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Nudge, nudge… I am sure we have all been deeply concerned for Australia, watching from afar as bushfires threatened to consume the entire country. The extent of the bushfires is incredible - 10 million hectares destroyed (the size of England is 13 million hectares). We watched with compassion as people huddled together on beaches to escape the flames. In church we have been praying for them. And then the rains came! Naturally we thanked God for this answer to prayer. But therein lies a problem. If God sent the rain to put out the bushfires, did he also send the bushfires themselves? Because we can’t have it both ways! We cannot thank God for every good event, without also holding him responsible for every bad event! If God sent the rains to help Australia, did he cause the floods, the mudslides, the tsunamis, the hurricanes and the monsoons across the rest of the world? Or is there a middle way? My own view is that God designed and created a wonderful world that is dynamic, ever-changing and incredibly powerful. Tides and seasons, weather systems, volcanoes and earthquakes are all natural consequences of such a dynamic world. This is all part of God’s brilliant design. So – if it’s all ‘built-in’ to his great design should we conclude that praying to God about these things is pointless and ineffectual? Some would say that the more we understand, the less we need a concept of God to explain such events! Perhaps the middle way is the God of Nudges? Let me use the concept of global warming to explain: Almost everyone except Donald Trump accepts the reality of global warming as a direct consequence of human action, together with the possibility that human choices could help avert climate change. In effect, our choices over the last 100 years or so have 2

nudged the natural systems of the planet, either causing (or adding to) global warming. Something as vast and old and powerful as the planet’s ecology and global weather system can be changed for better or for worse by humanity, in a relatively short timeframe. In effect we have nudged it, and not in a good way. God asks us to take responsibility for the greed and the carelessness which have helped to cause this problem. In this way it is right for humanity to confess its sin, and ask for God’s forgiveness. But he also asks us to take responsibility for sorting it out. Our actions (recycling, reducing consumption, greener living etc) can help nudge things in the right direction. So we pray for God to give us wisdom so that we make the right choices. We also pray that God himself would intervene – that by his power he nudges the natural cause and effect to help avert disaster. Such interventions would not mean that God takes control of everything, but that he aids our efforts. If I am right, and God nudges nature in response to the cries of humanity, it follows that he can also intervene in our own lives, with his subtle promptings. Perhaps (on both the macro and the micro levels) I can sum up my thoughts like this: “Pray as if it were all down to God, and act as if it were all down to us.” Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

Hugh 3

CHURCHES TOGETHER in HORSLEY and OCKHAM Intercessory Prayers Heavenly Father we pray for all prisoners and that through your Grace they accept responsibility for their actions and gradually work towards reparation with their victims. We pray for radical reform within prison, so that time spent inside can be conducive to education and purpose for their release and a changed life ahead. We give thanks for the many organizations who are involved in Christian Ministry within prisons and those who as a result come to know you Lord. AMEN.

MU4ALL Is Just That! For ALL: THE BEEHIVE The Beehive meets once a month on the 4th Thursday at 2.00 p.m. at St. Martin’s Court. Coffee, cake and a time to share, whilst making a difference to others in need. We meet together to work at MU projects, such as neonatal supplies, knitting, making blankets and quilts and any particular needs which arise.

FOODBANK The Cobham Food Bank still needs our support, both by our donations, and by giving out vouchers. The need for the Foodbank is as great as ever and donations can be made at both All Saints and Downside as well as Costa Coffee, Sainsburys and Waitrose in Cobham. Donations must be non-perishable. Hugh has food vouchers. The Revd Renos Pittarides Rector of East Horsley The Rectory
Ockham Road South
East Horsley
KT24 6RL t: 01483 283713 4

Parish Clergy Rector: Revd. Hugh Grear* Tel: 01483 224136 Email: rector.ockham@gmail.com Revd. Elisabeth Burke (01932 863886) Email: elisabethb@ntlworld.com LLM Lay Reader: Mrs. Clare Bevan (01483 479963) Church Wardens Mrs. Sally Pound (01932 400189) Mrs. Jan Winser (01483 224909) *Hugh’s working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Don’t forget to keep up to date with everything happening in our Parish by going to www.ockhamchurch.org.uk

St Michael’s Chapel, Downside is available for hire for meetings and other events at very reasonable rates. Contact David Pappin (01932 863020) or email d.pappin@btinternet.com Please send articles for the next edition by the 19th of the month preceding publication to jacksoa1@me.com CHURCH POSTCODE GU23 6NQ 5

ST MICHAEL'S CHAPEL, DOWNSIDE IS NOW LICENSED FOR WEDDINGS! Up until now anyone wanting to get married in our chapel at Downside has had to get a special licence. But the Bishop of Guildford has now granted us a full license. It is a lovely, modern and intimate venue for a wedding - the chapel seats a maximum of 40 people and the east window looks out over fields. For more information contact Hugh Grear 01483 224136



PATIENCE ALWAYS PAYS Jean Swan was born in Darlington, County Durham on 8th January 1920 to Percy William and Maggie Cleland Scott. She had 2 siblings, Nigel 5 years older and Margaret (Peggy) 7 years younger. Jean lived in Bristol through her school days and joined the WRNS in 1940 and was sent to Whale Island, Portsmouth. In 1943, Jean was commissioned and was posted Gosport. Having learnt to cook, drive, do shorthand and type she was a bit miffed to be assigned as a cinema operator. Later she was assigned as a censor and then a fleet mail officer. In 1944 at Gosport she met Kenneth Swan, a captain of an HMML and they married 6 months later. At the end of 1944 Jean left the WRNS and moved to Southgate; in 1946 she had her first child, Wendy and then in 1947 twins Michael and Jill. Jean and Kenneth moved to East Horsley in 1968. Jean was an active committee member of the Horsley Flower Club, the Esher Bridge Club and Ockham All Saints Church and the Aristocats Coffee Club. Jean celebrated her 100th birthday with her 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren (although 3 couldn’t attend as they were in Australia) and friends. Please see the Photograph in the Gallery on page 25.


A NEW BENCH IS UNVEILED IN THE CHURCHYARD We held a celebration in the Churchyard at All Saints’ Ockham in December, with the presentation of a beautiful hand made rustic bench by Ockham Parish Council, to Peter Bevan as a thank you for his wonderful service in Ockham over the years both on the Council, and also for the Church. The Church arranged for a smart sandstone flagstone path to be created leading to the bench for people to easily access it and relax and take in the beauty of the Church and surrounds. Forty or so people attended the cutting of the ribbon by Peter with a glass of cheer and nibbles and much jollity with beautiful weather too. For some years there was a garden seat in the churchyard where people could sit and enjoy the peace and tranquillity but this had fallen into disrepair and the new bench is a stylish and much needed replacement. Peter unveiled the bench by cutting a ribbon in the presence of Clare, his wife, the Revd Hugh Grear and the chair of Ockham Parish Council, Mary-Claire Travers, a very lovely occasion. Please see the Photographs in the Gallery on pages 20 -22.


FUNDING OUR CHURCH A member of our congregation recently asked how much we received from the Church of England to run our two places of worship. The answer is nothing; each parish has to be selfsupporting. It costs £70,000 to run our two places of worship at Ockham and Downside. The biggest item is the sum we pay the Diocese, which covers the salary and pension costs for our part-time Rector (Elisabeth and Clare are unpaid), running the Rectory and other central support costs, which this year is £48,000. The balance is the running costs of the parish. In 2019 our total income was £72,000. This was inflated by the early banking of Christmas collections in 2019 (£2,130), which means the year’s figures include both 2018 and 2019 Christmas collections. If we had banked the Christmas collections for2019 in January 2020 (to be consistent with the previous year), we would have made a loss for the year. We have deferred paying a bill approaching £1,000 due at the end of 2019 into 2020, which would have made the 2019 figure even worse. We have cut our expenditure over the last few years but cannot cut any more without severely comprising what we do. The Friends of All Saints’ Church, Ockham, generously raise money for the maintenance and fabric of the church; but it is the everyday running costs we need help with. Many people give freely of their time, but some older volunteers are no longer able to do all they once did and, as a result, we now have to pay for All Saints’ to be cleaned and the churchyard tidied. Many of you will have received a letter asking you to consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), which involves making a 10

regular, monthly donation or increasing your existing contribution. The more widely we can spread the cost of running our church, the easier it will be. The PGS enables donors to spread their giving and the parish to plan ahead. It also reclaims Gift Aid promptly, helping cash flow. So please consider helping in this way. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch. Please do not ignore our plight; help us improve our financial wellbeing and remove a major source of concern over our future. Jan Winser Parish Stewardship Promoter 01483 225200 janwinser@gmail.com



WHAT DOES YOUR DEANERY SYNOD DO? Throughout 2019, the Leatherhead Deanery Synod (which includes Ockham with Hatchford & Downside, and East and West Horsley), focused on sharing resources and ideas with particular emphasis on children & youth ministry and social injustice all under our Deanery vision of Stronger Together. Our discussions have focused on the very many valuable initiatives that are going on within our wider communities with a greater sense of sharing, making the best use of our pooled resources and working beyond parish boundaries. We have been looking at what we should do together to confront issues of social injustice in and around our locale and finding ways to hold our local government and business, health and social services leaders to account and see what we can practically offer as ‘one Church’. Deanery Synod is not some special and exclusive club: we encourage anyone who is interested in the topics we discuss to come along and share ideas. When we have specific details of what the meetings in 2020 are about, we will share them. In the meantime, make a note of the dates below. And this year we will give a brief report on what is discussed at each meeting here in The Parishioner. Next meetings: 4 March 2020 7.30pm – at St Giles’ Dell Centre, Ashtead. This meeting will be joined by Bishop Andrew who will share his experience and lead discussion on current challenges and opportunities across our Deanery. This is an open meeting, and everyone is welcome.


10 June 2020 7.30pm – at St Martin’s, East Horsley 14 October 2020 7.30pm – at St Mary’s and St Nicholas, Leatherhead New: Bereavement Café As an example of sharing resources in our Deanery, St Mary’s in Fetcham has just started a Bereavement Café in partnership with Princess Alice Hospice. This is being held in the St Mary’s Church Hall on the first Wednesday morning of the month 10.00am – 11.30am. The Cafe is staffed by trained bereavement counsellors – all are welcome and no booking is required. Christmas Craft Workshop Our Pebbles team, supported by several other church members, ran another very successful and festive craft workshop using the lovely hall at St Matthew’s school. These Christmas and Easter workshops have proved very popular since we started them in 2018 – our challenge now is to keep coming up with the creative ideas! Sixteen children each tackle as many as six different crafts and have lovely things to take away and treasure. After an hour or so of frantic activity they then enjoy a drink and a snack with story time led by Hugh which is always entertaining! We will announce the date of the year’s Easter workshop in the March Parishioner


HMS PINAFORE Following the very enjoyable and successful productions of the Mikado and Pirates of Penzance the Trustees of the Friends of All Saints' Church Ockham have asked Opera Anywhere to perform HMS Pinafore in All Saints' Church on Saturday October 10th 2020, at 6pm. Please make a note in your diary. Tickets will be available from Gillian Lachelin from June onwards.

FLUSHING AWAY POVERTY I’m sure you’ve heard of town twinning – Guildford has been twinned with Freiburg in Germany since 1979. But now anyone can ‘twin’ their toilet too. The idea is that when you twin your toilet you donate £60 to enable families in a poor community to build a basic toilet, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene – a vital combination that saves lives. So we have twinned our two toilets at All Saints’, in Ockham and St Michael’s Chapel in Downside, and if you visit either loo you will find a framed certificate showing a photo of the overseas toilet twin, together with the location, which you can look up using an online map. And you will even find the GPS coordinates! Our toilet at All Saints’ is twinned with one in Bangui District, Central African Republics (Latitude: 3.8962, Longitude: 17.9191) and our toilet in St Michael’s Chapel is twinned with one in Buliba, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (Latitude: -0.22525, Longitude: 29.21553). If you want to see the precise location you will need to put the GPS coordinates above into a degrees/minutes/seconds converter such as www.latlong.net/lat-long-dms.html. This includes a map so is very easy to use. Happy searching! 14

OCKHAM PARISH SKILLS DATABASE Like every church we are reliant on volunteers to keep everything running smoothly, both in the services and with all the work which goes on behind the scenes. The more people who can help, the smaller the burden becomes for each person. In addition, a number of our long-serving volunteers now wish to step down, for quite understandable reasons.. So we have decided to undertake a ‘skills and interests audit’ to see what untapped skills and interests we may have within the congregation. Replying to the email is by no means a commitment, but it will help us to identify what support we may be able to call upon in the future. If you would click to forward this email and send it to ockhampa@gmail.com and put a ‘Yes’ in the box where you think you might be able to help we’d be very grateful Sally Pound and Jan Winser Churchwardens Name: Telephone Number: Email address:

I have an interest in or may be available to help with the following: Bell-ringing Building maintenance Car-parking for special services Coffee-making for Sunday services Choir 15

Finance (banking/Gift Aid/examining the accounts) Fund-raising Gardening (occasional) Helping with Pebbles / Sunday School Intercessions rota Readers’ rota Safeguarding admin Seasonal decoration of the church Sides-persons’ rota Website and social media Writing articles for the Parishioner

ARMENIAN LITURGY AT GUILDFORD CATHEDRAL In collaboration between the local Armenian communities of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, London and Guildford Cathedrals, we will be celebrating a Liturgy in Armenian rite. This unique event will take place on the feast of the 2nd Ecumenical Council of Constantinople 381 at Guildford Cathedral on Saturday, 22nd February 2020, at 2.00pm. Armenian cultural events will follow the service. Guests from any denomination, or faith as well as those that do not belong to one are very welcome to join us. This event is a special opportunity for cultural exchange and to celebrate the unique heritage of The Armenian Church. There will also be complimentary refreshments after the service with a buffet of Armenian delicacies, as well as some other surprises. There is also ample free parking at the Cathedral. Please RSVP to: Mrs Hrachik Sarian Tell: 020 8998 9210 E-mail: info@armenianchurch.org.uk 16


At THE BLACK SWAN at 7.00 pm The first Monday of each month for drinks And nibbles and occasional raffle for OHRA

** We are looking for volunteers to host ( not organise) each month!! If you would like to help please do contact either Jan Winser at Janwinser@gmail.com or 01483-224909. Or Doreen Jones at margiedor@btinternet.com Or 07988-818903 Thank you Jan and Doreen

CLASSIC CAR EVENT At the Black Swan Second Sunday in each month Classic Car morning from 8am at the Black Swan Breakfasts served! 17

FORTHCOMING SERVICES Sunday 2nd February Fourth Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Songs of Praise 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion Sunday 9th February Third Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion Sunday 16th February Second Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion Sunday 23rd February Second Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ FAMILY SERVICE Wednesday 26th February 8.00 pm All Saints’

ASH WEDNESDAY Holy Communion

Sunday 1st March First Sunday in Lent 9.00 am Downside Songs of Praise 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion Sunday 8th March Second Sunday in Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion PEBBLES children’s group meet in church at the start of every Communion service, leave for their own activities in the Cabin and join the congregation at the end.



Newlands Corner in the Snow and Sunrise (Courtesy of The Surrey Wildlife Trust)


Chobham Common (Courtesy of The Surrey Wildlife Trust)








Celebrating January Birthdays – Jean Swan is 100! 25

Films are now being shown at West Horsley Village Hall. SAT FEB 29th DOORS OPEN: 7PM | Price: £6 Pay on the door or reserve and pay online at www.curzoncountrycinema.co.uk





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The Parishioner February 2020  

Magazine of the parish of Ockham with Hatchford & Downside

The Parishioner February 2020  

Magazine of the parish of Ockham with Hatchford & Downside