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President’s Corner Every veteran who attends the Gillette Rally will receive a special ribbon denoting their service to their country.


lans are being made and finalized for the 57th International Rally, June 28th through July 4th at Gillette, Wyoming. We are a little over four months from Opening Ceremony. This rally will be primarily a “Thank You” to the many WBCCI members who have served in the United States of America military, the Canadian military, and also in Australia. We have men as well as women who have served in the various military services – and we salute each and every one of you! Every veteran who attends this rally will receive a special ribbon to be attached to his or her rally ribbon denoting their service to their country. I will have veterans carrying the national flags during the Opening Ceremony. We are indeed indebted to all our veterans. Our entertainment at Gillette includes the Scott Woods Band on Canada Day, July 1st. Sandy and I enjoyed them so much at Sedalia, that we asked them to come back to Gillette. We will have Yancey de Veer, a singing cowboy, as our entertainment on July 2nd. We saw him some years ago in Sarasota, Florida. He performs in Deadwood, South Dakota during the summer.

The New Florida State Rally will be April 2-7 at Sunshine Key Resort in the Florida Keys. Our family was there in 1977 during Christmas break – we lived in Ohio then. It was very nice then, and is even better now. Parking will have a 5 point hook-up – water, 50 amp electric, sewer, cable, and Wi-Fi. This rally is limited to 120 full service sites. Sandy and I have already sent in our registration for this rally. We are looking forward to returning to the beautiful Florida Keys. Contact Daniel Maciejczyk at Wishing all safe travels, good health, and many blessings, John and Sandy Stumpf

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Blue Beret / February 2014 

Participants on the Viking Trail Caravan

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What’s Inside... Vol. 50

February 2014

Issue No. 2

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on the cover... Viking Trail Caravan

Full cover: Cape Spear - Farthest east drive-to-point in North America Top L: Bull moose visiting an Airstream in Triple Falls RV Park, St. Anthony Top R: Loading on the ferry to Newfoundland Center L: Caravan Route Center R: George Hilton visiting Alpacas on Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland Bottom: An iceberg near St. Anthony -submitted by Marion Pember, #4634 “AIRSTREAM” is a registered trademark used under license.

Copy Deadline for the April issue is March 15. Blue Beret / February 2014


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o G e W

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I ’ m al i t t l eGr oundhog i nmyhol e . OnF e b r uar y2 nd Youwi l lk now. I fIs e emys hadow I twi l lb e , Si xmor ewe e k sofwi nt e r F orYouandMe ! Unk nown

Many of us are now “hunkered down” for the winter. Here in the deep south, we’ve had, for us, really cold and damp weather. Nevertheless we have had rallies, met some new friends, and renewed old friendships. Recently we had WBCCI friends from California stop overnight. During dinner they remarked about meeting a couple that knew us. After putting on our thinking caps we came up with their names. Our traveling friends left the next morning for Florida and we left for our Region Rally in Alabama. In Alabama, we were speaking with dear friends in our unit about their sojourn to Alaska (after the International Rally in Huron) and learned

they attended the Antelope Rally in Wyoming. While there they met a member hunting antelope with a pistol. Really up close and personal! Upon returning home to Louisiana, I was able to get contact info for the couple we learned about from our California friends. Gale returned my message and we had a lengthy conversation. We caught up on our escapades. We left our sailboats and our Caribbean lifestyle behind. Stopped sailing the Caribbean and started hitting the road in our Airstreams. During our conversation she told me that Bud was hunting in Mississippi. With a PISTOL! The point of this story is you never know who you’ll meet, where you’ll meet them,

or how often you’ll be with them. But friends are out there to be found or re-found. Our California friends, found our St. Croix friends, who live in Arizona but belong to the Wyoming unit and told us about them while overnighting in Louisiana during their trip to Florida. AND our Unit friends from Florida also knew about the hunter with a pistol in Wyoming who they met on their trip back from Alaska. If we were not WBCCI members would we have such great adventures? Would we be able to reconnect with old friends? I doubt it. We have a network of friends. Broaden your network, make new friends, and retain them for life. What a great life! See you soon. Somewhere.

Helen Bourgeois Chairman never know who you’ll meet, where you’ll meet them, or how often you’ll be with them.

Law Matters At the winter IBT I reported a new law in Iowa that penalizes people that live in Iowa but license and pay the sales tax for an RV vehicle through a dummy LLC in places like Montana or North Dakota. Minnesota has passed the same kind of law. The Iowa law provides amnesty if the perpetrators confess and pay the delinquent fees. Iowa has also promised a vigorous pursuit of violators by using the state police. I have read that the states of Oregon, Washington, New Hampshire, and Maine are considering similar state legislation. It is important to note this refers to dummy corporations but does not include second homes. I would venture an opinion to all Airstreamers who contemplate such a practice: DON’T DO IT. Two states have already passed laws to prosecute violators, and several other states are considering similar laws. The financial penalties are severe.

Richard Jirus Near the town of Watford City, Legislative North Dakota, a new type of campChairman ground is being tried: indoor camping. The park features 10 insulated and climate controlled buildings that can house 236 campers. The need was generated by the mass of oil boom workers who needed housing, and were living in their RV’s. Eight of the buildings have been full for at least three months, and the two recently built buildings that can accommodate 40 foot rigs are already reserved. A new gas tax increase of $.15 per gallon has been introduced by Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon as H.R. 3636. The purpose is to provide funds for the Highway Trust funds for construction of roads and other infrastructure. Portions of the funds are used to support other recreational activities. The new tax would be phased in over a three year period. Blue Beret / February 2014


come ut o c h e c kn e w our er n mod ice serv ty facili

an authorized h d interstate dealer d l

visit our new Airstream Parts Boutique

Live Riveted




Sales. Service. Parts. Consignments Welcome. 8084 McFadden Ave, Westminster, CA 92683

714.650.8595 • Toll Free: 877.718.3377


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factory train t e c h n i cei d ans & storag availabl e on site e

Take Your Airstream Adventures to a New Level Exclusive Napa Valley Location

1.855.641.1278 |

707.207.6689 |

2400 Cordelia Rd Fairfield, CA 94534

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Where WIll you go?

eWald carrIeS the mIdWeSt’S largeSt aIrStream SelectIon! EWALD’S

AIRSTREAM 414-427-2000


6319 S. 108th Street


Franklin, WI 53132 14

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Dr. Harold Kingdon, WBCCI #14383 International Chaplain Did you see it? An astounding sequence of five photographs. The first photo shows a crippled bird squatting helplessly on a roadway. It is a female bluebird that has been struck by a car. She miscalculated and swooped too low when flying across the road. The second photo shows that same wounded bluebird with her head pointed upward, beak open wide like a fledgling in a nest waiting to be fed. Her male mate, exhibiting uncommon compassion, is swooping in to drop food in her waiting mouth. In the third photo of this remarkable series, her mate has returned again to bring her food, but this time he can only stand beside her lifeless body in shock. She has succumbed to her injuries. Photo number four finds the male bluebird attempting to move her body, without success. Finally, aware that his mate is dead and will never come back to him, in the last photo of the sequence he is standing beside her corpse, beak wide open as he lets out a cry of distress and sorrow for his departed mate. These rare photos from the world of nature were published in America, Europe, Australia, and India. Millions of people saw

them and were deeply moved. When they were first published in a newspaper in France, every copy of that edition sold out the same day. The thoughts and feelings of many were summed up in the words of one who concluded: “You have just witnessed love and sorrow felt by God’s creatures. These amazing photos captured a drama with two…little creatures that is every bit as poignant and heart-wrenching as any human story.” What a fitting “Inspiration” for the month of February with its celebration of Valentine’s Day; an ideal time to remind ourselves of the importance of love and compassion for one another within the nuclear family and within our Airstream family. Perhaps even more to the point, this priceless human-interest story serves as a refreshing reminder that, Not a single sparrow [bluebird] can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it….  So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows [bluebirds]. It was a woman by the name of Civilla Martin who, in 1905, was so moved by this truth that she composed the lyrics to the popular Gospel hymn, with its oft-repeated refrain: “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.” Fabulous phrase for February; tantalizing truth for two thousand and fourteen!


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AirstreAm invites you to visit their newest dealership in Columbus, Ohio! Come and see all the new and used AirstreAm models in Central Ohio's largest RV Parts Showroom, Service & Collision Center, with Airstream Certified Technicians.

Located in the shadow of the Hollywood Casino, Haydocy Airstream & rV continues in the 60 Year Haydocy Automotive Tradition.

For directions and more information visit us online


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hqHeadQuarters Notes Cindy Reed, Corporate Manager


Welcome New Dealers...

If you have pictures depicting WBCCI caravans and rallies, please share them with us. These pictures may be used for Westminster, California promotional material, the Membership Directory, “Blue Beret” cover, or published in “Club Scenes”. Pictures should be of Fairfield, California rally/caravan activities. When choosing a photo, consider the potential member and what would entice him/her to join the club. Please include a deFranklin, Wisconsin scription of the picture, member names, specific rally/caravan, See their full page ads on pages 12,13 and 14. When you are in their dates, etc. and send to creed@ area, be sure to stop in and welcome them to the WBCCI family. or WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334.

Airstream Orange County

Bay Area Airstream Adventures Ewald’s Airstream

Courtesy Parking Please add the following members to the Courtesy Parking list in your 2014 Membership Directory California JAMUL...Uribe & Baer, #2443 (619)884-0832 Connecticut COVENTRY...Landry, #3990 (860)742-8069 Kansas OLATHE...Mitchell & Woodworth, #4973 (913)484-5378 Minnesota KERRICK...Gunderson, #31920 (218)496-4925

A I R D RA P E S Replacement Draperies Since 2003

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New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE...Lorio & Bretton, #1025 (505)269-7059 South Carolina SUMMERVILLE...Knight, #4826 (843)688-4313 Texas LUBBOCK...Foley, #1040 (806)687-5921 Wisconsin CLEVELAND...Stenz, #4844 (920)693-2146 MENOMONEE FALLS...Lahr, #223 (262)251-2159 LET US GIVE YOUR AIRSTREAM A FACE LIFT


Airstream and Argosy •Draperies •Pillows •Bedspreads

Fowler Interiors

Visa/MasterCard/Check 610-905-0537

PO Box 91 Symsonia, KY 42082 (270) 851-3257

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Exclusive Parks for Airstream Owners and WBCCI Members • • • • • •

Jersey Shore Haven Land Yacht Harbor (Florida) Minnesota Airstream Park Mystic Springs Cove (Florida) North Texas Airstream Community Penn Wood Airstream Park



elcome to Mystic Springs Cove Park, located between I-65 in Alabama and I-10 in Pensacola, FL on the Escambia River, in McDavid, FL. Our park is owned and operated by the Pensacola Unit 029 members. We are open year round and have 50 sites with three point hookups. The park is very rustic and woodsy. Riding bikes or taking walks is very inviting. Pets are welcome. We have our own clubhouse, free limited WiFi, and coin-operated laundry. The Pensacola Unit 029 has a rally each month and meets at the park. The park is about 30 minutes from Pensacola, FL where there is plenty of shopping, restaurants, and sandy white beaches. A must-see in our area is the Naval Museum located at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, home of the Blue Angels. Wind Creek Casino is located We are open year nearby in Atmore, AL. There are plenty of things to do or you round and have 50 can just relax at the park.

sites with three point hookups.

Visit our website, for more photos, details and rates. If you are near the panhandle of Florida, stop by for a visit at 591 Mystic Springs Road, McDavid, Florida, 32568. Phone #850-256-3280.


Blue Beret / February 2014 

• Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground (TCPC) • Texas Airstream Harbor, Inc (TAHI) • Top of Georgia Airstream Park • Virginia Highland Haven • Washington Land Yacht Harbor

Craigslist is Your Best Decluttering Friend by Ramona Creel When folks find out that Matt and I are full-timers, they always ask what we've done with the "rest" of our stuff (meaning anything we didn't take on the road). My response? We don't have any other stuff! We made a conscious decision to find new homes for anything that wouldn't fit into our Airstream – and made $16,000 in the process (enough to pay for the actual RV, which cost $15,900). When folks ask how on earth I did that, I tell them, "Craigslist was my best friend" – and it can be yours too, even if you still have a brick-and-mortar house and are just looking to lighten the load!

What To Sell Simply put, you can sell ANYTHING on Craigslist – but it's going to be more effective for those items that are either too valuable for the "donate" box, or: • a bit offbeat (I had a wheatgrass juicer that I couldn't give away for $5 at a yard sale – but literally five minutes after my Craigslist ad went up, had a buyer drive across town in rush hour traffic and paid my full asking price of $85 without question) • collectible (although the market for nick-nacks is a bit soft in the current "short-on-disposable-income" economy) • seasonal (holiday decorations, sports equipment, and clothing sell better during the appropriate time of year for their use) • one of many (like a big batch of clothing or a ton of Christmas ornaments, which you sell together for a lump sum rather than nickle-anddiming each piece individually)

• in high demand (I could have sold those Poang chairs from IKEA fifty times over, I got so many responses to that ad!) But don't waste time posting every single piece of junk you clean out online – remember, your goal is to maximize financial return while minimizing time investment. You're better off selling the ratty toys and frying pans and junk out of your garage at a yard sale (or donating them to charity and pocketing the tax deduction) instead.

How To List It The beauty of Craigslist is that it's a) free, and b) perused daily by shoppers looking for very specific items – folks who are either searching by name (for a "kayak" or a "blender") or scanning through a group of listings (like "sports equipment" or "household goods"). So you'll want to make sure you choose appropriate categories for each of your treasures, placing your items in a home where other similar listings live. (If you're having a hard time choosing just one, ask yourself, "Where would I look for this item if I were trying to buy it?") However, it takes skill to lure browsers into reading your full ad, so make that title count! If the thing you're selling is new, say so – using the acronym NWT (new with tags) for an item has never been used. Include recognizable and respected brand names, models, and a few pertinent details – while this isn't the appropriate place for a lengthy sales pitch, you want to grab a potential customer's attention on that first pass. Then make sure that your expanded description is as detailed as possible – people don't want to have to contact you to see what size something is or if the attachments come with it or

if it has any scuff marks (so the general rule of thumb is "the more information, the better"). Include as many images as you're allowed – and if you're selling an item with "minor damage" (like a scratch or stain), take a zoomed-in picture to show exactly how minor it is. You'll receive fewer "clarification" emails from potential buyers by being thorough up front. But they key to success is going beyond the sort of information you can provide off the top of your head. Visit the manufacturer website and copy their "official" description/specs to paste into your ad. If they have a better photo than you do, make use of it. And be sure to actually link back to that page in the body of your ad, so folks can see the details. At the very least, link to another vendor (be it a big box store, Amazon, or even Ebay) that is selling the same thing for MORE than you are - once folks see what a great deal they're getting, your offering will seem even that much more attractive! When I sold my 3-month-old stacking washer/dryer (which I'd bought cheap at a "bent-and-dent" sale), I linked to the Lowe’s website in order to show what a new one cost, then priced mine at about 3/4 their asking price – I ended up netting MORE on Craigslist than I paid for it originally! However, this process takes patience – if you want what your stuff is worth, you have to be willing to wait for the right buyer to come along (which might mean re-listing your ad several times, rather than selling to the first low-baller who comes along). The moral of the story is that investing a bit continued on page 37

Blue Beret / February 2014


Hitch Head


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Blue Beret / February 2014


Online Unit and Region Renewals and Registrations Eric McHenry, #2242 Electronic Communications Committee Member Region 12 and Santa Clara Unit Webmaster Some great news for Units and Regions looking at more online services

services: Membership Renewal and Rally Registrations at the Region and Unit websites.

Over the last few years, if there’s one thing most Units and Regions have heard from their Members it is the desire to have the ability to do more transactions online, rather than by physical mail and checkbooks. Not for everybody and certainly not all the time - but it’s clear many of our Members would appreciate the convenience of more online options from WBCCI.

New Online Renewals and Registration Capabilities

Why is this important for WBCCI? In the majority of their lives our Members have the ability to sign up for events and purchases online: they renew their automobile licenses, they pay their utility bills, buy airplane tickets, book hotels, download books and much, much more. In fact, our Members are not just becoming more comfortable with online registrations and purchases, in some cases they actually prefer online payments due to the convenience and security; especially if they are on the road or have busy work and/or social calendars. Why should it be different for our WBCCI activities, registrations and events? Shouldn’t we make it easier for our active Members to sign up for our Rallies, renew their memberships and even purchase items online? Can’t we offer the same online conveniences widely available elsewhere? Or even more importantly, let’s not contribute to potential perceptions our Club is adverse to, or unaware of new trends and Member preferences. Finally, let’s try all we can to encourage more awareness and attendance at our events. This is one great way. Well, it’s time for some good news! Over the last year, our WBCCI Electronics Communications Committee (ECC) has been working with WBCCI Headquarters (HQ), the WBCCI Executive Committee, several Regions and a growing number of Unit Treasurers and Webmasters to deliver the infrastructure for more Member-oriented online transactions. So far our focus has been on automating and streamlining some of the paper-based processes that have been in use almost since our formation as a Club. Some of the examples included online New Member Registrations, online Courtesy Parking Maps, online Unit Location Maps, online Big Red Number reordering, online WBCCI Amateur Radio Club registrations, online Unit & Region calendaring, etc. More is coming from HQ and the ECC over the next year, but this article describes one of the most-requested set of online


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Note: The following are available within your Unit or Region website • Online Membership Renewals • Online Region Rally Registrations • Online Special Event Registrations • Online Unit Rally Registrations • Online sales of Region or Unit material How to get started: Two things need to happen to get your Unit or Region going: 1) Your Unit or Region webmaster needs to configure the new online renewals and registration settings, and 2) Your Treasurer needs to setup a PayPal account. Instructions on both topics can be found on the ECC website (http://ecc. In addition, if you have questions and/or need some assistance feel free to contact the ECC at their email address ( They can get you going quickly, point you to great examples, and even help you configure your first Online event if needed. We’ve found this new capability to be very easy to use and well within the experience and/or skill level of the majority of our Unit and Region webmasters. Thank you for taking a look… In closing, I hope many Units and Regions find this information useful. We’re pretty excited about it - we see this as yet another way to encourage people to join our events by removing some very simple hurdles: No “coupons” to print out, fill out, find a stamp, find a check, write a check, find an envelope and mail it. The reality is that we’ve all seen a shift in our generation (and beyond) where physical correspondence and physical checkbooks are becoming more of a rarity. Certainly not for all people, nor all the time - but more and more true for the new potential Members purchasing Airstreams and considering whether to participate in our events and join our club. I write this article not only as a member of the Santa Clara Unit, but also as member of the Electronic Communications Committee - we are a group that truly enjoys working with your leaders to provide such interesting capabilities as Courtesy Parking Maps, Unit Location Maps, Centralized Event Calendaring (Google Calendars) and now truly easy and usable Online Renewals and Registrations!

Blue Beret / February 2014



Howard Lefkowitz, #6077 Chairman Chuck Helwig, #2868 Safety Officer Phil Broomall, #2654 Jim Cooper, #1967

This group, part of the WBCCI Technical Standing Committee, has been established to help the membership with any of their technical RV problems. Examples of questions that might be of interest to many members will be published in the Blue Beret. We will respond directly to you, in response to your email or letter describing a problem you are having. We hope you will find this new service of value in the care and feeding of your RV. You may contact us as follows: techhelp@ or by mail: Howard Lefkowitz, 11508 Colt Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Problem: I recently de-winterized

my motorhome and hooked up to shore power but I am not getting any 120 VAC. I can measure it at the end of my extension line but it is not getting to the circuit breaker panel. I am on a 30 amp outlet. When I run my generator everything works fine.

Answer: The usual cause of this problem is the transfer relay which switches your AC circuit breaker panel from the shore power cable to the generator output. This relay is either a single 4-pole or two 2-pole relays. This provides the ability to switch the 4-wire, 50 amp input from shore power to the generator. The normal configuration is with shore power connected so that your coach gets power as soon as you plug in. When you run the generator it provides 12 volts DC to the relay and after a time delay it switches to the generator AC output. The relay, Figure (1), usually fails because of burned contacts which is the normal shore power position. DISCONNECT FROM SHORE POWER AND REMOVE ALL VOLTAGE FROM THE RIG! The failure mode is usually burned contacts which block shore power to the rig. Operate the relay by hand and clean both sides of each contact with crocus cloth or very fine 0000 sandpaper. The relay’s normal mode is with the shore power on so that no external power is required when you turn the system on. 24

Blue Beret / February 2014 

If the system is still not operating after you clean the contacts then you should check the connections between your input line and the coach. Usually in your rearmost compartment on the driver’s side there will be an electrical box which has the shore power feed line connections. After removing all power to the coach remove the cover of this electrical junction box and examine the connections. I have found wire nut connections that are defective in several trailers and motorhomes. Check the wire nuts for tightness. If they just go around and will not tighten then they are probably too large. Replace them with the next smaller size, and securely tighten them. To use wire nuts for an RV (3M recommendation) use the following procedure: 1. Strip insulation from each wire about 1/2 to 5/8 (depending on wire size) inch. 2. Firmly grasp wires, making sure insulation ends are even and tightly bundled (wires may be twisted or untwisted). For one stranded wire it should be slightly longer. Slip the proper size connector over the wire tips. 3. Turn the connector onto the wires in a clockwise direction until it is secure.

Figure 1 Transfer Relay

4. Wrap the wire and connector (2 layers) in electrical tape to keep the wire nuts from loosening under vibration. A complete set of tables for wire connections can be found at:

h t t p : / / w w w. c r c o r p . c o m / D C T _ HardwareEssentials/E/pdf/E12.pdf

which includes proper wire nut sizes.

Results: Cleaning the relay contacts did not fix the problem. However, all of the wire nuts in the main AC electrical box were loose and turned around just as you said. The wires were twisted together which is why I guess the rig worked for 9 years. I really appreciate this help.

Problem: Here’s my problem and

I hope you have some references for me. As you’ve heard the tale of woes many times by now, our old four button Dometic Comfort Control is slowly ceasing to function. The two Dometic Penguin AC units work fine and the heat strip works in one of them. The Atwood furnace works fine...very difficult or next to impossible to switch from front zone to rear zone. This is the second control unit I’ve installed (found a used one several years ago). What I need are some details on options available to cure the problem. What is the best investment? I’ve heard, but not actually confirmed, that there are replacement circuit boards which allow a new wireless digital controller to be used. Given that the AC/ Heat units are twelve years old, maybe it’s best to replace everything???? Please let me know what you know about this widespread problem.



As usual you have three

1. Buy a rebuilt 4-button CCC on eBay.  What usually goes bad is the switches and they can be cleaned.  This is obviously the cheapest and easiest approach. 2. Convert to a 5-button, which requires a new control board in each air conditioner.  There are several vendors for new kits on eBay that run from about $210 to $300. 3. Convert to the newest CCC 2;  http://www.rvpartwholesaler. com/servlet/the-Duo-Therm-AirConditioners/s/51/Categories. This guy also sells boards and the 5-button CCC conversion. He has reasonable prices on new units.  Camping World charges about $110 for a 5-button CCC. If the air conditioners are working fine, I would not replace them at this time since that is in the $2000 range. I have included some good PDF’s that detail the operation of the 12-button CCC that should help in your decision.

Results: As you may recall, the system which I was working on had a dual zone Dometic Duo-Therm Penguin Air Conditioner Model #620315.321 with heat strips and the Dometic 4Button Comfort Control Center Model #3106463. The problem was that the CCC would not function (erratic at best) and the AC and furnace units worked fine if you could turn them on and off. Well the work is done and the problem is fixed. The email I received from Dometic, along with your assistance, lead me to the right course of action. I called PPL Motor Homes, 713-9885555 / 800-755-4775 and they had the parts. I bought the following items.

Buying the parts is easy! Two Dometic Circuit Control Boxes w/ boards #3312020.000, which cost $108.00 each (circuit control boards are used with the new Dometic twelve button CCC). One Dometic Twelve Button CCC #3312024.023, which cost $100.50 Shipping $7.99, Total cost $324.49

Now for the fun part! When you get the new control circuit board, it is mounted inside a metal box with all the wiring harnesses and quick disconnect directions are


The first thing I did was turn off all the AC & DC power to and in the coach!

Up on the coach roof: I took the top plastic shroud off the AC unit and then took the cover off the circuit board enclosure on the starboard (right) side of the AC. Inside this small, little, tight space is the circuit board along with the compressor starting capacitor and relay. There was no way the new circuit board mounted inside the new metal box was going to fit inside that space. Therefore, after a careful study of the situation,

measuring and noting where the wiring attached and what it was supposed to connect to, I concluded that I would have to remove the new circuit board from the new metal box and mount it where the old circuit board was located. I had to remove the old circuit board from its mounting posts. Before doing so, you first have to remove two screws that hold the mounting plate for the capacitor, relay, and pull that unit up and out of the way. It was not necessary to disconnect any wires in order to move the mounting plate. Then you can get to the four small plastic mounting clips that hold the circuit board in place. I pulled the old circuit board out a short distance Well the work and systematically began is done and the removing one problem is fixed. wire at a time and plugging the wire onto the new circuit board. Several of the quick disconnect plugs on the new circuit board were not relevant and were discarded along with the new metal mounting box...(my conclusion was that this circuit board and metal mounting box was made for several different models of AC units that now have quick plug in features).  All of the existing wiring had connectors that fasten to the new board. There was only one new ground wire that attached to the circuit board, which had to be wired into the existing wiring harness. The old icing sensor, which is fastened to the evaporator coil tubing, has to be removed and replaced with a new thermistor sensor included with the circuit control board kit. The wiring for this sensor is routed through the wall of the box that houses the evaporator coil and connects, with a quick disconnect plug, to the new circuit board. I tried to use the old sensor but it was not compatible with the new control board. You need to set the dip switches on each circuit control board to correspond to the location of the board (Zone 1 - front/main and Zone 2 - rear in my case) and the heating and cooling systems which are connected to the AC continued on page 26 Blue Beret / February 2014


Updating a 4-button CCC to a 12-button System continued from page 25

unit in that particular zone (i.e. heat strip, furnace, heat pump, etc.). Inside the coach:   I disconnected the old thermostat from the RJ-11 cable and removed the old mounting plate. I mounted the new thermostat mounting plate to the wall (required a larger hole in the wall for the round protruding plastic case to recess into the wall. I plugged the new thermostat into the RJ-11 phone cable and turned the AC and DC power back on. You have to initialize the CCC 2 so that it reads the various heating and air conditioning components that are in the system. To do a System reset for a 12-button CCC 2, make sure the thermostat is in the OFF mode. Simultaneously press the MODE and ZONE buttons. The LCD display will display IniT and all available zones. Release the MODE and ZONE buttons and press the on/off button to exit system set up. The above reset must be done for any changes in the system configuration that involves changing the dip switches. The CCC 2 reads the setting of the dipswitches and determines how many zones are being controlled. Having done that, I turned the system on and selected Zone 1, Air Conditioner... bingo...after a

short pause...the AC unit came to life. I did the same thing for Zone 2 and SUCCESS. I have not been able to test the furnace or heat strips because the ambient air temperature is too high to allow the systems to come on. I am confident they will work fine since the AC units do. Having had success I went back up on the roof and put the covers back on the circuit board enclosures and put the plastic shrouds back on top of the air conditioners. So there you have it.... about fours of work (could do it a lot faster now that I’ve determined what and how things need to be done) and a lot less investment than two new air conditioning units and a thermostat. We are so happy it is fixed and that we no longer have to deal with the old erratic 4-button CCC.

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Thank you Howie for your support in this matter. We wish you had been here to see it all come together and have first-hand exposure...but maybe this long drawn out dialogue will be of some value to someone else.  I made up my mind that I could do this and it can be accomplished by anyone who has some analytical patience, a bit of mechanical skill and can-do attitude! 

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800.521.0298 26

Blue Beret / February 2014 

Blue Beret / February 2014



Blue Beret / February 2014 

Blue Beret / February 2014


By Hazel Knopp #200 President John and First Lady Sandy Stumpf invite you to the 57th Wally Byam Caravan Club International Convention/ Rally “GOOD FRIENDS – GOOD JOURNEYS”. We are going back to Gillette, Wyoming for the 2014 International Convention/Rally; members who attended the previous Gillette Rally will remember an excellent full hook-up campsite and a great Rally/Conference meeting space at the Gillette Cam-Plex. This beautiful meeting space opened in 2008 and more than met our need for the Rally. You will also remember a very friendly city with helpful residents; these folks enjoy visitors and take every opportunity to welcome you. If you are coming to Gillette for the first time, you can look forward to this very special area. In this article let’s talk about Gillette and the surrounding area and then about the upcoming great Rally events. Gillette is a city of approximately 32,000 people with a median age of 30.6 years and is in the northeast area of Wyoming. Gillette is the county seat for Campbell County and was established in 1892 less than two years after Wyoming became a State. It is situated between the Big Horn Mountains to the West, the Black Hills to the East and is in the Powder River Basin. The major industries in the area are American Coal, Oil and Coal Bed Methane Gas; the city refers to itself as the “Energy Capital of the Nation” and provides nearly 35% of the U.S. coal. The climate is considered semi-arid with an average high temperature in June–July of 76F/24.4C to 84.5F/29.2C with low temperature in June–July of 47.7F/8.7C to 54.4F/12.3C. The average rainfall in these months is from 2.64 inch - 1.78 inch, 67.1mm - 45.2mm. Looks like pretty good camping weather. There are a number of very good to excellent hotels available if you wish to fly into the Gillette - Campbell County Airport (GCC) serviced by Delta Airlines, United Airlines operated by SkyWest Airlines. SkyWest currently operates 8 flights daily in and out of


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Gillette to hubs in Denver, Rock Springs and Salt Lake City. An excellent selection of restaurants from casual bagels to barbecues and steaks, wine and fine dining are available. Good shopping is available and they have an excellent Farmer’s Market. Meeting and meal space is available for your various Unit and Region functions. Everything you need is in Gillette - personal vehicle, RV service, propane – if you need it, you can find it. OKAY! Enough on Gillette itself for now, let’s take a look around the area for interesting things to do and see and there are many. Take a minute while you are reading this and get out a map of the United States, look at where Gillette, Wyoming is located and then look East-West-North and South. If you were in Gillette last time, you may recognize many of these locations and know you could enjoy another visit or visit those areas you didn’t have time for. If you have not been to this area before just look and you will immediately see this is an opportunity to travel to this interesting area that you should not miss. If you are thinking about a family trip with the children or grandchildren this is the area to visit. This is also a great area for a

caravan before or after the Rally or just a trip with your favorite person. Travel north and you can visit DEVIL’S TOWER NATIONAL MONUMENT, a little further north is CUSTER BATTLEFIELD NATIONAL MONUMENT, go west to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - this is a place that should be on every bucket list, if you have not visited this area you cannot imagine what it is to see the impact of this area. A little south of Yellowstone is GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK with its beauty and history beyond expectation. Now let’s travel east or maybe stop before arriving at the Rally to do a little “spelunking” in the JEWEL CAVE, MOUNT RUSHMORE CAVE and the WIND CAVE. Once we are back above ground a visit to MOUNT RUSHMORE and CRAZYHORSE is a must, a stop at BAD LANDS NATIONAL PARK is also great. Finally we can travel south to visit FORT LARAMIE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE, SCOTT’S BLUFF NATIONAL MONUMENT and CHIMNEY ROCK NATIONAL MONUMENT. All of this and beautiful scenery, I know, because I have visited everyone of these venues and my visits were on the way to or from various WBCCI rallies to attend our annual meeting, to meet new and old friends and to enjoy Fun, Fellowship and Adventure. In future articles we will review the various Rally events, seminars, tours and more information about Gillette and this very special area. Please register today for the Rally, support your Club and plan a trip to remember.


VOLUNTEER COUPON 57th WBCCI INTERNATIONAL RALLY The International Rally Committees need volunteers. Early parking is available for most persons who are accepted for service. Please mark your preference (1,2,3) in the first column. Enter “M” for man and “W” for woman in the second column. The Committee Chairman will contact you later if selected. Choice ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Man/Woman Name of Committee ______ Bands, Concert & Stage Instrument____________________________ ______ Building Security ______ Bulletin Boards ______ Cargo ______ Carpenter ______ Community Service ______ Electric Installation ______ Grounds after Rally ______ Information/Lost & Found ______ Medical Information ______ Message Center/Scooters ______ Parade ______ Parking ______ Registration ______ Sanitation ______ Traffic Control ______ Transportation, Buses ______ Wally Byam Control ______ Water

Name___________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State/Prov______Zip_____________ WBCCI #___________________ Phone_________________________

Last Name_______________________ WBCCI No._______________ First_____________________________ Age_____________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State/Prov______Zip_____________ .............................................................................................................. TO BE COMPLETED BY PHYSICIAN: Diagnosis:________________________________________________ Degree of Disability:_______________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Check if applicable: Permanent Disability?  Wheelchair?  Mechanical Assists Utilized:________________________________ It is my opinion that the above named should be provided special parking privileges. __________________________________________________M.D. Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State/Prov______Zip_____________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

E-mail___________________________________________________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

Band Musicians Wanted Barbara Lambrecht, Director ATENTION ALL AIRSTREAMERS! Did you play an instrument in high school or college? Well you certainly have not forgotten how to play. You might be a little rusty, but believe me you never really forget how to play an instrument. Our Festival of Music Concert will be presented on Monday, June 30, featuring the WBCCI Concert Band. Therefore, if you read music and play a standard band instrument, we want you to join us to share in the excitement of playing in a great band with great musicians and the reward of hard work in a fun filled atmosphere. Each year our members, spouses and friends make new and last

ing friendships, I would also encourage you to bring your grandchild if they are currently in a middle or high school band program to participate with us in the WBCCI Band. The band instruments include: Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. Your needs besides your instrument would include a music stand and necessities for your instrument needs. A uniform consisting of black trousers or skirt, white short sleeve shirt, red tie, black socks and shoes. In addition, you will need to purchase a Red Golf Shirt before arriving or from the vendor on site. If this would be your first time in applying, you need to call me at 915-433-

6678 or email with a summary of your music experience. Now is the time to mail your rally registration and volunteer coupon to WBCCI Headquarters. In accordance with Rally Committee Policy, to be authorized for early parking you must be Preregistered. Look for both the volunteer coupon registration and rally registration in the Blue Beret. For all you older band members, get your volunteer coupon in NOW. Let’s all get together and make this another outstanding musical year of FUN, FELLOWSHIP AND ADVENTURE. Blue Beret / February 2014


George McNinch #3710 Parade Chairman

The lyrics and the tune of the old standard, “I Love a Parade,” roll through my mind as I sit here at the keyboard beginning to write an invitation to Units and club groups to participate in the annual 4th of July Parade. The parade is staged just prior to the Closing Ceremonies at the annual International Rally. Through this parade, Units and groups show their creativity and ingenuity by entertaining the assembled with wit and performance. Year 2014 should not be different from the past as the parade is again scheduled by President Stumpf for the Rally in Gillette. Let us start work now to make the upcoming 2014 Parade the best that it can be. Unit Presidents, group leaders, and caravan leaders consider this an invitational challenge to organize and participate in the annual event. The parade offers Units the chance to advertise their caravans or rallies to a truly receptive international audience which is looking for places to go, roads to travel, and friends to make. With some effort, some creativity, and some inspiration, your unit can feature the highlights of your local or regional event and attract participation. There


Blue Beret / February 2014 

TCPU awarded First Place in the Walking Originality Category for July 4 parade.-zubmitted by Ron Gilbert, #3673

is no better recruiting technique than showing others that your group is capable of planning an event, having fun, and making friends while willing to work. Tease them, tweak them, and thrill them with your entertaining entry. Make them laugh and make them smile. Make them want to attend your event! You don’t have to be “professional” to enter. The groups participating in the 2013 Parade were especially creative and entertaining. The most recent parade had flash mobs, singing Texans, hunting trips, Texans with synchronized (play, thank goodness) lawn mowers, and hobos. We also had jazz and Mardi Gras, pets, square dancers, and anniversary remembrances. All of the groups seemed to have fun and worked in a non-pressure environment. Airstreamers make good paraders! Please plan now to enter into the 2014 4th of July Parade.

Battery - St John’s, Newfoundland

by Marion Pember, Chairman, WBCCI Caravan Promotions

Not only icebergs, but how about puffins (I call them sea-going parrots), moose, other wildlife, and miles of rugged and beautiful coastal shoreline. That is just part of what is in store for anyone who decides to go on The Viking Trail Caravan. Maybe the best part of the caravan is the welcoming and friendly Newfoundlanders you will meet along the way. You will also have the opportunity to drive to the farthermost east road on the North American continent. I know, driving on that road is no big deal, but you can say you did it. When conversations lag, just ask your friends if they have done it. If you are with a group of well traveled Airstreamers, there may very well be some who have done it. Pick your group carefully where you bring it up. Enough of all that, I need to get down to the nitty-gritty about The Viking Trail Caravan that ran in 2013. It rendezvoused in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick on July 11, and ended 57 days later in North Sidney, Nova Scotia.

Newfoundland is reached by ferry from North Sidney, and 51 days were spent on the island, with the return to North Sidney again by ferry. Remember, it’s an island, so to get you and your rig there, ferry is the only option. Co-leaders of the caravan were Ron and Cyndi Carnein and George and Sharon Hilton. This caravan is such that almost everyplace it goes is a favorite for someone. Some of the places that stand out are Grand Falls-Windsor, Gros Morne National Park, St. Anthony, Trinity, Twillingate, Fogo Island, and Woody Island Resort. Not to be left out is the capitol of Newfoundland, St. John. What made these places favorites are the activities and scenery. For you to be able to experience some of that I will dispense with more words and let pictures tell the story. The pictures and information were provided by members of the caravan. Now that you have seen the pictures I hope you are motivated to experience it for real. You can do that, as the caravan will run again in 2015. The caravan will

Ron Carnein kissing a cod. Part of becoming an honorary Newfoundlander

be shortened by a few days and will run twice instead of once. One section will run before International, and one will run after International. Watch the Blue Beret for the actual dates. The leaders will be George and Sharon Hilton, experienced caravan leaders.

Close quarters on the ferry

Dry camping on Bay St George, Stephenville, Newfoundland

Blue Beret / February 2014


  

   Come to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada experience "Around the Come on upon to up Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and experi- and educational guided tours about theWorld fur tradewith era. The costumed ence "Around the World withWBCCI Folklorama" a new Event WBCCIRally interpreters relive daily life7.of Folklorama the inhabitantsisofthe the site in Folklorama" a new National sponsored bytheRegion National Event Rally sponsored by Region 7. Folklorama is 1815 as you visit significant buildings in the fort such world's largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind that is two full weeks with as the the world's largest and longest-running multicultural festival blacksmith shop, the winterer’s andrally the trading 20-plus pavilions open the 1st week and a second set of pavilions in week cabin 2. The will post. of its kind that is two full weeks with 20-plus pavilions open In February, the historical venue is at the heart of the largest span the last half of the 1st week and the first half of the 2nd week, enabling you to visit any the 1st week and a second set of pavilions in week 2. The rally winter festival in Western Canada, the Festival du Voyageur. of the pavilions. in your rally is two nights of VIP Premium Group Tour will span the last half of theIncluded 1st week and the first halffee of the experience with luxury motorcoach transportation to three each night. You will 2nd week, enabling you to visit any of the pavilions. Included Your rally pavilions fee includes: six (6) nights of parking, daisyto bypass line-ups at Tour the door andwater, reserved seating. A progressive, in yourhave rally VIP fee isentry two nights of VIPthe Premium Group chain pump-out, welcome dinner, two (2) nights of experience luxury cultural motorcoach transportation to three dinner; Folklorama Tour, "All the Prairie Dog Central threewith pavilion, meal with an appetizer; andVIP dessert withAboard!" lively, world class pavilions each night. You will have VIP entry to bypass the train for a ride to Grosse Isle, MB, a prime-rib buffet dinner cultural entertainment at each pavilion. line-ups at the door and reserved seating. A progressive, three and live thoroughbred racing at Assiniboia Downs, guided tour pavilion, cultural meal with an appetizer, dinner, and dessert of Assiniboine Park Zoo, featuring the Journey to Churchill "All Aboard! the Prairie Dog Central for a private railway train charter. At bear, the Inkster with lively, world class" cultural entertainment at each pavilion. display and "Hudson" the polar steak and corn dinner, Junction Station you can tour the Maintenance Shop and get up close and to the a March ischili cook-off, tours and technicalpersonal seminars. In and havefor your photograph A Blue Historian willbechat us on about theevents. "AllSteam Aboard!Locomotive " the Prairie Dog Central a private railway taken. sue of the Beret will morewith details the rally train charter. the old Inkster Junctionand Station youthe canrailways tour the were See coupon in the back of the Blue Beret. For 100 + At year Coaches how instrumental in making Canada theinformation, maintenance shop get up close to a steam at; country it isand today. We'lland go personal on a historical traincontact ride toGail the Harrower Hitch 'n Post and to Grosse Isle, call locomotive and have your photograph taken. A historian will 956-246-7698 (Jan to Mar 2014), 204-781-1987. a small community of some 500 persons. You will be greeted by a volunteerorfrom the Prime chat with us about the 100 + year old coaches and how the Meridian who will chat with the passengers about the trail and the various species that can railways were instrumental in making Canada the country it is found there. There are many at Grosse Isle providing you with the opportunity today. be We'll go on a historical train ride to thevendors Hitch 'n Post to purchase beverages, snacks, handicrafts and to Grosse Isle, a small community of some 500 persons.and souvenirs. Back to Inkster Junction Station and their shop for unique souvenirs. You will bevisit greeted by gift a volunteer from the Prime Meridian who will chat with the passengers about the trail and the various species can be there.Red There are many vendors Walkthat along thefound mighty River to the St. Boniface Cathedral and cemetery. The original at Grosse Isle providing you with the opportunity to purchase 1906 cathedral burned to the ground in the late 60s. A new cathedral and basilica rose from beverages, snacks, handicrafts and souvenirs.Back to Inkster theStation ashes the original stone facade still stands today. You'll tour Fort Gibraltar, a replica Junction andbut visit their gift shop for unique souvenirs. • Is your unit or region planning a short caravan? of a circa-1810 North West Company fur-trading post is set on the banks of the Red River. It will you back to the period It willing features a living Walk alongtake the mighty Red 200 Riveryears to the St. Boniface Ca-of the • voyageurs. Would you be to open it uphistory for others outside offering interactive educational tours about the fur trade era. The thedralmuseum and cemetery. The original 1906 and cathedral burned to guidedyour unit/region to attend? the ground in the late 60s. A new relive cathedral basilica costumed interpreters theand daily life rose of the inhabitants of the site in 1815 as you visit from the ashes but the original stone facade still stands today. We are constantly asked about the availability significant buildings in the fort such as the blacksmith shop, the winterer’s cabin and the of short You'll trading tour Fort post. Gibraltar, a replica of a circa-1810 northwest TheofWBCCI website even has a section In February, the historical venue is caravans. at the heart the largest winter festival in with company fur-trading post set on the banks of the Red River. information on available short caravans. We will help Canada, the Festival Voyageur. It will Western take you back 200 years to the period du of the voyageurs. publicize your short caravan, numbered or unnumbered. The only requirement is for it to be authorized by your Your rally fee includes: six (6) nights of parking,unit/region. daisy-chain water, pump-out, Welcome dinner, Two (2) nights of Folklorama VIP Tour, "AllSend Aboard!" the Prairie Dog Central information, including when, where,train and afor contact a ride to Grosse Isle, MB, a prime-rib buffet dinner and live racing person’s namethoroughbred with phone, and/or emailataddress to Marion Pember, phone Assiniboia Downs, guided tour of Assiniboine Park Zoo,, featuring the Journey to913-268-5938. Churchill It will be posted oncook-off, the WBCCI website. Display and "Hudson" the polar bear, Steak and Corn dinner, Chili Tours and

It features a living history museum offering interactive and

technical seminars. In the March issue of the Blue Beret will be more details on the rally events. See coupon 34 Blue Beret / February 2014  in the back of the Blue Beret. For information, contact Gail Harrower at; call 956-246-7698 (Jan to Mar 2014), or 204-781-1987.

Blue Beret / February 2014


Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta National Rally Albuquerque, NM October 3 - 7, 2014 The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta got its start in 1972 when 13 balloons launched from a local shopping center. It has grown into the world’s premier ballooning event. In 2013, 800,000 spectators attended Balloon Fiesta, the most photographed event in the world. Over 550 balloon pilots representing 18 countries came to experience the famous Albuquerque Box, cool morning temperatures and the geography of the Rio Grande Valley cause lower winds to blow south and higher winds to blow north. By adjusting altitude, skillful pilots can make several passes and return to the launch field to land. During the Mass Ascension, hundreds of balloons, including 100 special shapes, filled the clear, early morning skies. On Saturday afternoon, people gather to watch preparations for the America’s Challenge, a distance race for gas balloons. Gas balloons can stay aloft for two to three days. The winning team flew 2,300 miles to land in Ontario, Canada, more than 60 hours later. The best way to experience Balloon Fiesta is, without a doubt, by attending the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta National Rally. For 2014, we have again secured 200 premium dry camping sites. Attendees can be on the launch field less than 15 minutes after getting out of bed and can walk up right next to the balloons as they launch. Alternatively, they can sit in lawn chairs by their trailers and wait for the balloons to drift by overhead. See the coupon or email to register. The cost per Airstream is $350, which includes four nights of camping (no hook ups), and admission to all Balloon Fiesta events. The 2014 rally runs from Friday, October 3, to Tuesday, October 7. Reserve your spot right away; the event fills up quickly, see for more information.


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Florida State Rally - New Location Sunshine Key Resort, South Florida (Route 1, Mile Marker 39) April 2 - 7, 2014 By Daniel Maciejczyk Welcome to the resurrected and all new Florida State Rally. This year starts a new era for Florida’s longest running Rally. Florida has always been the Riviera of America. This year’s location of the Florida State Rally will be held in the Florida Keys in South Florida and next year in St. Augustine in North Florida, representing the oldest cities of Florida’s Riviera (alternating every other year from North & South Florida). We will be starting fresh and everything will be new. The Florida State Rally attendees will enjoy the historic sites and old charm of Key West. A trolley tour will get you around the most southern city of Key West. Airstreaming seminars, flea market, dinner and entertainment await your return back to camp at mile marker 39. Sunshine Key Resort (an Encore park) has 360 views of tropical island life. There are amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, game room, fishing pier and a café on the grounds. Boat slips at the marina await your fishing adventure, also kayaking and canoe tours are a great way to see what island birds and sea creatures inhabit the Florida Keys (charters and tours are available at extra cost). The cost for this rally will be $260.00 based on 2 people per unit (one person $221.00, no extras). Included in the Rally Fee: 5 nights in the Florida Keys, parking with 5 point hook up (water, 50 amp electric, sewer, cable and Wi-Fi), use of trolley, seminars, a dinner and entertainment. We will be limited this year to 120 full service sites, so this will be first come, first serve. For those wishing to come early or wishing to stay later, an extra day’s fee at Sunshine Key Resort will be $30.00 per night. Also note that those traveling from a distance will get reduced parking at Land Yacht Harbor by showing their receipt. Land Yacht Harbor (Passport America Park) located in Melbourne, FL, has lowered the rate for attendees to $20.00 a night, naturally less for Passport America (reservations required). The FSR will be held one year in the Keys - South Florida, and one year in St. Augustine - North Florida. This gives Airstreamers all the opportunity to explore and see the whole state of Florida by participating in the Florida State Rally.

San Antonio Fiesta Rally 2014 San Antonio,Texas April 20 - 27, 2014 Gayle Ketchum Fiesta, a San Antonio tradition, has grown over the years to a 12day celebration featuring some 100 events. The Texas Hill Country Unit is anxious to show you how the locals celebrate Fiesta. Come expecting to be entertained during the seven fully-packed days. The Battle of Flowers Parade is the largest parade in Fiesta. It’s second in size nationally only to the Tournament of Roses Parade. When the Works Progress Administration (WPA) completed improvements to the San Antonio River in 1941, the Cavaliers decided to introduce the king in a river parade. Today, the River Parade is one of the few in the nation in which the floats really do float. Come join some 250,000 people lining the banks to enjoy the event. You will be staying at the Alamo Fiesta RV Resort located in Boerne, TX.; the sites offer full hookups and cable/satellite TV. Your rally fee includes 6 continental breakfasts; 4 dinners; transportation to and from the scheduled events; the two above mentioned parades; evening entertainment; mission tours; San Antonio Shoe (SAS) factory tour; a view of Texas wild flowers; other festivities; and plenty of Blue Bell ice cream. You will have a free day to visit optional areas or relax. Come join Fiesta the Party with a Purpose. For additional information contact: Gayle Ketchum/Joe Long, 210-865-8136/210-8606006 or email:

Vintage Airstream Club Bob Herman, Contributing Editor WBCCI 2014 INTERNATIONAL RALLY: June 28July 4, 2014, Gillette, Wyoming. Vintage parking and VAC activities. See Blue Beret for rally information. WBCCI rallies with Vintage Parking: Florida State Rally, April 2-7, 2014, New Location, Florida Keys, Sunshine Key Resort, Route 1, Mile Marker 39, Dan Maciejezyk, email: Wentatchee River Vintage Rally, August 8-11, 2014, British Columbia Unit, Region 10, Wenatchee River County Park, Monitor, WA, contact Iain Cameron, VAC 3rd VP, email: Check your email for upcoming publications of the VAC Newsletter: January 25, March 25 and May 25. If you did not receive the 2013 VAC Newsletters for July, September and November 2013, contact Rhonda Cooper, newsletters@ Keeping your email contact correct is important to the Vintage Airstream Club. Bob Herman, 407-810-5579 or email:

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of time and energy up front can really pay off in the end. Some folks avoid Craigslist because of horror stories about scammers and jerks (and even serial killers) taking advantage of unsuspecting sellers. Staying safe comes down to following one simple principle – use your head and follow your gut. Craigslist will assign you a fake email address to protect your privacy, so never put personal contact information in your ad. If something feels fishy, it probably is – don't communicate with folks who make you uncomfortable. And if you're leery about allowing strangers into your home – don't! Offer to meet folks in a public place to deliver their goods whenever possible. Here's to being smart, clearing the decks, and recouping some cash – all at the same time!

Blue Beret / February 2014


19360 SE Mcloughlin Blvd Gladstone, OR 97027


27222 Covington Way SE Covington WA 98042

253.336.8704 38

Blue Beret / February 2014 

1412 N Franklin Blvd Nampa, ID 83687




J. Rick Cipot, Contributing Editor REGION

Kathy Blake, Contributing Editor REGION

February has finally arrived and the weather has promised a larger and longer than normal “Mud Season” here in New England. If you were not born and raised in the New England traditions, you may be totally aware that there are actually five seasons in New England: Summer, Fall, Winter, Mud, Spring. I still find it strange that you will occasionally hear of folks getting lost in the snow either due to following a faulty GPS or while skiing off the trails; soon to be found a day or so later. Folks who fall victim to mud are never seen nor heard from again and the news makes sure NOT to report these instances. Any mention of the month February without mentioning Groundhog Day would be considered a lack of respect for the long standing tradition; Groundhog Day 2014 is expected to be the biggest year yet! Make your plans soon to come and celebrate Groundhog Day with Punxsutawney Phil. The planning process has begun, get ready for a great year! Groundhog Day 2014 will be here soon! Phil will leave his burrow at 7:20 February 2nd at Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania he will observe the weather conditions and look for his shadow he will then make his prediction for the remainder of winter. We plan to have many great events this year to help celebrate Phil’s Prognostication! For those of you thinking of heading down with your 30/06, scoped rifle don’t bother. In the state of Pennsylvania the groundhog hunting season is every day except during deer season and Sundays. This year Groundhog Day is on a Sunday. No hunting of groundhogs! All we can do is hope for the best. SAVE THE DATE - The Region One Rally this year is being hosted by the Cape Cod unit with the assistance of members from other units to make it a great event for all. The date has been moved up to May 29 - June 2, 2014. All units are encouraged to hold their Spring Business Meeting that Friday, May 30, to not only help motivate members to attend but also making it easier to transition to the Regional Business Meeting the following day. It is unfortunate but the dates do happen to coincide with Region Two’s Rally. This could not be helped this year due to availability of the Essex Fairgrounds for our event. I know many Region One members support and attend the Region Two Rally as well as our fellow Region Two members attending our Rally. Currently there is a committee working on how future region rallies will be conducted in the future and would encourage any members’ input for ideas and volunteers. Speaking of rallies, Region One has done it again from the schedules I have seen so far. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to say “I’m bored, there is nothing to do”. With Cape Cod and New England Units hosting their now annual first of the year rally “Pets & Paws” (I believe this will be the fourth year!), out in Provincetown, MA right through the camping season with at least one Thanksgiving Rally there is no excuse for getting out on the road. Don’t worry, your lawn will still need mowing when you get back home Sunday afternoon. As always, be safe, have fun and make new friends.

I extend Happy Holiday and New Year Greetings to you on behalf of President Pat and the Executive Committee Members of Region 2. Our hope is that 2014 is good to you! In early November, Pat announced that Region 2’s slate of officers is complete. These are Pat’s words, “Mark Hammer, of the Metropolitan New York Unit, has been duly elected to the position of Region 2 Second Vice President. Congratulations, Mark, and thanks to you and Debbie for stepping up to this vital position.” Debbie Hammer is also the Editor of News and Views, the Region 2’s newsletter. Thank you, both, for your enthusiasm and commitment! We are so fortunate to have you represent us. Plans for the Region 2 Rally over the first weekend in June are solid! The venue, Salem County Fairgrounds in Woodstown, New Jersey, looks like a great spot from which to see and do the myriad of interesting places and things in the area. The rally program looks amazing, and, knowing President Pat and Lady Judy like I do, we’re sure to have a really good time. Check out the coupon on Region 2’s website region2.wbcci. net and plan to be there. On another note, a recent trip to Victoria, BC, by air reminded me of why I love travelling in our Airstream. We can just hitch up our little “home-on-wheels” and travel on our own schedule in comfort. We don’t have to worry about those “virus-laden” strangers who, were we on a plane, would be coughing constantly behind us. And we know that, after a tasty dinner prepared by our own hands, according to our preferences, and savoured leisurely, we can climb into our own bed without a second thought of bedbugs! I can’t help but anticipate doing just that in a few short weeks when we become “snowbirds” for the rest of the winter. From a different “clime” the next time!

AIRSTREAMERS IN THE VALLEY LUNCHEON All Airstream owners and WBCCI members who winter or will be in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas are invited to meet and greet each other at our Sixth Annual Get-Together. WHERE: China Sea Buffet 4901 W Expressway 83, McAllen, TX WHEN: Gather at 11:30 am for Lunch at 12:00, Thursday, February 13th, 2014 -Lots of parking available WHAT: Lunch/fellowship and gabfest wonderful Chinese food including Mongolian Grill for $9.30 (Seniors-tax included) WHO: Please contact me by Feb 1st so I will know you will be coming: Don McKelvay #205 Email: 919-723-7661 Blue Beret / February 2014




Joan Anderson, Contributing Editor REGION

Nancy Brett, Contributing Editor REGION

The Internet has been a great source of information and many organizations have been developing more and more sophisticated web pages for their members and prospective members. Have you been to the Region 3 website recently? You really, really need to go! Let’s go through it quickly and I’m sure once you visit it you will find great information that will make you want to return again and again! First there is About WBCCI that has a short history of Wally Byam Caravan Club International and the Airstream tradition of caravanning. Also included are links to Boondocking, Caravanning Courtesies and Caravanning Equipment List. The Caravans section has a link to WBCCI caravans that are coming up, an article on boondocking and caravanning equipment lists. A constantly changing place of interest on the site is the For Sale/Wanted market place that has free listings of Airstreams, parts and vehicles for sale. Of course you will want to visit other sites so there is a Links section that includes WBCCI; WBCCI Parks in Region 3; the Airstream International site (the manufacturer’s site with info on the company); WBCCI Amateur Radio Club; Airstream RV Service Net and Airstream Life. Need to catch up on Region 3 Newsletters? They are all here going back to 2008. A most helpful Region 3 Calendar is a great treat when planning your “where do we go to next” calendar – International, Region 3 and unit events are included. It is so easy to use – just hover your mouse over any bold print date and instantly the events occurring on that day will appear – complete with which unit is holding the event, starting and ending dates, location and, in many cases, more information including addresses and maps! The website also includes a List of Region 3 Officers with instant email links for your comments or questions. The next Region 3 Rally is going to be held in Asheville, NC from April 29 to May 5, 2014. On the webpage is an electronic registration form to make registration a snap. No money is required when filing the registration – just fill out and submit! The site also contains all the Units in Region 3 complete with email and phone links to the membership chairs. A Welcome to Region 3 gives a short overview of the region and its nineteen units in five states. It also has a link to WBCCI Parks in Region 3. Don’t miss out on this great tool for information, linking to related sites and planning your activities this year. Thank you to Jim Cocke and all who have contributed to this great project! It is sure to be a “Favorite”!

Greetings from Region 4! February may be too early to travel, but it is not too early to prepare your rig for the coming season. It is time to concentrate on traveling in your Airstream. Get out your calendar, pick up your phone, and make plans with your unit. Are you ready for the 38th annual “All Aboard for Region 4” Rally to be held at the Allen County Fairgrounds, 2750 Harding Hwy, Lima, OH 45804? Mark your calendar for May 19–25, 2014 and mail your reservations to Region Treasurer Karen Fisher. The registration form is available at - early registration deadline is February 28. This rally includes the annual business meeting, distribution of merit awards, seminars in leadership, line dancing, hobby show, photography, flea market and of course excellent dinners and hospitality. For the outdoor enthusiast, biking is available along the Riverwalk, a 13.28 mile paved bikeway extending from Heritage Park in Shawnee Twp. through the City of Lima to the Ottawa Metro Park in Bath Twp. For more rally information, please email Region President Marjorie Lotz at or First Vice President Gary Olinger at


Blue Beret / February 2014

The 57th International Rally will be held June 28 - July 4, 2014 with full hook-ups at the Cam-Plex Multi Event Facilities in Gillette, Wyoming. Good Friends • Good Journeys is the theme of the Gillette Rally - will your unit be participating in the Fourth of July parade and picnic? Don’t forget to stay for the fabulous fireworks display. Don’t forget to save August 20-24, 2014, the dates of the annual Michigan State Rally. This year the rally will be held in St. Louis, Michigan. For more information, contact Karen Fisher at It is hard to believe that The Swiss Festival National Rally will be holding its 52nd Rally! Mark your calendars now for September 19-28, 2014 - the registration form is found at:

Be sure to check the Event Schedule for Region 4 in the Blue Beret and Try a neighboring unit rally or luncheon– it’s a great way to make new friends. See you down the road!


Patsy Marston, Contributing Editor REGION

It’s very difficult to think about spring and a new camping season when I’m looking out my kitchen window at 5 inches of snow. Region 5 has had some very cold and snowy weather already this winter. But it really is a good time to be thinking about the coming year and all the rallies and fun available for Region 5 members. Region President Barry Bell has sent the following to remind you of just one upcoming event to put on your calendar. The tradition of a Region 5 Dinner at the Florida State Rally in Sarasota will continue this year at the Alumaflamingo

Rally. The dinner will be on Thursday evening, February 20, 2014, at 5:00 P.M. It will be held at Phillippi Creek Village Restaurant & Oyster Bar, which is located about 5 miles from the fairgrounds at 5353 S. Tamiarni Trail, Sarasota. The phone number is 941-925-4444. We will be in a separate dining room and we will order from the menu. You can “experience casual waterfront dining at the place to go for seafood”. They also have a traditional menu. No ticket or reservation is required. If you can make it, just show up. If you know that you are coming, you can email me or call. There will be a sign up sheet at the rally, too. It would be nice to have an idea of how many to expect. We hope you can join us for a casual Region 5 dinner at the Phillippi Creek Village Restaurant. Let’s keep the tradition going..........................Barry Bell, Pres. Reg. 5 Region 5 units are planning exciting things for our members. Central Indiana Unit is planning several “weekend rallies.” Not really a rally, but a camp-out from Friday evening till Sunday. This will be an opportunity for working members, or members who can’t attend a four day rally to get together and just enjoy camping together. They will mostly be at Indiana state park campgrounds. The first one will be May 2-4 at Brown County State Park near Nashville, Indiana. Watch the Blue Beret Region events for future ones. Point to Ponder: A Prayer for Growing Older Keep me from becoming talkative and possessed of the idea that I must express myself on every subject. Release me from the craving to straighten out everyone’s affairs. Keep me from the recital of endless detail. Give me wings to get to the point. Seal my lips when I am inclined to tell of my aches and pains. They are increasing with the years and my love to speak of them goes sweeter as time goes by. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be wrong. Make me thoughtful, but not nosey, helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom and experience it does seem a pity not to use it all. But thou knowest that I want a few friends at the end.


Sidra Spies, Contributing Editor REGION

Region 6 hosted a successful IBT. Rayne, Louisiana, was the site of the Rally, January 5–11. 88 rigs met and enjoyed the beautiful area with lots to do. This is a repeat rally for Rayne and IBT because of its atmosphere of being the Frog Capital of the World and The City of Murals. The Cajun music, dancing, food and the unique attractions make this a must see and experience. The well known Region 6 cooking team led by Hugh and Euna Ridenour provided the fantastic meals enjoyed by all. Our Region salutes Past President John Stumpf who went on to become our International President of WBCCI. Hats off to Region 6 Treasurer Helen Bourgeois, who is also serving as the Chairman of the WBCCI Membership Committee. Read her article in the Blue Beret for ideas for membership for long-time members and new members.

Region 6 has developed its new website. Webmaster Ronnie Erb worked with the units and provided training to unit webmasters. Check it out at Region 6 survived the recent Arctic Blast which affected the entire nation. Even down to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida shivered through temperatures down to the single digits. It’s not usual for us to have temperatures the same as our Airstream friends in Denver. Brrrrrr. Make your plans, mark your calendars now to attend the following Region 6 and WBCCI events and activities: **See the Blue Beret Event Schedule for details for registering. This includes activities for ALL Regions and National rallies, etc. National Mardi Gras Rally, February 26-March 5. Plans are made and we are ready to hear from you for our ever popular rally in the New Orleans site of Mardi Gras. Contact: President Lonnie Carver Florida State Rally, Big Pine Key, FL. April 2–7. Contact: Dan Maciejczyk, Tennessee State Rally, April 17-20 at Crossville, TN.

Tennessee State Rally Sandy Hughes

Plan to help us usher in spring at the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground (TCPC) near Crossville, TN. The East Tennessee Unit will be serving as host with the Memphis, Nashville Music City and Tenneessee Units all assisting and taking part in the festivities. The dates are April 24-27, but plan to arrive on the 23rd if you want to participate in the golf game on Thursday morning. Crossville is known as the Golf Capital of Tennessee. There will be lots of good fun, food and fellowship. There are also lots of things to do and see in this area. The State Rally is a good way to start out your camping year by seeing friends you haven’t seen for a while and making new friends. There will be three dinners (Thursday evening being potluck), three breakfasts, and a flea market on Saturday morning (so bring your “fleas”). We hope to see you there. See registration coupon in back.


Linda Agre, Contributing Editor REGION

Senior Affiliated Members

It’s December 2013. I just received the non-renewal list from headquarters. It always makes me wonder why a WBCCI member drops a membership. The Airstream Club offers so much in the way of information, travel (cheap travel), not to mention life long friends made along the way. I guess I should have written this article last year for the October issue but am doing so now to get you thinking about 2014. I just got off the phone with our Minnesota Unit President, Steve Jedlund. He filled me in on ideas that came from their Unit membership chairperson, treasurer, and directory committee chairperson. I missed their discussion which happened at the Unit Christmas Party because of icy roads (we have had enough this year), but love their thoughts and want to share them with you. Blue Beret / February 2014


Most of the Minnesota Unit’s non-renewals are members that have sold their units and are no longer traveling. These members still love to join us at any get-together, be it a luncheon or dinner, a day at a rally if held near by. A Minnesota Unit group of these Seniors get together every month. How can we keep them in the club to share their tales of great adventures? Their wealth of knowledge could be put to good use if we could: 1. Use them in membership by having them contact new members with a phone call. They could welcome new members and share all the great things about our club. I know we offer Lifetime Membership but they may not have gone that route and now “every penny counts”. 2. Could we have an International non-traveling membership with reduced dues? One-half? A small Unit amount to cover mailings of Unit’s newsletter? A Senior Affiliate membership class? Well, now I’ve given you something to think about. I will probably have many members telling me this would never work. But we don’t know unless we try new things, do we? I’ll let you know if it works as I’m going to try to make our older members wanted and needed.


Hugh & Jane Bartlett, REGION  Contributing Editors,

The news from Region 8 this month is both good and bad. First the unhappy news that both the Greater Kansas Unit and Missouri Delta Unit have ceased functioning due to dwindling membership. Happily the greater portions of their members have joined adjacent units who have welcomed them with open arms. The good news is that all units in Region 8 won Superior Merit awards in the Merit Award program. Our Region has a long and proud tradition in the Merit Award program, finding it a helpful tool for planning for the year ahead and making sure we maintain a cohesive unit structure. In addition to our Units’ awards, Region 8 also won the Merit award for the past year. The Region 8 Rally, “Streamin’ to Missouri’s North Star” in Kirksville, Missouri, will be here soon. Meet us at the fairgrounds April 29-May 4, 2014. The Heartland finished the year with growing membership and commitment to fun, fellowship and adventure on the road to Gillette, WY, next summer. See you there!


Andy Selking, 1st Vice President REGION

Region 9 is very excited to have a full slate of officers. Jim Courtney stepped up and was elected Region 9 2nd Vice President last fall. Jim and his wife, Vickie, have a great deal of caravanning knowledge, leadership skills and a desire to meet as many Region 9 Airstreamers as possible. They are a great asset to our region.


Blue Beret / February 2014 

It has been a cold winter in Oklahoma and Texas this year. That hasn’t stopped the Region 9 units from having some great rallies. We hope that any of you traveling south this winter will join us at some these rallies. Look for a schedule in the Blue Beret. The Region 9 Computer Rally will be held February 1822, 2014 at North Texas Airstream Community, 200 Walnut Hill Avenue, Hillsboro, Texas 76645. For more information regarding this rally please call 254-205-0507/254-582-5566. There will be a wide variety of subjects covered such as Online Internet Security, Social Networking and an emphasis on Tablets and Smart Phones along with the many Apps that are available. The 45th Annual “Flamingo Round-Up In Mineola” Region 9 Rally will be held in Mineola, TX, on March 31-April 6, 2014 at the Mineola Civic Center, 1150 N Newsome, Mineola, TX 75773. There are a lot of new and fun things being added to this rally. One of the fun activities at this year’s rally is a decorated flamingo contest. Bring your flamingos already decorated. The rally promises to have a lot of pink, purple and bling according to Region 9 President, Linda Knezek. Registration forms for the rally can be found on the Region 9 website. Please send your money and completed forms to David Thompson. We hope many of you can join us at the Region 9 Rally. We promise you will have a fun time. See you down the road!


Mona Heath, Contributing Editor REGION

“To encourage clubs and rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel fun and personal expressions.” excerpt from Wally’s Creed Welcome to 2014! Our Club members throughout Region 10 celebrated the holidays with luncheons, rallies and charitable activities surrounded by Airstream friends and family. Region, National, Special Event and Unit rally & caravan plans are now in place and can be found on the Google Calendar on the new Region 10 website. The site: is a dynamic, informative resource for current, and potential, members containing Region Goals; Heritage; and Executive Committee & Unit Membership Chair biographies. An exciting part of the new website are the many pages dedicated to the upcoming Region 10 Rally including links to things to see, do and eat along the Oregon Coast and, for the first time, the ability for participants to register online. Details below:

Region 10 Rally “Caravan to the Coast” July 17 - 21

Plan on packing your bikes, kayaks, hiking shoes, kites & cameras and mark these dates on your calendars. Hosted at the Warrenton/Astoria KOA, the Region 10 “Caravan to the Coast” Rally sets the stage for Airstream friends & their families to gather around the campfire and enjoy the shared

spirit of camaraderie. Our Family Fun Camp is open to kids of all ages, offering a wide variety of interactive activities for the young and young-at-heart. The Oregon Coast offers a treasure-trove of adventure and our agenda provides plenty of free time for your exploration. From sandcastles to shipwrecks, saltwater taffy & fresh seafood, treasure hunting at antique stores to visiting museums & aquariums, there’s plenty to do.  Be sure to visit our Region 10 rally website where we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of restaurants, local attractions & unique activities to help you plan your Oregon Coast adventures. We’ll also use the site to maintain updates to the rally schedule as well as provide information on seminars. Please visit our rally site to register online using PayPal or to download a Registration Coupon (a version of which is contained in this issue of the Blue Beret). Whether you’re part of one of the many Unit caravans to the Rally, or arrive on your own, you’ll be welcomed by the diverse membership of Region 10. We look forward to seeing you there. Safe travels


Anne Werth, Contributing Editor REGION

2014 will feature highlights of an area (tourist attraction, if you will) in each of the “home” states of our units. Beginning with Arizona, take a look at the site of the Region 11 Rally in Camp Verde, AZ. Camp Verde is a town of about 10,000 population, small and friendly. The location is about 40 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ on Highway 17. Camp Verde is a central location to take in other sites. The Region 11 Rally was held at the Distant Drum RV Park...which was a good stepping off point for the other sites in this of which is Jerome, AZ. There is lots to see and do in this area. Jerome has a very historical background with the Gold King Mine & Ghost Town being one choice...among many more. Upon returning to the RV park, you can take in the wonderful pool or exercise using the exercise equipment at the park. Accommodations were super with a meeting room and kitchen attached, and an outside BBQ on the deck. You too will enjoy the pampering at this RV site. The surroundings are so picturesque with the mountains highlighting the area. Traveling in and out of Camp Verde is a snap. There is a casino nearby who will come and do the driving to their facility, good food & entertainment to be had...leaving the driving to them. If you want to stay a bit in the Camp Verde area, this is a pampering you won’t soon forget. This is a terrific site for a unit rally...check it out and enjoy!


Kia Kelley-Johnson, Contributing Editor,

Wow, we blew through 2013, and now it’s time to begin the cycle all over. Mark your paper or electronic calendars with the regions’ and your local unit rallies. Encourage others to come and make use of the buddy rallies to invite non Airstreams to a fun time. Note that the 2014 Region 12 Rally will be in Pahrump, NV, hosted by the Golden West unit. This is your last chance to be a King or Queen of the hobo sort. This is the last year of the Hobo Rally in Blythe, CA. Region 12 has hosted this event for over 30 years, and the people of Blythe have been very generous with their hospitality during this time. Thank you. By now you may have heard that our region has lost two units, the San Fernando Valley and San Joaquin California Units have dissolved and their members dispersed to other local units. Please make them welcome and encourage them to participate in your unit’s gatherings. The region will miss these two Units as they have outstanding members who contributed a lot to the Region and WBCCI. On the membership note, if you see another Airstream on the road, send out a big HI. There are over 6,000 Airstreams registered in CA. What would happen if they all showed up at one time, even only 10%? Oh the possibilities! If you are planning for 2015 at this time, note that the International Rally will be held in Farmington, NM. Replacement for the old Hobo Rally will now be called the Cali-Rally held in the Central coast region of California: more news coming. Then the 2015 Region Rally will be in Carson City, NV (home to our region officers the Stansbury’s). Safe travels to everyone in 2014; hope to see you “Streaming down the Road.”

Washington Land Yacht Harbor Always open for Airstreams to visit year-round!

      

Day trips to Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens & Olympic NP 60 miles from Seattle & 80 miles from the ocean! Great fishing in Puget Sound, local lakes & rivers Nearby shopping – Wal-Mart, Costco & Cabela’s Great Restaurants 162 sites with full hookups w/Free WiFi Large club house seats 400 & Gatehouse seats 40, a great rally site!  Easy access from I-5, Exit 111 or 114  Residential ownership opportunities on leased lots Pets welcome, 40x80 fenced dog run


9101 Steilacoom Rd SE Olympia, WA 98513 Charter Member of Airstream Parks Association

Blue Beret / February 2014


Happy New Year from your extended Airstream family here in Jackson Center, OH! It is my hope each of you got to spend quality time with friends and family over the holidays and that you each brought in the New Year in good health. Airstream entered the New Year in 2013 very optimistic as our business had been steadily growing and the economy was continually improving. Our dealer network continued to get stronger as we added some great new dealers and our existing dealers continue to strengthen with increased sales. As we approached spring, it was apparent to all of us that 2013 was on its way to being very special, and for that matter, very busy! Business took off as sales reached record levels for both our vans and travel trailers. Before the end of the year, we were at the highest production levels for travel trailers since the 1970’s! Our vans reached record numbers as well. This increase in business required us to hire new people. Airstream started the year with 300 employees and now, one year later, we start 2014 with 453 employees! Justin Humphreys

Last year was certainly a magical year for Airstream and it is due to customers like you supporting our brand.

2013 was certainly a magical year for Airstream and it is due to customers like you supporting our brand. With the great recession firmly behind us, American consumers turned to American companies. The big three auto makers had record sales and we certainly felt the effects as well. In addition to the pent-up demand for new Airstreams, we began reaching out to hundreds of first time buyers. In fact, nearly 50% of all new Airstream travel trailer sales were to customers who had NEVER owned an RV before! This is a great stat as our marketing efforts were reaching many people who may have considered an Airstream, but just never made the jump. In 2013 there were a lot of new people jumping into a new Airstream! What a great year! I remind WBCCI members of this because the club plays a vital role with these first timers. They have never owned an RV, so what better place to learn more about their Airstream than a WBCCI rally or caravan? The majority of the new owners are 50-69 and over 60% of them still work. I was happy to hear that WBCCI club membership increased last year as well reversing a trend that had seen membership fall for several years. What a great opportunity to build on this success in 2014!

I am even more optimistic heading into 2014 than I was in 2013. The reason for this is the success we have seen in attracting people who would love to RV, but don’t quite understand the “white box” RV and the stigma that often comes with it. There is nothing wrong with a “white box” RV, as you know, our parent company Thor makes more of them than anyone else in the world. However, our customers want to be a part of something bigger and something iconic. Our aluminum trailers are a great option for these people. As we head into the New Year, Airstream is extremely busy. Our dealers will be attending approximately 40 RV shows or other sales events across the U.S. and Canada from January through March. We will have sales reps at many of these shows. I will be personally attending the following shows - Denver Show second weekend of January, Tampa Supershow January 14 - 18, Minneapolis February 6 – 8, Alumaflamingo in Sarasota and the Milwaukee RV Show February 28 and March 1. If you are in the area, come and visit me at the show! On behalf of 453 hard working families in Jackson Center, OH, we appreciate your passion for our products. The reason 2013 was so special was completely the result of customers entrusting us with their new Airstream purchase. It means the world to all of us, and it is something we don’t take lightly. Thank you for your business and I hope I cross paths with each of you in 2014! Safe travels and Happy Airstreaming!!! Justin


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Dave Schumann, General Manager Customer Relations Group

February 2014 and I am back! Winter has been interesting across the country again, plenty of cold, snow and wind. Come on spring! Over the winter I am sure you have been planning your first trip or adding some accessory to your Airstream. Maybe even a purchase of a new Airstream. Here at Airstream we have been busy producing new Airstream trailers as well as Interstate vans with a variety of models to choose from. Our Service Department has been busy getting trailers and motorhomes ready for the next adventure, doing maintenance items, upgrades and restorations. And I have been busy trying to figure out what I should be putting in this month’s issue…let’s see. Now is a good time to start thinking about some upgrades for your Airstream and one place to start is with some upgrades for the exterior of your trailer. Here are some items that can be purchased through your Airstream Dealer or our online store at . Stainless Steel Accessories

39763W-02 Range Exhaust Vent - Stainless Steel 39765W-02 Water Heater Door - Stainless Steel 39768W Shower - Stainless Exterior Compartment

39764W-02 Furnace Door - Stainless Steel 39766W Refrig. Vent Stainless Steel - Side Mount 39768W Water fill Stainless Steel W/Lock Blue Beret / February 2014


Sport Bumper Kit Bumper Kit P/N 688149 If you have a 16 or 22 ft. Sport and would like a bumper for the back of the trailer, you are in luck. Just contact your Airstream Dealer and order the Sport Bumper kit P/N 688149.


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Wheel Torqueing Do I need to check the torque on my trailer wheels, I don't do that on my tow vehicle? Trailer wheels typically carry more weight than tow vehicle wheels of the same size and see more wheel/hub flexing due to side loading stresses. On a new trailer it is recommended to re-torque wheel lug nuts several times (25 and 100 miles) on your first trip or until the wheel nut torque stabilizes (stays at recommended torque spec). This is especially true for new wheels/hubs that may need to have the paint worn away at the hub mounting face and under the wheel lug nuts. Whenever you change a wheel for any reason you should torque the lug nuts and recheck at 25 -50 miles. (A torque wrench is a good tool for your tool box) What does torqueing do? 1. Torqueing draws the wheel to the hub face, and 2. Torqueing stretches the bolt's shaft, holding the lug and nut threads against each other. IMPORTANT! Proper installation requires that the wheel lug torque be set to the recommended specification for your vehicle. These torque specifications can be found in your vehicle's owner's manual or from an Airstream Dealer. Over Torqueing I know many Airstream’ers have indicated they just use a regular lug wrench to tighten lug nuts and it works great. They check them regularly. You just need to remember that it is possible to permanently damage a wheel or wheel lugs that have been over torqued. You cannot see the effects of over torqueing and it may cause the loss of that wheel from the trailer. Reduce the risk and use a torque wrench. A good idea if you are using your Airstream in the winter. Use an outdoor wireless thermometer/sensor to monitor plumbing pipe temps; use the wireless thermometer to monitor how cold it is around critical plumbing areas such as macerator pump, dump valves or exterior faucets. This way you can take action to prevent a freeze up in the plumbing system. You can also use outdoor thermometer with sensor in your refrigerator to monitor temperature in summer time. Winter: Bad weather- Bad humor Q: What did the seal say when it swam into a concrete wall? A: "Dam!" Q: What is a physicist’s favorite food? A: Fission chips A statistician is someone who tells you that when you've got your head in the fridge and your feet in the oven that you're – on average - very comfortable. Have a great month and we will see you on down the road!

If you have a topic for this column, please send your suggestions to: Dave Schumann, Airstream, Inc., 419 W. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334

If your topic is published, you will receive a “Schu’s News” t-shirt!

Airstream Dealer Update New Dealers The R.V. Shop, Inc. 14340 S. Choctaw Ext. Baton Rouge, LA 70819 Ph. 225-272-8000 Tampa RV 4656 McIntosh Rd. Dover, FL 33527 Ph. 518-300-4838

Deleted Dealer Bates RV 4656 McIntosh Rd. Dover, FL 33527 Ph. 813-659-0008 Blue Beret / February 2014


Some of the services we offer include:

Damage Repair • • •

Metal replacements Fiberglass Repair Chassis

Vintage Services Exterior • • • • •

Lights Stone Shields Rock Guards Awnings Air Conditioners

• • •

Upholstery Curtains Tambour Door Replacements


Flooring • • • •

Vinyl Laminate Wood Carpet

• •

Disc Brakes Electric Brakes

• •

Toilet Tank Replacement



27 Point Inspection Generator Service Oil Change ……and much more!

Tours are offered Weekdays 2:00 p.m. EST (Subject to change during Holiday Season) Please call in advance 937-596-6111


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Blue Beret / February 2014


Held at the Airstream Factory from May 27 to June 1 2014 Sign up for 3, 4, or 5 days of fun in Jackson Center, OH.

Trailer with one adult (3 nights)

$235.00 _____________

First attendee name ______________________________

3 Nights (Arrival on May 29, 2014, or later) Additional Adult in same trailer



Second attendee name ___________________________

Kids under 15 years old


# of Kids_____

Kids Names _____________________________________

Walk in attendance, per person


_____________ for seminars dinner and entertainment only


4 Nights (Arrival on May 27, or later) $25.00 ______________ 5 Nights (Arrival on May 28 or later) $50.00 ______________ Boondocking Weekend (with 5 night reservation) ___________ Free, but space is limited! Initial here to be on the list ____ EXTRAS

Alumapalooza T-Shirt


$20.00 ______________ Womens cut

Alumapalooza T-Shirt S M L XL XXL $20.00 ______________ Mens cut Want more than one? Just note it here and do the math! TOTAL DUE


You can pay by Check or Credit Card

Cardholder Name ______________________________________ Card Number ___________________________________ Expiration Date


Security Code __________

If Billing address is different than below, please note it here: Address______________________________________________

City/State/ZIP __________________________________

Home Phone _________________________________________

Cell Phone _____________________________________

Email Address________________________________________

Trailer or Motorhome Model _______________________

Generator Section Y N (circle)

Mail it to: Alumapalooza, 3959 Van Dyke Road #295, Lutz FL 33558 Or you can register on line at www.alum A few things you should know: Taking photography or video for commercial purposes at the event is prohibited without express written permission of Airstream Inc. and R&B Events LLC. No refunds (whole or part) for late arrival. If you must cancel, please note that refunds are limited by our published refund policy. Registrations canceled before March 1, 2014 will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations received in March 2014 will be charged $75. Cancellations in April 2014 will be charged 50% of fees paid. Monies can be transferred to another R&B Events, LLC event one time for a $25.00 transfer fee. IMPORTANT: No refunds will be issued for cancellation after May 1, 2014 for any reason. We strongly recommend investigating trip cancellation insurance if you might have to cancel at a late date. Refunds will be made to the credit card or PayPal account that was originally used to make the payment. Please note that t-shirts and other merchandise orders are not returnable or refundable. Alumapalooza Four is a production of R&B Events LLC. By registering for and attending this event you agree to hold R&B Events LLC, Airstream Inc., Church Street Publishing Inc., organizers, volunteers, and sponsors of the event harmless for any damages, losses, or injuries that you may incur while attending the event. Please check our website for insurance recommendations.


Blue Beret / February 2014


2014 International Convention/Rally, Gillette, Wyoming

NATIONAL RALLIES Feb 3-9 Feb 26-Mar 5 Jul 28-Aug Aug 6-12 Sep 8-14 Sep 19-28 Sep 23-27 Oct 3-7

Memorial Hobo Rally, Blythe, CA Mardi Gras Rally, New Orleans, LA Potlatch & Salmon Rally, Lacey, WA Around the World with Folkorama Rally, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Pendleton Roundup, Pendleton, OR Swiss Festival, Sugarcreek, OH Antelope Rally, Medicine Bow, WY Balloon Fiesta Rally, Albuquerque, NM

SPECIAL EVENT RALLIES Apr 20-27 Aug 3-9 Sep 4-7 Oct 1-6 Oct 9-12 Oct 11-19 Dec 28Jan 1, 2015

San Antonio Fiesta Rally, San Antonio, TX Galax Old Time Fiddlers Convention, Galax, VA Old Thresher Days, Yuma, CO Storytelling Festival Rally, Jonesborough, TN Victorian Days Rally, Dennisville, NJ Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree Rally, Ketchum, ID Rose Parade Rally, Pasadena, CA

NATIONAL CARAVANS Feb 3-Mar 2 N-43-K Florida Fantasy - Leader: Skipper Ph. 850-528-0437 Mar 11-25


Cajun Country Caravan - Leaders: Boudreaux Ph. 985-209-0376/985-688-3467/985-446-1931

Mar 27-Apr 15 N-43-M STANDBY ONLY Georgia Plantations & More Leader: Montague Ph. 850-212-3726 STANDBY ONLY Springtime in Kentucky Leader: Wilson Ph. 270-782-6554 or 270-792-3814

Apr 24-May 15 N-43-A

N-43-N STANDBY ONLY Taste of the Blue Ridge Leader: Matkovich Ph. 708-246-8309 or 708-567-4686 Jun 2-22

Jul 6-Aug 22

N-43-C STANDBY ONLY National Landmarks West Leader: Glassey Ph. 360-459-5608

Jul 10-Aug 14 N-43-P

STANDBY ONLY Nor by Nor’ East Caravan Leaders: Walbridge Ph. 781-254-6399

Jul 12-Sep 12 N-43-G STANDBY ONLY Alyeska, the Great Land Leader: Johnjulio Ph. 216-533-1752 Aug 25-Oct 15 N-43-J

Southwest Adventure - Leader: Glassey Ph. 360-459-5608

Sep 7-Oct 5 N-43-I

Watch it Made in the USA - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928

Sep 22-Oct 25 N-43-L

Gone to Texas - Leaders: Snow Ph. 832-2174508 / Kindle Ph. 713-907-4624

Oct 7-Nov 15 N-43-D Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762 Oct 19-Nov 14 N-43-O 2015 N-44-A1 N-44-A2 N-44-B N-44-C N-44-D N-44-E N-44-F N-44-G N-44-H N-44-I N-44-J N-44-K

Where Da Heck is Chokoloskee? - Leader: Courtney Ph. 513-325-0219

Viking Trail Caravan - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928 Viking Trail Caravan - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928 Golf-N-Around - Leader: Skipper Ph. 850-528-0437 Canadian Rocky Mountains - Leader: Leach Ph. 281-536-6185 Rocky Mountain High USA - Leader: Leach Ph. 281-536-6185 Southwest Adventure - Leader: Glassey Ph. 206-605-2986 Lewis & Clark Trail - Leader: Bernd Ph. 360-970-7245 Fly, Drive Alaska - Leader: Matkovich Ph. 708-567-4686 Georgia Plantations & More - Leader: Montague Ph. 850-212-3726 Nor by Nor’ East Caravan - Leaders: Walbridge Ph. 781-254-6399 Taste of the Blue Ridge - Leader: Matkovich Ph. 708-567-4686 Where Da Heck is Chokoloskee? - Leader: Courtney Ph. 513-325-0219

Sep 10-Oct 10 N-43-B The Great River Road - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-770-1609

Blue Blue Beret Beret / February / February 2014 2014 51 51    

REGION  1 Region 1 Website: Cape Cod Massachusetts Unit Feb 5 Feb 9

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Buffet City, 13235 Cortez Blvd., Brooksville, FL, Rich Walbridge 781-254-6399, email: Luncheon 1 PM, Fireside Grill, 30 Bedford St., Middleboro, MA, Trevor Lake 781-837-2539, email: trevorlake@

Charter Oak Connecticut Unit - Feb 2 Mar 2

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Nutmeg Rest., 297 S. Main St., East Windsor, CT, Jim Burnham 860-463-5251, email: jimbllc@ Luncheon 11:30 AM, Pond House Grill, 2935 Main St., Glastonbury, CT, Charlotte LaRocca 860-633-8157, email:

New England Unit -

Hudson-Mohawk New York Unit - Feb TBA Mar 13

Cabin Fever Luncheon 1 PM, Olive Garden, Albany, NY, Geoff Whittle 518-783-1606, email: Snowbird Luncheon 1 PM, Travelers Rest, Dade City, FL, Bob Stark 352-588-3475, email:

Keystone Pennsylvania Unit - Mar 22

“Spring Wake Up” Luncheon Noon, Davinci’s Pub, 217 E. Main St., Collegeville, PA, Jody Dietz 610-327-3241, email:

Metropolitan New York Unit - Mid-Atlantic Unit - Feb 13 Feb 15 Mar 22

Valentine’s Luncheon - South, Limonchello Rest., Punta Gorda, FL, Pete Baker 703-508-8744 Valentine’s Luncheon - North, 3609 Patrick Henry Dr., Olney, MD, Bert Shankman 301-774-0655 Joint Rally w/New Jersey Unit, Colonial Airstream, 1121 Ocean Ave., Lakewood, NJ, Bob George 443-605-3398

New Jersey Unit Feb 15

Polar Bear Plunge/Luncheon Noon, Sea Isle City, NJ, Judy Coupe 267-261-1392, email: Support Our Airstream Dealer Rally, Colonial Airstream, Jay Hrcsko 732-922-3208, email:

Quebec Canada Unit -

Mar 22-23

White Mountains New Hampshire Unit -

New York Finger Lakes Unit -

REGION  2 Region 2 Website: May 28-Jun 1 Sep 11-14 Sep 18-21 Oct 9-12

Region 2 Rally, Salem Cty. FG, Woodstown, NJ, email: PA State Rally, Biglerville, PA Fred Schultz, email: NJ State Rally, Jersey Shore Haven, South Seaville, NJ email: Victorian Days Rally, Avalon CG, Cape May, NJ, Linda Amme 856-358-2717

Al-Mon-O Pennsylvania Unit Berkshire New York Unit Mar TBA

Luncheon, Rich Roeser, eamil:

Central Maryland Unit – Feb TBA Mar TBA

Luncheon, TBA, Doris Durand 410-757-6630, email: Luncheon, TBA, Gail Willie 301-829-5173, email: gail.

Central Pennsylvania Unit – Delaware Valley New Jersey Unit – Feb 15 Mar TBA

Valentine’s Party, TBA, Guy Amme 856-369-9006 St. Patrick’s Day Party, TBA, Pat Berkey 856-816-5469

Delmarva Unit - Feb 14 Mar 1


Valentine’s Day Luncheon Noon, Golden Corral Rest., Zephyrhills, FL, Mary Ann Parks 302-584-3215, email: Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday Luncheon Noon, Trevi Rest., Smyrna, DE, Bill Gerfin 302-492-3097, email: bgerf@

Blue Beret / February 2014 

Ontario Canada Unit - Feb 1 Feb 13

Mid-Winter Dinner 5 PM, Wayside, Talbotville, Michael Lambert, email: Airstreamers in the Valley Luncheon 11:30 AM, China Sea Buffet, 4901 W Expressway 83, McAllen, TX, Don McKelvay, email:

Penn Lehigh Unit – Mar 6

Finger Lakes/Region 2 Luncheon Noon, Golden Corral, 880 Palm Bay Rd., Melbourne, FL, Fred Schultz, email:

Pennsylvania Unit - Washington DC Unit - Watchung New Jersey Unit - Feb TBA Mar TBA

TBA, Marian Wooding 908-684-5239 Luncheon, Pub 199, Mt. Arlington, NJ, Dave Morrison 973627-3875

REGION  3 Region 3 Website:

Apr 2-7 Apr 30-May 3 Aug 3-9

Florida State Rally, Big Pine Key, FL Dan Maciejczyk, email: Region 3 Rally, Asheville, NC Galax Old Time Fiddlers Convention, Galax, VA

Big Bend Florida Unit - Feb 14-16 Mar 21-23 Mar 23-29

Buddy Rally, Julian Bruce St. George Island State Park, Apalachicola, FL, Gary Anderson 850-769-9181, email: Warm up Rally to Caravan, GA Veterans State Park, Cordele, GA, Gary Anderson 850-769-9181, email: Caravan, “Following the Georgia Antebellum Trail, Macon to Athens,” Jim Hentz 850-385-3538, email: jdhentz@

Carolinas Unit of North Carolina - Feb 1

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Something Different, 1512-F Zoo Pkwy., Asheboro, NC 336-626-5707, Burl Hammock 336723-7856, email: Luncheon Noon, Fat Boys, 114 Days Inn Dr., Mooresville, NC 704-663-7089, Burl Hammock 336-723-7856, email:

Mar 1

Coastal Georgia - Mar 19-24

Rally, Crooked River State Park, St. Marys, GA, Ray Marchant 912-658-8711, email:

Eastern North Carolina Unit - Mar 21-23

Rally, Tranter Creek Resort, Washington, NC, Eric Nelson 910-754-7527, email:

Mar 22-26

South Carolina Coastal Unit - Feb 7-9 Mar 7-9

Rally, Alafia River, Chuck Bergman 239-772-7130/239-2814337

Florida Unit Mar 12-17

Bluegrass Rally, 1300 N. Fort Christmas Rd., Fort Christmas, Christmas, FL, Frank Carson 321-704-2568, email:

Florida Springs Unit - Feb 13-16 Mar 13-16

Rally, Paradise Oaks RV Resort, 4628 Co. Rd. 475, Bushnell, FL, Dick Smolk 813-783-2521/813-778-1254, email: Rally, Lake Wadena Resort, 13582 E. Hwy. 40, Silver Springs, FL, Dick Smolk 813-783-2521/813-778-1254, email:

Florida Suncoast Unit - Mar 6-9

Buddy Rally Rodeo/Bluegrass Family Gathering, Craigs RV Park, 7895 NE Cubitis Ave., Arcadia, FL, N. Rt. 17, 7 mi., Craigs RV Park on L, William Kowalski 203-260-5739, email:

Florida Treasure Coast Unit - Feb 19

Feb 21

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Der Dutchman Rest., 3713 Bahia Vista St., Sarasota, FL, R turn out of FG, R at 1st traffic light, several blocks on L big sign, Alicia Rafter 561-9652175, email: Happy Hour/Potluck, Potter Bldg., Sarasota FG, Alicia Rafter 561-965-2175, email:

Georgia Unit -

Southeastern Camping Unit Feb 14-17

Feb 7-9

Mar 7-9

Joint Rally w/South Carolina Coastal Unit, The New Green Acres RV Park, 396 Campground Rd., Walterboro, SC, George H. Harris 864-985-1801/864-247-8352, email: gharris678@ Anticipating Spring Rally, Barnyard RV Park, 201 Oak Dr., Lexington, SC, George H. Harris 864-985-1801/864-247-8352, email:

Feb 8


Feb 15

Luncheon, Italian Delight Pizzeria, Powhatan, VA, Tom McKinley 804-598-9644


Western North Carolina Unit - Mar 15

Spring Luncheon Noon, Golden Corral, 2530 Chimney Rock Rd., Hendersonville, NC, George D. James III 828524-8081, email:

REGION  4 Region 4 Website: May 19-25 Aug 20-24 Sep 19-28

Region 4 Rally, Lima, OH, Marjorie Lotz 937-441-1129 Michigan State Rally, St. Louis, MI, Karen Fisher 248-2369044 Swiss Festival National Rally, Sugarcreek, OH, Karin Kurkowski 586-214-1777

Akron Ohio Unit - Feb 15 Mar 22

Valentine Luncheon 11:30 AM, Jack & Elaine Ketterer, 1321 Buena Vista St., NE, Canton, OH, Jack Ketterer 330494-2415, email: St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon 11:30 AM, Main Street Grille, 123 S. Main St., North Canton, OH, Vern Ketchum 330488-0462, email:

Appalachian Unit of West Virginia Feb 16 Mar 9

Luncheon 1:30 PM, Pasquale’s, Beckley, WV, Martha Moorefield 304-253-1178 Luncheon 1:30 PM, PKings, Beckley, WV, Loretta Simpkins 304-763-5264

Auglaize Valley Ohio Unit Feb 15

Feb 27

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Unit

Luncheon 1 PM, Surf Rider Rest., 8180 Shore Dr., Norfolk, VA, Skip Smith 757-496-5846, email: gsmithii@1968.usna. com

Virginia Unit -

Piedmont North Carolina Unit - Luncheon/Tour of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base 9:20 AM, meet at AMF Blvd. Lanes Bowling Center, 105 S. Berkeley Blvd., Goldsboro, NC, sign up by Jan 23, Patricia Paschall 919-404-1869, email: Mar 29-Apr 14 Kick-Off-Adventure Caravan, begins at First Landing Seashore State Park, Virginia Beach, ends at KOA Wilmington, NC, Bob Bennett 919-467-3681, email:

Little Rally on the Prairie, Payne’s Prairie State Park, Micapony, FL, visit website for details, Joe Conoly, email:

Tidewater Virginia Unit -

Northern Virginia Unit - Palmetto State South Carolina Unit

Rally, New Green Acres, Walterboro, SC, www., Kate Tyminski 843-757-9210, email: Rally, Poinsett State Park, Sumter, SC, Reserve America website, Kate Tyminski 843-757-9210, email: streamer@

South Florida Unit

Everglades Florida Unit - Feb 10-14

Rally, Riveredge RV Park, Pigeon Forge, TN, Phil Geisel 540-290-6211

Valentine Luncheon Noon, Tu Pueblo, 142 N. Main St., Bluffton, OH, off I-75 & Jct. 103 W to Main St., turn L and Tu Pueblo will be on E side about 1.5 block S of intersection, George Greenway 419-358-8211, email:

Cincinnati Ohio Unit - Mar 15

St. Patrick’s Day Brunch 9 AM, Golden Corral Rest., Fairfield, OH, take exit 39 off of I-275, turn R onto Winton Rd then turn turn R onto Knob Rd, rest. on L, Mark Kennedy, email:

Cleveland Ohio Unit - Mar 8

Gathering 3:30 PM, The Deep End, 6015 Deepwood Dr., Chagrin Falls, OH, Dale Ferguson 440-218-2505, email:

Blue Beret / February 2014


Columbus Ohio Unit - email:

Northern Illinois Unit -

Feb 14

Feb 15 Mar 22

Mar 15

Valentine Luncheon Noon, Ben & Joy’s Rest., Mt. Sterling, OH, Ken Hunter 614-274-7475 Luncheon/Bus. Mtg. Noon, Der Dutchman, SR 42, Plain City, OH, Herman Cook 614-361-2477

Land-O-Lakes of Ohio Unit - Feb TBA

Seafood Luncheon 1 PM, Maine-Ly New England, Zephyrhills, FL, Joann Cubbison 740-607-4233, email:

Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit - Feb 16 Mar 8

Luncheon 2 PM, 422 Cafe, Warren, OH, Bill Kitelinger 330326-2459, email: Luncheon 2 PM, Firehouse Grill & Bar, Willoughby HIlls, OH, Patti Harris 440-942-2067, email: patricia.harris87@

Miami Valley Unit of Ohio 1st Wed each month: Breakfast 8:30 AM, Roush’s Rest., 405 W. Main St., Fairborn, OH, Ralph Reboulet 937-433-0632, email:

Mid-Eastern Michigan Unit Feb 16

Potluck 1:30 PM, come after 10 AM to visit, 121 Quinn Ave., Caro, MI, Sam Earl 989-673-4572

Mohican Valley Ohio Unit Mar 21

Fish Fry Fund Raising 5:30 PM, St. Joseph Activity Center, 115 N. Liberty St., Galion, OH, Marthalee Horning 419-4685385

Northern Ohio Virtual Airstream Unit -

REGION  5 Region 5 Website: Feb 20

June 30 Sep 7-9 Sep 10-14

Region 5 Dinner 5 PM, Phillippi Creek Village Rest. & Oyster Bar, 5353 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 941-925-4444, Barry Bell 317-965-6400 Region 5 Luncheon Noon, Mufa Cate, 500 O-R Dr., Gillette, WY 307-257-2469, Barry Bell 317-965-6400 Region 5 Computer Rally, Springfield, IL, Monte Barksdale 815-458-3895 Region 5 Rally, Springfield, IL, Monte Barksdale 815-4583895

Luncheon TBA Luncheon TBA

Southern Illinois Unit - Feb 16

Mar 16

Luncheon 1:30 PM, Wilkey’s Airport Cafe, Mt. Vernon Airport, Mt. Vernon, IL, wilkey-s_cafe_-_services_at_mt__vernon_airport.html, Danny Nugteren 618-531-6698, email: nugteren7091@ Luncheon 1:30 PM, Wilkey’s Airport Cafe, Mt. Vernon Airport, Mt. Vernon, IL, wilkey-s_cafe_-_services_at_mt__vernon_airport.html, Danny Nugteren 618-531-6698, email: nugteren7091@

Southern Indiana Unit -

REGION  6 Region 6 Website: Feb 26-Mar 5 Apr 24-27 Oct 1-6 Sep 18-21

National Mardi Gras Rally, UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA Lonnie Carver 504-957-9362, email: Tennessee State Rally, Crossville, TN, Storytelling Festival Rally, Jonesborough, TN, Harry or Teresa Herrmann 865-966-2222 Alabama State Rally, Cropwell, AL, Paul & Julia Pasley 334-285-3382

Alabama Unit - 1st Sat each month: Luncheon 1 PM, TBA, Birmingham, AL, call for directions, Maxine Fikes 205-798-1735 2nd Sat each month: Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Tuscaloosa, AL, call for directions, Ruth Hollingsworth 205-345-6077, email: 2nd Mon each month: Dinner 6 PM, TBA, Montgomery, AL, call for directions, Paul Aehnlich 334-277-9647, email: pca2@ Mar 27-30

Rally, Bay Palms RV Resort, 15440 Dauphin Island Pkwy. (AL 193), Coden, AL 251-873-4700, email: baypalmsrv@, John Rylee 334-514-0252, email: ryleejg@aol. com

Arkansas Razorback Unit

Central Indiana Unit -

1st Thurs bi-monthly: Beginning Feb-Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Jim Pankey 501-206-5969, email: jamespankey99@comcast. com

Feb 1

East Tennessee Unit

Mar 1

Luncheon 11 AM, MCL Cafe., 5520 Castleton Corner Lane, Indianapolis, IN 317-845-5717, Ken Langell 317-408-6799, email: Luncheon 11 AM, MCL Cafe., 5520 Castleton Corner Lane, Indianapolis, IN 317-845-5717, Ken Langell 317-408-6799, email:

Illinois Lincolnland Unit - Indiana Unit - 1st Mon each month except December: Dinner 5 PM, Golden Corral, 6315 Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, IN, S of exit 26 I-69 & Scatterfield Rd. (109 By-Pass), Robert Green 765-6445289, email: 1st Thurs each month except December: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Golden Corral, Lima Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN

Kentucky Unit - 1st Tues each month: Dinner, Louisville, KY, on hold until spring 2014, watch for email communication


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Feb 15 Mar 22

Luncheon Noon, O’Charley’s Rest., Alcoa, TN, Bobbie Jenkins 865-982-0830, email: Luncheon Noon, Applewood Farmhouse Rest., 240 Apple Valley Rd., Sevierville, TN, Joe Scudder 910-619-0040, email:

Greater New Orleans Louisiana Unit - Feb 26-Mar 5 National Mardi Gras Rally, UNO Lakefront, New Orleans, Lonnie Carver 504-957-9362, email: carver.lonnie@gmail. com Mar TBA Arts & Crafts Rally, Fairhope, AL, Selma Evans 504-6823002, email:

Louisiana Unit - Feb 26-Mar 5 National Mardi Gras Rally, UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA, Lonnie Carver 504-957-9362, email: carver.

Louisiana Acadiana Unit -

Memphis Tennessee Unit -

Greater St. Louis Missouri Unit -

Feb 8

Feb TBA Mar 22

Mar 7-9

Valentine’s Luncheon Noon, TBA, Jessie Vest 901-5507928, email: Potluck Rally, Hugh White State Park (Site 144-153), 471 Toe Rd., Grenada, MS 662-226-8963, from MS I-55 take Exit 206 onto Hwy. 8 E, go @ 5 mi., at Lakeway Chevron station turn L onto Scenic Loop 333, will lead to Grenada Dam, turn L at dam and travel to bottom of dam, gatehouse & CG are located at bottom of Grenada Dam, Jessie Vest 901-550-7928, email:

Mississippi Unit - 1st Tue of each month: Luncheon 11:30 AM, will be notified monthly, Harriette Warren 601-856-7549/601-942-3085, email: Feb 19-23

Seafood Rally, Parker’s Landing RV Park, from Jct. I-10 & SR 67 (Exit 41) S 0.3 mi. on SR 67 to E Oaklawn Rd., E 0.2 mi. R, George McNinch 228-818-9784/770-378-7254, email:

Nashville Music City Tennessee Unit Feb 15 Mar 15

Luncheon 11 AM, TBA, Sam Massey 615-452-8460, email: Spring Rig Roll Out & Safety Inspection 10 AM, Opry Mills Mall parking lot (tentative), see newsletter, Bill Martin 615306-1769, email:

Pensacola Florida Unit - Feb 21-23

Mar 21-23

Mardi Gras Rally, Mystic Springs Cove Park, 591 Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, located approx. 29 mi. N of Pensacola, FL, off Hwy. 29, Henry Foster 850-266-4665 or Park Host 850-256-3280 Past President Rally, Mystic Springs Cove Park, 591 Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, located approx. 29 mi. N of Pensacola, FL, off Hwy. 29, Henry Foster 850-266-4665 or Park Host 850-256-3280

Tennessee Unit -

REGION  7 Region 7 Website: Aug 6-12

National “Around the World” with Folklorama Rally, Oakbluff Community Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Gail Harrower, cell 204-781-1987, US cell 956-246-7698, email:

Minnesota Unit North Dakota Peace Garden Unit - Wisconsin Unit - Feb 8 Mar 15

Valentine Luncheon 11:30 AM, Spring Garden Rest., 225 S. Century Ave., Waunakee, WI 608-850-3722, Neil King 608-849-8093, email: St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon 11:30 AM, Revere’s Wells Street Tavern, 505 Wells St., Delafield, WI 262-646-4070, George Boehmer 262-646-8697, email: tboehmer2001@

REGION  8 Region 8 Website: Apr 29-May 4 June 28

Region 8 Rally, “Streamin’ to Missouri’s North Star,” Kirksville, MO Region 8 Breakfast 7:30 AM, Chop House Rest., Gillette, WY, $12

Valentine Luncheon Noon St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon Noon, Johnson Corner Rest., 2000 State St., Alton, IL 618-465-5640, Brian Hogue 618462-3478

Iowa Unit - Nov-Apr 1st Thurs each month: Luncheon 11:45 AM, Golden Corral Rest., 1868 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ, Doris Jean Cabalka 480216-8096 Feb 15 Mar 15

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Pizza Ranch, 2450 Westdale Dr., Cedar Rapids, IA, Donella Watkinson 319-396-9088, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Calvin Rockett, 2013 S. Center St., Marshalltown, IA, Mark Kridera 641-752-3688, email:

Kansas City Missouri Unit - Feb 1 Mar 1

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Ryans Grill & Bakery, 10810 W. 75th St., Shawnee, KS, Henry Roberts, 785-893-2352, email: Luncheon 11:00 AM, Home Town Buffet, Broadway off Barry Rd. in the Northland, Delores Crain 816-761-6290, email:

Missouri Greater Ozark Unit Feb 15

Valentine’s Day Luncheon 11 AM, Ryan’s Family Steak House, 2501 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO, Margo Kohl 417-886-8358, email:

Nebraska Unit - 2nd Mon each month: Luncheon Noon, Old Country Buffet, 144th & West Center Rd., Omaha, NE, Dan Hoyt 712-642-2927, email:

North Iowa Unit - Feb 8

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Chef’s Kitchen, Fort Dodge, IA, Jeff Peterson 712-276-5325/712-253-0245, email: jp6896@q. com

REGION  9 Region 9 Website: Feb 18-22 Region 9 Computer Rally, NTAC, Hillsboro, TX, 254-205-0507/254-582-5566 Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 Rally “Flamingo Round-Up in Mineola”, Mineola, TX, Apr 20-27 San Antonio Fiesta Rally, San Antonio, TX, Gayle Ketchum 210-865-8136

East Texas Lakes Unit Mar 1

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Sirloin Stockade Rest., 2508 W. 7th St., Corsicana, TX 903-874-0900 Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 Rally, “Flamingo Round-Up in Mineola”, Mineola, TX

Heart of Texas Camping Unit TBA

Monthly Activities TBA, please visit our website

North Texas Unit - Feb 19-22

Region 9 Computer Rally, NTAC, Hillsboro, TX, Donna Scott 254-205-0507, email: Mar 13-16 Rally, Sowell Creek CG, Proctor Lake, Roy Fowler 817994-1182, email: Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 Rally Flamingo Round-Up, Mineola, TX, Andy Selking 817-879-2525, email:

Blue Beret / February 2014


Oklahoma Unit Feb 10 Golden Corral, Midwest City (Driscol) Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 Rally, Civic Center, Mineola, TX

Texas Alamo Unit - 1st Sat each month: Dinner 5 PM, Las Carretas Rest., 3975 Perrin Central, San Antonio, TX, call for directions, Roseann Wood 210-316-3172, email: Feb 20-23

Let’s Oompah Rally, Oakwood RV Resort, 78 FM 2093, Federicksburg, TX, call for directions, Roseann Wood, 210316-3172, email: Mar 30 Meet Up Pre-Region Rally 12:30 PM, Staway Ranch Resort & RV Park, 10101 St. Hwy. 31 E, call for directions, Roseann Wood, 210-316-3172, email: rosewood@ Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 “Flamingo Round Up” Rally, Mineola Civic Center, 1150 N. Newsome, Mineola, TX, call for directions, Roseann Wood, 210-316-3172, email: rosewood@

Texas Coastal Plains Unit - Feb 6-9

Dog Days of Winter Rally, Country Place RV Park, 3043 Waukegan Rd., Cut N Shoot, TX, Marilyn Thomas, 936689-2934, email: March 27-30 Pre-Region Rally, TX State Railroad, 745 FM 343, Rusk, TX, Marilyn Thomas, 936-689-2934, email:

Texas Gulf Coast Unit - Texas Highland Lakes Unit - Feb 4

Luncheon 12:45 PM, TBA, Marty Berdan 512-913-9011, email: “Till There Was You” Rally, Goliad State Park, Goliad, TX, Feb 6-9 .25 mi. S of Goliad on Hwy 183/77A, Marty Berdan 512913-9011, email: Luncheon 12:45 PM, TBA, Marty Berdan 512-913-9011, Mar 4 email: Mar 7-9 “Help!” Rally, Sunset Point RV Park, 2322 N. Wirtz Dam Rd., Marble Falls, TX, 2 mi. W of Marble Falls, Marty Berdan 512-913-9011, email: Mar 30 “Come Together” Rendezvous en route to Region 9 Rally, NTAC, 200 Walnut Hill Ave., Hillsboro, TX, IH-35 exit 368A, 1/2 mi. E on Hwy 22, Marty Berdan 512-913-9011, email: Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 Rally, Mineola Civic Center, 1150 N. Newsome St., Mineola, TX, Marty Berdan 512-913-9011, email:

Texas Hill Country Unit - Feb 12-16

Valentine Rally, NTAC 254-582-5566, email: www.ntac. org, 200 Walnut Hill Ave., Hillsboro, TX, on I35 exit 368A, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Waco triangle, Sheryl Wylie 210-9678903, email: Mar 31-Apr 6 Region 9 Rally, Flamingo Round-up, Mineola Community Center 903-569-6115, 1150 N. Newsome, Mineola, TX

Texas Plains Unit - 1st Sat each month: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Furr’s Family Dining, 6001 Slide Rd., Lubbock, TX, Ellene Osburn 806-829-2165, email: 1st Sat each month: Dinner 6 PM, El Patron Rest., 5807 SW 45th Ave. #500, Amarilla, TX, Dick Lanham 806-674-9849, email: ea Thur: Balloon Volleyball 1 PM, (meal follows at various locations) 2001 19th St., Lubbock, TX, Sam Spence 806-785-7785 Feb 15

Valentine Luncheon/Wounded Warrier Bake Sale Auction 11:30 AM, Lubbock Women’s Club, 2020 Broadway, Lubbock, TX, Ellene Osburn 806-829-2165, email: Mar 31-Apr 6 “Flamingo Round-Up in Mineola” Rally, Mineola Civic Center, 1150 N. Newsome, Mineola, TX, Dick Lanham 806674-9849, email:


Blue Beret / February 2014 

REGION 10 Region 10 Website: July 17-21 July 28-Aug 3 Sep 8-14 Oct 11-19

Region 10 Rally, Astoria/Warrenton/ Seaside KOA, Hammond, OR Carol Ortiz 360-491-6511/360-870-4705 National Potlatch & Salmon Rally, Lacey, WA, Norm & Sylvia Bahl 425-418-8137 National Rally Pendleton Roundup, Pendleton, OR, Teresa Taylor, email: Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree Rally, Ketchum, ID, R.B. & Zelma Bernd 360-459-4342

Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit Mar 15 or 22 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, AB, Stephen Fairley 403-244-5120, email:

British Columbia Unit - Feb 8 Mar 14

St. Valentine’s Luncheon 11 AM, Beach Grove Golf Course, Tsawassen, BC, Shannon Leslie 604-943-9909, email: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, TBA, Paul Reimer 604-6131625, email:

Idaho Unit - 2nd Sat each month: Breakfast 8:30 AM, Golden Corral, 8460 W. Emerald St., Boise, ID, Mim Davidson 208-336-8325, email:

Montana Unit - Feb 15

Valentine Party 11:30 AM, (bring donations for food bank), Rib & Chop House, Livingston, MT, I-90 to Livingston, turn R and travel N to rest. on L, Ron Green 406-586-0892, email:

North Cascade Washington Unit Feb 15 Mar 15

Luncheon 1 PM, Denny’s Rest., Arlington, WA, take exit 208 off I-5, Dick Sherwood 425-776-9829, email: jbsprn@ Luncheon 1 PM, Denny’s Rest., Arlington, WA, take exit 208 off I-5, Dick Sherwood 425-776-9829, email: jbsprn@

Oregon Unit - 1st Sat each month: Breakfast 9 AM, Mark Rest., 9900 SW Canyon Rd., Portland, OR, Bill Leppo 503-647-5710, email: Bill@Leppo. com Mar 14-16 St. Patrick’s Day Rally, Timberlake CG, Stevenson, WA, Bob Crummet 503-648-3078, email: bobbyc@advgra. com

Washington Unit Feb 15 Mar 14-16

Valentine Event, WA Land Yacht Harbor, Joel Ware 206250-5950, email: Rally, TBA, Joel Ware 206-250-5950, email: joelware@

REGION 11 Region 11 Website: Sept 4-7 Sep 10-14 Sep 23-27 Oct 3-7

Old Thresher Days, Yuma, CO, Ross & Bev Bohm 970-848-2643 Region 11 Rally, Santa Fe Skies RV Resort Santa Fe, NM Antelope Rally, Medicine Bow, WY, Patrick Foley 307-637-2866 Balloon Fiesta National Rally, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ken Johansen, email:

Arizona Unit - Mar 1

Luncheon 11 AM, Olive Garden, 717 N. Promenade Pkwy., Casa Grande, AZ, E. Florence Blvd. and I-10 in Casa Grande, Kent Charles 303-589-9146, email: kdcharles@q. com

Denver Colorado Unit - Feb 15 Mar 8

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Loveland Museum & Gallery, 503 N. Lincoln Ave., Loveland, CO, JIm Cooper Luncheon 11:30 AM, The Celtic Tavern, 1801 Blake St., Denver, CO, Pat Phalen

Four Corners Unit of New Mexico New Mexico Unit - Feb 15

Valentine Luncheon Noon, Monroe’s Rest., Osuna, Albuquerque, NM, John Elliot 505-263-7707, email:

Wyoming Unit -

REGION 12 Region 12 Website: Feb 3-9 Memorial Hobo Rally, Blythe, CA, Tom Smithson 916-802-0443, email: Oct 3-7 Balloon Fiesta National Rally, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ken Johansen, email: Oct 14-19 Region 12 Rally, Pahrump, NV, Judy Bechthold, email: Dec 28, 2014Jan 1, 2015 Annual Rose Parade, Special Event Rally, Pasadena, CA

Central Coast California Unit El Camino Real California Unit - Mar 12-16

Rally, Valencia Trailer Pk, Frank Pickett 714-893-1568, email: Nordgren 714-898-5769, email:

Golden West California Unit - Mar 13-17

Buddy Rally, Vineyard RV Park, 4985 Midway Rd., Vacaville, CA, Ken Bechthold, email:

Long Beach California Unit - Feb 3-9 Mar 14-16

Memorial Hobo Rally, Blythe, CA, reservations: Judy Bechthold, 733 Dartmouth Pl, Woodland, CA 95695 Joint Rally w/San Diego CA Unit, Golden Village Palms, Hemet, reservations: San Diego Unit

Nevada Unit - Northern California Unit - Mar 5-8

Rally, Cloverdale Citrus Fair, 1 Citrus Fair Dr., Cloverdale, CA, Deanna Bain 209-267-0994, email: bainstorm@gmail. com

San Diego California Unit - Santa Clara California Unit - Sierra Nevada Unit - Feb 22 Mar 20-23

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Black Bear Diner, E Main St., Fernley, Diane Leipper 775-972-5011, email: hq@ Rally, Nevada State Park, Lahontan, Silver Springs, NV, off Alt 95 S, Diane Leipper 775-972-5011, email: hq@

In Memoriam The officers and members of Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. express their sympathy to the families and friends of these departed members.

Ahlers, Gloria (003-AZ)................................#5551 PFL Arizona Unit Allen, Charles (081-WV).............................#23803 PP Cadiz Highlands Ohio Unit Ammons, Doris (021-NC)...........................#17528 Anderson, Christine (038-IL).......................#4046 Crane, Linda (022-SC)..................................#3559 Decker, Grace (038-IL)................................#23505 PP Northern Illinois Unit Duff, Grace (172-TX).....................................#3409 PFL Texas Highland Lakes Unit Elliott, Donald (040-IN).................................#6189 Elliott, Lois (040-IN)......................................#6189 Geib, Ron (044-IN)........................................#4769 Harris, Gretchen (155-TX)............................#1373 PFL Texas Coastal Plains Unit Heath, Ken (026-MD) Holmquist, Thomas (072-NY).......................#3295 Johnson, Eloise (081-OH)..........................#18040 Maloney, Timothy (072-NY)..........................#2207 McDaniels, James (137-MI)..........................#9602 PP Metro Detroit Michigan Unit Moser, Ray (021-NC)...................................#11103 Past Region 3 Treasurer Nolen, Marjorie (003-AZ)..............................#5232 Parry, Lois (155-TX)......................................#7670 PFL Texas Coastal Plains Unit Riddle, Richard “Dick” (112-WA).................#4755 Sholette, Stanley (026-DE)...........................#5239 PP Delmarva Unit Smith, Don (176-IL).......................................#1009 Smith, Grace (112-WA)...............................#23410 Sutton, Ruth (174-FL)...................................#6920 PP Florida Springs Unit Tolbert, Sue (112-WA).................................#28391 Wagner, Rolf (001-AL)..................................#2134 PP Alabama Unit

South Coast California Unit -

Blue Beret / February 2014



Miscellaneous FLAG POLE HOLDER All aluminum with 2 machined brackets for quick, easy installation. 3 pole holder $160, 5 pole holder $185. Includes shipping in U.S. Contact: John@ or call 803-684-5651 for more information. WBCCI #3892 RENOVATION, NOT HIBERNATION! Revamp your Airstream for spring travel. Rhode Island craftsman Eric Peikin will find the perfect improvement for your Airstream, drawing on his award-winning skills in boat building, carpentry, auto body repair and upholstery. 24’ x 34’ facility can accommodate Airstreams up to 30’. Local to New England Unit! For more information and to schedule your restoration, contact Eric Peikin 401-5003293 or WORK CAMPER NEEDED TCPC Airstream Park in Crossville, TN, seeks an Airstream work camper for the summer season. Check website at

Airstream Parks

Reasonable rates, area attractions and site of Autumn Leaf National Rally. Near Clarion, PA - four miles south of I-80, Exit 64 on SR 66; Ph. 814-764-8963; Open 5/1 to 10/15. MYSTIC SPRINGS COVE is an Airstream only park located 25 mi. N of Pensacola, FL, on US 29, between I-10 and I-65 on the banks of the Escambia River. Just 30 minutes to white sand beaches, shopping, museums and a casino. Owned and operated by Unit 29. Open all year with full hookups at $11per day 30 amp/$13 per day 50 amp, $300 monthly. Pets welcome and washer/ dryer are available. Host opportunities. Now have Wi-Fi. Ph. 850-256-3280. LAND YACHT HARBOR: Florida’s Best Kept Secret!!! Located off I-95 between Exits 183 & 180, miles to Disney 65, beach 10, Cape 30, leases available to Airstreams, overnight rentals available. Visit us at www. or phone 321-254-6398. NO PETS. TOP OF GEORGIA, 7 miles north of Helen, GA on State Road 75 in beautiful North Georgia mountains. Full hookups, cable TV. Free Limited Wi-Fi. $8.00/night, $210.00 monthly. During Rally weeks Rally fees will be an additional charge. Open year around. No reservations. WBCCI members only. No dry camping. Ph. 706-878-3590. www.

RETIRED? FULL TIMER? SNOW BIRD? RALLY PLANNER? CARAVAN LEADER? The North Texas Airstream Community can meet all your needs. We are located on I-35 exit 368A, in the heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/ Waco triangle in historic Hillsboro, Texas. Stay “For a Night or a Lifetime.” Our clubhouse seats 200 for dinner, new laundry facilities, free WiFi, mail forwarding service. 100% Airstream community. Call 254-582-5566 or visit

ENJOY THE SOUNDS OF NATURE AT JERSEY SHORE HAVEN. Located mid-way between Atlantic City and Cape May, JSH is a quaint Airstream park with wooded sites, 4-point hook-ups, and more. Convenient to beautiful beaches, casinos with shows, amusements, boardwalks, shopping, etc. Lots to do and see in the area. Jersey Shore Haven, 728 Dennisville Road, P.O. Box 99, S. Seaville, NJ 08246. Ph. 609-861-2293, website:

TAHI, TEXAS AIRSTREAM HARBOR, INC. Is located in NE Texas on beautiful Lake Sam Rayburn is known for Bass fishing. A haven for bird watchers. Daily $15. Come visit or stay with us. 5 miles NE Zavalla on Hwy. 147. Contact: TAHI, 714 Angelina, Zavalla, TX 75980, Ph. 936-897-3686. www.

VIRGINIA HIGHLAND HAVEN AIRSTREAM PARK is the place to enjoy cool mountain top breezes and beautiful sunsets, just 5 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, 25 miles south of Roanoke, Virginia. Full hookups, free WiFi, clubhouse with laundry, host sponsored activities, hiking trails and a waterfall. Enjoy bluegrass music at the Friday Night Jamboree in nearby Floyd. Located at 6517 Highland Haven Road, NE, Copper Hill, VA 24079. Open May 1 to October 15. Call 540-651-9050 or visit

PENN WOOD AIRSTREAM PARK - Traveling I-80 thru western Pennsylvania or looking for a quiet, all Airstream, summer home for a few weeks or all season? We’re the perfect stop! Full hookups with cable TV & WI-FI.


Blue Beret / February 2014 

TENNESSEE CUMBERLAND PLATEAU CAMPGROUND – Crossville, TN. An Airstream only campground on 376 wooded acres, 132 member sites with six visitor lots. Full hookups, 5,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, free wifi, video library, kitchen and bathrooms with showers. Laundry facilities, hiking trails, no license required fishing lake. Rates $18 per night. Open April-October. Visit our website: for directions and more details. 865-471-8272

For Sale Trailers/ Motorhomes 1990 - AIRSTREAM 34’ EXCELLA 1000, rear queen, microwave, Fantastic fan, catalytic heater, excellent condition and well maintained. $16,500 or reasonable offer. 604-538-7130 or cell: 604-220-5082. email: (Surrey, B.C. Canada) 1993 – AIRSTREAM 34’ EXCELLA 1000, rear queen, RECENT P&S complete ext. refinish, NEW axles and hydraulic disc brakes, NEW custom aluminum wheels and tires, Zipdee awnings all around, catalytic heater, NEW stove, glass mat batteries, well maintained. With 2011, 3/4 ton 4-wheel drive Chevy Duramax, 56,600 miles, no pets or smokers, Reese hitch and custom brake controller. Ready to roll. $69,900 or reasonable offer. Ph. 270-877-6298, email: cjhays4803@ (Kentucky) 1999 - AIRSTREAM 34’ CUTTER, 300 CAT, one slide, NEW tires, satellite, side-by-side refrigerator, washer/dryer, all NEW hoses & belts, regular maintenance. Asking $50,000 or make offer. Ph. 937-596-6263 (Jackson Center, OH) 2000 - AIRSTREAM 31’ EXCELLA, solar panels, disk brakes, NEW controller, Hensley hitch, NEW tires, 3 Fantastic fans, pillow top queen, TV, Catalytic heater, Corian counters, CB, no smoke or pets. $29,500 OBO. Ph. 352-750-4688 (The Villages, FL) 2004 - AIRSTREAM LAND YACHT MOTORHOME, one owner, no pets, no smoking, 58,000 miles, GPS, Pressure Pro tire monitor, 1 slide-out, Dupont oak laminate floor. $45,000 OBO, pictures on request via email, Ph. 706-379-1526 (Young Harris, GA) 2006 - 75th ANNIVERSARY AIRSTREAM 34’ CLASSIC, one owner, used very little, kept in building, queen bed, convection-microwave, solar panel, Reese hitch, full awnings. $35,000. Ph. 618-684-6772 (Southern IL)

PERMANENT ADDRESS CHANGE PLEASE NOTE: Address on file 12/1 will be printed in Directory. Address change as of______________ (date) WBCCI#____________

WBCCI NUMBERS & DECALS $9.50 per set, includes front and back; $10.25 for Ohio residents. Make check payable to: WBCCI






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Enclose $20.00 for one year. Make check payable to: WBCCI Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334


Payment for a classified ad in the “Blue Beret” includes an ad on the WBCCI website ( ) ...with as many as 30,000 visits per month! FOR INFORMATION, CALL 937/596-5211 or email Rates for Classified Advertising are $50 up to 35 words, $60 for 36-65 words. Payment in full must be received with the ad copy. BLUE BERET reserves the right to reject advertising not suitable for inclusion. The publisher reserves the right of approval of all advertising. BLUE BERET is not responsible for advertiser’s representations or performance. For more information on display ad costs, contact WBCCI. For your convenience, you may use the coupon below. Please type ad. Count words and determine cost as indicated above. Make check payable to “WBCCI” and mail with completed coupon to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 Name____________________________________________________Address ______________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________________St/Prov.____________________________________Zip________________ Classified Ad: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Location of trailer/motorhome:______________________________________________________________________________ Deadline: Classified Ads for April must be received with payment no later than March 1. NOTICE: Advertisement should be typewritten. The Blue Beret is not responsible for the accuracy of handwritten submissions. Refund Policy: No refund after the 7th of month prior to publication.

Blue Beret / February 2014



4/24-5/15/2014 STOP: RENFRO VALLEY, KY

Beautiful horses, lush green rolling hills, and home of the Corvette: these are just a few of the words to describe the beautiful state of Kentucky. Kentucky has something for everyone! For the first time, we will begin the 3 week caravan in the Bowling Green area, home of the Corvette, and from there we will travel to 7 different areas, each with its own history, geography and culture. You will have an opportunity to spend a day at the races at the famous Churchill Downs, learn about the bourbon industry, visit a horse farm, spend a morning at My Old Kentucky Home, and visit the childhood home of Loretta Lynn. We will end our journey at Renfro Valley, a mecca of bluegrass music that predates The Grand Ole Opry, and Berea, known as the Art Capital of the State. In every area we will sample the southern style “home cooking” without you having to do the cooking. And these are just a few of the many places of interest you will explore! We can’t wait to welcome you to Kentucky, where hospitality is the rule, not the exception! Leaders: Larry & Shala Wilson, WBCCI #10298, Ph. 270-782-6554 or 270-792-3814, Email:, Address: 1122 Old Main Street, Hartford, KY 42347, Total Number of Nights: 22, Number of Stops: 6, Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 25, Kitty Fee w/2: $2,300, Kitty Fee w/1: $1,700, Guest: TBA, Deposit: $200, Date Balance Due: November 15, 2013, Cancellation Fee: $50 prior to 11/15/13, after this date – leaders’ discretion


The longest National Scenic Byway in the United States is the Great River Road which starts in Minnesota and begins at the headwaters of the great Mississippi River in Itasca State Park. Come with us for an opportunity to explore the many scenic, historic and recreational attractions along the mighty Mississippi as it winds 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The Great River Road is the backbone for our journey from Bemidji, MN to West Memphis, AR. Enjoy the sights and sounds as North America’s largest river turns from a babbling brook in the tall pines to a mighty highway of commerce. We will crisscross the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee as we enjoy the old river towns and the modern cities that have played such an important part in the history of our great country. There will be boat trips, bus & trolley tours, dinners and entertainment including an evening with Mark Twain Himself. Join us for this great 31 day trek as we meander through countryside that provided Tom Sawyer and his friends their boyhood adventures. Leaders: Dave & Linda Andrzejewski, WBCCI #811, Ph. 603-770-1609, Email: mrsa811@, Address: 196 Rainbow Drive # 9616, Livingston, TX 773991096, Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD, Kitty Fee w/1: TBD, Guest: TBD, Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 plus non-refundable deposits before 4/1/14, Leaders discretion after.


7/6-8/22/2014 STOP: ARCATA, CA

Join us for the natural beauty of the Northwest after the International Rally in Gillette, WY, as we visit our National Parks, discover other significant landmarks and learn some of the geology, culture, and history as we travel through these six states. We begin in Cody, WY, and travel to Yellowstone National Park to be immersed in the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains. We explore the expanse of Montana’s “Big Sky” country to Glacier National Park and continue on to Olympia, WA, for visits to Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. Our encounters on the Olympic peninsula include Olympic National Park, the Hoh Rainforest, Victoria, BC and the Pacific Ocean where we will sample oysters and salmon and fly kites on Long Beach. After enjoying the Columbia River Gorge, we will find high desert in central Oregon on the way to Crater Lake. The Rogue River Valley is a shady change on our route back to the Pacific Ocean. Here we will see huge sand dunes and some of the oldest Redwoods in the country. We end our adventure on Humboldt Bay with a visit to the Giant Redwoods and final banquet. In all, we will include 19 National Forests, 11 National Parks or


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Monuments, several state parks, and many interpretive centers. We will savor cookouts, banquets or catered meals at most of our stops. Come join us for tours, boat rides, entertainment and, of course, great fun and fellowship along the way. Leaders: Phil & Margie Glassey, WBCCI #5328, Ph. 360-459-5608, Email:, Address: 9101-69 Steilacoom Rd. SE, Olympia, WA 98513-6127. Limit 30 rigs. Estimated kitty fee w/2: $4,100.00; w/1: $3,200.00, Guest $950.00. Registration deposit: $250.00. Cancellation fee is $50 before 2/1/2014 plus non-refundable deposits. Leaders’ discretion after.

N-43-D SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR 10/7-11/15/2014 START: REHOBOTH BEACH, DE STOP: JEKYLL ISLAND, GA If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of the United States, this is the caravan for you. We’ll visit an historic U.S. Lifesaving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware, eat seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia, visit countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood and see the sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we’re going to eat seafood? We’ll also attend Morning Colors and graduation ceremonies at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The caravan will travel about six weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park (south of Rehoboth Beach) and traveling through coastal Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and ending at the Georgia Sea Islands. The kitty fee includes campgrounds, most with full hookups, many meals, boat, carriage and bus tours, museum admissions and much more! Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein, WBCCI #9424, Ph. 623-974-4762, Email:, Address: 3700 S. Westport Ave. #1704, Sioux Falls, SD 57106, Total Number of Nights: 39, Number of Stops: 11, Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 20, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,725, Kitty Fee w/1: $2,950, Guest: $775, Deposit: $250, Date Balance Due: 2 installments, 4/1/14 & 7/1/14, Cancellation Fee: $50 before 4/1/14; Leaders’ discretion after.


7/12-9/12/2014 STOP: PRINCE GEORGE, BC

“The Land of the Midnight Sun”- The Alaska Caravan will start in Dawson Creek, BC, where the Alaska Highway begins at Mile Post 0 and travel for 1,500 miles to Fairbanks, AK. We will be travelling through Yukon Territory to Whitehorse, where we will turn North and travel up to Dawson City, YT where we will ferry across the Yukon River and drive the famous “Top of The World Highway,” to the town of Chicken, AK and then an optional visit to Eagle (pop. 15). It should be noted that the Top of The World Highway could be dusty or muddy. As we continue our journey, we will experience many activities such as “Klondike Kate’s,” Laird River Hotsprings, take the River Boat Discovery in Fairbanks, and experience a real Alaska Salmon Bake and Dinner Show. We will see many glaciers, visit Denali National Park, Mount McKinley, Juneau, pan for gold, travel along the famous Alaska Pipeline, and visit the North Pole, (home of the real Santa Claus). On our return south, we will drive the Cassiar Highway through British Columbia and back into Alaska, stopping at Hyder, AK (the last Frontier) and end the Caravan at Prince George, BC. You will enjoy unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities, world class fishing, and astonishing scenery on this “Once in a Lifetime Adventure!” Leaders: Bill (JJ) & Sandy Johnjulio, WBCCI #242, Ph. 814-484-7221, Cell 216-533-1752, Email:, Address: 6193 Althom Road, Tidioute, PA 16351, Limit: 35 Units, Kitty Fee w/2: $6,500, Kitty Fee w/1: $4,800, Guest: $1,700, Deposit: $500, Cancellation: $50 before 01/15/2014, leaders’ discretion after that date.

N-43-I WATCH IT MADE IN THE U.S.A. 9/7-10/5/2014 START: BOWLING GREEN, KY STOP: COATESVILLE, PA During this WBCCI National Caravan, we are going to have the opportunity to see people and machines make some of the products that are very familiar to us, such as the new Chevrolet Corvette, Harley Davidson

2014 WBCCI National Caravans motorcycles, Mack trucks, Kentucky Bourbon whiskey, baseball bats, Hershey chocolate, money at the U.S. National Mint, and more. You will learn how these products are made, and learn the history of what these companies did to grow and prosper. Many companies have a museum and company store that we will visit as well. After completing this educational and fascinating journey, you will marvel at the behind the scenes processes involved in manufacturing these products. And you will be proud of the hardworking American people and companies that make it all possible. This is the second in the series of Watch It Made in the U.S.A. WBCCI National Caravans. Each caravan in this series is unique and will never be repeated. In other words, if this caravan is of interest to you, then you should consider signing up now - because it will never be done again. Leaders: George & Sharon Hilton, WBCCI #7009, Ph. 352-205-9928, Email:, Address: 214 Rainbow Drive #11436, Livingston, TX 77399, Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 20/21, Total Number of Nights: 28, Number of Stops: 10, Kitty Fee w/2: $2,800.00, Kitty Fee w/1: $1,960.00, Guest: $840.00, Deposit: $500.00, Date Balance Due: July 1, 2014, Cancellation Fee: $100.00 before May 1, 2014. Caravan Leaders discretion after May 1, 2014.


The 2014 Southwest Adventure Caravan will be in August, September and October capturing the awesome beauty of the fall landscapes. Beginning in Durango, we will visit the higher vistas first, before traveling on to lower altitudes hoping to escape early snows. Bring clothes for all climates! We will find what’s around the corner in this four-corners region of CO, UT, AZ, and NM, that tourists may not usually see visiting Indian pueblos, reservations and learning about their cultures from Native guides. The grandeur of the scenery will amaze us as we ride the train up the mountain to Silverton, CO, hike to the “Palace” in Mesa Verde, or bounce into Monument Valley (seen in car commercials and movies). Moab, UT offers gorgeous views in the surrounding National Parks and excitement with “slick-rock riding” in the ultimate jeep. Whether using a camera at Capitol Reef National Park or riding a mule into Bryce Canyon, the parks will captivate us. After seeing the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, we’ll spend a relaxing 5 days beside Lake Powell and enjoy a ½ day boat trip, a raft float trip and a tour through the unusual Antelope Canyon. Our final 2 weeks will take us to NM exploring Gallup, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, where we will be a part of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, we will trolley through town, we will savor local cuisine and we will visit Taos. America the Beautiful passes (formerly Golden Age Pass) will save you $ for fees in Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyon lands and North Rim Grand Canyon National Parks. Come prepared to have fun with your fellow caravaners and leaders! Leaders: Phil & Margie Glassey, WBCCI #5328, Ph. 360-459-5608, Email:, Address: 9101-69 Steilacoom Rd. SE, Olympia, WA 98513-6127, Limit 30 rigs, Estimated kitty fee w/2: $4,300.00; w/1: $3,300.00, Guest $1,2500.00, Registration deposit: $200.00, Cancellation fee is $50 before 2/1/2014 plus non-refundable deposits. Leaders’ discretion after.


2/3-3/2/2014 STOP: MILE MARKER 39 (KEY WEST, FL)

This caravan begins in Tallahassee where we will tour the Capital of Florida (3 days). Tour the Dudley Farm Historic Park in Alachua (2 days). Visit with the Manatees in Crystal River (2 days). Attend Alumaflamingo in Sarasota (8 days) (included in the Kitty Fee). Go to Busch Gardens and have a luncheon cruise in Seffner/Tampa Bay (4 days). In Titusville, our stay includes the 7 night/8 day cruise (base price of cruise included in the Kitty Fee, upgrades available). While in the Titusville area, we will take a bus to the Kennedy Space Center and to “Epcot” at Disney World in Orlando (13 days). From Titusville we will travel to Palatka to see Historic St. Augustine on the Red Train Tour and cruise on the Matanzas River (4 days). Our travels then take us to Umatilla in Central Florida (4 days). In Stuart (3 days), we will take a swamp tour. In Florida City we will visit the Everglades National Park and take an air boat ride to see alligators. Our final stop will be at Mile Marker 39 in Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys (5

days). We will travel by bus to Key West; tour Key West by the Old Town Trolley, see the “End of the Road” Mile Marker 1 and Tour the Hemingway House. This caravan is very active and has some long days away from your rig. Leaders: Jim & Sheila Skipper, WBCCI #3178, Ph. 850-877-1729 (home), Cell 850-528-0437 or 850-519-1976, Email: sskipper813@gmail. com, Address: 9150 Seafair Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32317, Maximum RV Units W/Leader: 26, Total Number of Nights: 50, Number of Stops: 10, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,300.00, Kitty Fee w/1: $2,750.00, Guest: TBD, Deposit: $250.00, 1st Payment: October 1, 2013, Balance due: November 1, 2013, Cancellation: $50 plus non-refundable deposit prior to November 1, 2013. Leaders’ discretion after November 1, 2013.


9/22-10/25/2014 STOP: KERRVILLE, TX

The letters GTT were familiar in the United States during the early 1800’s. They meant GONE TO TEXAS. Come with us and see why it was the place to be as we travel from Hillsboro just south of Fort Worth, “Where The West Begins”, to the beautiful Texas Hill country west of San Antonio. Along the way we will visit Buffalo country, Indian Country, Oil Patches, Carlsbad Caverns, Texas Salt Flats, Old Missions, Cavalry Forts, travel along the United States/Mexico border, A PASSPORT WOULD BE REQUIRED FOR ANY TRAVEL INTO MEXICO. (NOT A CARAVAN ACTIVITY) A World Famous Observatory, Mystery Lights at Marfa, Big Bend National Park, The “Hanging Judge,” The Alamo, an Exotic Game Ranch, a Dude Ranch, and much more. Leave a message for your friends - GTT. Moderate hiking may be required on some events. Leaders: Lyle & Peggy Snow, WBCCI #7358, Ph. 832-217-4508, Email: lyles5@, Address: 20935 Jessica Rose Ln., Spring TX 77379, CoLeaders: Bill & Dorma Kindle, WBCCI#4126, Ph. 713-907-4624, Email:, Total Number of Nights: 34, Number of Stops: 14, Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 20, Kitty Fee w/2: $2,000.00, Kitty Fee w/1: $1,650.00, Guest: $450.00, Deposit: $250.00, Date Balance Due: 5/1/2014, Cancellation Fee: $50.00 prior to 5/1/14, Leaders’ discretion after 5/1/14.


This new, shorter caravan will explore 4 or 5 plantations of South Georgia and North Florida. We will attend Swamp Gravy, Georgia’s Official Folk-Life play, dry camp at an old country store, have the chance to visit Andersonville and Plains, take a carriage ride through a beautiful Southern town, visit the Uncle Remus Museum, not to mention the opportunity to eat at a number of “Southern” establishments. Spring will be a colorful time to visit the area and enjoy the beauty of the South. Leaders: Winston & Carol Montague, WBCCI #5274, Ph. 850-878-1281, Cells 850-212-3726 or 850491-7444, Email:, Address: 3958 Meandering Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32308. Total Number of Nights: 20, Number of Stops: 5, Maximum RV Units/With Leaders: 22, Kitty Fee w/2: $1,600, Kitty Fee w/1: $1,300, Guest: $1,000, Deposit: $200, Date Balance Due: 11/1/2013, Cancellation Fee: At the discretion of the leaders.


6/2-22/2014 STOP: STAUNTON, VA

Come with us as we travel the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end. It will be a 500 mile adventure as we explore the history of the area. Enjoy the scenery, listen to the mountain music, and soak up the beauty of this unique roadway and the surrounding area. The driving route will cover the entire Parkway and our stops will allow us to experience things like train excursions, Early American history, the biggest private home in the U.S.A, some Civil War history, a winery or two, mountain crafts, and much, much more. A word of caution: The Blue Ridge Parkway is a winding 2 lane scenic road with a speed limit of 45 mph (you should drive slower than that to take maximum advantage of the scenery). It extends for about 500 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

Blue Beret / February 2014


2014 WBCCI National Caravans The road goes up and down and around the mountains - often - and the elevation varies from 650 to 4900 ft. Our longest travel day will be about 140 miles. If you think this adventure is for you, your equipment should be in top shape. Leaders: Jim & Bobbie Matkovich, WBCCI #1790, Ph. 708-246-8309, Cell 708-567-4686, Email:, Address: 5823 Harvey, LaGrange, IL 60525, Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD, Kitty Fee w/1: TBD, Guest: TBD, Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 before January 4, 2014. Leaders’ discretion after Jan. 4, 2014.

N-43-O WHERE DA HECK IS CHOKOLOSKEE? 10/19-11/14/2014 START: McDAVID, FL STOP: EVERGLADES CITY, FL We begin in McDavid, Florida, where we will visit the Battleship Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, and the Naval Museum in Pensacola, Florida. We will start our travels by visiting the white sand beaches of Panama City Beach. Then travel the “Forgotten Coast” of Old Florida to Apalachicola and Carrabelle where we will camp just a few yards from the beach. We will see how oysters are harvested--plus eat a few--cruise scenic rivers; kayak & hike. We will take a walking tour of historic Apalachicola. You will see manatees in the wild and maybe an optional horseback ride on the beach. On we will go to Cedar Key for clams and eat the Two-Year-InA-Row-International-Award-Winning- Champion Clam Chowder. When we get to Homosassa Spring/Tarpon Springs there will be more wildlife, great meals, sponge harvesting tour and some of the best shrimp ever. Moving on to Ft. Myers Beach for the Edison/Ford Tour and a high speed catamaran boat trip to KEY WEST for the day. While in Key West, you will be able to visit Hemingway’s favorite spot for beverage at Sloppy Joes. We will take a guided Conch Train tour of the island with some time left for you to explore the island on your own. We’ll move to Bonita Springs and explore Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary a gentle pristine wilderness that dates back more than 500 years. Here we will walk a 2.25 mile boardwalk meandering through pine flatwoods, open prairie, and into the largest forest of ancient bald cypress in North America. Nearly 200 bird species are permanent or temporary residents and Corkscrew is world renowned for supporting the largest colony of nesting Woodstorks in the U.S. We will travel on to Everglades City and Chokoloskee seeing lots of alligators, a boat trip through the 10,000 islands, kayak the Everglades, eat stone crab. How about an airboat ride? Ok! You got it. There will be more boardwalks with incredible views and wildlife in Shark Valley. Of course, our final banquet which will be followed by a sunset cruise to the 10,000 islands in Everglades National Park. We hope you will join us for this action packed caravan. How else could you see the World’s Smallest Police Station and the World’s Smallest Post office in one trip; or get to the southern most point in the continental U.S. and the southern most point of paved road on the west coast of Florida? This caravan is very active and has some long days away from your rig. Leaders: Jim & Vickie Courtney, WBCCI #2804, Ph. 513-325-0219, Email:, Address: 200 Walnut Hill Avenue #62, Hillsboro,TX 76645. Limit 20 RVs. Kitty fee w/2 $3,600; Kitty fee w/1 $2,650; Guest $950. Due to vendor payment requirements, we must receive your $500 deposit no later than February 15, 2014. Cancellation: Leaders discretion. This is a preliminary schedule, things may change somewhat. Approximate travel will be 27 days, 9 stops, 745 miles, but again, this may change. Please contact us if you are interested in this caravan.


Blue Beret / February 2014 


The Nor By Nor’East National Caravan will begin in southern New England and end in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We begin the caravan in RI and visit nearby Mystic Seaport, CT and Newport, RI. Plymouth, of course is steeped in history; the Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II, Jenny Museum are among the places we’ll visit. Boston’s stop is a busy one with 2 days of bus rides from Topsfield into the Capitol. All those sites you’ve read about in history books will be part of our journey. JFK Library, Bunker Hill, USS Constitution, Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, etc. are just part of what we’ll see. Continuing up the coastline to an oceanside campsite in Searsport, ME and then nearby Bar Harbor in Ellsworth will make you a firm believer that Maine is indeed, beautiful. We’ll enjoy the Penobscot Marine Museum, Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory and yet another lobster bake…”Down East Style”. We’ll camp nearby FDR’s retreat at Campobello Island in NB, Canada and then up the road to St. Martins with another seaside campsite right on the Bay of Fundy. Nova Scotia’s 3 stops include campsites that will be home bases so we can travel to Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove, Halifax, Louisbourg, Baddeck and of course the Cabot Trail. We intend on being in NS for 11 days and we will see everything and continue to eat too! A short trip across to Prince Edward Island on a ferry and you will think you’re in Heaven. We have plenty of time here for exploring and enjoying some entertainment in Charlottetown, the warm waters along some of the most beautiful beaches as well as seafood-PEI style. We will have our Farewell Banquet in Charlottetown. Leaders: Rich & Dottie Walbridge, WBCCI #3371, Ph. 781-2546399, Email:, Address: 15 Edgewood Road, Scituate, MA 02066-4021, Co-Leaders: Trevor & Gale Lake, WBCCI #4688, Total Number of Nights: 36, Number of Stops: 11, Maximum RV Units/With Leader: 25, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,850, Kitty Fee w/1: $2,850, Guest: $975, Deposit: $200 by October 1, 2013, Date Balance Due: June 1, 2014, Cancellation Fee: $25


The Cajun Country Caravan takes you through cypress swamps and sugar cane fields of Southeast Louisiana, and through rice fields and crawfish farms in Southwest Louisiana. You will experience Cajun culture at its roots. Enjoy Cajun food, like gumbo, jambalaya, etouffe, beignets, red beans and rice and the freshest seafood ever. Dance the Cajun two-step on a Louisiana Saturday night. Walk onto an actual offshore oil drilling platform and see its inner workings. Dance to Zydeco music while a live Cajun radio program is being broadcast. Learn how a Cajun Squeeze Box (accordion) is made. Visit Avery Island Jungle Gardens, and tour the world famous Tabasco Sauce factory. Take a boat ride through the Atchafalaya swamp and see alligators and eagles in their natural habitat. Enjoy a bus ride to Baton Rouge for a tour of the Governor’s Mansion and the tallest State Capital building in the United States. Visit the oldest operating rice mill in Louisiana. Tour Petroleum Helicopters Inc. Lafayette, LA plant; watch helicopters being serviced and learn how important these aircraft are to the offshore oil industry. Leaders: Larry & Judy Boudreaux, WBCCI #6534, Ph. 985-209-0376 (Larry), 985-688-3467 (Judy), 985-446-1931 (home), Email:,, Address: 206 Parkside Drive, Thibodaux, LA 70301, Kitty Fee w/2 $975, Kitty Fee w/1 $750, Guest $350, Deposit $200, Cancellation $50 plus any non-refundable deposits before 12/1/13, leaders discretion after. Please make deposit and daravan fee checks payable to “Larry Boudreaux, Caravan Leader”.


(please type or print clearly - every blank must be filled in) Caravan #__________________ Caravan Name__________________________________________________________________________ Last Name________________________ First______________________Spouse_____________________WBCCI#_____________________ Summer Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone # _______________________________EMail___________ Winter Address:

From:________ To:______________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #________________________________Email_____________________________________________________________________ # of Adults__________Children_________Pets_________Ham #___________________MH/T_________ft. Handicapped? Amount Enclosed: (US$)________________________Check #________________

Make checks payable to: WBCCI National Caravan Mail to: Caravan Leader

REGION 9 RALLY 45th Annual Flamingo Round-Up Mineola Civic Center 1150 N Newsome, Mineola, Texas March 31 - April 6, 2014 Last Name_______________________________________________

Rally Fee: $75/person Monday - Saturday $60/person Friday - Saturday $45/person Saturday only $40/teen ($_________ adult x ______) ($_________ teen x ______)

$__________ $__________


Parking: $168 Monday - Saturday $84 Thursday - Saturday $28 Saturday only


Handicap parking



First Name (s) ____________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone___________________________________________________ WBCCI # ___________Unit #____________Reg. #_______________



Make checks payable to: WBCCI Region 9 Mail to: David Thompson, Treasurer 2200 4th Ave. #305 Canyon, TX 79015

Blue Beret / February 2014


BIENVENIDOS!! SAN ANTONIO FIESTA 2014 RALLY San Antonio, Texas April 20 - 27, 2014 Hosted by the Texas Hill Country Unit

REGION 9 COMPUTER RALLY North Texas Airstream Community Hillsboro, Texas February 18 - 22, 2014

WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________

WBCCI #: ___________ Unit Name: ___________________________

Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

Name: _________________________ Spouse: __________________


Address: _________________________________________________


City: _________________________ State: _____ Zip: _____________

Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________

Phone: __________________ E-mail: __________________________

# in Party_______________ Handicap________________________ Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults Airstream w/1 adult Guest

Rally Fee: $20.00 per person Terraport Parking: WBCCI - $15.00 / Non WBCCI - $20.00

$860.00 $__________ $545.00 $__________ $315.00 x_____ = $__________

PC ­­­­­________________________ MAC (Computer should be wi-fi capable)

TOTAL $__________

At this computer rally, I am really interested in:

Deposit: $200.00; 1st payment is 1/2 balance by December 1, 2013; Balance: by March 1, 2014. Full payment by December 1, 2013, to be eligible for a special drawing. Rally fee includes: 7 nights parking, transportation to the River and Battle of Flowers Parades, bus tour of San Antonio with optional stops at the Alamo, the Missions, SAS factory and other sites; 6 breakfasts, 4 dinners, lots of Blue Bell ice cream, evening entertainment, and more. Cancellation fee: $50 by March 1, 2014; thereafter refund of parking fee only. Make checks payable to: THCU-Fiesta Mail to: Gayle Ketchum/Joe Long 15251 Miller Rd., St. Hedwig, TX 78152 Ph. 210-865-8136/210-860-6006, Email:

There will be a wide variety of subjects covered such as online internet security, social networking and video chatting. Also word processing, slide/ movie presentations and spreadsheets. There will be an emphasis on Tablets and Smart Phones along with the many Apps that are available. Tuesday evening - potluck Wednesday - Saturday (Instruction) Saturday evening - Celebration Dinner Make check payable to: Region 9 Computer Rally Mail to: North Texas Airstream Community Attn: Donna Scott 200 Walnut Hill Ave., Hillsboro, TX 76645 254-205-0507 / 254-582-5566

FLORIDA STATE RALLY Sunshine Key Resort, MM 39, South Florida April 2 - 7, 2014 Name (s)_________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Telephone: _______________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ WBCCI # _________ Trailer ________ MH ________ Size _______ THERE WILL BE A $30 FEE FOR CANCELLATION


Blue Beret / February 2014 

Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $260.00 $__________ Airstream w/1 adult $221.00 $__________ Addt’l Guest(s) $ 39.00 pp $__________ # of people attending ________ Total $__________ Welcome to the Florida State Rally. Included in your rally fee is parking at a 5 star Encore park with 5 point hook up including 50 amp electric, trolley usage in Key West, seminars and a dinner. Please enclose a selfaddressed stamped envelope or we cannot return a receipt. Make check payable to WBCCI Florida Unit Mail to: Daniel Maciejczyk 34 Mango Manor Drive, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 Email:

REGION 8 RALLY Stream’ to Missouri’s North Star Northeast Missouri County Fairgrounds Kirksville, Missouri April 29 - May 4, 2014 Name____________________________ WBCCI # ________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone_________________ Email_____________________________ Adults_________Children__________Guests_________ Trailer _____ MH_____ Length _____ Handicap ____________ $210.00 $165.00 $ 35.00 _____________

Registration before April 1 ( - $5/adult)



$____________ 8 Rally

Kirksville is a quaint town with numerous historic sites to visit. Good food, entertainment and fellowship with friends will abound. Bring your hobby to display on Saturday, also items for the flea market. Open House will be held Saturday afternoon. Make check payable to: WBCCI Region 8 AFTER APRIL 10 BEFORE APRIL 10 Send your check to: Send your check to: June Ryan, Treasurer June Ryan, Treasurer P.O. Box 232 11313 E. Boise #48 Birmingham IA 52535 Apache Junction, AZ 85120

Name/Names_____________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ Phone_____________________ Cell__________________________ Email____________________________________________________ Expected Arrival Date _____________________________________

Rally Fee: 2 adults (includes parking Tues - Sat) _ 1 adult (includes parking Tues - Sat) Children w/adults Parking Offsite: Deduct $65

Online registration has no discount

TENNESSEE STATE RALLY Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground Crossville, Tennessee April 24 - 27, 2014

Handicap ______ Amt. Enclosed $___________ #/persons_______ Circle type of RV: MH TR Slideouts Length ft, Rally Fee before April 12: 2 adults $100, 1 adult $50, $50 each extra guest, children 12 and under, $25 each, (fee increases $10 if received after April 12) plus $10/night parking fee (pay at arrival) on rally dates only (April 24-26 ~ $18 per night for any extra nights). Full hook-ups, WI-Fi, 3 breakfasts, 2 evening meals plus Thursday night potluck, door prizes, entertainment, flea market. To reserve parking space, call Madelyn Grady 727-545-8606. Directions: Full rally fee refund for cancellations received before April 12, please register early. $10 fee for cancellations received after April 12. Make checks payable to: East TN Unit - State Rally Mail to: Sandy Hughes 122 Countryshire Ct., Kingsport, TN 37663-2810 Ph. 423-612-9297, email:

AROUND THE WORLD WITH FOLKLORAMA REGION 7 / NATIONAL EVENT RALLY Oak Bluff Recreation Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada August 6 - 12, 2014 Name ___________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City _____________________State_________Zip Code___________ E-Mail _____________________ ______ Phone __________________ WBCCI #___________________ Handicap Parking _______________ Arrive _____________________ Leave________________________ Trailer _____ MH _____ Length _________________ Slide Out: Yes _____ No _____ Generator: Yes _____ No _____

Rally Fee: # Unit w/2 persons ______ Unit w/1 person ______ Extra Adult - each ______ Children - each ______ No RV on Site - Deduct Optional: 3rd Night Folklorama: Adult - each Children - each

$650.00 $370.00 $280.00 $190.00 - $40.00

______ ______

Total ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

$65.00 ________________ $60.00 ________________

Medical Requirement for Electric (Specify): Electrical Charge ______ $160.00 ________________ TOTAL FEE PAYABLE IN US FUNDS


$200 Deposit required by May 1, 2014; Balance Due by July 15, 2014 Questions: Email: Gail Harrower,, Phone 204-781-1987 Make checks payable to: WBCCI Region 7 Mail to: Terrol Rogers, Treasurer, 47 Amelia Crescent, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2K 3X8

Blue Beret / February 2014


BALLOON FIESTA NATIONAL RALLY Albuquerque, New Mexico October 3 - 7, 2014 WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ Name(s)_________________________________________________ Email (only means of communication)________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Airstream model & length Rally Fee: Cost per coach (includes 2 tickets to all the action) $340.00 Rally Fee $ 10.00 1/2 ($175.00) due 3/30/14 1/2 ($175.00) due 8/1/14 TOTAL ENCLOSED $ Note: Balloon Fiesta refund policy: $10 charge through July 14; 50% charge July 15-August 31; no refund after September 1. Join Airstreamers from across the country at this colorful event as hundreds of balloons take to the sky! Water and honey trucks available. Bring your (quiet) generator. You are not sitting on the sidelines, but are part of the festivities on the field, beginning with the early morning Dawn Patrol through the evening Balloon Glow and fireworks. You will have in/out access in your car after arriving. Questions? Please contact us at: Make check payable to: Four Corners Unit Mail coupon & check by March 30 to: Ken Johansen, P.O. Box 424, Durango, CO 81302

REGION 4 RALLY “All Aboard for Region 4!” Allen County Fairgrounds, Lima, OH May 19 - 25, 2014 Name__________________________ Spouse__________________

REGION 10 RALLY “Caravan to the Coast” Warrenton/Astoria KOA July 17 - 21, 2014 Name(s)_________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State________ Zip Code__________ E-Mail ___________________________WBCCI #________________ Phone _____________________ Will you be bringing children? If so, please provide name(s) and age(s):___________________________________________________ Would you like your children to participate in Family Fun Camp*? Yes ______ No _____ *For information on Family Fun Camp, please contact Teresa Taylor at Length of Airstream (including tow/towed vehicle): _____________ Primary Vehicle License Plate #______________________________ Special Site Requirements: Handicap _____ 50 Amp _____ Close to Restroom(s) _____ Slideouts _____ Rally Fee (includes meals & KOA fees): Full Hook-Up (Water, Electric, Sewer & Cable): Thurs-Sund (1) person $159 _____ Thurs-Sund (2) persons $180 _____ Thurs-Mond (1) person $233 _____ Thurs-Mond (2) persons $259 _____ Water & Electric Only: Thurs-Sund (1) person $139 _____ Thurs-Sund (2) persons $160 _____ Thurs-Mond (1) person $203 _____ Thurs-Mond (2) persons $229 _____ NOTE: Upon arrival at the KOA, you will be responsible for payment of KOA fees for three or more adults (which includes children 11+) at $5.50/ day and pets at $2/day. Cancellation Policy: Full refund before July 1, 2014. KOA cancellation fee ($10) plus Region expenses TBD will be deducted from refund starting July 1, 2014. Mail coupon & check in US funds payable to: Region 10, WBCCI: James Rolls, 644 Beecher Ave., Brigham UT 84302

WBCCI # ________________ Unit___________________________ Address_______________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code____________ Phone ___________________

Cell _______________________

E-mail____________________________________ # in Party: ______ Handicapped Parking?___________________ Before After Rally Fees: 2/28/14 3/1/14 2 Persons $175.00 $185.00 1 Person $130.00 $140.00 Extra Adults/No RV $ 65.00 $ 70.00 x ____ Child 6-12 yrs. $ 35.00 $ 35.00 x ____

Paid $ $ $ $

Hog Roast, Golf, Flea Market, Door Prizes, Seminars, Tours, Hobby Show, Line Dancing, Raffles, Entertainment. For more information call Marjorie & Guy Lotz 937-441-1129, Email: Make your check payable to: Region 4 WBCCI Mail to: Karen Fisher, 899 Tanview Dr., Oxford, MI 48371


Blue Beret / February 2014 

REGION 3 RALLY Asheville, North Carolina April 29 - May 4, 2014 Come to Asheville, North Carolina, for the Region 3 Rally April 29-May 4. There will be seminars and roundtables on Airstream maintenance, Dutch oven cooking, short and longer caravans, membership, leadership training, and WBCCI and Region 3 information. You will have the opportunity to tour the Biltmore Mansion, take a trolley or Segway tour, take a “Brews Cruise” of micro-breweries, visit some of the many craft galleries, hike or bike a trail, or just relax with friends. The Western North Carolina Agricultural Center will be the location, so plan to join us. Actual address of the Ag Center is: 1301 Fanning Bridge Road, Fletcher, North Carolina 28732. Estimated rally fee will be $60.00 per adult, camping cost with three point hook-up - $20.00 per night or boondock at $10.00 per night. You may register for the rally at the Region 3 website online at www.region3., via the coupon in the Blue Beret, or by contacting the rally registrar: Judy Martiny, 2998 Englishville Road, Andersonville, GA 31711, phone 478-472-2693. You will pay your rally and camping fee on arrival at the rally.

If you have pictures depicting WBCCI caravans and rallies, please share them with us. These pictures may be used for promotional material, the Membership Directory, “Blue Beret” cover, or published in “Club Scenes”. Pictures should be of rally/caravan activities. When choosing a photo, consider the potential member and what would entice him/her to join the club. Please include a description of the picture, member names, specific rally/caravan, dates, etc. and send to or WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. NOTE: Original photos or .jpg file formats are preferred.

The Halliwell’s two Yorkies, Izzie and Gabbie, looking sad as the Airstream leaves for winter storage! -submitted by Robert Halliwell, #6840

John and Sandy Stumpf met “Lucy” at the Region 6 Rally. -submitted by Ruth McNinch, #3710, photo by Burnell Hitt, #1955

‘Crabbing’ in Texas at the Texas Coastal Plains Unit Rally! -submitted by Chuck and Mary Banker, #6221

Picture and article in the local newspaper after the Huron International Rally. The Mayor of Huron is the uncle of the editor of local paper in Iowa! -submitted by Rosalie Macumber, #3645


‘Land Yacht’ during a rally at a marina in Portland, CT! -submitted by Sandy Sasuta, #1001

Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit members after a Canal Fulton horse drawn boat ride. -submitted by Nancy Brett, #1315

Blue Beret / February 2014


Blue Beret February 2014