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Could you please… …explain further?

Add some clarity to your answer/ statement‌ ‌so that people can understand you better.

When you have problems understanding something‌

‌what would you normally do?

Scratch your head endlessly? ‌is it a universal sign of confusion?

React by showing infinite number of facial expressions?

…wondering if the other party can tell you are confused!

Confusion (may) lead to miscommunication! …avoid awkwardness in your conversation!

What do you think of the situation? ‌did misunderstanding occur?

What is being actually meant? ‌guessing from the clue(s) available can avoid misunderstanding.

Could this had happened long time ago? …how do you think the Native Americans avoid confusion?

How to make yourself understand?

…ask away!

Familiar with this scene? ‌still remember how you ask questions to your teacher when you don’t understand something?

Question words are always useful… …to use to ask when you don’t understand something.

Some of the phrases you can use…

…to ask for clarification.

Some of the phrases you can use…

…to ask for clarification.

The myth of brief interaction‌ ‌less you talk, more can be understood., agree?

Offering clarification... …how to make others understand what you were talking about.

Some useful phrases‌ ‌to be used when explaining things.

Avoid communication breakdown …speak with clarity, be generous with words!

Ae101 june13 top1 3 clarification  
Ae101 june13 top1 3 clarification  

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