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Phillp Ndou - Boxing Sensation recieves his miracles

God’s Lady Conference 2013

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Rlw Ministries

Welcome to our first official issue of Rlw Magazine This will be our first issue of official rlw magazine ever published, the main objective of this magazine was the church to be able to communicate, inform and to educate its members and non-member about important subjects about the church. And most importantly; the main aim to have a print media was to inform the entire nation about the role of Jesus Christ in their lives. Intention is to have a monthly publications, that will cover mostly events, testimonies, miracles, healings, deliverances and any other concerns that will be interest for the both members and non-members of this church. Please follow us on Twitter (@rlwmagazine) and Google+ (Rlw Magazine), discover us at (# rlwmagazine), like us on Facebook (Rlw Magazine) for more information and impending events of our church. Moreover, your inputs and suggestions will be welcomed to enhance and progress this magazine to be more tremendous and thought-provoking. Thank you for your support and God Bless. The Editor Akeem Tsotetsi

(be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil by good) Romans 12:21

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Contents Editorial Editor in Chief ARCHBISHOP B.S ZONDO

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Features History of RLW


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- 21st March Massacre

Photographer NONHLANHLA MAKHUBO Marketing and Distribution CONSTANCE KHUMALO

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- Archbishpo Graduates

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- God’s Lady Conference


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Rlw Ministries

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Rlw Ministries

Rivers of Living Waters R


ivers of living waters ministries was established on the 24th September 1988 by

Archbishop Stephen Bafana and mother Archbishop Pascaline Seabi Zondo in Sebokeng Zone 3 with a total number of three members; Archbishop B.S. Zondo, Pastor Pascaline Zondo and their only child then, Nkosana Zondo. The ministry started growing and then moved into a classroom. The very classroom in which they worshiped god, surely became smaller as the congregation evidently grew in numbers and the ministry then decided to move to Shadvaal center in Zone 13. Later they went to sandamela highway “bottle store” in evaton as it was enough at that time to accommodate the members. Many of those that came to the bottle store for their occasional drinks ended up getting saved and receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. God did not only Archbishop Zondo the space to fellowship at, but, also to spread the gospel to the people who came to the bottle store. The congregation grew rapidly with every sunday service.

The yellow tent got struck by lightning. A new white marquee tent that accommodated more than 800 people was bought. At the time the marquee was called “tente ya matswele” in Evaton. Funds were raised by the church to build a structure that we see today. Rivers of Living Waters Ministries is the church with tenderness which accepted everyone to fellowship with them as it is a church where everybody is somebody and jesus christ is lord. With the grace of god, the building got completed and was subsequently officially opened on 12 December 2009. It accommodates more than 4000 people. The church consists of two services in a week, one of which is on wednesday and the other on sunday.

Upon arrival in evaton, god blessed the Ministries with a blue and yellow tent which accommodated more than 300 people, which consisted of one service being held by the man of God, Archbishop Zondo. Miracles were performed, people got healed and some got delivered by the man of god. Rivers of living waters ministries was known to be the church where you can receive salvation, deliverance and prosperity.

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The RLW Ministries have now multiplied with several satellite churches in South Africa and also in the neighboring countries, with more than 18 pastors.

First tent of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries

Rivers of Living Waters is a Community Development Centre that the community is not oblivious to the socio-economic plight in South Africa hence there is a feeding scheme every Sunday and outreach programs to help those in need throughout Southern Africa.

The church is known to be the centre of social justice and restoring dignity and one of the most successful churches in South Africa. In 2000 the church inadvertently welcomed the country’s future president, Jacob Zuma, for prayers as the man of God; Archbishop Zondo laid hands on him. His dignity was restored only by the laying of hands. RLW’s commitment is to spread the Gospel to all nations.

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Rlw Ministries

The Stephen Zondo Ministries yearns to reach out to people across the country by spreading the Gospel. The church is now privileged to reach to the nation through the TV Ministry. The new Stephen Zondo Foundation was formed to help the disadvantaged and look after those that cannot fend for themselves.

Above and below: Gifts for the school children by Stephen Zondo Foundation

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President Jacob Zume recieving his miracles

Feeding Scheme at RLW

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Rlw Ministries

21 March Massacre This whole saga started on the Easter weekend where the radio station Thetha FM was talking about certain religious denomination and Satanism, so they started questioning ARCHBISHOP Zondo’s powers; questions on whether he (ARCHBISHOP Zondo) was from the dark world or from God Himself. This is where the Station’s presenters came with their accusations that the Bishop is a Satanist, that he is taking his powers at Mont-aux-Sources (Mont-aux-Sources is a mountain range in Southern Africa, forming one of the highest portions of the Drakensberg Range. It is mostly within Lesotho, with parts in the KwaZulu-Natal and Free State provinces of South Africa.). The story started as normal topic about religion but ended up with Rivers of Living Waters Ministries and ARCHBISHOP Zondo being the main topics. Other churches were left out, even if the community brought them in to the topic, all were rejected and the focus was on Rivers of Living Waters.

10  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

Roads blocked with stones and burned tires.

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Rlw Ministries

Other churches were left out, even if the community brought them in to the topic, all were rejected and the focus was on Rivers of Living Waters. This then became every Sundays’ evening topic, until the community got angry about the church itself; this led to members of the church being kicked out by their landlords just because they had associations with this church. ARCHBISHOP Zondo and his family were threatened to a point where attempts were made to attack his son but somebody warned them about this and no harm was done.

tested at the Government Laboratory. The results were non-reactive and said that the products were the cleanest one can find. The 20th March arrived and the church was attacked with the tent tossed and burned down on the one side and on the other, stones were pelted at the main church building as well as petrol bombs being thrown into the church. Some homes were attacked in the very same night.

The following day, “Amongst their allegations were on Wednesday the that the red miracle oil had blood 21st of March, the clots in it to an extent that the gov- angry community ernment took all the gifts that are barricaded the being sold at church to be tested at streets. Church members were the Government Laboratory.” stopped in all the Throughout all the directions until the month-long saga, police came and children were being enfold others. But severely assaulted by the community through it all the man of God continued to claiming that they are Thokoloshi (In preach the Gospel, heal the sick and pray Zulu mythology, Tikoloshe, Tokoloshe for the downtrodden. or Hili (from the Xhosa word utyreeci ukujamaal) is a dwarf-like water sprite another translation is that the Tokoloshe resembles a zombie, poltergeist, or gremlin, created by South African shamans who have been offended by someone . It is considered a mischievous and evil spirit that can become invisible by swallowing a pebble) of ARCHBISHOP Zondo. As a result of continuous incite the radio presenters, who were conducting the talk show, got the mutual feeling from the community about attack. It went on until somebody imposed that they should attack the church. Almost 90% of the callers were agreeing that the church must be attacked and burned down. Somebody asked that do they have any proof about what they were talking about. The results were that they had no prove. Amongst their allegations were that the red miracle oil had blood clots in it to an extent that the government took all the gifts that are being sold at church to be 12  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

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Rlw Ministries

Archbishop Gradu

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the story continues .............................. Issue 1 Rlw Magazine  15 

Rlw Ministries

R ivers of Living Waters Ministries embraces Education, and; Archbishop Zondo understands that the way out of poverty is God and Education. These were the words spoken by Dr Anele Mbasane in his speech at a moving ceremony at the Rivers of Living Waters Ministries auditorium. During an extraordinary ceremony at the church on 23rd June 2013, there were ululations, praises and singing as Archbishop B.S. Zondo arrived in the auditorium, accompanied by various dignitaries .It was a great nobility for the church to see how the Lord has lifted the holy man of God. All the attention and eyes were on him. Before his entrance along with his entourage, one could see a number of his church members dressed up in their various colorful academic regalia, entering the hall from the right. The holy anointed man of God, Dr Bishop Zondo was bestowed with Doctorate of Divinity (Honoris Causa). Honored with the Degree of Professorship (Summa Cum Laude); and consecrated to the holy office of the Archbishop by the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC). This colorful ceremony attended by doctors, professors and Archbishop from different denominations and institutions. Some of the dignitaries included the Vice Chancellor to the Grace Cathedral, Archbishop Maghame, and Archbishop Vincent Khoza. Also present at the ceremony was the Minister of Communications; Dr. Dina Pule. Bishop Vincent Khoza based his sermon on the subject “Vision and Commitment” without which God’s vision could not be fulfilled. 16  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

Nkosana Zondo, Archbishop Zondo’s son, added on to encourage young people to invest in two things - God and Education. “If you can see it, you can make it” he concluded his speech.

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Rlw Ministries

God’s Lady Conference

T he annual God’s Lady conference was held on the 13th July 2013 at the Rivers of Living

Waters Auditorium, hosted by Pastor Pascaline Zondo who was the orator of the day. Woman all around South Africa, across the borders of South Africa and those from the RLW branches came in numbers for their breakthroughs. The auditorium was fully packed with woman exceeding the number of 8000, while overflow tents were hosting up to 3000 saints; those of whom had faith to witness the power of God through the man of God, ARCHBISHOP Zondo. The event was graced by gospel singer Sechaba Phali and the group called Glory of the Last Days who blessed the congregation with their songs. The first service was conducted by Pastor Pascaline Zondo empowering woman on upliftment and faith. 18  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

She elaborated on how woman should change their attitudes towards themselves, and that they have a purpose in life. ‘’pray until something happen’’, as the book of Proverbs 31:26 says she opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness in Christ because the Lord has plans that will make you prosper. The second service was conducted by ARCHBISHOP Zondo where he prophesied over the lives of many women, he prayed for them and they got delivered. He further more spoke about the importance of a woman in many families, community, in the world and embarrassing them about the good work they are doing in our lives, he also built their confidence on how are they special and never let boundaries to limit them to their destiny. Woman are been described as mbokodos (rocks), “wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo” translated as “You strike the Woman, You strike the Rock’’.

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Rlw Ministries

ou d N

illip ng” i h R P e h t n

o o i t t n a i s n ry e o l S G

s g g n i n i r x b o d B “Go

Phillip Ndou, a renowned SA and international boxer who has taken the world by storm in the early 1990’s is a member of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries in Evaton under the leadership of ARCHBISHOP B.S Zondo. Ndou started his boxing career as an amateur boxer in 1998. He then represented SA in the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, and, turned professional in 1997. His ambition is to get crowned as the WBC champ. He had this to say: “Coming to Rivers of Living Waters brought me back into what I love most”.

Through his boxing career he was crowned the World Boxing Association (WBC) Champ; World Boxing Union (WBU) Champ; South African Boxing Champ and then became World number one WBC contender in 2003. Ndou grew up looking up to Muhammad Ali as a star and still admires his style of fighting. His Problem started in 2004 when he experiHe regards Cassius Baloyi as the toughest enced continuous dizziness and subsequently opponent ever, and, wishes to retire at the age diagnosed with a brain cyst. He attended sevof 40. “I had lost hope and was not keen to eral brain scans and somehow got some help. fight ever again, but ARCHBISHOP Zondo has However, the problem soon resurfaced after he motivated me to get back into the ring. got back into the ring in 2009. With the sickness I was so suffering from, In October 2012 his promoter and manager I wouldn’t stay with long hair but used the Ms. Promise Moyo introduced the boxing star red miracle oil before attending the church’s to the RLW Ministries. deliverance class in December 2012. Following the teachings of ARCHBISHOP Zondo, the boxing star got healed without undergoing the necessary and prescribed brain procedures.

20  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

Ndou said:“My advice to the youth is to not give up on their dreams. Believe in their mind, without faith and belief nothing is unachievable” he concluded.

His recent fight was when he blasted Dipheko in five rounds of their energy-sapping bout at Nasrec Arena on Sunday 3rd July. Ndou had been inactive since November 1 2011 but there were no signs of ring rust against Dipheko. Even his physique resembled that of the young and fearless Ndou who stunned boxing fans in East London when he demolished Jackie “Pressure Cooker” Gunguluza in three rounds in 1999 for the national featherweight title at the Orient Theatre.

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Rlw Ministries

Business Seminar 2013 Dr.

BS Zondo, the man anointed by God, held a pastoral seminar on 27 April 2013 at the RLW Auditorium. The seminar had attracted over 1300 people, amongst who were 10 Archbishops, 20 Bishops, 5 Apostles, 33 Prophetesses and prophets, 250 Pastors and Reverends, 5 Chiefs, 26 community and political leaders, 50 Evangelists, 4 partakers, 19 Academics, 358 Business people, 359 other leaders. The seminar was graced by the presence of His Majesty Kgosi Pilane from Pilanesburg, Chief Letso Malema from Malalatau and Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabhudafhasi, amongst others.The theme of the event was “supportive ministry” whereby Bishop Zondo dwelt more on Biblical principles.

and sustainers.

He was teaching about the vision of a visionary, the responsibility and accountability and further elaborated on a vision in which God found and planted a person through whom He (God) could source His (God) vision, and also welt more on the enablers

Enablers are the ones who are gifted by God to the most difficult parts of the vision and enable the vision to be organized and fulfilled. He also spoke about sustainers that they are the people who do what is necessary to ground the vision practically and to keep it going. Then on the second session it was whereby he prophesied over, prayed for and delivered people illustrating to them the importance of God and the importance of having the spiritual leader in their lives. One of the people that attended the seminar, Unathi Daniel, said that she found the Bishop`s teaching as one of the most engaging seminars that she had ever had privilege of listening to. It was very informative and educational. She thanked Bishop Zondo for taking time to talk to them and for his hard work as well as the education he gave them. “They didn’t go unnoticed I bought the green oil and expect a testimony very soon” Unathi concluded. 22  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

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Rlw Ministries

15th June Youth Day Conference

“Dress the way you want to see yourself in future”

24  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

Comedians: Sfiso Nene, Thapelo “Shampoo” & David Kau

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Rlw Ministries


n the 15thJune 2013 ARCHBISHOP BS Zondo of the Rivers of Living Waters Ministries in Evaton hosted a 2013 Youth Conference. The auditorium was capacitated with young people over 4000 and there were 2000more on the overflow. Amongst those present were David Kau, Sfiso Nene, Thapelo(Tips known as “Shampoo”), Durban Based Kwaito Music Group (DBG) and Minister of Communications Dr Dina Pule. In the first session ARCHBISHOP Zondo was teaching and motivating young people that they must be responsible for their own lives and prosper in all the spheres of life. ARCHBISHOP’s main message was based on “How to fulfill your God given destiny” Here are those 10 keys he educated the youth on: 1. What is the deepest desire of your heart? 2. What stirs your passion? 3. What makes you upset the most? 4. Where do you bring the fourth fruits? 5. What is the witness of the Holy Spirit in your spirit? 6. What do mature Christians see in you? 7. What career or ministry do you feel the peace of God about pursuing? 8. What thought, visions or dreams are impossible to put out of your mind? 9. To what God can you give 100% of yourself your whole life? 10. What do people want to gather around and help you accomplish?

26  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

During the second session the ARCHBISHOP prophesied on, prayed for the sick and delivered the oppressed. It was during this session that everyone got their miracles for their lives.

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Rlw Ministries

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ur deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, beautiful, handsome, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You playing small do not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to bring forth God’s glory that is manifested through the prophet of God (Archbishop B.S Zondo) to you. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Our last words of wisdom are: “Rise again until Lambs become Lions”


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Rlw Ministries

Branch Locator Bloemfontein Clearadon Hall Next to Glass Palace Time: 10:00 - 16:00. Free State Pastor Mapule Motaung +27835269868 Ficksburg Qhoweng Secondary School Maqheleng Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Free State Pastor Moses Gqobo +27836330818 Frankfort Phomolong Big white tent Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Free State Pastor Joseph Dibuseng +27820875108 Heilbron Phiritona Hall Time: 14:00 - 17:00. Saturdays Free State Pastor Joseph Dibuseng +27820875108 Katlehong Lethukaka Secondary School Ghoba Section Katlehong Next to Main Road Time: 16:00 - 18:00. Thursdays Gauteng Pastor D. Vilakazi +27766635251 30  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

Kroonstad Nyakallong Conference Hall Time: 14:00 Saturdays Free State Pastor Makansela +2727838812839 Mafikeng 1-3 Cnr South & Warren Street Next to ANC Provincial Office Time: 10:00 - 16:00 North West Pastor MM Zondo +27728691549 Orange Farm Thamsanqa Secondary School Back opposite Clinic Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Gauteng Pastor B. Sefume +27731350275 Parys Mosipidi Hall Tumahole Next to Setshabelo Butchery Time: 10:00 - 16:00. Free State Pastor Vangile Mbele +27833389532 Polokwane Honeymoon Lodge, Seshego Opposite Seshego Police Station. Time: 17:00 Limpopo Mr Molomo +27766667170

Polokwane Honeymoon Lodge, Seshego Opposite Seshego Police Station. Time: 17:00 Limpopo Mr Molomo +27766667170

Soweto Central Western Jabavu Methodist Church College Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Gauteng Elias Mosia +27737941064

Pretoria Soshanguve Hotel Near Soshanguve Mall Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Gauteng Pastor Matebi Moeletsi +27820824720

Springs Ifa Lefa Secondary School Time: 15:30 Gauteng Mr Dludlu +27836194321

QwaQwa Robala Lodge Opposite BP Garage, Phutaditjhaba Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Free State Pastor Michael Khoeli +27724485054 Rietz Petsana Primary School Makhalatheng Section Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Free State Pastor Jabulani Vilakazi +27737172870 Rusternburg Olympia Park Nelson Mandela Drive Time: 10:00 North West Pastor Alina Polile +27725317196 Sasolburg Zamdela Hall, Zamdela Time: 15:00 - 18:00. Free State Pastor Phoswa +27835114040

Tweeling 145 Xaba Street Maria’s Shop Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Free State Pastor Maria Mnguni +27837330203 Welkom Thabong Primary School Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Free State Pastor Makansela +27838812839 Witbank Plot 99 Oribi Street Jackaroo Old Middleburg Road Witbank Time: 15:00 Saturdays Mpumalanga Pastor Lefa Tsotetsi +27839615882 Botswana Gaborone Civic Centre Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Gaborone Pastor Kgwarai +0026 771 70 507

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Rlw Ministries



How to set up RLW TV on your decoder Go to Public IS/7 and follow the steps below: 1. Menu. 2. Advance Options. 3. Dish installation. 4. PIN-9949. 5. Scroll to Network 2. 6. Use left arrow and scroll/change to OTHER. 7. Press "OK" button. 8. Scroll to 6, Freq and press OK, change values to 11170 and press OK. 9. Scroll to 7, Symb and press OK, change value to 26657 and press OK. 10. Scroll to 8, FEC use l/r arrows to change to 5/6 and press OK. 11. Scroll to 11 and press OK to accept the new settings. Saving And Scan

RADIO SCHEDULE Thursday Soshanguve Radio 11:00 – 12:00 96.9 VUT FM 11:00 – 11:45 Sundays 96.9 VUT FM 20:00 – 21:00 BANKING DETAILS Giving Bank: Standard Bank Account holder: Rivers of Living Waters Tithe Account: 021 745 528 Building Fund Account: 021 759 731 Mission & Evangelism: 021 811 636 Branch code: 014 637 Branch name: Vereeniging Swift number: SBZAJJ

12. Scroll to 9, SCAN ALL NETWORKS and press OK. OR Your decoder will now attempt to find the satellites as per these settings and you have to give it sometime. After the scan is complete, you may access these NEW channels as follows: 13. Press TV button. Use U/D arrows to scroll to "Public IS7" and press OK

Bank: Standard Bank Acc Holder: SZM & Foundation Account number: 283 139 501 Branch code: 014 637 Branch name: Vereeniging Swift Number: SBZAJJ

One Gospel Thursdays : 6am & 6pm Sundays : 9am (Repeat)


Soweto TV Sundays : 8am - 8:30am Sundays : 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Accommodation: 076 393 9203/061 490 7365

DVD/CD Purchases: 073 266 1711

Deliverance Class: 076 175 3362 Partnership: 076 654 1474

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You Woman I see you woman wearing your make up Hiding the disfigurement on your visage The disfigurement that was caused by Him You are trying so hard to forget him but the wound on your face keep on reminding you of him. I see, I see, I see your heart being in tatters and spaced out over and over again Yes you shown him love but He doesn’t care about how you feel. You woman I believe in you You woman I believe in you You don’t need him to be a big cheese in life without Him Only believe in God. You tried so much to be the best But He kept on pushing you. Up until your make up was removed by sniffle. Whispered in second chances Thinking he will change because it was said ‘’that everybody deserve a second chance’ But NO he didn’t, just let him go. Unchain what God has placed within, The prospective you have inside The world is waiting for your pardon To expand your wings and fly Arise in your God-given gifts For this is your optimum hour Arise in the Lord’s holy might, Ignited and empowered “wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo”

Poem by Enny Bolofo

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Rlw Ministries

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, o

34  Rlw Magazine Issue 1

JOHN 7 (Verse 38)

out of his belly shall flow Rivers of Living Waters.”

Issue 1 Rlw Magazine  35 

Rlw Ministries

Rivers of Living Waters Ministries “The church where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord” contact us website


@rlwmagazine / #rlwmagazine


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Rlw Magazine  
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