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So Dan, can you give us a quick run down of your

Why do you think that so many solo artists are

musical history pre-ducking punches?

returning to the full band sound lately?

I played in a string of shoddy pop punk bands, that just

It sounds better. I think there is a lot to be said for a

used to rip off The Ataris and a ska/punk band called

really sparse solo song or aggressive solo set but that

Brassphemy for years. Now I play in Broken Window

added diversity with other musicians really does work,

Effect and Whiskers (far less embarassing, well BWE

especially on record.

is anyway.) So you’ve based material on Bukowski and John What led to you releasing through lockjaw records?

Fante - which other authors would you like to dedicate EPs to?

The guys at Lockjaw are incredible people: Honest, heartfelt and totally DIY. Plus, I love all the bands on the

Too many! Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kafka, Chbosky,

label, they’re good friends and are all really important

Carver, Kaufman, loads more too!

to the punk scene in more ways than one. In ‘A Night In The Cells’ you touch on a few ideas that seem extra poignant in light of the Ian Tomlinson trial. Do you feel like there’s any hope for our country when police can kill a man and walk away punishment free? Yeah I guess there are, I think that’s why I felt a lot of connectivity to that case and when the injustice of that verdict came through I was horrified. ‘A Night In The Cells’ is a true story, it was something that happened to me and that never got taken to court. It doesn’t bode well for our future if the ‘justice’ system manages to acquit murderers just because they are in positions of power.

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