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WHAT’S HOT WHAT’S MAKING THE SALE OUT IN THE FIELD AGER AMERICAN REGION AND MEXICO MANAGER ATTT METZ, GENERAL SALES MAN MATT BY MA rom distilling and bottling to promoting and selling, Beam products pass through great care to reach their ultimate destination in the hands of our consumers. On the Commercial side, it’s our job to make sure that when consumers walk into a bar or restaurant, or their favorite retail store, they choose Beam over the competition. Let me show you a few examples of how we’re doing that here in the American Region, which consists of 22 markets and over one-third of the U.S . business – close to 20% of Beam’s global revenue. The U.S . portion of the region is off to a great start tracking toward 7% sales growth in the first half of 2013. The region also includes Mexico, tracking to achieve over 30% sales growth through the first half of 2013!


What’s HOT? It’s Whiskey, specifically Bourbon growing at over 10% in the American Region. And we don’t stop there. The American Region continues to bring the heat in innovation, shipping over 144,000 cases of our various innovations, such as Red Stag, Hornitos Limeshot, new Pinnacle flavors and Skinnygirl expressions, in the first five months.

• Activation in on-premise accounts has also delivered big wins, especially in distribution for our tequilas exas alone, Te heading into the summer. In the state of T a “Margarita Madness” program focused on driving menu placements for Beam’s premium tequila brands has delivered over 1,800 placements! In Boston, activation plans surrounding Beam’s sponsorship of Major League Baseball team the Boston Red Sox has placed Beam brands front and center in some of the most primary locations in the city. Our deepest appreciation goes to all of our colleagues around the world in Operations and Supply Chain who produce the best liquid, ou produc Yo make this success possible! Y and with our strong strategy and a dedicated team, the future looks bright for the American Region and for Beam. Cheers to Crafting – and selling – the Spirits that Stir the World.

Our success in reaching consumers relies on a combination of distribution, display and activation. • In distribution, it’s about getting products on the shelves! This year, our team has secured over 400,000 new points of distribution on our super premium and innovation portfolios. • Once there, it’s all about the display. How can we position our brands to stand out from the rest and even “talk” to our target consumers? In Q1 2013, our field sales, field marketing, and distributor teams collaborated to develop a summer plan for the American Region that generated over 3,000 displays during May and June for key brands like Pinnacle, Sauza Sparkling, Jim Beam Honey, Devil’s Cut, Jacob’s Ghost, Jim Beam Black, and Maker’s 46. And who could forget about Beam’s leading lady, Skinnygirl? Securing creative displays such as the one shown here is one of our biggest initiatives this summer.




Richard Holbrook - Graphic Design Portfolio

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