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This one, or that one‌? ‌life is all about making choices!

Would you prefer…



Would you prefer‌



Would you prefer…



Would you prefer‌

Going for a movie

Going for a party

Would you prefer‌


Samsung Galaxy

How would you suggest something‌ ‌to a friend, a family member, teacher etc?

{Going to the Movies} Why don’t we go to a movie? We could go to a movie.

Let’s go to a movie.

What about going to a movie?

How about going to a movie? I suggest we go to a movie.

{Going for a Coffee/ Drink} Perhaps we could grab a coffee before class.

Shall we go and have a cup of coffee?

Maybe we could grab some drinks before the movie.

Responding to a suggestion‌ Go for it? Don’t go for it? Or suggest something better?


Sure! Why not.

Yes, I agree to that!

I like that idea. Let’s go for it! That sounds good to me!

Go for it! ‌if you agree to the suggestion.

Thank you, but I’d rather not.

No! That’s not a good idea!

Let’s not do that!

No, thanks. I’d love to, but… (reason).

Don’t go for it! …if you don’t feel like it. Don’t forget to tell why!

Why not (new suggestion) instead? I’d rather (new suggestion) instead.

It’d be better if … (new suggestion)

Why don’t we just… (new suggestion)?

Going for the alternatives. …new suggestion and why?

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