discretion after, Min RVs - 16; Max RVs - 25

N-40-G TASTE OF CAROLINA - HEARTLAND 5/5-24/2011 Start: Salisbury, NC Stop: reidsville, NC

The central “Piedmont” sections of North Carolina is rich in history, loaded with culture, busy with business, and has lots of great food. Join us as we time-travel from the early settlers to the first American gold rush to the era of steam railroads to the opulence of the early 1900s to today’s NASCAR. There will be a wine festival, an historic Moravian Village, a major railroad yard and transportation museum, a visit to Mayberry, a major NASCAR track, and lots of other things in between. Leaders: Jamie & Susan King WBCCI #7018, Address: PO Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571, Phone: 252249-1549 Cell 252-670-8440 and/or 252-514-7497, Email:,

2011 WBCCI National Caravans Total Nights: 20, Number of Stops: 5, Kitty Fee w/2 Est $1800.00; Kitty Fee w/1 TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250 with registration, Cancellation: $200 before 2/1/2011, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 20

N-40-H SW ADVENTURE CARAVAN Start: Carrizozo, NM

4/23-6/7/2011 Stop: Moab, UT

Join us for an adventure into the Great Southwest as we explore regions of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. We travel from the site where the Atomic bomb was developed in Los Alamos to the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde. Navajo guides help us to understand their reservation, while others perform ancient ritual dances. We will visit Indian pueblos, festivals, cultural centers, and museums. There will be time to explore Albuquerque and Santa Fe as well. A half-day boat trip on Lake Powell takes us to the Rainbow Bridge while a narrow gauge railroad delivers us from Durango to Silverton. In Arizona we will ride through Canyon De Chelly, then stroll through Antelope Canyon. There are opportunities for photography everywhere we go. We will tour through Monument Valley, raft down the Colorado River, and then proceed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Come prepared for all kinds of weather as we travel at high and lower altitudes - cold to warmer temperatures. America the Beautiful passes - formerly called the Golden Age Pass will save you money for entrances into the many parks we explore including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks in Utah. We will wind up in Moab for our final banquet. Come prepared to have fun with your fellow caravanners and leaders. Leaders: Jay & Elna Thompson WBCCI #7293, Phone: 850-766-0036, Email: Address: 9163 McDonald Ct., Tallahassee, FL 32512 and Leaders: Winston & Carol Montague WBCCI #5274, Total Nights: 46, Number of Stops: 14, Kitty Fee w/2 $3,850.00; Kitty Fee w/1 $2,600.00; Guest: $1,200.00; Deposit: $200.00; Balance Due: 2/1/2010 (50%), 2/1/2011 (50%); Cancellation: $50 before 3/1/2011, Leaders discretion after, Min. RVs - 25; Max RVs - 30

N-40-I The American CIVIL WAR, Part 1 3/8-4/7/2011 Start: dover, tn Stop: biloxi, ms

The Civil War, The War Between the States, The War of Northern Aggression, The Lost Cause, The War of Rebellion, The Great Unpleasantness, The Uncivil War. Call it what you may, this war which pitted brother against brother is a gripping chapter in US history and one that continues to command interest despite the passage of time. Part I follows the western campaign during the lovely springtime along the lower Mississippi River. We will stop in Dover and Savannah, TN with day trips to Corinth and Brice’s Crossroads; Greenwood, Vicksburg, Grand Gulf and Natchez in MS with a side trip to Jackson; and Baton Rouge, LA with visits to Jackson and St. Francisville. Our last stop is Biloxi, MS where we tour Jefferson Davis’ final home which has recently been lovingly restored. Along the way park rangers will guide us through Donelson, Shiloh National Military Park, Vicksburg National Battlefield, and Port Hudson and we’ll see fascinating museums, an old state capitol, restored and working plantations, beautiful antebellum homes and grounds, and a historic pageant, experience life on an 1850 homestead, take a Mississippi River ride at sunset, and enjoy many other activities and local points of interest both planned and on your own. Of course, first, last and in-between we’ll savor good southern cooking and hospitality. Special presentations on civil war photography and medical procedures as well as musket and cannon firing demonstrations are planned. We would love for you to join us in stepping back in time to an era which has ‘gone with the wind’ but will never be forgotten during its sesquicentennial year of remembrance. Space will be limited, so sign up early. Leaders: Ed & Beth Jones WBCCI #1515, Address: 4200 Ferry Landing Rd., Alexandria, VA 22309. Phone: 703-7806597, Email: Total Nights: 30. Kitty Fee w/2 $1975; Kitty Fee w/1 $1650; Guest $360; Deposit: $350. Cancellation: Full Refund before 9/1/10; $50 until 1/1/2011, Leaders discretion after. Max RVs - 25

N-40-L FLORIDA FANTASY 2/8-3/29/2011 Start: Tallahassee, FL stop: Mile 39, on the Keys-Sunshine Key Resort

Join the Buchanan’s for 50 days in Florida the “Sunshine State.” We will be starting at the Capital City of Tallahassee. We will visit Alachua, Sarasota - where we attend the Florida State Rally, Tampa - Busch Gardens, Titusville and a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, “Epcot” at Walt Disney World while we are staying at the Great Outdoors Resort. We will travel to St. Augustine, Stuart, visit the Everglades National Park and yes, we will

see alligators. The caravan will end in the Keys. We have many exciting activities planned for this caravan. So, please join us for a Wonderful Winter in 2011. A 7 night Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean is included in the Kitty Fee. Note: The cruise portion of the caravan (Not a WBCCI Sponsored event.), is also open to all WBCCI members, their families and their friends - for the cruise portion only, we can take any number of people. Leaders: Al & Gracie Buchanan WBCCI #800, Address: 766 Floyd Bennett Dr., Melbourne, FL 32901, Phone: 321-728-2789 Cell 321-2432789, Email:, Total Nights: 50, Kitty Fee w/2 $4,895.00; Kitty Fee w/1 TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $400.00, Cancellation: $50 before 1/15/2011, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs - 25

N-40-M FLY DRIVE ALASKA Start: Anchorage, AK

5/24-6/7/2011 Stop: Anchorage, AK

You will fly to Anchorage AK, rent a class C Motorhome, tour for 14 days, then fly home. We will go to Seward, Homer, Palmer, Denali Park, Talkeetna, and back to Anchorage. Your kitty fee will include campsites, boat trip, musk ox farm, Iditarod headquarters, dinner theatre, bus ride into Denali park, several meals, plus our final banquet at the beautiful Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. Note: We will also make arrangements if you want to come two days early and tour Anchorage. You will be on your own and it is not part of the Caravan. There is a lot to see and do in Anchorage. KITTY FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR FARE OR MOTORHOME RENTAL. Leaders: John & Thelda Guy WBCCI #24905, Address: 565 Bonum Rd., Clover, SC 29710, Phone: 803-831-1276 Cell 704-560-3075, Email:, Total Nights: 14, Number of Stops: 5, Kitty Fee w/2 $1,500.00; Kitty Fee w/1 $1,000.00; Guest: $700.00; Deposit: $200.00, Balance Due: 1/15/2011, Cancellation: $50 before 1/15/2011, Leaders discretion after, Min RVs - 15, Max RVs - 18

N-40-N WATCH IT MADE IN THE USA est 8/31-10/9/2011 Start: Wapakoneta, Oh Stop: Milwaukee, Wi

The “Watch It Made In The U.S.A.” caravan is the start of a journey that gives tribute to the hard working men and women who have engineered and manufactured many of the products we use every day. We invite you to travel along with us in the heartland of our country to satisfy a common curiosity of how products are made. America is a great country with hard working folks that engineer, design, and manufacture many of the world’s greatest products. Other countries often just copy what these fine Americans do. We will tour factories to watch such things made as Airstream Travel Trailers, John Deere Farm Tractors, Caterpillar Bull Dozers, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Miller Beer, Eli’s Cheesecake, Spangler Candy, and many more. We will also visit factory historical sites and museums such as the National Truck and Auto Museum, AuburnCord-Dusenberg Museum, and McDonald’s 1st Restaurant. The rendezvous point will be just a stone’s throw from where our beloved Airstreams are manufactured. Then we will proceed for 40 days and 850 miles to Milwaukee, WI. Along the route we will enjoy 10 different campgrounds with full hookups and we will move approximately every 4 days for an average of 85 miles per move. The final banquet will be a dinner celebration cruise along the historic Milwaukee River. Each following year this caravan will be a unique tour with a new route to different factories and factory museums. There is limited space so sign up to reserve your place. Leaders: George & Sharon Hilton WBCCI #7009, Address: 1452 San Clemente Ct., Lady Lake, FL 32159, Phone: G 352-205-9928 or S 352-430-5834, E-Mail:, Total Nights: 40, Number of Stops: 10, Kitty Fee w/2 $3,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1 TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $500.00, Cancellation: $50.00 before May 1, 2011, Leaders discretion after, Max RVs: 25



Come along with us, see what Ontario has to offer for a fun filled time of meeting new friends experience the magic of Shakespeare at the Stratford Theatre Festival, the thrill of sailing up the Niagara River to the Falls, dining in North America’s tallest free standing structure, sailing among the 30,000 islands, cruising on the Trent Canal and being lifted 65 feet on the world’s highest hydraulic lift lock in Peterborogh. Enjoy a meal 1840’s style at Old Fort Henry. Kingston, visit the RCMP Musical Ride Facilities on Ottawa, the Parliament Buildings and enjoy our final banquet at the stately Chateau Laurier. Leaders: Gordon & Elaine Morson WBCCI #3620, 22 Wilton Drive, Brampton, ON L6W 3A1, Phone: 905-459-2008, Email:, Kitty Fee: w/2: $2495.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $1900.00; Deposit $250.00, Cancellation: $50. before 4/1/2011.

Blue Beret/October 2010


PERMANENT ADDRESS CHANGE PLEASE NOTE: Address on file 12/1 will be printed in Directory. Address change as of______________ (date) WBCCI#____________

WBCCI NUMBERS & DECALS $9.50 per set, includes front and back; $10.25 for Ohio residents. Make check payable to: WBCCI


WBCCI#_ __________________

Address_ ________________________________________________


Address_ ________________________________________________


Check if officer

State/Prov._ _________________________________Zip___________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 E-Mail: Deb Sailor, Member Services,

City_____________________________________________________ State/Prov._ ______________________ Zip_ ____________________

FIRST CLASS MAIL WBCCI#_ ________________________



I Need a: five year additional set  or complete replacement set

Address_ ________________________________________________

I Joined in _______(year). Life Member?_____


Enclosed is an addressed envelope for stars only.

State/Prov._ _________________________________Zip___________

MAIL TO: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 E-MAIL: Deb Sailor, Member Services,

Enclose $20.00 for one year. Make check payable to: WBCCI Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

REGION 11 RALLY Red Rock Park Gallup, New Mexico October 6 - 11, 2010

ROSE PARADE SPECIAL EVENT RALLY Pasadena, California December 28, 2010 - January 1, 2011 WBCCI # _ _________________ Unit___________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_ ________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ RV Type: Trl/MH - Length___________ Cell/Ph.________________ E-mail______________________________________ Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $385.00 Airstream w/1 adult $365.00 Guest(15 +) $150.00 pp x____ TOTAL

$__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

Rally fee includes parking, breakfasts, two dinners and curbside parade viewing. Both guest parade viewing and the number of Airstream RVs is limited to 25 RVs. $50 cancellation fee prior to December 1, 2010 (full refund if event is cancelled) refunds after. This is a Dry Camping Event. Include self-addressed stamped envelope. Make checks payable to: Region 12, WBCCI Mail to: Kathy Hampel, 794 Grace St. Livermore, CA 94550


Blue Beret/October 2010


Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_ ________________________________________________ City_________________State_________Zip Code___________ E-Mail ___________________________WBCCI #____________ Phone_____________# in Party_____________Pets________ Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 Adults Airstream w/1 Adult Guest

$200.00 100.00 100.00

$__________ $__________ $__________

Early Bird Special Deduct $5.00 per person if postmarked before Sept. 15, 2010 Total $__________ Full Refund for cancellations before September 15, 2010. Parking Reservations: Parking is $15.00 per night with water and electric. (This is separate from the Rally Fee and paid directly to the park). You will need to make your own reservations by calling Red Rock Park at 505-722-3839. Checks payable to: Region 11 WBCCI Rally Mail to: Sue McDowell 189 Willow Lane, Ft. Sumner, NM 88119 Ph. 505-250-8341, Email:

47TH NATIONAL MARDI GRAS RALLY UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana Sponsored by Greater New Orleans LA Unit Wednesday, March 2 - Wednesday, March 9 , 2011

38th ANNUAL FLORIDA STATE RALLY Sarasota County Fairgrounds 3000 Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, Florida February 15 - 20, 2011

WBCCI # _ _________________ Unit___________________________

WBCCI #_______________Unit_ _____________________________

Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

Address_ ________________________________________________

Address_ ________________________________________________



Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________

Will you be entering a pet in the Pet Show: Yes____No__________

Cell Phone_ ________________

Hdcp?______________(State ID Placard required)

Winter/Summer Address:________________________________

Region Officer______________ International Officer_____________



Rally Fee: 2 adults (7 nights pkg includ.) $950.00 1 adult $650.00 Guest $370.00 TOTAL

Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $185.00 Airstream w/1 adult (Guest $50 ea.) $135.00 Wkend w/2 adults Fri--Sun $ 90.00 Wkend w/1 adult (Guest $32 ea.) $ 58.00 TOTAL

$__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

Early Parking will be available beginning on Monday, February 28th at $40 per night. Please add to the total if you plan to arrive early. Deposit: $500 (balance to be paid by Dec. 31, 2010). A confirmation letter with detailed information and driving directions will be sent once your deposit is received. Make checks payable to: GNO LA Unit - National Mardi Gras Rally Mail to: Lonnie Carver P.O. Box 1131, Slidell, LA 70459 Ph. 504-957-9362 • Email:

$__________ $__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

No reservations accepted after February 5, 2011. Payment will be accepted at gate upon entry. Cancellation fee before January 1, 2011, $5.00; after January 1, 2011, $20.00, after February 1 refunds will be at the discretion of the Rally Director. Registrations received before January 1 will be eligible to be placed in a drawing for their rally fee returned. Include the coupon and a SASE (Self Addressed, Stamped LARGE 4x9 Envelope) for receipt. Make checks payable to: WBCCI Florida State Rally Mail to: Randy Godfrey, Registrar 2148 Auburn Lakes Dr. Viera, FL 32955-6764

51st ANNIVERSARY HOBO RALLY Colorado River Fairgrounds Blythe, California January 31 - February 6, 2011 WBCCI # _ _________________ Unit___________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

I am bringing my band instrument, it is__________________________ ________________________________________________________

Phone___________________ Adults_______Children____________

Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $210 Airstream w/1 adult $195 Guest (15+ years) # _____x $ 50 TOTAL

First Timer?__________Vintage?__________Classic?___________

Payment prior to January 1 - Deduct $5.00 per person.

Address_ ________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________

Length of RV:_________ Slide Outs? R_______ L______ B_______ Hdcp Parking?____________

$__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

Make checks payable to: Region 12 Hobo Rally Mail to: Kathy Hampel, Hobo Rally Registrar 794 Grace St., Livermore, CA 94550

Blue Beret/October 2010


THE CANADIAN THANKSGIVING & COLUMBUS DAY RALLY Provincetown, Massachusetts October 7 - 11, 2010 Limited to 30 RVs WBCCI # _ _______________ Unit___________________________ Name__________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_ ______________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code____________ Phone____________________ E-mail________________________ Airstream Length & type:_________________ Optional: Lobster Feed - $28 pp x_____ BBQ (Chicken/Ribs) $25 pp x_____ Adult Guest $78 pp x_____ Child Guest (12 & under) $24 pp x_____ Early Parking ea night $43 x_____ Total Optional Meals & Guests

$____________ $____________ $____________ $____________ $____________ $____________

2011 International Dues - $65.00 plus unit dues


Blue Beret/October 2010

Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults Airstream w/1 adult

$211.00 $193.00

$____________ $____________

GRAND TOTAL $____________ (Includes optional meals, extra adults, early parking)

Lobster Feed & BBQ Chicken and Ribs include: steamers, potato salad, clam chowder, corn on the cob & rolls. Plan on 2 full & 1 continental breakfasts plus a pumpkin pie social and a potluck supper. Please see official flyer/coupon at: Make checks payable to: (in US Funds) Cape Cod Mass. Unit Mail to: Trevor Lake, Treasurer 315 Oak St. Marshfield, MA 02050

If you have pictures depicting WBCCI caravans and rallies, please share them with us. Pictures may be used for promotional material, the Membership Directory, “Blue Beret” cover, or published in “Club Scenes.” Photos should be of rally/caravan activities. Please include a description of the picture, member names, specific rally/caravan, dates, etc. and send to or WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. NOTE: File formats in .jpg are preferred or send original photos.

Tidewater Virginia Unit toured St. John’s Church in Hampton. -submitted by Bill & Joyce Werner, #5360

Winner of the Airstream theme prize at the Northern California Unit Halloween Party. The pumpkin was created by Jane Kiskaddon. -submitted by Elain White, #5962

Pumpkin carved by George and Sharon Hilton. It took first place at the Halloween Party on the Southeast Coast Spectacular Caravan. -submitted by Ron and Cyndi Carnein, #9424 Hobos Doug and Debra McGill call on Ethelwyne Golden while getting ready for the Hobo Parade. -submitted by Tom Golden, #16921

Nine Unit Past Presidents of the El Camino Real CA Unit attended the rally! -submitted by Jim Foster, #6620`

During the 2nd Airstreamers in the Valley Luncheon embroidred towels, made by Charlie Petrillo, were presented to the members. -submitted by Don McKelvay, #205

Blue Beret/October 2010


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Blue Beret/October 2010

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