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Dendy and Rosie Easton invite you to come and have a drink to view


Spring 2014 /

an exhibition of affordable and decorative 19th, 20th and 21st Century oil and watercolour paintings which will include


A collection of framed watercolours from the sketchbook of a Victorian Artist at

C Cause for Thought T

Harsfold Farmhouse,

Wisborough Green, West Sussex, RH14 0BD on

Lightness Ligh tness

Saturday 27th September 2014 4.00pm ² 9.00pm or Sunday 28th September 2014 10.00 a.m. ² 4.00 p.m.

A ffew feew months months ago ago I found found myself myself in a post oďŹƒce post oďŹƒce in mid Spain Spain clutching clutching a sun hat, Bible and a whistle. hat, whistle.

Introduction Introduction

(or by appointment until Sunday 12 October 2014)

How often How often do you get get that that buzz buzz of creating creating something something new? new? Or the the pleasure pleasure of o-loading “baggag “baggageâ€? eâ€? you’ve you’ve carried carried ar around ound nd for for ag ages es and now realise realise you ne never ver rreally eally ne needed eded in tthe place? he ďŹ rst plac e? reating beauties One of tthe he b eauties of ccreating plicity new things things is their their sim new simplicity hat they rarely rarely carry carr y the the baggag they baggagee tthat cumulate people and history histor y ac people accumulate around things things that that wer around weree onc oncee innovations. innovations.

Mary Constance Clarke

Mary Constance Clarke

Herbert Cecil Drane

George Lucas

elevant for for These questions questions are are rrelevant These s. both our personal personal and wor both workk live lives. for our They are are also also relevant relevant for They opens organisations. This edition edition opens organisations. with a feature fe feature on “Lightness� “Lightness� with also shine a light light on and we also this will will “Innovation�. We We hope ho hope this “Innovation�. call stimulate your thinking thinking and call stimulate to action! you to

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Price range ÂŁ10 - ÂŁ2,000 Further information : 01403 700526 or Email :



o er e ed them gingerly oered I gingerly them to to the the lady behind behind Spanish words words the counter counter with with a few fe few Spanish the tistic gestures. gestures. I wanted wanted to to and a lot of ar artistic par cel tthem hem up and send send them them on to to the the parcel p ost oďŹƒc Santiago de Compostela, Compostela, post oďŹƒcee in Santiago to b ked up there there by myself myself in three three to bee pic picked we eks’ time. U nsurprised, she eďŹƒciently eďŹƒciently weeks’ Unsurprised, processed my my request, request, then then wished wished me processed ‘Buen Camino’ Camino’. ‘Buen Iw as w alking ‘The ‘The Way’ Wa Way ’, the the ‘Camino’ ‘Camino’. was walking My wife wifee and I were were ‘Peregrinos’ ‘Peregrinos’ or My adventure walking pilgrims on our big adventure walking pilgrims to Santiago. Santiago. Proper Proper pilgrims pilgrims ffor or a mon mo th to month their rucksack, rucksack , carr y everything ever ything in their carry hostel to to hostel. hostel. 250,000 walking from ffrrom hostel walking so souls walk walk the the Camino souls Camino each each year year and so the lady saw saw people the people like like me most most days. days.

However it gets to you when having to carry, p p look after,, pack and unpack them on a regular regular basis. basis. Soon Soon there’s there’s a them joy in letting letting go go and travelling travelling light. light. It It joy literally puts puts a spring spring in your step. step. literally being back back home, we’re we’re holding Now being Several to the the lesson lesson of “Lightnessâ€?. “Lightnessâ€?â€?. Several on to rationalised and cupboards have have been been rationalised cupboards to charity. charity. things things in the the attic attic have have gone gone to However However the the lesson lesson is a bigger bigger one. “Lightnessâ€? I’d I’d ask ask you to to reect reect what what “Lightnessâ€? means for for you in your workplace? workplace? means down your sta sta with with Not weighing down extra tasks? tasks? How How about about shedding shedding the the extra unnecessar y, and then then shedding shedding some some unnecessary, more. Just Just having having what what is suďŹƒcient suďŹƒcient more. yourself up with with clever clever and not loading yourself things (tools, (tools, policies, policies, approaches approaches and things with Perhaps entering entering a situation situation with aids). Perhaps have the few fe few things things you can can trust trust in and have the faamiliar as as friends‌ friends‌ in the the main made familiar just going going as as yourself. yourself. just

B effor o e setting setting o guides Before guides tell tell you to to travel travel give up, often offtten do so ligh t. People People who give light. so experiencing ankle in tthe he ďŹ rst week, week , experiencing oblems, due to to carrying carr ying too too knee pr and knee problems, m uch. W were told told to to pack pack less less than than much. Wee were 9.5kg ffor or the the month month and we’d we’d honed honed things down down in military day things militar y style. But But on day hrew three one I tthrew three or four four items items in the the ffeew days bin. A few days later later we went went to to the the post post fo oďŹƒce for or the the ďŹ rst time and shed shed more, more, ng spare anything hing spare I could could buy again en routee if I needed. needed. This was was now my my third third ing (There shedding dding (There was was an electronic electronic Bible on myy mobile). m so used used to to gathering gathering possessions, possessions, We’re so things we “needâ€? “needâ€? close, close, having having ng things holding and nice delight in in it it all. spares and nice things; things; we we delight

Tricordant is a whole systems ems or organisation ganisation design design and dev development onsultancy. We We work work with elopment cconsultancy. ccomplex o omple x organisations organisations in different diff ffer erent sectors. sectors. Tricordant’s Tricordant’s passion is enabling or organisations ganisations tto o be healthy. more e details details.. whole and health y. SSee ee ffor or mor











Richard Holbrook - Graphic Design Portfolio

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