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Lee Burgess: It depends on the scene or band I think. Especially in hardcore there is. Look at Survival, they’ve sold out of 3 pressings over 5 colours and a US pressing in less than 6 months. That shit is mental! Richard Heaven:  It’s entirely subjective. The fact that Gav from Dividers (who runs What We Should Be Doing. So much love for that label) always seems to sell out of releases show that there is a big enough interest in cassettes out there for it to be a valid format - but only if you produce it in sensible numbers. If he made 500 copies of the next Ten Speed Bicycle EP then no, there wouldn’t be enough interest. But 100 copies? Sure. limited artworks, cool packages etc, collectability

Do you think this interest will continue to grow?

became a big thing in the scene and it’s a new way for bands to make an extra sale and be able to stay on

David Conway: I think to a degree, but like I said, it’s a

the road and afford to record, and a new way to aid a

very awkward format, so it’s going to remain something

fans collection.

that appeals to a very select group of people. 

Is there a big enough interest from fans in

Justin Collier: I don’t expect to start selling thousands


of cassettes (I’d be delusional if I did) but I do hope more punk kids get into buying physical music, supporting

David Conway: It’s not huge.   It’s a very boutique

bands/labels and enjoying music somewhere other

item. We know we can sell 200 and enjoy doing that.

than their computer or iPod, but at the same time, if they

It’ll NEVER be a format that takes over in a big way.

don’t its fine. They can still enjoy the “free downloads” section on the Lost Tape webstore.

Justin Collier: “big enough” is a subjective term. Is it big enough for me to buy a house from running a

Steven Hill: I think we are at the upward slope, heading

primarily cassette based label? No, definitely not.

towards the peak of the DIY/Cassette and Vinyl trend

It is big enough for me to keep releasing cassettes

right now, I think vintage is in, and 90’s fashion and

because theres a small but steady amount of people

culture is being emulated, once we move on to the next

picking them up? Yes!

thing, we’ll look back to digital and CDs. But smaller labels like us will continue to produce physical formats

Steven Hill: Cassette interest can only be gauged

like Cassette and Vinyl, for as long as it is within our

on the relevance of the artist to the medium, I doubt if

means to do so. I think the demand will rise, and

Coldplay released their next album on tape, they would

plateau for a while, before declining again.

shift many copies, because their fanbase probably doesn’t have tape decks, or the interest in the medium.

Richard Heaven: Maybe. It seems to be ‘hip’ to love

A hardcore band however can sell out of a run of tapes

older formats at the moment, but I can see that dying a

on a tour without much problem. It’s horses for courses

little in a few years. DIY won’t let it die though.


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