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NOVEMBER PARISHIONER 2021 When the clocks go back and it is dark so early, when the sun sets half-way through the afternoon and the evening chill comes in, we have to shut down many of the outside activities that filled the summer days. November can be a difficult month - it begins with an All Souls’ Service when we personally recall those dear to us who have died. That is shortly followed by Remembrance Sunday [this year it begins at Ockham War Memorial]; the 2 minutes silence, bugle call, wreath laying, Kohima Epitaph, remind us of lives continuing to be lost in wars even today. How do we cope with death and grief? There is no right way. As much as we want to look back, we also need to look forward. The knowledge that God also valued the lives of those who died, the knowledge that God, in the person of Jesus Christ, came to share the death that we must all experience, that by his death and resurrection Jesus has shown that death is not the end, that there is an enduring future lived in the presence of God, may comfort us but it doesn’t stop us grieving. The changing patterns of the seasons are a visible reminder of the changes that happen to us all – the cycle of birth, life and death. Any of us who have spent time in the garden or countryside will have noticed that the death of this year’s growth isn’t the end. Seeds have been scattered, tiny buds are already forming, even new shoots appearing. The legacy of the old is there for all to see – a strong reminder of what has been and what will be. Your church and chapel are always there for you. It is easy to think that during a vacancy nothing much happens but, on the contrary, your team are busy trying to think of interesting ideas [did you enjoy the Harvest Picnic and Pet Services?] …. Would you like to see the Christmas tree in the chapel garden again? …. 2

Please tell us if you have some thoughts – or if we have forgotten anything. One activity that we are pleased to be doing again this year is Posada. Advent starts at the end of the month and we remember the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem. We will begin that journey in church on November 28th with the crib figures and invite you to sign up to host Mary and Joseph for a night. Adults get as much pleasure in taking part as children do, so please look out - in church or the website - for ways you can sign up too. Wishing you every blessing



IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Church of England takes abuse very seriously, and every church now has a meaningful Safeguarding Policy. At the moment the church as a whole is trying to ensure that every case of historic abuse has been properly dealt with. I am required to advise the Diocese of any and all allegations concerning anyone in any position of authority in the church, whenever they occurred. Every piece of information will be treated sympathetically and taken seriously. Please do let me know, or in my absence please inform Richard Peters, churchwarden and safeguarding officer . We want to ensure that every member is safe, treated with respect, and protected from harm. Revd Renos Pittarides Area Dean and Rector of East Horsley

01483 283713


The Cobham Food Bank still needs our support, both by our donations, and by giving out vouchers. The need for the Foodbank is as great as ever and donations can be made at both All Saints’ and Downside as well as Costa Coffee, Sainsburys and Waitrose in Cobham. Donations must be non-perishable.


CHURCHES TOGETHER in HORSLEY and OCKHAM Intercessory Prayers November In these short, dark days of November, with all the uncertainties and complications in our new Covid 19 landscape, help us to feel the reassurance of Your presence in the gift of each new day. Help us to be guided through the darkness by Your light – by Jesus, who will never leave us or forsake us. In His name - the name above pandemics and shortages and rising bills and all anxieties – we pray. Amen Prayer during the covid-pandemic. Dear Lord, please give us your guidance in these uncertain times help us to be patient and kind. Comfort those who are in discomfort and/or anxious and give them your hope and encouragement. For those who sadly leave us, may they join you lord and dwell with you forever in your heavenly home. Give us strength in these dark times o lord so that we are not afraid May we always trust in you and know that you are with us in every situation. Lord hear us - lord graciously hear us. We pray Lord that all scientists, government ministers and medical staff who advise on the nation’s health and well-being, especially during this covid-19 pandemic, will receive and accept your wisdom and guidance in how best to deal with this serious situation. Lord hear us – lord graciously hear us.


PARISH TEAM Revd. Elisabeth Burke (01932 863886) Email: LLM Lay Reader: Mrs. Clare Bevan (01483 479963) Church Wardens Mrs. Sally Pound (01392 400189) Mr. Richard Peters (01483 568837) Don’t forget to keep up to date with everything happening in our Parish by clicking on St Michael’s Chapel, Downside is available for hire for meetings and other events at very reasonable rates. Contact David Pappin (01932 863020) or email

Please send articles for the next edition by the 19th of the month preceding publication to



SUSPENSION OF PRESENTATION TO THE PARISH OF OCKHAM WITH HATCHFORD & DOWNSIDE You may have seen on the noticeboard at All Saints’ a rather official-looking notice, signed by Bishop Andrew announcing the ‘suspension of presentation to the Parish of Ockham with Hatchford & Downside’ under the Mission & Pastoral Measure (2011). This is a technical measure, which sometimes taken when a parish goes into vacancy and provides the Diocese with flexibility to implement changes or restructuring relating to the parish, which they otherwise would not be able to do, if they feel circumstances demand it. It can be imposed for a maximum of five years and can be withdrawn at any time. The implications for us are that our new incumbent’s official title would be ‘priest-in-charge’, although in practice we would still refer to him as rector. He or she would also not have the ‘freehold’ of the parish. Apparently the Rector, having the freehold, actually ‘owns’ the parish church and churchyard, although he can’t sell it. Such is the curious way the Church of England and Canon Law operates. The other aspect is that it gives the Bishop the ability to alter parish boundaries to create a united benefice of more than one parish (although he cannot impose a merger of PCCs or the parishes finances). The reasons we have been given for the suspension in this instance is the possible housing development on Wisley airfield. However, we have pointed out that our northern boundary has already been changed to include the whole of the airfield site and that with the complications of the Highways Agency’s plan 8

for the A3/M25 junction the timescale for any housebuilding on the airfield site in currently uncertain and likely to be some time off. When we have any more news we will let you know. Richard Peters & Sally Pound Churchwardens



Sunday 7th November 9.00 am St Michael’s 10.30 am All Saints’

23rd Sunday after Trinity Songs of Praise Family Service

Sunday 14th November Remembrance Sunday 10.30 am Ockham War Memorial Act of Remembrance (No PEBBLES) 12 Noon Hatchford Churchyard Act of Remembrance (No service in either church or chapel) Sunday 21st November 9.00 am St Michael’s 10.30 am All Saints’ church

Christ the King Sunday Worship Sunday Worship + PEBBLES children’s

Sunday 28th November 9.00 am St Michael’s 10.30 am All Saints’

1st Sunday of Advent Holy Communion Holy Communion (No PEBBLES)

Sunday 5th December 9.00 am St Michael’s 10.30 am All Saints’

2nd Sunday of Advent Songs of Praise Family Service with Cranmore Choir

PEBBLES children’s church takes place on the second and third Sundays of the month. Family Service is usually on the first Sunday, There is no Pebbles on the fourth Sunday. Where there is a fifth Sunday we will usually join with East and West Horsley for a Group Ministry Service. Coffee and Tea served after all Sunday services at All Saint’s and after Songs of Praise on the first Sunday of the month at St Michael’s Chapel.


Remembrance Sunday 14th November

10.30 am Act of Remembrance at Ockham war memorial 12 Noon Act of Remembrance at Hatchford Churchyard war memorial (No service in either church or chapel) 11

ANN WATSON 1927 – 2021 – AN APPRECIATION Ann was an amazing person and a wonderful friend. She moved to Ockham with her family in the 1960s and lived here until 2018. She was deeply committed to Ockham and to All Saints’ Church and she had a long-standing interest in history and archaeology. She was very involved in Ockham life as a parish councillor and parochial church councillor and sacristan at All Saints’ for many years, during which she cleaned and prepared the Church for innumerable services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. She was also a bellringer for many years and more recently a churchwarden. She mapped the graveyard and was very knowledgeable about the history of Ockham and she showed many visitors round the church. She was a founding and very generous member and trustee of the Friends of All Saints’ Church. She made sure that the church was supplied with everything from palm crosses to pascal and other candles, communion wine and wafers, lamps for carol singing, bunches of flowers for Mothering Sunday and Easter eggs. When she said she was going to Papua New Guinea for several months, we wondered how we could possibly cope! On the archaeological side she obtained a diploma in archaeology and was the local secretary for the Surrey Archaeological Society for Ockham, Ripley and Wisley and the Society’s tools officer for a long time. She found, among other things, two iron age metal working furnaces and some late Saxon worked timbers at Wisley. She also unearthed 30 substantial sherds of a storage jar dating from the 12 th or 13th centuries, at Ockham Court. She was very active in local field walking and excavations and kept watch on the construction of the M25, for the Society. She took part in 12

the Wanborough Roman temple dig in the 1980s and arranged much needed baths, generously provided by local people, for the excavation team; it was a very muddy dig! She was greatly involved in catering at many events and excavations, particularly at Guildford Castle where she organised the end of dig barbecue. Most recently she helped to record pottery and other finds, in the Rovers Den, with the Society’s artefacts group. In 1997 Ann was elected an Honorary Vice-President of the Surrey Archaeological Society in recognition of her services. Her husband John died in 2005 and her son James died in 2010. She is survived by her daughter Sally and several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. She was an altogether remarkable, generous and unselfish person and is greatly missed by her family and many friends in Ockham and elsewhere. Gillian Lachelin

Ann Watson was a bellringer at All Saints’ for many years, having originally learnt to ring at St Lawrence, Bouton on the Water in Gloucestershire. She was elected to the Guildford Diocesan Guild in 1970 and in 1987 instigated the ringing room being elevated to its current position to create a much-needed storage room below. This was paid for by the proceeds from hiring out the church for a Lynda La Plante TV Murder Mystery! She generously hosted bellringers with partners and friends to many social events at Well Cottage, which invariably involved Ann’s delicious homemade cheese wafers! On one outing which included an overnight stay camping near Cassington Mill, Oxfordshire she proved to be the true host providing us all with hot toddies for the night ahead. John Young – Tower Captain 13



SAINTS DAYS 7th November: Willibrord of York – apostle of Frisia Did you know that the Netherlands first learned Christianity from a Yorkshireman? Willibrord was born in 658, to devout parents, and joined the Benedictines. In 678 he went Ireland to study at the Abbey of Rathmelsigi (a centre of European learning in the 7th century). 12 years later, in 690, Willibrord felt God had given him a daunting ‘call’ – to take Christianity to Frisia, (now mostly modern-day Netherlands). Willibrord was not just courageous, but also prepared well. He took 12 companions to help him, and he had the support of both Pope Sergius and also the ruler of the region, Pippin II. The mission was successful, and five years later, Willbrord was given another challenge: to do for Frisia what Augustine had done for England – establish a metropolitan see at Utrecht, build a cathedral, and appoint the first suffragan bishops. And so Willibrord became the first archbishop of Utrecht. He went on to establish an important monastery at Echternach (now in Luxembourg). It was not all plain sailing – in 714 Willibrord and the Christians faced persecution from the new pagan Frisia king. Churches were burnt and priests were killed. But Willibrord did not give up easily, and by 719 the king was dead and the church in Frisia continued to grow. Willibrord even ventured up into Denmark, bought 30 slave-boys and educated them as Christians. At Walcheren, he destroyed a pagan idol, at the risk of his life. Alcuin (historian) described Willbrord’s apostolate as based on energetic preaching and ministry. ‘Willibrord was always venerable, gracious and full of joy’. Certainly, he inaugurated 100 years of English Christian influence on the Continent, and thoroughly deserves his title of patron of Holland. When he died at 81, in 739, he was immediately venerated as a saint.




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