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Ockham with Hatchford and Downside Newsletter FEBRUARY 2019

“ENTIA NON SUNT MULTIPLICANDA SINE NECESSITATE” Well, it would be far too obvious to start my letter “William of Ockham”, wouldn’t it? I want to write about William this month because we are planning a special conference about him in the church on April 10th. Why that date? Because it is the day in the calendar when the Church Universal remembers William of Ockham. And if you have an interest in medieval philosophy, history, theology or politics, you might well be interested in this event. Let’s clear up another point: why is he usually known as William of Occam? It comes from the Latin: Gulielmus Occamus. It is simply the Latin way of referring to Ockham. And whilst we are about it, what does the Latin at the top refer to? It is a way of formulating Occam’s Razor, otherwise known as his Law of Parsimony. It translates as “Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.” In fact, he never actually used this Latin phrase as far as we know, but he certainly formulated the principle. He wrote, “For nothing ought to be posited without a reason given, unless it is self-evident, or known by experience, or proved by the authority of Sacred Scripture.” My preferred way of expressing his Razor is “KISS”, or “Keep it simple, Stupid!” William contributed to medieval thought in numerous ways. He contributed to natural philosophy, including a commentary on Aristotle’s Physics and Mathematics. He added to the theory of knowledge and helped develop political theory.


He was excommunicated by Pope John XXII in 1328, apparently for leaving Avignon without permission! This was 12 days after a number of Franciscans had fled because the Pope had decided to attack St Francis of Assisi – the Franciscans said that Jesus and his disciples (including Peter the first Pope) owned nothing and were radically poor. As the Pope was phenomenally rich, he decided that Francis (and by extension William of Ockham) must be wrong. Of course, our current Pope, Francis, is much closer to both St Francis and Jesus! William took refuge at the court of the Holy Roman Emperor. Anyway, I waffle onwards! Do consider coming if the following conference tickles your fancy. (Please see the Notices section below for further details). More to the point, please gossip this event as wide as you can, for it is intended for philosophers, theologians and historians far and wide. Our contributors include Dr Gillian Lachelin, Andrew Jotischky (Professor of Medieval History, Royal Holloway), Shazia Jagot (Post-doctoral research fellow, Surrey University on “Ockham and Arabic Influences”) and others. Cum omnia vincit amor (“with all the food of love”)



CHURCHES TOGETHER in HORSLEY and OCKHAM Intercessory Prayers February 2019 Dear Lord, we ask you to protect and guide all who contemplate suicide, whether though despair or feeling isolated, especially students and young people with mental health issues. Give them courage in their rational moments to seek and find help and may those around them become alert and sensitive to their needs. AMEN.

MU4ALL Is Just That! For ALL: THE BEEHIVE The Beehive meets once a month on the 4th Thursday at 2.00 p.m. at St. Martin’s Court. Coffee, cake and a time to share, whilst making a difference to others in need. We meet together to work at MU projects, such as neonatal supplies, knitting, making blankets and quilts and any particular needs which arise.

FOODBANK The Cobham Food Bank still needs our support, both by our donations, and by giving out vouchers. The need for the Foodbank is as great as ever and donations can be made at both All Saints and Downside as well as Costa Coffee, Sainsburys and Waitrose in Cobham. Donations must be non-perishable. Hugh has food vouchers. The Revd Renos Pittarides Rector of East Horsley The Rectory
Ockham Road South
East Horsley
KT24 6RL t: 01483 283713 4

Parish Clergy Rector: Revd Hugh Grear* Tel: 01483 224136 Email: Revd Elisabeth Burke (01932 863886) LLM Lay Reader: Mrs Clare Bevan (01483 479963) Church Wardens Mrs Sally Pound (01932 400189) Mrs Jan Winser (01483 225200) *Hugh’s working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Don’t forget to keep up to date with everything happening in our Parish by going to St Michael’s Chapel, Downside is available for hire for meetings and other events at very reasonable rates. Contact David Pappin ( 01932 863020) or email Please send articles for the next edition to Andrew Jackson by the 19th of the month preceding publication to CHURCH POSTCODE GU23 6NQ


Do you have questions about life and faith and their meaning? Would you like to explore your thoughts and the ideas of others in a relaxed environment? Alpha is a series of 10 interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. Alpha is for anyone who’s curious. The talks are designed to discussion in a friendly, open and informal environment. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish. Each session includes supper, a short talk and a video. At the end there is a discussion where you can share your thoughts if you wish. If at any point you think Alpha isn’t for you, that’s not a problem. There’s no pressure, no follow up and it’s free. Alpha started on Tuesday 22 January at 7.30pm and takes place at the Canterbury Rooms behind St Martin’s Church, Ockham Road South, East Horsley KT24 6RL. To find out more, call Hugh Grear on 01483 224136, or just turn up.


NEW CHURCH ELECTORAL ROLL The Electoral Roll is our church’s register of electors it is the list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting where the elections take place for: a) the parochial church council and churchwardens b) the parish’s representatives on the deanery synod Any person entitled to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting may raise any question of parochial or general church interest. By enrolling you become a voting member of the Church of England and so help to ensure that all the Synodical councils of the Church – the parochial church council, the deanery synod, the diocesan synod, and the General Synod – are fully representative of its members. The roll is updated as people join the congregation or move away, but every six years we are required to wipe the slate clean and start a new roll and those on the previous roll are asked to reapply. This is a year we are required to produce a new roll, and we have to complete this task at least 15 days before our APCM in April, so all existing members are being asked to re-apply and we would welcome members of the congregation who are not yet on the roll to apply as well. Forms are available in both All Saints’, Ockham and St Michael’s Chapel, Downside. They can also be downloaded from our website They should be returned either to the box in All Saints’ or by post to Gillie Scarrott-Jones, parish administrator, The Rectory, Ockham Lane, Ockham GU23 6NP.


If have been prevented by sickness or absence or other essential reason from worshipping for the past six months, you may write ‘would’ before ‘have habitually attended’ on the form and add ‘but was prevented from doing so because......’ and then state the reason. Richard Peters Acting Electoral Roll Officer

TREASURER’S NOTE There is no financial obligation involved in being on the electoral roll, but it costs around £70,000 a year to run Ockham church and Downside chapel. This includes paying for our part-time rector (Elisabeth is an unpaid volunteer), the rectory, the running costs of our two places of worship and a contribution towards the services provided to parishes by the Diocese of Guildford. While we do have some historical legacies and investments which provide a little income, we are dependent on the generosity of those in the parish to keep going. We appreciate greatly those who already give generously, but we do need more donors to ensure that we can continue with our work as we have been operating at a loss over the past year. Average giving from those who are planned givers in our parish is currently around £10 per week (£45/month) – compared with average figures for the Guildford Diocese of just over £19/week (£80/month). Worryingly, just 1 in 5 of our supporters gives the average – £19 (or more) – weekly; could you help us by offering more than this amount? The Parish Giving Scheme is a convenient and tax8

efficient method of supporting our church and allows you the choice of index-linking your giving in line with inflation if you wish. For more information on how you can review or change your giving please contact David Boothby (voluntary treasurer) in confidence on 01932 596760 or


BISHOPS CALL FOR A CHANGE OF TONE ON BREXIT DEBATE The Church of England bishops who recently met in London made the following statement: ‘The bishops of the Church of England pray for national unity – and courage, integrity and clarity for our politicians. We call on the country to consider the nature of our public conversation. It is time to bring grace and generosity back to our national life. ‘At the heart of the Christian message is Jesus’ command to love our neighbour. This includes those with whom we agree and disagree – at home, in Europe, and further afield. We urge everyone – our political leaders and all of us – to bring magnanimity, respect and reconciliation to our national debate. ‘There is now an urgent need for the United Kingdom to recover a shared vision and identity to help us find a way through the immediate challenges. ‘Regardless of what happens next with Brexit, the Church of England, alongside many other churches and other agencies striving for the common good, will be at the heart of local communities; educating one million children, providing 33,000 social action projects and running 16,000 churches across the country. Above all else, we will continue to support the most vulnerable and share Christ’s love with all.’ 10


COMMUNITY NOTICES Meet your Neighbours at the Black Swan the First Monday of each month Friendly company and chat From 6.45 pm, to the right of the bar Complimentary nibbles courtesy of the Black Swan

CLASSIC CAR EVENT At The Black Swan Second Sunday in each month Classic Car morning from 8am at the Black Swan Breakfasts served!

FEBRUARY 23rd 2019 A WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING Not seen before! Ockham has been chosen as one of the first places for the premiere preview of a new independently produced British film “Great in Britain: The Movie”. The writer and director of the film, Howard Webster, has written this message: “My movie is a very British musical comedy starring Peter Bowles (To the Manor Born), Jason Fleming (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Larry Lamb (East Enders), Colin Salmon (Prime Suspect 2, 24: Live Another Day, Mortal Engines), iconic British pop stars Right Said Fred and a cast of well known British names. Now here is the big news for everyone living in the area. One of the handful of exclusive UK premiere preview screenings is happening right here in Ockham at 12

your Village Hall. The premiere preview screenings are courtesy of Barrie Gilbert of Curzon Country Cinema. The movie was shot on location in Surrey and the last two scenes were filmed in TADWORTH at the end of 2018. I am thrilled to be able to bring a UK premiere movie release to village hall cinemas.. When I first considered the idea I had no idea that there were so many of these venues across the country. It turns out that it is quite a movement. In rural areas they are called village hall or community cinemas, in urban areas they are called ‘pop-up’ cinemas. Regardless of what they are called it appears that people still want to come together to watch a movie and share an experience. In an age where technology has led to isolation and a lack of community where people don’t even know who their neighbours are any more, it is heartening to see the numbers of these village hall/pop-up cinemas growing. While I am now looking forward to the movie’s release there have been so many highlights during its making. Amongst them were getting to shoot two big dance numbers in Kew Gardens, seeing Strictly Come Dancing winner Tom Chambers in action on the Sackler Bridge and watching the legendary Peter Bowles at work and delivering pitch perfect lines. Great in Britain: the movie is the heart-warming story of three old school friends and what really matters in the end. Be prepared to be cheered up in 2019!” (Please see the advertisement overleaf for further details.)


WILLIAM OF OCKHAM APRIL 10TH The programme of talks in All Saints' Church relating to William of Ockham on April 10th starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, organised from outside our Parish, includes the following: Ockham and All Saints’ Church before and after 1300. Dr Gillian Lachelin Ockham's religious world: monastic and mendicant life in the 14th century. Professor Andrew Jotischky Possible arguments for William of Ockham preferring not to become a Doctor. Dr Chris Dyczek (OFM) Lunch and tours of Church William of Ockham and the intellectual heritage of Arabic philosophy Dr Shazia Jagot If you are interested in attending (free of charge) please can you let me know as soon as possible, as there will be a limit on numbers. To book or register an interest, please email Gillian Lachelin


CAROL SINGING 18TH DECEMBER 2018 We had a last-minute change of plan owing to predicted heavy rain for the Tuesday. We emailed as many people as we could that we would not be walking around the village but invited villagers to join us at the Parish Room to sing carols instead. Sheila Mellstrom played the piano with Clare Bevan on the French horn which really helped our singing. As usual, there were mince pies and mulled wine. A very big thank you to everyone who attended and to those who were unable to attend but sent a donation. We raised ÂŁ167 for the charities that Ockham Church supports (Rainbow Trust and Christian Solidarity Worldwide). A brilliant result. Thank you all so much for supporting this event. We may do something similar next year! A big thank you to Roz Elliott as well. Jenny Milligan


FORTHCOMING SERVICES Sunday 3rd February 5th Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Songs of Praise 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion *PEBBLES Sunday 10th February 4th Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion *PEBBLES Sunday 17th February Third Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion *PEBBLES Sunday 24th February Second Sunday before Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ FAMILY SERVICE Sunday 3rd March Sunday next before Lent 9.00 am Downside Songs of Praise 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion *PEBBLES Wednesday 6th March ASH WEDNESDAY 8.00 pm All Saints’ Holy Communion Sunday 10th March First Sunday in Lent 9.00 am Downside Holy Communion 10.30 am All Saints’ Parish Communion *PEBBLES

*PEBBLES children’s group meet in church at the start of every Communion service, leave for their own activities in the Cabin and join the congregation at the end.







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