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Who wants to be stressed? This could ruin your day and could even take its toll on your health. You’ll soon notice that you’re fighting a number of diseases and that you’re more prone to aches and pains. While it may not seem like much, stress is something you need to overcome. Of course, this will always be part and parcel of life. You just can’t just run away and hide when you see a potential problem looming over the horizon. Your best weapon would be finding something that helps relieve you of the burden. Right now, people are turning to mediation to help them through these tough times.

There are poses you can get into so you can teach your body to fight stress, even when you’re at work. First, there’s the right-angle pose. To be able to pull this off, you have to stand very close to the wall. Then, rest your hands on the flat surface, but make sure that you hold them waist-high and shoulder-width distance apart. Slowly walk back until you find your torso positioned perpendicular to the wall and your legs are directly found below your hips. Keep your hands extended and pressed firmly. This position makes it look as if you’re trying to push the wall and make it fall down. Your spine is extended to its maximum length. Try not to bend your knees and elbows when you do this. As soon as you feel that your limbs are held straight, you can hold this pose as you breathe in and out ten times.


You can also fight stress with the classic shoulder rotation move. This time, you need to stand with your feet apart. Don’t open them too wide. You can use the width of your shoulders as the basis for your stance. Then, you can put your hands on your lower back with your fingers pointing down. This time, rotate your shoulders as you bring your elbows together. Inhale deeply and bend your head back lightly. You’re your feet planted firmly on the floor while you do this. Then, put your elbows together and use your chest to lift them up. Again count to ten as you breathe in and out.

You’ll soon see that you’ll feel a lot better once you’ve mastered these poses. If you still need more, you may even want to enroll in an actual class. This is when you get to learn more about the movements and gain a more comprehensive knowledge on the benefits of meditation. This will be your tool when work just gets too difficult. And with time, you’ll see that you’re a lot calmer. When you’re faced with issues, you try to breathe them out of your system rather than throw a tantrum. These simple movements really do make great changes in your outlook in life. Aside from becoming healthier on the outside, you’re also a lot better from deep within. Meditation, after all, is about bringing together everything about yourself: body, mind and most importantly, soul.

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Fighting Stress with Meditation Exercises  
Fighting Stress with Meditation Exercises