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wake your mind Christmas 2012 Ann’s Essay. The Social Model brought a political awareness & discussion that hadn’t been present before. For me it is my ‘beloved.’ It was & is a radical change altogether, as well as from the medicalisation that was all we’d really had before even with bits of sociological theory mainly done by non-disabled thinkers. For many older people, particularly those who’d had the political oppression all their life, it was liberation of a different order - & a future generation might get to experience this too, sadly, with the destruction of the welfare state & then the re-politicisation which will/might take place (if life repeats itself & there is life left). For me it gave support & added a more streamlined structure to the political understanding I’d had as well as the ideas I’d developed in childhood & adolescence. It added a more coherent understanding of outside political oppression such as that I had understood & experienced as a working class, girl child from very early on.

It never caused any problems with my own theorising & analysis


which I developed about my experience of body or psychology.

wake your mind Christmas 2012 My experience involved the understanding of body through pain & theorising about the structuring of my awareness, as opposed to those who questioned me about ‘body’ & ‘mind,’ those who controlled the terms that is medical people & from that ‘the general public’ (always believing they’ve the right to ask). I experienced time & space differently because of this experience as well as an entirely different understanding & perception of body perhaps more akin to those cultures who accept shape-shifting, though I was not about shape more vibration & energies but I had to talk with doctors from their ‘cultural / political’ stance rather than my own because they had nothing to use to understand mine. I still think this way.


- Ann Whitehurst.

wake your mind Christmas 2012 David Hume on ‘The self is a fiction’ Hume who is probably the most famous British philosopher claimed that we do not exist as anything but a series of fleeting impressions and we have no coherent ‘self’ I shall try and explore his claim as follows. Firstly it is necessary to understand Hume’s claims and the counterarguments in the context of the ‘conversation’ of ideas in which they took place and that the ideas of the empiricists generally represented a clear advantage over the metaphysics of the Cambridge Platonists1 who Locke was engaged in debate with. Also they were based on the inductive logic of the newly discovered methods of the natural sciences, principally observation and experimentation, a weakness would be the reductio ad absurdum2 of believing in an ‘eternal’ world which can be ascertained by measurement and in contradiction that this world can only be ‘experienced’ by the ‘subject’. To transcend that ‘experience’ by reason would seem to be a concession to rationalists who believe in deductive logic. I shall examine Hume’s claim that the self is a fiction which can be understood in terms of a reaction to John Locke’s ideas regarding ‘personal identity’ and that Hume’s ‘bundle theory of the self’ can be comprehended only as existing within the tradition which has a Cartesian3 beginning. I shall argue that Hume’s conceptualization of the self was an advance in philosophy and informed a significant philosophical current which remains active contemporarily and that 1

A group of philosophers who supported Plato’s view that there were ‘eternal forms’ beyond sense experience while the empiricists argued our beliefs are based on sense-experiences.


Relating to the philosopher Descartes,



Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: "reduction to absurdity") is a common form of argument which seeks to demonstrate that a statement is true by showing that a false, untenable, or absurd result follows from its denial, or in turn to demonstrate that a statement is false by showing that a false, untenable, or absurd result follows from its acceptance

wake your mind Christmas 2012 Hume’s argument that the ‘self was a fiction’ is proved within the parameters of empiricism but its consequences in terms of the rejection of later ‘correspondence theory’ where the logical outcome of Hume’s analysis taken to its conclusion. I shall then conclude. ‘The outcome of Hume’s Enquiry was exceedingly ironic. He began with the intention of finding out what sensory evidence there was for our fundamental belief about the world. He ended up detaching those beliefs from their foundation in objective reality.’ -

Novack (1971) p 80.

I argue from the position that the material and the ideological circumstances which produced ‘Early Modern British Empiricism’ created a dominant and progressive if an equivocal philosophy attached to the Scientific Revolution and its confederates and was an advance. It was in contrast to those like the Platonists who looked to ‘truth from authority’ for guidance. In opposition to Innatism a key aspect of both Locke and Hume’s thought was an, apparent, reliance on inductive reasoning in natural science both as the origin of knowledge and methodology of achieving it. Therefore for Hume the human mind would become the area for what Grayling (ed. 2007 p542) calls ‘philosophical psychology’. However Hume would utilise both sense-experience


and introspection in his quest for an epistemology of the self. Thus although Locke

wake your mind Christmas 2012 rejected Innatism4 with his tabula rasa 5he was not able to move beyond the atomized individual as the starting point which was the ‘conversation’ which David Hume was working within and this is consistent with their epoch. As A. C. Grayling argues: (Locke) accepted from Descartes, and transmitted to the empiricist tradition, the assumption that the right place to start an inquiry into the nature and extent of knowledge is the private contents of the individual consciousness. The empiricist twist is to place reliance on the data of sense.’ -

Grayling (2007) p 507.

John Hume’s formulation of ‘the self’ as fiction’ can be seen as answering the question left unanswered by Locke if personal identity is ‘consciousness of self alone’ with a maintenance of memory and action which is in turn ‘forensic’ which he illustrates using the Prince and the Cobbler ‘thought-experiment’6: ‘For should the Soul of a Prince, carrying with it the consciousness of the prince's past life, enter and inform the body of a cobbler


Innatism is the belief that something possesses a pre-existent element. tabular rasa is the epistemological theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception. Generally proponents of the tabula rasa thesis favour the "nurture" side of the nature versus nurture debate, when it comes to aspects of one's personality, social and emotional behaviour, and intelligence. The term in Latin equates to the English "blank slate" (or more accurately, "scraped tablet") (which refers to writing on a slate sheet in chalk) but comes from the Roman tabula or wax tablet, used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it to give a tabula rasa 6 Thought experiments are controlled experiments carried out by philosophers using a number of variables.



wake your mind Christmas 2012 as soon as deserted by his own soul, everyone sees, he would be the same person with the prince, accountable only for the prince's actions: But who would say it was the same man? The body too goes to the making of the man and would, I guess, to every body determine the man in this case, wherein the soul, with all its princely thoughts about it, would not make another man: But he would be the same cobbler to every one besides himself. I know that in the ordinary way of speaking, the same person, and the same man, stand for one and the same thing.' - Locke in Cottingham (2008) p 278. Which can be expressed as person B (on Wednesday is identical with person A (on Tuesday) if B can remember being A. This can be rearticulated in a similar thought experiment which also relies on the Ship of Thebes7 that is derived from the writings of Petrarch in that it also asks a question of continence over time and identity. So if the man down the street has my "The ship wherein Theseus and the youth of Athens returned [from Crete] had thirty oars, and was preserved by the Athenians down even to the time of Demetrius Phalereus, for they took away the old planks as they decayed, putting in new and stronger timber in their place, insomuch that this ship became a standing example among the philosophers, for the logical question of things that grow; one side holding that the ship remained the same, and the other contending that it was not the same." —Plutarch, The question is whether the ship would remain the same if it were entirely replaced, piece by piece. Centuries later, the philosopher Thomas Hobbes introduced a further puzzle, wondering: what would happen if the original planks were gathered up after they were replaced, and used to build a second ship. Which ship, if either, is the original Ship of Theseus? This is also known as Theseus’ Paradox.



wake your mind Christmas 2012 awareness and memories, but his body then he is me as a 'person'. However if I had committed a crime he may be found culpable in a legal court as he is in his body that Locke called a ‘man’? Nevertheless I would be morally responsible ultimately. However what would the case if I had dreamt it all and woke the next day?’ I think according to Locke I would be a different 'person. This can be expressed as A=B B=C A does not equal C. But Reid uses a thought-experiment (Reid, 2002 (1785), p 276) which contradicts Locke and illustrates that he lacks a transitive relation and is therefore reductio ad absurdum. Reid argues that logically A=B, B=C and therefore A=C, a syllogism8. Now I will look at Hume’s epistemology in some detail and then relate it to his theory of the self as a ‘fiction’. Locke had established a theory of identity which was one of consciousness sustained by the continuance of memory. Hume asks a more rudimentary question about the nature of the self in relation to the external world and how we experience it i.e. our awareness of the world as ‘object’ and how the ‘subject’ interacts with the world. Firstly he argues that all our sense experiences are ‘perceptions’. These literally make an ‘impression’ on the mind. The impression then is represented in the mind as an idea. Therefore he uses the thought experiment of a blind man who has never seen a colour and because he has not had the ‘impression’ of that colour’ he cannot have an ‘idea’ or copy of it. So if I had never seen a black and white chess board I would not have the information necessary to know without pain of contradiction what one looked like, I could guess but that would not be an

‘All men are mortal Socrates is a man Therefore, Socrates is mortal.’ - Aristotle (384–322 B.C.) This is the earliest form of the syllogism or deductive logic,



wake your mind Christmas 2012 adequate proof and self-evidently I would make errors if I tried to play a game of chess. Now to adapt another of Hume’s thought experiments: I have seen a chequered 64 square board and I have seen a set of chess pieces; I can ‘imagine’ how they would look, but I wouldn’t be able to play. Hume uses the example of the gold mountain to a similar purpose. Hume makes a contrast between ‘simple; and ‘complex’ ideas, so to have the idea of gold and the idea of a mountain are ‘simple ideas’, but to ‘imagine’ the idea of a gold mountain is a complex idea which is a combination of ‘simple’ ideas. However how does this help us locate the self? For Hume we ‘introspect’ and what is there? ‘nothing but a bundle or collections of different perceptions’ Hume {1739-40} in Cottingham (2008) p 286. in flux. Therefore for Hume we are wrong if we think we have a continuing identify over time. Rather our sense of self is like a theatre with actors going across the stage. The actors are our impressions caused by our perceptions but there is not a stage. We are just a bundle of experiences created by our perceptions of the world. Therefore the self is a fiction as Hume argues: ‘it is plain, that in the course of our thinking, and in the constant revolution of our ideas, our imagination runs easily from one idea to any other that resembles it, and that this quality alone

evident that as the senses, in changing their objects, are


is to the fancy a sufficient bond and association. It is likewise

wake your mind Christmas 2012 necessitated to change them regularly, and take them as they lie contiguous to each other, the imagination must by long custom acquire the same method of thinking, and run along the parts of space and time in conceiving its objects." -

ibid p.287

These points invite two questions: 1) what is the casual relation i.e. how do I know the mountain will be gold when I look at it and 2) what has caused me to believe erroneously that I had a ‘self’ which had the ‘consciousness of an ‘idea’ that remained unchanging, Why did I believe in the ‘fiction’ of my ‘self’? The former is answered by Hume in this way. A statement must rely on either a priori 9knowledge such as mathematics 1+1 = 2 or a posteriori knowledge i.e. that which is ‘after experience’. This is called Hume’s Fork and he argues if neither of these proofs is offered, either ‘abstract reasoning’ or ‘matter of fact’ then: ‘No. Commit it to the flames. It is nothing but sophistry and illusion.’ Hume (2008) {1748] p120. In regard of the second point the ‘self as a fiction’ or a bundle of different ideas is answered by Hume in this way. Why are there ‘bundles’, what holds them together? Nothing because when I introspect there is just nothing and when I look at the world

principle in the world, the belief that A causes B and therefore B must cause A. But it 9

a priori means ‘from the earlier’ while a posteriori means ‘from the later’.


just a stream of fleeting impressions. Hume claims that there could be some causal

wake your mind Christmas 2012 could not be a proof as for Hume we merely expect it to happen as we expect the sun to rise. I would argue that Hume began with the ambiguity present in all empiricism that they postulate the eternal world but cannot prove objectively its existence it can only be proved by impressions and there are problems here: a) who generates the experience and b) what are the objects or things which are senses tell us about. Hume questions the notion of the ‘subject’ itself, the self itself is a fiction and not to be supported by the experience of that of Berkeley’s spiritual ‘substance’. What are we left with, Novak’s argues that: ‘Hume’s scepticism corroded the internal ties of their (the empiricists) synthesis of ideas, Thereafter empiricism doubted everything on principle.’ Novack (1971) p 82. Blackburn (2008) argues Hume on self as fiction prefigures Nietzsche who he quotes: ‘What separates me most deeply from metaphysicians is: I don’t concede that the ‘I’ thinks. Instead, I take I itself to be a construction

some kind of constancy and thus ‘knowability’ is inserted into, invented into, a world of becoming.’


for thinking…in other words only a regulative fiction with the help of

wake your mind Christmas 2012 Nietzsche (2003) pp. 20-1. One remedy to the problems of empiricism in general and particularly Hume’s position on the ‘self as fiction’ relies on ‘correspondence of truth theory’ by creating a dialectical relationship between ‘subject’ and ‘object’: ‘Life gives rise to the brain. Nature is reflected in the human brain. By checking and applying the correctness of these reflections in his practice and his truth, man arrives at objective truth.’ V.I. Lenin (1977) Collected Works, p 201. . Thus I am arguing for a complexified version of a Reductionism which Parfit delineates as: "On the Reductionist View, each person’s existence just involves the existence of a brain and body, the doing of certain deeds, the thinking of certain thoughts, the occurrence of certain experiences, and so on.’ - Derek Parfit (1986), Reasons and Persons, p. 211. Hence I would argue that the ‘Self’ as an individual ‘self’ is indeed a ‘fiction’ within the boundaries of man as defined by empiricism, but is not when man is interacting with Nature and is in an assemblage of social relations. He therefore is made

In other words, the empiricists took us forward in our understanding of who we are, but they had the limitations which their own ideas in the context of the epoch they


concrete by his association with ‘Nature’ and ‘the gaze’ of the social ‘Other’.

wake your mind Christmas 2012 wrote in created. They could only speak of the isolated individual who for ultimately the ‘self becomes a fiction’. But we can envisage a situation in which we become ‘real’ because of our relationship both to the external world of Nature and the social world of Others. This will require a transformation in social relations from capitalist to socialist.

- N. S. Pearce.

Bibliography. Blackburn, S (2008) How to Read Hume, London, Granta. Cottingham, J ed (2008) Western Philosophy: An Anthology, Oxford, Blackwell Publishing. Grayling, A.C. ed (2007) Philosophy 1: a guide through the subject, Oxford University Press. Hume, D (2008) {1748} An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Oxford, Oxford University Press, World Classics. Lenin, V,I (1977) Collected Works, Vol 38 , Moscow, Progress Publishers. Nietzsche, F, (2003) Writings from the Late Notebooks, ed Rudiger Bittner, trans. Kate Sturge (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Novack (1971) Empiricism and its Evolution: a Marxist view, New York, Pathfinder.

Reid, T (2002) {1785} Essays on the Individual Powers of Man (ed). D. R. Brookes, University Park, , Pennsylvania State University Press.


Parfit, D (1986) Reasons and Persons, Oxford: Oxford University Press

wake your mind Christmas 2012


A friend has gone, Took the breath out of her own life Who could have known you’d finally had enough Of this lying, deceitful, depressing, hypocritical world?

You left me owing you Now how can I ever pay you back? With life in the balance you chose the one way out All our tears and laments, our symbols of grief can’t bring you back

I’ll remember your love and smiles I’ll remember your love of colour and beautiful objects Won’t forget your naughty sense of humour And your suffering


IOPan 2012

wake your mind Christmas 2012 Moving into winter As some of the trees start to close their eyes, ready for the sleep ahead The fairies make ready there comfy winter bed, The brown leaves whisper, “the snow queen will be here soon” We’ve moved away from the sun, to listen to the moon, The moon, the great healer, the sister in the sky, A remainder of myths and legends, and battles gone by,

The autumn


Getting ready for the change, the distancing of the sun, The sun did guide you in the summer months, Now making ready, the guidance of the earth and queen moon, Welcoming the ancient earth god, from Greek mythology, Preparing for the dark goddess, she will be here soon, The fairies play time, for the fruit is ripe, For the eyes of the ancient earth mother, Looks for her welcoming sprite,

As the vials of the dimensions disappear in plain sight, - Sista K


For they show her how is worthy of continuing in life,

wake your mind Christmas 2012

Poem for Richard B’ upon his premature death (Revised). Looked into those eyes and saw a great galaxy of stars like untameable love, Not beloved Cohen’s ‘bird on a wire’ but your doves with syllables unstained, Tigers glancing out of the shadows but always they would purr perfect pulses, Asymmetry maybe but who wants to be a square, disequilibrium of pure tides, They would wash us both away into torrents of tremendous terror but tenderly, Always the day dawned danced its words across our minds, the cloud of light.

A scroll not rolled out for those staid sane pens with their soulless nib scratch, Our pens etched souls of amber your words will reverberate like love and loss. N. S. Pearce. 20/23th/11/2012.



wake your mind Christmas 2012

Put Me in a Box

Put me in a box Label on my head Surrounded by bureaucrats It never never ends

The pain I can handle Been pigeon holed all my life You’re a scumbag, you’re a junkie Cuts me deep like a knife

Society shows us the way How we’re meant to be How to act, what to wear And what it is we see

But no two pairs of eyes Ever see the same thing We are all individuals So don’t tell me what to think

Square peg, round hole I’m never gonna fit Society makes me feel uneasy I don’t like it not a bit

R.R. 2012


So all you bureaucrats and critics Empowered by these laws I never voted for you So keep it behind closed doors

wake your mind Christmas 2012

LOVE LOVE for the Tortured Animals! (with All My Heart)! – The Abandoned, Sweet, Innocent, Desperate, Tortured Creatures! Thank God I’m Here! Thank God “We”’re Here! – Who are “we”? – The Real “People”! -Selfless, Free-Thinking, Caring, Highly Intelligent, Successful, Empathic, Futuristic, Powerful Entities! -With True Love (not selfish motivations) with Justification for our Existence, With Contributions to Make (non-parasitical), with Limitless Compassion! (not self-centred Circle of meagre self-gratifying Token Gestures to our Own Kind/Family!) “Our” Family is Absolutely MASSIVE! – Spread Throughout The Universe! – Who are “we”? -Earth is Our Central Core (at Present!) – “We” Have Many Shapes, Forms, Names, and the Unnamed, and the Formless! “We” Span Many Worlds and Oceans! “We” Are The Force! -“You Cannot Penetrate Us!” -“We” Are Dark and We Are Light! - “We” Are ‘Black’ and We Are ‘White’! “We” Are The Brothers and Sisters of “Quetzlcoatl” (The Real Quetzlcoatl!) “We” Are With Mother Earth (Solid!) and Her Children (Solid!) (Solidarity is our Weapon!). “We” Are Not with Those That Abandoned Them! Left “Them” To Suffer! “We” Are Not with The Perverts (and it’s only Humans That sometimes Choose to be Perverts!) - No Animal, Plant, Tree or Star etc. will go against Nature/Mana! - “They” (the perverts) Turned Their Backs on “Us” - “They” Chose Their own Path - “We” Have NO Sympathy For “Them”! - And “We” Do Not Lie! Long Live Mother Earth! - Justified B AND All Intelligent Life in The Universe!* *aka The Children of the Universe


P.S. “What is Love?” – “Battery” Chicken “Jane”….

wake your mind Christmas 2012

Shapps Schnapps

Champers folks? Over the dying party of lost followers Their memories extend like sieves throughout history. Where was this accusation? Who said what? Whom?

The game of life, which we inhabit as, largely unwilling partners is to be guided by fools liars and hypocrites.

Mistaken ideas mistaken beliefs, constructed personae disguise nothing but failure and inability to comprehend value, their own transient demise.


- John Yates.

wake your mind Christmas 2012

See You Up In Hell See you up in Hell, If I ever ever get there, See you down on Earth, If we ever meet again. Anguish, struggle, Fighting to keep my sanity, Hell seems like a nice Reality, in comparison to where I am right now. Skin crawling, mind bursting to be freed, freed from this Inner Soul Annihilation, Yet power steeps into my frustrated, pained and angry mind, the hurt energising me, Powering me, yet I am at breaking point. This Fucking Earth! This Fucking human Nightmare society! Why create, why partake in a World so socially unjust? People rolling in more wealth than they can spend, and an old friend rolling around in a manky sleeping bag on the streets in cold, harsh winter! Could things get any bleaker? Yet progress and evolve we do, better than things was so they say, yet these polarities haunt me. Satan helps an old lady across the street, and smiles to the heavens knowing he is blessed, The Old God Man on his throne, punishing the sinners for a life they could not control, turn polarities on their head, these stereotype, Archetype, Reversed, upturned, broken, there is no right or wrong, there is nowhere to belong, but smash, smash, smash away these perceptions of the dark evil lord, smash, smash away the perceptions of the holy than thou, Big Bearded, Patriarchal God King.

But Fuck it; What do I know. Whitecrow


Nothing exists purely, without complementing its polarity, without sustaining, perpetuating its opposite existence. Yet move away we do, from this plane, this dimension of polarity, can’t keep fighting for my sanity, The Mad Laugh is back. And the Dark Mind of the Laughing Madman fragments the pieces of the opposite perception, nothing exists anymore upon the graph chart of extremes, Its all play, all role play we live and do, Life is a show, a show for the Universe to learn and grow.

wake your mind Christmas 2012

WORK Walking back from the pub Acting like a hardened thug Cycling to work in the morning Snowy showers are freezing falling Attacked on the way I feel like shit again today My uniform is soaked wet When I get home I’ll put on a bet I’ve hit an all time low Hope there is no more snow I’ve no heating I feel cold I sit on my hands And wrap up warm Kept awake by an atlantic storm My pay is shit But at least it’s work It’s got to be better than an Office clerk I look forward to my next beer But I need shoes

I’m amused - Dominic Mulgrew.


Watching my favourite tv show

wake your mind Christmas 2012

Tell Me Tell me who it is you see when you gaze upon Beardy man on the street. Is it a Junky a drunk or a down an’ out bum. OR is it your neighbour Dave. Larry or Tom Now you say you don’t know people like that… Crawling with fleas, lice, rats But look a little deeper into his eye’s is there a little of you An that’s why you despize... The dosser, the beggar, the drunk the thief… You fear to look in too deep.


- Anon.

wake your mind Christmas 2012 Disappeared and the Non-believed The 16 disappeared who were slain as result of ‘terrible beauty’ born Easter 191610, The poet does not make the moral mores of life; but weaves metaphors analogies, The 16, but us in the thousands: the suicides, medication deaths and plighted lives,

We told our stories to psychiatrists, nurses and social workers, a terrible lie was born They called it paranoia, telling the truth about a family, home, hospital it was punitive.

The 16 dead had a bullet in the back of the head, but the non-believed were tortured, Electrodes put on our heads and wired up to the grid get us ‘right’ again weekly ECT,

Drugs rammed into us a plastic syringe death hit but by the nurses for our own good, Therapists who built-up trust with us and then wrote reports saying we were deluded, People were paid to care for us; it was not a few rogues but the caring system it-self.

Many patients and poets took the hard way out and with overdose or rope, staff had Tidy formula to explain deaths, but patients loved and talked with them, this is truth,

One patient-poet writes in blood the name of every suicide and death by medication, It is his blood and names written on golden scroll will be read at the time of nemesis, The 16 may or not have been informants, but we were in council care and hospitals.

We may not be believed, perpetrators were elite carers they have the impunity of ice. - N. S. Pearce. 09/11/2011. 10

Easter 1916 is a poem written by W. B. Yeats.


Yes you have guessed there is more, this is poetry not journalism, apply imagination,

wake your mind Christmas 2012

We Were Born For The Way We were born for this, to follow, to lead, to sustain this way, We were born to Enlighten, to Show, to Grow, We were born to Highlight, to Inspire, to Teach, We were Born to Progress, to Balance, to Preach; We were born to Equalise, to Heal, to SeE, We were born to Share a Vision, a Vision, a Vision in All of Us. A Vision for Earth, A Vision Deep in Humanities Soul, A Vision to Live, and to Fulfil Our Spirits Goal; Laughter, Lightness, Warmth and Care, We were Born for the Way, The Way of the Purple Ray. To Listen, to Harmonise, to Empathise, to Sympathise, to Understand Humanity and its present state, Guided by the Ray, The Ray of The Purple Way . To Construct, to Re-Model, to help guide and re-form societies view, To help shape and share, Our most Loving, - Open, Honest, Heart-felt Truth; To help Release, the release the Pain of a Race, and with steps of Bravery, Lead Humanity to a better place, Lead Earth to her Reverence, lead Gaia into Safety, We were born for this, We Were Born For This. We Were Born For The Way.



The Way of The Purple Ray.

wake your mind Christmas 2012

Those Helpless, Sleepless Nights

Not even the purest of All opium Could give me rest tonight. Ten to the dozen Ten to the dozen The mind whirls In a double Helix kind of motion. Just slow down Just slow down You are Sleeping, You don’t want to believe You are Sleeping, You don’t want to believe. Self hypnotism is one thing But do you stop a missile of a mind For racing into it’s fixed belief?

John Yates.



wake your mind Christmas 2012

Before the cage was open Judicials were tokens The systems never broken No crimes reported or spoken Cell wrecking occurred Which was fun doing bird Hit the roof Don’t tell the truth See the stars Show you’re scars A riot for change To change ball and chains Protest about the way they arrest Don’t approval about the Way they come and removal


Dominic Mulgrew.

wake your mind Christmas 2012 MONEY. Money makes the world go round Dollar Yen, Scudo or pound. But money may not always be Exactly what it seems to be it opens doors, it paves the way, But happiness has a price to pay. The money’s gone you all alone. So there you go there’s your poem.

- R.R. 2012.

Aphorism. ‘Every Moment Is, The End. Yet. It Is, Also, The Beginning.' Whitecrow.

Proverb. “Evil only Triumphs Because Good people did Nothing” - So Get oFF Your Arse and Save Yourself!


- The Crow.

wake your mind Christmas 2012 TRANSCRIPTION “X” Selfishness Makes You Thick -Don’t Bother listening to Anything a selfish person says – because it’s bound to be wrong! -Virtue brings Wisdom – The More Virtuous -The More Wize Humility is a virtue! Selflessness is a Virtue! Empathising with other Creatures is a Virtue! Helping Others is The Best Virtue! There is such a Thing as Genuine Channelling! And There are also Fake and would-be channellers. Selfishness is a Punishable Offence! Believing in God/Higher Power(s) can make You more Humble. Being Atheistic can make you more Egotisticle.

I mean how can Any Little Human Really Understand The Vast Workings of A Vast Universe? -It is Always Right to be Right! and do The “Right Thing” it is never Right to do The Wrong Thing ( no matter how much pleasure it gives you or how “crafty” an excuse you can Think up to Justify Your deviancy/Selfishness. Humans are not The Most Intelligent Creatures on Earth’ Dolphins are Very Intelligent. Cows are Very Intelligent. Rats are intelligent. Spiders are Quite Intelligent! In Fact Human are Quite Thick (especially some!) Most are on a path to self-destruction! – Very Few Have Freed Themselves


- For Life, Liberty and Justice. - witch one.


From ‘The Systems’ Mind Control Machinery! and it’s up to Them! – Their

wake your mind Christmas 2012

The Estate

The bins roll in, the bins roll out, The kids crack a window, the cops do fuck all, the estate is managed, the rent is paid, the years drift by their lives held in their hands.

So much has happened, so little spoken the reel of life played out.

Sad to see you go I didn`t seem to know we were akin until you told me

- John Yates.


you were Man U!

wake your mind Christmas 2012

Things to give up Not to try my luck Gambling is a sin Keeping out the bin Don’t want to be stuck Cause no one gives a fuck Try to be nice Then left to my own device Got to give up the drugs Cause paranoia is bugs Got to give up the smoke On a weekly allowance I’m broke Got to give up fizzy pop And top of the pops Rehabs a mop And going to the shop Don’t need the cops Or prison where no one is tops I need a place of my own With no women to moan No friends to call

Dominic Mulgrew.


I’ll see them at football

ju harriman


wake your mind Christmas 2012

wake your mind Christmas 2012


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Wake Your Mind. Winter 2012  

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