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People read as much as 10% slower from a screen than from paper.

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On the Cover: Breast Cancer Awareness

On the September/October 2013 graces 11 women in community. Leading Ladies celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month. We hope that issue will help inform our readers about the importance of getting to know the facts about Breast Cancer, it’s research, it’s causes, effects, prevention, and more. We hope you will enjoy this issue. Women gracing the cover also include: 1st Row (l to r) Laura E. Payne, Belinda Osorio, Christie Harris 2nd Row (l to r) Treva Gordon,Jamie Figueroa, Michelle Williams, DaShaunda Turner, Lovely Morgan, Jennifer Miller, Stephanie Grant, & Charlotte Johnson Be sure to check out our website for highlights about these Leading Ladies at Special thanks to our Angels Angel Lett (support) and Debbie Sutton (Treva's Jewelry), Christie Harris (make-up) and Princess Pearson (Treva's Hair). Photo credit Kelvin Braxton. Convenient Shopper Magazine is a licensed trademark product of CCS Publications. All rights reserved. No portions of this magazine can be used or copied without consent from the publisher, CCS Publications. All advertisements printed in this magazine, does not necessarily reflect the values,views and opinions, of the publisher.

Convenient Shopper Magazine

On the Cover: Recovery Fest

Pastor Wess Morgan of Celebration of Life Church



! $#%&#'(#")*+&*(#",-./0


in Hendersonville, TN proudly presents Recovery Fest 2013. Recovery Fest is all about celebration and determination! 1234 ,!56789:;< Recovering addicts from around the world will BREAST CANCER AWARENESS convene in Nashville, TN September 26-28th, 2013 ending National Recovery Month with two days of events including: *Power-packed seminars on a range of topics such as addiction, recovery strategies and techniques, relapse prevention and coping skills *Live concert celebration featuring Pastor Wess Morgan & friends. Come celebrate your new life & reignite your determination at Recovery Fest 2013! MICHIGAN LEADING LADIES & MAGNIFICENT MEN CONFERENCE


Wess Morgan is an agent of CHANGE, Pastor, Recording Artist, Dove & Stellar Award nominee. He is the founder and director of the Wess Morgan Foundation, and organization whose focus is drug and alcohol prevention and recovery. For more information about Pastor Wess visit him online at Convenient Shopper Magazine is a licensed trademark product of CCS Publications. All rights reserved. No portions of this magazine can be used or copied without consent from the publisher, CCS Publications. All advertisements printed in this magazine, does not necessarily reflect the values,views and opinions, of the publisher.

“Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”

Since 2005 - Celebrating 8 Years It is great to be back again with you for our September/October issue of Convenient Shopper (July 8, 2005 Present) “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”

Sept./Oct. Issue

Magazine. So many wonderful things highlighted

throughout the magazine that we hope you will The Original… enjoy. From Breast Cancer Awareness, Leading Ladies, to Recovery Fest with Pastor Wess Morgan, this issue will be great for reading then Convenient Shopper Magazine To Advertise: Call 931-980-4661 sharing with others.

Or email: Hello Readers! This is our last issue for the amazing year of 2012. It's amazing how fast time flies.  Where did the time go? After this issue, we will be into the year 2013. Most people will make New Year's resolutions  Visit our Website at Speaking of great, at this time I would like to and some will even try new things.  I'll say, why wait until 2013 to begin?  Let's finish out this year by finishing up  congratulate my oldest son Robert Jr. for graduating from the Navy’s some projects you started earlier this year. It's not too late.     Basic Training Program in Great Lakes, Illinois . We are very proud of Did you know that Convenient Shopper Magazine is in our 7th year of publishing? I would like to extend a BIG Thank  him and his decision to serve his country. How about you? Do you You to everyone who picked up a copy of this edition with Standing Ovations on the front cover. Standing Ovations  have a special announcement that we can share with our readers? Tell has been in business for more than 10 years and is owned by James and Kawanda Moss.  us about your story and perhaps we can publish it in the next issue of   Convenient Shopper Magazine. I want to also encourage you all to As you look throughout this issue, we hope that you will enjoy our special features and highlights, recipes, calendar  of events and more. We've also provided helpful tips on the bottom of our pages for your delight, as well as fun facts  tune in every Sunday morning to my new radio show only on WJZM about the Holidays since we are entering the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I am always looking forward to  On The Cover “Nashville” Wess Morgan’s 1400AM called The Treva Show. Airing a full hour every Sunday this time of year to enjoy great food and family. I also know that it is a time to give thanks.  I am thankful for the many  Recovery Fest..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..5, 15 morning beginning at 6am. organizations that we have throughout our community who help provide food and shelter. These establishments are  also set up to receive donations, so whenever you can, please help support them in your giving.   On The Cover Leading Ladies!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!..5, 11   Until the next time, be safe, warm, and happy - Kudos! CS Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!!..!..17 Thanks again for allowing Convenient Shopper Magazine to serve you. Recently, I met a woman in the community  who shared with me how she has never missed a single issue of reading Convenient Shopper Magazine. We like  Calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..21 hearing from our readers. We are always very grateful for your support. Please support our local businesses who  advertise and don't' forget to follow us on FaceBook and on­line via our website. We hope you enjoy our magazine. CS Features & Articles!!!!!...8, 9, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 26, 29   Find Mother Cranberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..29 Remember, let us hear from you. Until our next issue, remember to keep living life to the fullest and enjoy every  Publisher, Convenient Shopper Magazine moment of everyday. Kudos! Email:   Best Regards,   Publisher, Convenient Shopper Magazine   Email:

Phil. 4:13

What’s Inside This Issue:

Treva R. Gordon

Ad Deadling for Nov./Dec. Issue is Oct. 27, 2013. Reserve your space today!

Obesity raises the risk of breast cancer after menopause.



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8 am 9:45 am 11 am

Help Us Help Them! !"#$%&'()*++$!,-.*/$012-*$3$%!%$455567

Early Workshop Sunday School Worship Service

7.512:.< Young Christian Mentoring Workshop

Jimmy Terry Sr. Pastor & Founder

8 am - 10 am





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Glitz N Glamour Hair Gallery A Cut Above the Rest!!

Walk-ins Welcome!

Cuts - Colors - Relaxers - Weaves Quick Weaves & Sew-Ins

Ometa Benjamin Owner/Master Stylist

931-302-5512 3281-A Ft. Campbell Blvd. Clarksville, TN 37042

Booths Available Tues. - Fri. 10 - 6 Sat. 10-4

Physical activity reduces overall breast-cancer risk by about 10 percent to 30 percent.

The Treva Show 7

Now on

6-7am Every Sunday Morning Sept. 8 - Treva Gordon with Ometa Benjamin of Glitz & Glamour Sept. 15 - Treva Gordon with Jamie Figueroa & special friends Sept. 22 - Treva Gordon with Attorney Dr. Merriel Bullock Neal Sept. 29 - Treva Gordon with Ralph Payne & Special Friends Now Seeking Sponsors and Supporters of Treva Show wishes to thank Kennedy Law Firm . James Corlew Chevrolet Cadillac . Queen City College Law Office of Attorney Dr. Merriel Bullock Neal . Glitz & Glamour Hair Gallery Gi-Gi’s Hair Salon . Foston Funeral Home . Tabernacle Christian School Distinctive Designs – Lovely Morgan, Tom & Tony’s . Queen City College Joe Shakeenab . Daymar Institute

Vincent Van Gogh only sold 1 painting his whole life and that was to his brother!


Leading Ladies & Magnificent Men Conference 2013 Join us October 31st - November 2nd

By Treva R. Gordon

Convenient Shopper Magazine will host its 2

nd Annual

Michigan Leading Ladies and Magnificent Men Conference event on Thursday, October 31, 2013. The kick-off celebration will convene at the DoubleTree Hotel, (Detroit/Dearborn) location. Join Conference Host Treva Gordon of Convenient Shopper Magazine and Janine Folks, Founder of Women of Transition for an exciting time of fun and fellowship. Both Janine and I grew up in the city of River Rouge, Michigan and graduated high school there. After graduation, we parted to pursue our separate careers and families but never lost connection.

Last October, we decided to do something great for our community and so we did by hosting our 1st Leading Ladies Conference. The event included several workshops for community, an award ceremony banquet, entertainment and more. It was here that we also honored 7 extraordinary individuals in community. In all we reached more than 1500 people within a 3 day period; to include our tour to River Rouge High School where the Dream Team motivated more than 600 youth to succeed. It was pretty amazing. This year we are bringing the conference back but also including our men. The event name has changed its name to Leading Ladies and Magnificent Men Conference 2013. Highlights will include guest speaker Grammy Winning Artist Twinkie Clark of The Clark Sisters, an awards ceremony honoring 8 community leaders, entertainment, praise fellowship service and more. Of the 8 honorees, we are pleased to honor one from Tennessee, Attorney Kevin C. Kennedy of the Kennedy Law Firm. Many from Tennessee/Kentucky are making plans to attend. Pastor Yolanda Morgan of the Celebration of Life Church in Hendersonville, TN will join us along with guest speaker Bishop Anthony Alfred of Clarksvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Family of Faith Worship Center. Each will get to minister a powerful word. Special guest artist from our area also include: Dionne Jermeia, Justin "J-RAD" Radford, Nicole McKeage, Minister DeWitt Johnson, Renee Craig, Minister Delarryo Dunklin and more. Then Saturday morning at 8am is a city wide prayer gathering led by Janine Folks and the Women of Transition, followed by a 6pm performance of the playDeception Fooled by a Feeling, a Treva Gordon Production featuring GMA Dove & Stellar Artist Pastor Wess Morgan, LaVon Bracey, Jeff Gilyard, AnnaMaria and Comedienne Crystal P. Location will be held at the River Rouge High School. We have charted a bus for this event and want to take as many people with us as we can. If you would like to donate to this event, or to receive more information or how to register, go online and or

Conference Host Treva Gordon

Conference Host Janine Folks

Guest Speaker/MC Bishop Anthony Alfred

Attorney Kevin C. Kennedy Guest Honoree

Our sun is over 2.5 million miles around at its equator.

Guest Speaker Pastor Yolanda Morgan 9

Your Body is Created to Move Convenient Shopper Magazine presents “Your Health Today” with Dr. Gregory Fryer

Increased Fatigue and Shortness of Breath May be Heart Failure

Dr. Gregory Fryer, M.D. is a board certified Family Medicine physician who has been in practice for over

Today we will start a serious discussion on heart failure. Heart failure is a clinical syndrome 18 years. characterized by signs and symptoms resulting from a failure of the cardiovascular system to adequately receive and/or deliver blood to the body at rest or during exercise.

pã áäáåÖ = ` ~å= j ~âÉ = vçì = c É É ä= _ É íí T

will expand on the initial step of taking health withUnited developing Deathoday fromwe cardiovascular reasons is the number one control cause ofofallyour deaths in the States.and maintaining a regular exercise regime. Too Although all other cardiovascular disease prevalence and incidence are decreasing, heart failure is the many haveinvery lifestyle. This The sedimentary lifestyleofputs at risk only onepeople that is today increasing bothsedimentary prevalence and incidence. rising incidence heartone failure is for many disease states to include diabetes, heart and vascular high blood pressure, increased stress stroke name a few. related to several factors like thedisease, increased survivability of people who have heartand attacks andtoan aging population. Although people are surviving heart attacks more because of improved treatments, the Benefits Your Body inthe Motion heart attackofoften damages left ventricle which is the main pumping chamber. The five-year Your body rates was created move.areRegular survivability for hearttofailure only 50exercise percent. helps the body function efficiently, process glucose (blood sugar, the body’s fuel) better. Regular aerobic exercise lowers blood pressure. Mild aerobic exercise (maintaining your heart rate 50-75% of your maximum heart rate* for 30 minutes 3-5 times weekly) canî reduce your systolic blood pressure approximately 11inmmHg (millimeters of mercury) and reduce diastolic approximately mmHg.Ö Regular The death rate heart failure has ã increased 35 percent theÄê past 25 years.Äó= Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment of pressure heart Éêó= íá ãfrom É= f=Öç= áåíç= ó= äçÅ~ä =Ä~åâ= ~åÅÜ= Éñáí=N= çå= qêyour Éåíçå= oblood ç~ÇI= íÜÉ= ëí~ÑÑ=~äï9 ~óë= êÉÉíë=ã É=Äó=å~ã É= aerobicare exercise also helps your many heart beat more efficiently andthe therefore improvesofthe heart’s work effort and lowers heart rate. Regular exercise lowers body weight failure often delayed because people do not recognize early symptoms increased feelings of tiredness or the fatigue and ëã ÉëK ==breath. qÜá ë= ëã people ~äInstitutes ä=Öconsider Éëíìof Health, ê É=Äó= = ã ~âÉë= ãcan É= ï seek ~åí= íç=Öç= áåíç=iníÜÉ= áåëíÉ~Ç= =ì ëáexercise åÖ=íÜÉ= andáä according to the National justíÜÉ= a 10-pound weight decrease make a significant decrease yourorÄ~åâ= blood pressure. RegularçÑ aerobic will Çêáî É=íÜêçì Ö shortness of Many these symptoms aëí~Ñ part ofÑ getting older and do not immediate attention. If you make=ä you feelíÜÉó= betterhave because itáåÉä releases your body’s endorphins and helps relieve Exercise also helpsdisease improve strength balance. Improving strength ~åÇ=~=ëã áä someone you know coronary artery disease, have had a heart attack, or have riskstress. factors forÄì coronary artery (history of and ïimprove ÑÉÉä á âÉ= Ö Éåì ó= ï ~åí= íç= ëÉÉ= ã É= ~åÇ= Ü~î É= ã ó= ëá åÉëëK = = b î Éê óçåÉ= ~åíë= íç= ÄÉ= ~ÅÅÉéíÉÇ= and balance decreases risk of falls. smoking, high pressure, diabetes, obesity, high~åÇ= cholesterol, family history= of heart= disease) and start to óçì =ÜÉä é=blood çíÜÉê ë=ÑÉÉä =íÜáë= ï ~ó= áí=ï positive áää=ÜÉä é=óçì ÑÉÉä ~ÅÅÉéíÉÇ= ï experience ÜÉå=ëçã ÉçåÉ=ëÜ~êÉë=~=ëã áäÉ=ï áíÜ=óçì K increased feelings of tiredness or fatigue and shortness of breath, then seek or get your loved one to seek medical evaluation. Get Moving and Beáä Active qçÇ~óI= ï É= ï ä = Çá ëÅì ëë= ëçã É= çÑ = íÜÉ= Äá çä çÖ á Å~ä = ~åÇ= éëóÅÜçä çÖ á Å~ä = ÉÑ ÑÉÅíë=çÑ=ëã áäáåÖK==a ç=ï É=ëã áäÉ=ÄÉÅ~ì ëÉ=ï É Please overlook the can earlytake symptoms. One of do thenot best ways you responsibility for your health and become healthier is to start exercising regularly. If you have not developed the habit of regular

` çåî ÉåáÉåí=pÜçééÉê=j ~Ö~òáåÉ=éêÉëÉåíë=vçì ê=eÉ~äíÜ=qçÇ~ó =ï áíÜ=aêK=dêÉÖçêó=cêóÉê aêK=dêÉÖçêó=cêóÉêI=j KaK=áë=~=Äç~êÇ=ÅÉêíáÑáÉÇ=c~ã áäó=j ÉÇáÅáåÉ=éÜóëáÅá~å=ï Üç=Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=áå=éê~ÅíáÅÉ=Ñçê=çî Éê=N


Ü~ééó= ~êÉ= É=can Ü~ééó= É=ëãlow-impact áäÉ\ ===qÜÉê É=~êÉ= ã minutes ~åó=íÜÉçê áÉë= çå=The ï Üó= É= ëãyour áäÉ= ~åÇ= =ëã áäáåÖ=êÉ~ääó exercisingçê yet= one wayï you start is byÄÉÅ~ì walking orëÉ= doingï another aerobic activity for 30 three times a week. goalïis to work way up toáÑ 45 In the next issue we will continue on ourbody discussion on heart failure, other signs and and improve symptoms, andhealth. its morbidity. minutes at least 5 times a week. Your is created to move, so get going your ÑÉÉä=ÄÉííÉêK== =*(Maximum heart rate = 220 minus (your age in years)) qÜÉ=êÉëÉ~êÅÜ=ÅçåÅäì ëáçåë=çå=ëã áäáåÖ=ÉÑÑÉÅíë=î ~êó=~åÇ=~êÉ=åçí=ÇÉÑáåáíáî ÉK==t É=Çç=âåçï =íÜ~í=ëã áäáåÖ=Å~ì ëÉë=~ áå=ÉåÇçêéÜáåë=ï ÜáÅÜ=Öáî É=~=ëÉåëÉ=çÑ=ï ÉääJÄÉáåÖK==qÜÉêÉ=ÇçÉë=ëÉÉã =íç=ÄÉ=~í=äÉ~ëí=~=ëã ~ää=ÅçêêÉä~íáçå=íÜ~í=ëã íê~åëáÉåí=ÉÑÑÉÅíë=çå= ÉäÉî ~íá åÖ=is Éãassociated çíáçå=Äì í=éê çÄ~Ää ÇçÉë=åçí=Ü~î ~Äáäáíó= íç=Åì êÉ=ëÉî ÉêÉ=~åñáÉíó=çê=ÇÉéêÉ Alcohol use with anó= increased riskÉ= ofíÜÉ= breast cancer. = =^ ÅÅçêÇáåÖ=íç=íÜÉ=Ñ~Åá~ä=ÑÉÉÇÄ~Åâ=íÜÉçêóI=Éã çíáçå=Å~å=ÄÉ=êÉÖì ä~íÉÇ=Äó=ÄÉÜ~î áçêI=é~êíáÅì ä~êäó=Äó=Ñ~Åá~ä=ÉñéêÉë

10 33

Publication: Business Clarksville Issue: September 2009 PROUDLY DESIGNED BY:


Proof Date: August 1, 2009 OFFICE: 931.648.1788

It takes 75-80 pounds of feed to raise a 30 pound tom turkey.

Menopausal hormone therapy increases risk for breast cancer. 11

It took 55 years before the telephone, invented in 1820, was put to use in society.



Family of Faith Worship Center We are located in the Kennedy Center 2050 Ft. Campbell Blvd. â&#x20AC;˘ Clarksville, TN 37042 Sunday School - 10:00am Morning Worship - 11:00am Church number: 931-249-6748

July 12-14, 2013 Healing Hurting Hearts Covenant Ministries (HHCM) 5th Year Celebration Come Join Us

Bishop Anthony L. Alfred (Ret. CSM) & Evangelist Renee Alfred

Foston Funeral Home â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dedicated to serving families since 1938â&#x20AC;? "Dedicated to serving families since 1938"

Advanced Funeral Planning Insurance Advance Funeral Planning Cremations Insurance Cremations After Care Counseling

After Care Counseling

Larry Meriwether Owner

Larry Meriwether, Owner 931.647.5451


William Anthony Jenkins Funeral Director, & Embalmer

931.647.5451 816 Franklin Street â&#x20AC;˘ Clarksville, TN 37040 â&#x20AC;˘ Email: â&#x20AC;˘ Fax (931) 645-6529

Women who breastfeed for at least 1 year have lesser chance of developing breast cancer. 13




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If you had 1 billion dollars 7 spent a thousand dollars a day, it would take 2,749 years to spend it all.

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen.


Susan G. Komen has a breast care hotline !at 1-877 GO KOMEN. 15

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0"D,%)"%0,1,2*')#"$%"/%3#/,%045*64%1"6'),7%')%KUV%<"*,()%9,)*,')%9"'7%H%W,$7,*("$:#11,%H%%IGA TheI"%1,'*$%D"*,%'2"5)%+,((%-"*.'$%:#(#)%FFFAF,((D"*.'$A6"D ice that covers 98% of Antarctica holds 90% of the worlds fresh water.



A Breast Cancer Survivor Story by Lori Brenae Perkins!

For Charleston, South Carolina native Annette Parrish, watching TV and

taking advice from a doctor saved her life. She and her husband, Clarksville’s Detective Ronald Parrish, were watching the Lifetime Movie Network, when a simple, but serious question was asked: "Have you felt your breast today?" At that moment, the question prompted Annette to take a self-breast examination -- a dime-sized lump could be felt.

Annette received a mammogram the next day at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, KY; however, the lump was not detected so an ultrasound followed, but determined the lump benign. "The radiologist said, 'you don't have cancer, but I want you to humor me, you don't have to, but if you want, we can do a biopsy,'" Annette said. "Some people don't want to do a biopsy because it's painful." Unconcerned with fear, Annette took the doctor’s advice and had a biopsy performed at BACH. Two weeks later, Annette received a phone call from Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, and was told she had stage II breast cancer in her right breast, Feb. 26, 2007. She had surgery the following month to remove the lymph node and to her astonishment, a second lymph node was found by an oncologist. After the biopsy, the oncologist decided to start treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. “The five-year survival rate for women with stage II cancer is estimated to be about 74 percent-to-81 percent,” according to, however, answered prayers, has allowed Annette to gracefully walk in the land of the living. The biopsy request made by the radiologist at Vanderbilt is why Annette considers the doctor an "angel." Seeing the adult stages of her now 12-year-old grandson Demaris, was the greatest catalyst for Annette’s health. Looking at his photograph is what she said helped her remain strong. It’s been six years and although "breast cancer survivor" was added to Annette's name, hearing “Grandma” is what she is mostly proud of. Her abundant blessings continue to flow: She lived to see Ronald III, her newborn grandson, who was born a few months ago. Annette is not only thankful for her husband who continues to stand by her side, but also her two children Danielle and Ronald II, and Simply Pink and Coalition for Healthy Aging in Nashville, a support group in Nashville she meets with every second Tuesday of the month. For Annette, early detection saved her life. She is now a breast cancer advocate -- teaching women the importance of self-breast examinations. Since Annette is not able to take Tamoxifen, a medicine used to reduce the risk of breast cancer, she uses the powerful weapon ! of faith, a daily exercise regime and healthy-eating habits to stay cancer-free. “I feel happy,” she said about her present days. “God is taking care of me.”

Australia is the only continent on earth without an active volcano. 17

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CHRISTIAN WISDOM “The Diamond” by Tamika Christian

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Hello Saints!!! How are all of you doing this morning? I sincerely pray that all of you are doing well!!! Can I give you a great word from GOD?? He wants me to tell you all today that YOUR GREATER is coming!!! Let me repeat that again, YOUR GREATER IS COMING!!! God knows that right now we are in a season of trying times, he knows that you are under pressure every day, he knows that you are stressed and getting to the point of exhaustion, he knows that you want to give up....but he says YOUR GREATER is COMING!!! Saints we serve a GOD that cannot lie, one who says exactly what he means, one who's word we can take to the bank!! The bible says " 8 We have troubles all around us, but we are not defeated. We often don't know what to do, but we don't give up. 9 We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed." 2Cor4:8-9(ERV) Saints the process of a diamond is very similar to the scripture above, per the Natural History Museum."Diamond is formed in huge pressure and heat, deep within the Earth"Saints, remember that being a christian is not just about wearing crosses around your neck, or quoting scriptures, or your dress attire. Being a christian is a lifestyle change, its devotion to our Heavenly Father, its accepting the trials, the tribulations and triumphs knowing that GOD is with you in everything that you do. Yes it is hard right now, things are challenging and WOOOOH it is HOT outside. But GOD is still here, still with us waiting on us to turn to him for our everything.



Chess Cake 2 sticks margarine 1 box brown sugar 1 C. granulated sugar 4 egg yolks 2 C. all-purpose flour

2 t. baking powder 1/4 t. salt 1 C. broken nuts 1 1/2 t. vanilla 4 egg whites Powdered sugar

Melt margarine, add both sugars and blend well. Add egg yolks and beat well. Sift flour, baking powder and salt, then add to creamed mixture. Fold in nuts, then add vanilla. Beat egg whites until stiff; fold into creamed mixture. Spread batter into greased and floured 9”x13” pan and bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes. When done, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6 Grace be with you all, AMEN!

Nanette Morford is an insurance agent with Allstate Insurance. If you like this recipe email Nanette at

!In fact, there are almost 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States today.


CS Author Spotlight

Look What God Has Done: Up & Coming New Author Michelle Medley About Michelle Medley: About the author I first must give all the glory to God for what he has done. I am gratefully humbled that God chose to use me as an inspirational tool to inspire His people. I know from my own experiences that no matter what issues or obstacles you are facing don't quit, continue to move forward, trusting God to bring your visions and dreams to past knowing that He is able. I am Michelle Medley an author, freelance writer, and poet from Clarksville, Tennessee. I know that you must go through something to be able to share with others that you to can overcome. Out of my struggles, pain, and tests, this book Inspired From The Secret Place was birthed. This is only the beginning, more to come, God is not through with me yet. Be on the look out for my next book titled Manifested From The Soul it will truly be a blessing. About the book Inspired From The secret Place is a collection of poems that were inspired by God. This book is based on the wisdom of God's word from being thankful when on the mountain top to knowing how to stand when in the valley. These poems were written to inspire, give hope, and spiritual encouragement as you face the trials of life. Reviews Tonya Lane from Clarksville, Tn wrote.. I love it..I can't put it down!! Susan Wilson from St Louis, Missouri wrote..I have really enjoyed what I have read. Can't stop reading. I'm waiting on the next book. Nicky Carr-Daniel from Fairbanks, Alaska wrote.. I am gonna put your book on blast publicly because I personally love it and want to give you your flowers in front of the world. It is thoughtful and insightful. This is only the beginning of your greatest works. Blessings sista! Adrienne Quiller from Johnston, South Carolina wrote..GOD will always give you what need when you need it. I was amazed at how there was a poem or inspiring message to fit everything I was feeling or going through. Some I just enjoyed reading! Interesting thing about that is, I don't like to read, but it truly is a GREAT BOOK!!!! Michele Garrett from Sheffield, Ohio wrote..A credible author indeed! Who else better to guide your pen than the Holy Spirit!! An awesome collection of poems that are simply good food for the soul. This book has a personalized message from God waiting just for you! Definitely worth the buy! If you would like more information about this book please email: Copies of the book can be purchased from

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

Power 2 Power Business Network 19

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!(l to r) Dan Calderon, Debbie McMillan, Sandra Vega, Jeremy Rash, Valencia Parker-Evans, Amanda Carter, Michelle King, Christie Harris, Jameka Horton, Treva Gordon, Iris H. Seymour, DaShaunda Turner, Gloria Leavell, Skeeter Davis, & Lovely Morgan.

71% of the Earths surface is covered with water.


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!"#$%&'(")*+,'-$+%.")/' 0$%%1'23456'5789:7:7' ;<<=>$1'2?5@6'44393A@3' ?75'B)+,C%=,'D.E' 0%+)CF#=%%$G'HI'5J7A7' %"#$%&KL")*+,M*L+=%E>"L' N..K1OO+FF">=+.$FE$)+E>"LO%"#$%&L")*+,'

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Hair Talk With Ms. Payne


all is here and school is back in session. Please share with your children, your boys and girls how important it is not to use combs or brushes or wear hats or scarves that do not belong to them. Also check their hair and scalp often. This is the season for a contagious condition call pediculosis capitis, better known as head louse or lice that can be transmitted by the use of personal items. Be sure to look for unusual itching or scratching on the scalp. Head lice cannot jump or fly but run very quickly. Unfortunately, head lice or louse cannot be treated in a salon. Medications in the form of shampoos are available over the counter and should be used as directed. If they continue to surface, seek medical attention or advice. Check your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hair and scalp often, and forget about the myth youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard throughout the years about hair grease. Get the facts about louse because they can be very contagious; please be watchful. Until next time be blessed, Ms Claudia Payne Hair Talk

Breast Cancer diagnosis is not the end of the world.! Stay positive.

September/October Calendar 21

Sep 16 - 17: Hopkinsville,KY Pennyrile Regional Senior Games The Senior Games is a community building event with over 100 volunteers from the local communities and sponsoring organizations. Participants can compete in up to 11 events. Events included a 1 mile walk,disc throw, soccer kick, horseshoes and shuffle board, among others. The participants can compete against one another in each age group and for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at each event. For more information call 270-887-4290 or go to Sep 19: Nashville The Wiggles Live in Concert After 21 years of entertaining children around the globe, it’s the beginning of an exciting new era for The Wiggles as they head out on their ‘Taking Off’ tour. Our ‘Taking Off’ tour audiences will also be one of the first to hear some new Wiggles material from our new CD. All of your Wiggly friends, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, will be along as well to dance and sing along to Htatot Poo, Rock-aBye Your Bear and all your favorite Wiggles hits. Location: The Ryman. For more information go to or call 1-888-456-8499. Sep 25: Nashville Mavis Staples and the Blind Boys of Alabama With the groundbreaking family gospel group The Staple Singers ("I'll Take You There", "Respect Yourself") and on her own, Mavis is responsible for blazing a rhythm & blues trail while never relinquishing her gospel roots. The Blind Boys of Alabama are recognized worldwide as living legends of gospel music. Celebrated by The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with Lifetime Achievement Awards, inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and winners of five Grammy® Awards, they have attained the highest levels of achievement in a career that spans over 60 years and shows no signs of diminishing. Location: The War Memorial. Time: 7p. For more information call 615-782-4000 or go to Sep 27: Nashville Harvest Days Croft House lawn will be a flutter with period artisans and activities as you meander through the scenic lawn, lush gardens and nostalgic farm. Included will be weavers, woodcarvers, quilters and many more displaying their artistry each day. There will be a civil war display,

animal presentations, storytelling and several musical groups as well as fun activities such as the pen and ink station, paper doll and wool carding stations. For more information call 615833-1534 or go to www.nashvillezoo. Sep 28: Oak Grove,KY 5th Annual Butterfly Festival Come and interact with live butterflies in their habitat in our Butterfly House or let the Master Gardeners take you on a tour of our beautiful Butterfly Garden. Entertaining stage shows will be taking place on the Viceroy Stage once again this year. All of this along!with face painting, bubble zone and crafts. The event will conclude with our live butterfly release. Location: 101 Walter Garrett Lane. Time: 11a -5p. For more i n f o r m a t i o n g o t o or call 1-866-779-1250 or 270-439-5675. Oct 5-Oct 27 : Springfield,TN Honeysuckle Hill Farm Honeysuckle Hill Farm offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities to delight visitors of all ages.!We offer a number of seasonal attractions all year long. During autumn, we feature plenty of activities involving pumpkins. ! Two of our greatest attractions are our corn mazes. We offer a massive seven-acre corn maze that provides exercise and entertainment for an entire day. ! Our guests can learn more about look how daily life works on a farm, listen to live music and enjoy various outdoor games and activities. Visitors looking for a more physical experience can check out our playgrounds, zip lines, slides and pedal cars.!Honeysuckle Hill Farm has abundance of animal exhibits, including a petting farm and competitive farm animal racing. For more i n f o r m a t i o n g o t o call w w w. h o n e y s u c k l e h i l l f a r m . c o m 615-382-7593. Oct 19: Marion, KY Christmas in Marion Shoppe on the Walker Crittenden County is home to the largest Amish population in Kentucky. The Amish families host Marion's annual preseason events, Christmas in Marion and Shoppe on the Walker. Shoppers enjoy the quaint shops, hand crafted items such as baskets,jewelry,candles,cabinetry and baked goods. For more information go to or call 270-755-0361.

October 22- 26: Clarksville APSU Homecoming For a schedule of events go to http:// or call 221-7011. Oct 24 – Dec 1: Nashville Schoolhouse Rock Live For forty years, kids, teachers and parents have had fun learning with the songs of ABC's "Schoolhouse Rock!" Whether your favorite is "Conjunction Junction," "Interjections," or "Just A Bill," you will see it, hear it and ROCK OUT to it in NCT's all-new production of this delightful theatrical revue for the whole family. So, "Unpack Your Adjectives" and "Do the Circulation," because we're rockin' the schoolhouse with Schoolhouse Rock LIVE! Knowledge is power! For more information go to or call 615-254-9103. Oct 26: Clarksville The Zinghoppers Superheroes unite! Grab your cape and mask, and get ready to go on a one-of-a-kind adventure with the rising stars of early childhood education, the Zinghoppers! Join Conductor Jack, DJ Kitty, Penelope the Possum, Olo the Donky, and Coconuts the Kangaroo as they learn what it means to be a real superhero. Featuring songs from the band’s Emmy Award-winning PBS television series, this fun musical concert entertains and engages while teaching important life lessons about being a good friend, eating healthy, exercising daily and looking for numbers and letters in the world around us. For more information call 645-7699 or go to www.roxyregionaltheatre. Nov 1: Benton,KY Kentucky Opry Country Music Show This Kentucky Lake attraction offers families & tour groups, clean family entertainment, music, and comedy. There is a 12-member cast of singers, comedians, guest entertainers and musicians. For more information go to or call 888-459-8704 or 270-527-3869.

While 10% of the entire population is left handed, 20% of twins are left handed.


Insuring your life helps protect their future.

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Divine Interruptions By Bishop Calvin Lockett

1",2$+%". 6$0% !! %.6$% --% *%

Acts 9:6- “So he, trembling and astonished, said, ‘Lord, what do You want me to do?’ Then the Lord said to him, ‘Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.’” There are people who are blessed with the ability to wake up without any assistance. Regardless of what time they fall asleep, their bodies automatically awake at the same time each day and they are able to function. Like many others, I’m not blessed with that ability. At 4:20 this morning, my family vacation that I was dreaming about was interrupted by the “beep, beep” of the alarm clock!

In Acts 9, Saul was engaged in his business of persecuting the disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ when he was interrupted by a light from heaven (Acts 9:1-3). The encounter resulted in his asking God, “...‘Lord, what do You want me to do?’…” Then the Lord said to him, “Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” (Acts 9:6) Saul’s name was eventually changed to Paul and he went on to write most of the New Testament. What were you doing before God interrupted your life and saved your soul? Today’s exhortation is to praise God for His Divine Interruption concerning us. Let’s Pray: “Father, thank You for divinely interrupting our lives, in Jesus’ Name, amen.” Bishop Calvin Lockett is the Senior Pastor of Christ the Healer Church, 1295 Paradise Hill Road in Clarksville, Tennessee. He also serves as the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Tennessee State Bishop and oversees 23 churches throughout the state of Tennessee.

Radiation therapy uses targeted, high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells. 23

The Earth is 93 million miles away from the sun.


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Mammography is a screening tool that uses X-rays to create images of the breast. 25

CS Business Person Spotlight

Debra Ann Matthews

Debra Ann uses her extroverted personality to help reach her clients who feel passionate about

their jobs and careers but can’t express the difference they make. Ms. Matthews has extensive experience with not for profit community service projects including President Clinton’s AmeriCorps, Up With People, and Job Corps. She combines her love for service and her passion for sharing knowledge with job seekers and career changers by offering classes (adjunct teacher), trainings and working with motivated job seekers and career changers. She currently writes for various blogs online including serving as the Nashville/Clarksville Career Examiner, Ezine Articles, Job Network and Career Thought Leaders sites. Her own blog is called job winning resumes. Recently, she has been elected to serve as the New Business Owners Representative for the National Resume Writers Association for 2014. Her other affiliations include membership in the Career Directors International organization. Also, earning her certification as a Job and Career Transition Coach and Job and Career Development Coach with the Career Planning and Adult Development Network. Her clients appreciate the service that her company has provides. As she likes to say, "If you can’t say it, Let Me Write It For You". To learn more about her services, see job-winning resumes dot net or call 931-269-WR1T (9718).

Mammography is the best screening tool for breast cancer used today.


Engaging - Inspiring - Uniting !"#$%&'()"#*)+#&,$+-"./,0-#%1".&20)30$++-%3&4&5)6$"&7&8$9)%$" & !"$0:*;-""#<*&)%".&=0)$16$*>&?@&*>$9)%&4&!($0>#0&!(/A&7&!BC&5-3(>=$%1&!(/DE & F#$6(-%3&);#0&DGGHGGG&2#)2"#&>(0)I3()I>&>(#&0#3-)% & JK#0-%3&?@&$1;#09*-%3&0$>#*&+I6(&")'#0&>($%&#;#%&")6$"&0$1-) & L!M@N6)+&&&&AOD/OGE/EDGG&&&&P$6#=)):N6)+Q'6:;>; !Most calcifications are!benign!(not cancer). 27


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Publication: Business Clarksville Issue: September 2009



The Treva Show

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Breast !cancer doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always mean that the disease was inherited. 29

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Talking Points


by Don Brock

Life can be defined as “the entire period during which somebody is, has been, or will yet be alive” (Encarta Dictionary). Life is Epoch in nature! It’s built on a stage and lived in a phase among people in an age, or moment of time. Once born we as humans, the recipients of life, are given a set amount of continuation in this life to modify and amend all that exist around us. Without a doubt every person has a purpose and each individual an idea of the significance and essence of their existence. It is with that thought in mind that all persons search out not only the cause for their lives but the fulfillment of his/her life inside their new found purpose. Today whenever I ask the question “what were you born for?” many different answers are relayed. I was born to be a teacher one might say, a doctor, a pilot or even a car salesman. Many feel that their vocation is an indication or Inclination of purpose and fulfillment. We often equated great passion with great purpose and arguably rightfully so. But what if I said that the job you do at church, home, work, or school is not the “real” reason you exist. What I’m about to say will astound you but mostly cause your perception of reality to change. What if I said that every man, women, boy and girl has the exact same reason for living yet unaware? To be continued…

In the U.S., only about 5 to 10 percent of all breast cancers occur because of inherited mutations.!


Carpentry • Roofing • Deck Installation & Repair • Flooring Drywall • Acoustical Ceilings • Door and WIndow Installation Texture Ceilings • Landscape • Masonry • Electrical • Cabinet Staining • Plumbing • Pressure Washing • Gutters • Remodeling

Leading Ladies Book Available Now! More than 50 women authors inside one book sharing their personal stories. Life as we know is filled with many challenges. !This book will inspire each reader to win. Special thanks to State Senator Thelma Harper for contributing our Foreward and also a letter of introduction from Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole (Clark Sisters) and Katharine Purnell, Campus President of Daymar Institute.!

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Mammography is a safe and effective screening tool for women who have breast implants.!

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!"#$"%&'()**)"#+%,'-+./)*/'!01%$0 !"#$%&'(%#)%*'*#+*,&,#-,#./'0#1#23*'45/04#-,#6/7*5/048









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