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Old Fashioned Relationship

With social networking sites becoming more and more popular, people are now able to communicate constantly with their friends. Time and distance are irrelevant here because the worldwide web allows you to send a message with just a click of your mouse. At first glance, you think this is a very great idea. You simply have to sign up with a site, get in touch with everyone in your lives, and post comments on your wall, but when it comes to relationships, the old-fashioned methods are still so much better. Facebook and Twitter might work for long-distance relationships, but when you live in the same city as your partner, then you might have to rethink about connecting via the net.

They say that you should never air your dirty linen in public. Some people have obviously taken this belief of granted. They write what they feel on their walls, badmouth people they know, or simply announce to everyone how much they love their partner. Sure, it can be romantic, but then again, some things are better left private. Bring on the romance when you’re together. In all honesty, most of your friends don’t really want to listen to your baby-talk. And when some of them do react, you don’t take this too well. You have to realize that once you put your emotions on the wall, this is subject to public opinion. So, if you’re not ready to be judged, then you better be careful with your statuses.

Remember, what you say to your partner stays with them. When loved is involved, whatever comes out of your mouth has a big impact. So, whenever you have a fight, think twice before you tell everyone else that you’re having issues. It’s better to talk directly and hash out your issues. This means that when emotions are running high, it’s time to take a step back and think about what you say or do. Make decisions when you’ve cooled off. Plus, it’s always nice to throw in a bit of mystery in your relationship. Loving someone is such a personal thing. When you do meet up for a date, you’d like to be able to talk about new things. You’ll both have more fun when you do this.

When it comes to love, you also have to realize that a little bit of effort goes a long way. You have to make your partner feel that you’re willing to do something extra just to show them how much you care for them. A little ‘love you’ on the wall may win you some extra points, but a letter or time alone is worth so much more. The fires of intimacy last longer when there’s actual contact. Plus, think about why you’re in a relationship in the first place. It’s because you want


the physical presence of someone when you’re in both the highest and lowest points in your life. The only opinion that matters is right now is from your other half. So, let social networking sites be just for your friends from far away and live your real life with your partner and the people that you’re close to.

Old Fashioned Relationship

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Old Fashioned Relationship