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on Trains

Public transport is far from glamourus but on the flip side, you'll never meet such a wide range of people travelling in a car. Here's some of the best, drawn up by Northern rock's very own oskar jeff.




When: 06 / 10 / 2010

When: Unknown

When: 14 / 06 / 08

Where: Finsbury Park Tube

Where: London Tube System

Where: Bus, Isle of Wight

Singalongs are great, but they’re

Have you ever looked at something

To this day I still don’t know what

even better when the participants

and thought ‘there’s something not

the homeless guy on the Number 3

are all crammed onto the tube,

quite right here, but I don’t know

bus (post festival) was drinking but

singing Rage Against The Machine

what’? I don’t know how I didn’t

damn it was potent. I remember him

songs and buzzing from their

realise this gentleman had only half

telling us about the Island being

famous Finsbury Park show.

a face for four stops either...

controlled by aliens. Yeah...

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