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hello Hello. I am Felix DapperKaps. You can call me Felix the DapperKaps or Sir Felix or even Mr.Khule but never just Felix or Dapperkaps. As you might have guessed I am a grasshopper, but unlike any common insect I am a part of the Kulture thanks to my creator Richard Nattoo (but only I call him that- he is Dj Sinista to you). I only listen to music that is PseudoKhule- and fortunately for you that’s exactly what this track is. If you would be so kind, may I have a moment to fascinate you with the music of my Kulture- and with no better selection than “Deny This Feeling.”

If you know anything about music, you would know that it involves instruments and the instrumentals of this piece of music genius was created after the very first PseudoKhule composition. My creator and his sweet gumdrop sister wrote a poem- but unlike common poetry this one was set to a rhythm. I think your kind call it dub poetry. I listened to a dub poem once- the rhythms all sounded the same, I suppose that would sound delightful to your human ears, but to my creator and I that just wouldn’t do. We went about to create a more suitable genre of music. The genesis of this track begun with the poem. Then Dj Sinista poked and prodded around on an illuminating metal box that made sound and all matters of weirdness. He said he was “mixing in FL Studio on his lap on the top” which made no sense to me- of course you can place things on the top of your lap and mix them like sugar drops and milk tea but what does that have to do with making music? Anyhow, he created haphazard noises which all of a sudden started to sound magnificent- he is a genius obviously. Dj Sinista’s masterful creation deserved an equally marvelous name: I suggested Grasshopper Shampoo. How could he have said no?

Grasshoppers are proud fashionable creatures some better-dressed than others. Then there are ones like me (the favorite type the Dj Sinista used to catch as a boy romping in the grassy fields). I am an immaculate emerald green. Would you just look at my antennaeI know, they are splendid. I spent all morning and afternoon grooming them making sure they stick out just right. When I heard Grasshopper Shampoo for the first time, I could feel a sensational tingle that ran right up to the tip of my antennae. The only time I’ve ever felt this way is when I do my second rounds of daily deep con and shampooing. So you see, it made perfect sense to call the music what I did.

Dj Sinista begged me to add vocals to Grasshopper Shampoo. I had to decline though. I had already made the most important contribution to the music off all time- with a name like Grasshopper Shampoo you would be hopping mad not to love it. While exhibiting his art alongside the international celebrity artist Antwain Clarke at RedBones the Blues Cafe, his friend, Keemo, paid him a visit. Like jam to bread Keemo’s fluid vocals was the perfect and most delicious fit. All the music needed was the voice of an angel. Again Dj Sinista begged me to sing with him, but again I declined. He found another angel he was searching for though and her name was Nakz

Recording Day

Mastering day

Nakz wasn’t the first choice though as the initial female singer turned down the offer. Some might say she backed out last minute, while others would say that a certain grasshopper sprinkled moon dust and sugar cream in her tea while she wasn’t looking. Anyways, Keemo not only managed to find a place to immortalize the music: New Rhythm Studios under the guidance of a renowned musician named Ozou’ne, he found a girl to sing. Nakz after all was a friend of Keemo and went to the Edna Manley School of Art with him- how could I stand aside and not let Keemo persuade her into singing the part?. Anyhow, I need to treat myself to some morning dew sugar grass and a cup of refreshing brew. While Im gone have a listen to Deny This Feeling- you’ll regret it if you don’t.

OFFICIAL CREDITS Deny This Feeling - Keemo, Nakz & Sinista (H. Walters, S. Malcolm, R. Nattoo) Instrumental: Grasshopper Shampoo. Produced by Dj Sinista (LabWorX Records) Label: LabWorX Records Production Team: LabWorX Executives (J. Smith, R. Nattoo, H. Walters, S. Brown) assisted by Ozou’ne Sundalyah Recorded and mixed by Dj Sinista with additional LabWorX Records Executives & O. Sundalyah at New Rhythm Studios Mastered by Gary Sutherland at Tuff Gong

Deny This Feeling Progress Journal  
Deny This Feeling Progress Journal  

This is the official documentation of the steps involved in the creative and production progress of LabWorX Records latest track - "Deny Thi...