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Before I joined AlreadyHeard I was invited to take part in a feature about the popularity of cassette’s as a format. Since it turned out so well we’ve decided to reprint it here. In recent years there has been a downturn music

cassette releases, a format that, for some, has long

consumers purchasing physical releases, with many

been forgotten about since it’s decline in the early

choosing digital downloads as an alternative. In the

1990’s. In 2012 several labels are regularly producing

year 2012, this is a common, well-known fact. Year in,

compact cassette releases, with the likes of Doghouse

year out stories appear announcing the decrease in

Records, Lost Tape Collective, Pinky Swear Records

CD sales and online sales increasing.

and amongst others being part of the cassette revival.

However despite this favouritism towards digital

To begin with, why do you think labels, especially

downloads, there are some consumers who still prefer

independents, have started producing cassette

to purchase. In recent years, one physical format has

releases again?

continued to increase in sales and that is the vinyl format. In 2011 there was a fourteen percent increase

David Conway (Doghouse Records): For me it just

in vinyl sales.

took me back to a far more innocent time in my life as a music lover. Cassettes were the first format I

Nevertheless for independent labels, the production

bought. I remember very vividly buying Stone Temple

cost to produce vinyl releases can be costly, and in the

Pilots, White Zombie, Morbid Angel, Danzig and Alice

current hard economic times, it can more than often be

In Chains tapes at the mall; going home and putting

challenging for small labels to produce such releases

them in my Sony boombox and just reading the j-card

and to please music fans.

foldouts over and over again. That format and the way it plays really pushes you to sit and listen to the entire

But there are some labels who are finding away

body of work. It’s sort of the exact opposite experience

around the demanding production cost and satisfying

to the iTunes/mp3 way of digesting music. This was

customer needs. They are doing this by producing

also pre-file sharing so you cherished a record when

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