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you saved up and got it. You judged it as a full body of

collectable feel and/or look to it, along with a sensible

work and not just a file you can listen to for 30 seconds

price tag. This is where cassette tapes fall in nicely.

and make a decision about if it stays on your hard drive

You can have a lot of fun having them make, coming

or not.

up with colour ideas, artwork ideas, anything and do it

‘I think the cassette is relevant because a lot of the bands we love released their music on cassette in the late 80’s & early 90’s. That physical aspect is difficult to replicate with digital downloads.’ Justin Collier (Lost Tape Collective): I think everyday

with a very affordable budget.

that digital music comes more of the norm, there is a certain group of people who are romantics and want

Richard Heaven: I think it’s down to two things -

something physical to hold in their hand… even if they

one is cost, and the other is how we perceive music

are listening to the MP3’s, they still want the physical

nowadays. I think the ballpark figure for 100 cassettes

copy for their collection…. so whether its vinyl,

duplicated and printed on is around £110 which is

cassettes, flexies, etc - people like to collect stuff… at

considerably cheaper then vinyl and well below the

least some people.

often quoted minimum for CD printing/duplication. Also I feel that the industry as a whole has come to terms

I sound like a grumpy old man, but to me I really

with the idea that - as long as you include a download

love cassettes because of how clunky they are and

code - you can sell music in any format. Vinyl, cassette,

because trying to skip tracks almost gives you a

watch, stickers, frisbee… the possibilities are endless.

nervous breakdown. It allowed the artist to say “here

So if the music suits the format, why not work with

is my album as I intended it to be listened to, good


luck trying to fuck with that.” I started doing them for Doghouse and Working Group bands because it’s

Saying that, It does seem that some of the larger labels

just something different on the physical side. We’ve

are jumping on the bandwagon a little. Does Bridge

stopped making cds for most bands and I always

Nine really need to release their music on cassette as

like some physical format for our records, even for

well as vinyl and CD? Of course not - if you can afford

the smallest bands. This format is cost effective and

to press records on multiple colours as well as produce

always causes a double-take at the merch stand.

1000 CDs claiming a DIY format like cassettes could be considered simple posturing.

Steven Hill: Personally I think the cassette is relevant to our label because a lot of the bands we love released

Why do you think fans/consumers are buying

their music on cassette back in the late 80’s and early

cassette tapes, especially when digital downloads

90’s. That physical aspect is difficult to replicate with

is more common in this day and age?

digital downloads. David Conway: I think people are buying tapes for Lee Burgess: To begin with, we feel it’s always nice for

a few reasons. For me, I’m buying them because

bands to have a physical copy of their music to sell,

I do like a physical form of a record to have on my

whether it be at shows or online, for fans to pick up

shelf. Something to support the band and to also

and appreciate owning a physical copy over a file sat

just have visually in my home to enjoy. My usual way

somewhere on their hard drive. Sometimes, for people

with music is stealing the digital and buying the vinyl

to actually buy a physical copy, and it’s unfortunate

or cassette version of it. I probably shouldn’t say that

to put it this way, it has to have a unique, quirky,

being in the music business, but I support bands the

Pornography For Cowards #6  

Here it is, Issue #6 of the occasionally mildly popular zine 'Pornography For Cowards'. This issue features interviews with Defeater, MC Lar...

Pornography For Cowards #6  

Here it is, Issue #6 of the occasionally mildly popular zine 'Pornography For Cowards'. This issue features interviews with Defeater, MC Lar...