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MAKING A DIFFERENCE SAFETY IS ALL OUR JOBS! BY STEVE LUTES, VICE PRESIDENT GLOBAL TECHNICAL SERVICES ach year we work hard to make strides in providing a safe workplace at Beam locations around the world. Teams are formed, improvement plans are updated and training honed; and our efforts are driving great results (through the end of May, we have experienced 18 recordable injuries globally, compared to 43 at the same time last year).


We need to continue to safeguard our most valuable asset, our employees. Our new behavior-based safety process drives us toward our goal of creating a safe, injury-free workplace. The behavior-based safety process is about ensuring each of us has the right mindset, behaviors and capabilities to recognize hazards in the workplace and take the appropriate precautions. Taking responsibility for our own safety, as well as the safety of our coworkers, is at the heart of behavior-based safety. All employees within our operating units around the world

will participate in the process once fully rolled out. With the assistance of industry Behavior Safety leader Dr. Dominic Cooper, B-Safety Management Solutions, we will provide training, guidance, feedback and an anonymous employee safety assessment to determine our current safety culture. Behavior-based safety will build upon our solid foundation and be a great complement to our One BEAM Way process. Most recently, our Scotland operations provided behavior safety observer training for their team with great success. By the end of this year, several other international locations will have rolled out Behavior Safety in a One BEAM Way pilot area. Our other sites will focus on the TRACC methodology before implementing this process. For more information, please contact Raquel Gorena (502)-215-2397 or Rick Price (502)-215-2386. Together, we all can make a difference!









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