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After the break up of Norwhich’s favourite emo band Manberpig, Cal Hudson decided to start writing acoustic tunes under the name Curves And Nerves. Here’s our interview with him.

& music references, especially with the later songs.

still managed to mess it up live an awful lot..

The characters that crop up are all amalgamations of people I know, all be it slightly jazzed up versions. A

Why should we listen to Curves and Nerves?

fair few songs concern best friend/beloved producer Louis Robinson who had a pretty dodgy year a while

I’m not entirely sure you should, but if you do happen

back and made me cry on the back of a bus. He’s

to have a penchant for basic guitar playing and semi-

alright now but he was so shit for a long, long time and

intelligent lyrics about Cal Hudson’s many insecurities

made for delicious lyrical content. To say thank you his

then it might be worth a pop.

name is now branded into my skin for life. So how did the Curves and Nerves / Ducking Do you want to reach out to a different audience

Punches / Bad Ideas / Rob Lynch euro tour come

with Curves and Nerves?

about? I can see the connection between the first three but isn’t Rob a little indie?

Not at all, but having said that we’ve never really known who our audience actually consists of anyway.

Me, Dan (Ducking Punches) Rob & Sam (Bad Ideas)

I’m very proud to say that the people who listen to us

are all good buddies anyway so regardless of the

seem to actually really like us rather than just a load

music, we all still wanted to go on a little holiday. I

of trendy elitists jumping on a bandwagon. Yeah, the

guess it could be seen as quite a weird bill but as I was

emo/hardcore revival kids seem to dig us to a certain

saying earlier I don’t think that is a bad thing in any way.

extent, but after creeping on people’s Last FM pages,

Where I’ll just meander through a whole song without

MBP crops up in between indie bands, hip-hop, shitty

a hook, Rob knows how to pen a big fucking chorus.

nu-metal and loads more besides. I like that. All music

That doesn’t mean we’re not inspired by the same

is good music. I can’t stand people who exclusively

things and hopefully the good folk on the continent will

listen to hardcore, or think that all hip-hop is stupid etc

appreciate it in equal measures. I know I will.

How does the writing process differ between the

2012 seems to be the year of the reunion - if you

two projects?

could reunite one uk punk band, who’d it be?

I do find myself taking a lot longer writing for Curves,

Does it have to be a UK band? Everyone knows

simply because I can’t hide behind distortion and have

American bands are miles better. If it does have to

to try and interest people with just my whiney little voice

be though I’ll go for Seafood because they at least

and an acoustic guitar. MBP was and always will be a

sounded American. But if I’m cheating I’ll go for the

very simple affair. 4 chords, some dodgy palm muting,

best band to ever exist; Lifter Puller. Both are suitably

root note basslines and 4/4 drumming. Somehow we

obscure, I think you’ll agree.

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