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Welcome to Pornography For Cowards So here it is... PFC#6. The issue that almost

So what’s changed since Issue #5? I finished

never happened. I’d be lying if I said that

university, moved back to the Isle of Wight

I never considered simply not releasing

(where I’m still living), had a couple of jobs,

another issue of PFC but the ongoing interest

put a handful of shows on under the Small

and the activity on the page spurred me back

World! name, started a punk band called

into action. If you’re worried that PFC is going

Rilke and partied hard at the Ventnor Fringe

to become a web zine, fear not - I simply

Festival. That’s a very brief (and positive)

didn’t want to ask people to pay for a zine I’ve

run down of the last year - let’s not get too

been promising for about a year now. Issue

negative this early in the zine - but hey, this

#7 will be printed like Issues #4 and #5.

isn’t a diary.

Many thanks to Cal Hudson from Manbearpig

Once this issue hits the internet I’ll start

/ Curves and Nerves for the front cover

planning for Issue #7. We’ll be dropping the

illustration. If you haven’t guessed, the

album reviews section as, by the time an

character next to Pigsly is meant to be MC

issue goes to print, it’s often outdated and I’d

Ipod / Ian from Kill Your Own - we originally

rather dedicate more space to interviews and

planned this issue to be a split but it just

articles then my opinions on various releases.

didn’t work out. Life ei, the swine.

Until next time...



on Trains

Public transport is far from glamourus but on the flip side, you'll never meet such a wide range of people travelling in a car. Here's some of the best, drawn up by Northern rock's very own oskar jeff.




When: 06 / 10 / 2010

When: Unknown

When: 14 / 06 / 08

Where: Finsbury Park Tube

Where: London Tube System

Where: Bus, Isle of Wight

Singalongs are great, but they’re

Have you ever looked at something

To this day I still don’t know what

even better when the participants

and thought ‘there’s something not

the homeless guy on the Number 3

are all crammed onto the tube,

quite right here, but I don’t know

bus (post festival) was drinking but

singing Rage Against The Machine

what’? I don’t know how I didn’t

damn it was potent. I remember him

songs and buzzing from their

realise this gentleman had only half

telling us about the Island being

famous Finsbury Park show.

a face for four stops either...

controlled by aliens. Yeah...

It’d been a while since we last spoke to Jay Maas, guitarist of Defeater, so when we heard that they’d be playing the Fighting Cocks the night before graduation we decided to head down and see how everything was going.

‘Empty Days And Sleepless Nights’ see’s Defeater

Going back to talking about the Every Time I Die

expand on the story told in ‘Travels’ by telling the

tour, how was it touring with such a diverse line up?

other brothers tale. Where does this leave us for future Defeater material?

That tour was awesome. Everybody on the tour ended up being great and ETID’s live game is incredible. They

I’m not sure if we can tell everyone about all the details

are so solid. They trashed us... they just play awesome

yet but we definitely have the rest of the story planned

punk. Spycatcher was the odd duck on the bill - they’re

out. It will fill all of the current holes and gaps in the

so melodic but I think people just appreciate good

stories. Fans can be assured that it’ll be in the same

bands. We definitely appreciated them and I’m glad

vein as what we’ve always been doing.

they came along. We had a blast.

Would you consider a full acoustic album after

Talking about moving forward, has Mike leaveing

‘Sleepless Nights’?

Make Do And Mend to play in Defeater full time made things easier?

We’ve considered all kinds of stuff - personally, I’ve got no idea. Derek is in the middle of recording his solo

It’s definitely made it easier. He was an original

album which is just him singing and playing acoustic

member of Defeater but around Lost Ground time he

- I’ve been recording some of it and it sounds great.

said ‘Hey, Make Do And Mend have asked if I’d like to

For Defeater? I don’t know, we haven’t got that far yet

play with them and I thought it’d be cool’... as a band

but I could see it happening.

we’ve always been very open, very flexible so we said “You know, you’re our friend and if that’s what you want

So what is Derek’s solo material (Alcoa) like?

to do man then go for it!”. So he wanted to try it on and they did it for a few years, had a great time but

It’s good! It’s slow and raw.

I think - not to speak for him - it got to a point where both bands were legitimately picking up and he was

I’ve seen that you’ve had Ryan Mackfall on tour with

spending 11 months on the road and I think that it was

you for a while - what’s going on with the footage

a lot for anyone to take on. I think he realised that it was

from the Every Time I Die tour?

time to take it back down to one band because there’s other things in life you want to do. When you’re on the

It came out amazing but at the moment we’re just

road everyday you do miss out on whats going on at

putting our heads together, putting some drafts

home so I think it was that.

together to make it into some kind of cool documentary. We’re going to film more but we just want to make

When you were working on Lost Ground were you

sure that - whatever type of product we put out - it’s

writing new material or adapting material that never

of the upmost quality. That applies for video, merch,

made it onto Travels?

records... we take our time and make sure it’s right. Everything was 100% new for Lost Ground. We didn’t Would you ever consider making a twenty or thirty

have anything left over after travels so everything was

minute short based on your albums?

written for that record.

We’ve considered it before, but at the moment we’re

Last time we talked for PFC you mentioned that you

just playing with ideas and checking out the footage

drove eco vans which run on oil whilst on tour -

we’ve got and deciding what we want to do, and where

how are they holding up?

we want to go with it.

Oh, Andy’s green vans. They’re going better than ever.

to thing about how your studio style and recordings

He runs it with my best friend Anthony and, yeah,

and influencing this generation of rock fans?

they’re at full steam. It’s become their full time gig - I’m proud of them. It takes a lot of courage and ambition

That’s quite a flattering question. I’m proud of all the

to actually run your own company, especially one with

work I’ve done, and if it is then that’s about all I can

as many expenses and things to balance as there is

ask to leave behind. I turned 31 this year so I’ve been

with vehicles which always break down and require

working with music for a really long time now and it’s

maintenence. It seems like a lot of work but they’re

awesome to work with some younger bands who can

always forward thinking and working hard so, yeah, it’s

learn from my experiance and professional expertise

going great.

and make something cool. I’m not going to say I’m influencing things but... maybe there’s a bit going on.

Now, I know that you run a studio back home and,

If I am, I’m flattered.

with Jeremy from Touche Amore starting a label recently, I was wondering if you’ve been tempted

You recorded Have Hearts last show. Can we talk

to take the same route and start releasing your own

about that?

recordings? That was great. That, as well as Defeater’s records, I had considered that around the end of last year but I

ended up being one of Bridge Nine’s best selling

wouldn’t want to do it unless I could see myself freeing

releases and it’s pretty cool to know that, in a small way,

up some more time. This year is a little crazy - we’ve

I helped acheive that.

had a lot of touring and there’s still plenty left, my wife and I bought a new house, got married and I built a

Talking about Have Heart, is there any band you’ve

new studio so it’s been a super packed year already. I

seen that you think could fill the whole that they’ve

thought that with record sales dwindling we could try a

left behind?

profit share deal and give bands who want to release digitally good recordings and finding a way to make

I don’t know. There are a lot of good bands out there.

that work for everybody. It’s definitely something I’m

I kind of feel that every era gets it’s own thing but you

interested in but at the same time, it’s a lot of work and

should never go looking for the next, say, Have Heart.

I wouldn’t want to start involving myself with people

I would never say Have Heart was the next American

who would be depending on me if I couldn’t comit to

Nightmare but American Nightmare defined one era

it for real.

and then Have Heart came along and defined the next so things are constantly evolving and, with that, you’re

You mentioned that you’ve built your studio into

going to get different flavours and different textures

your house - is it something you’d make into a full

which will resonate with the kids during that period of

time position if Defeater slowed down?


It’s currently just as full time as Defeater for me. From

Changing the topic a little, how is Maximum Rock N

the moment I get home to the moment I leave for tour

Roll percieved in America? Is it still seen as legit in

I’m working with an artist, or a band, producing records

punk circles or not so?

and it’s awesome. It’s a great life. I love being able to do what I want all the time for a living.

I’m not sure. I used to read it a lot when I was growing up but now, most of us, just end up on message boards

You’ve recorded material for Make Do And Mend,

but I reckon they still resonate with a core group of kids

Have Heart, Title Fight, Defeater... Do you ever stop

which is awesome if it keeps punk rock alive and going.

MC LARS Are there any series of novels you’d consider

How do you feel about the upcoming adaptation of

modern classics?

Kerouac’s On The Road?

I think the Harry Potter series is pretty classic at this

I’m stoked to see it!

point... everyone can identify with the unlikely hero

important and influential, I’m glad they are preserving

destined for greatness. You can learn a lot from J.K.

and spreading their stories.

The beat poets were very

Rowling about life and growing up in these books! Leading on from that, do you feel that casting What’s your views on comic books / graphic

known actors who have their own baggage in the

novels? Legitimate works of literacy or simple

form of previous roles / private-life-gone-public

stories best left for kids?

often gets in way of the characters portrayal?

I think graphic novels are just as relevant. We live in

I think because literature is not incredibly popular

a digital society where images are everywhere, and if

with mass audiences, you have to have someone

they are in our books, they are still books and are still

recognizable play the characters.

legitimate works of literacy. Art Spiegelman’s “Maus”

Hollywood is, I think it’s a marketing thing that is

series is a good example of this.

necessary to bring the books alive. Sometimes they

It’s just the way

do a great job, sometimes not. In your opinion, what has been the best movie to book adaptation?

After ten years of rapping and touring so heavily, do you ever feel like slowing down a little?

Movie to book? I thought the novelization of “Home Alone” when I was in 2nd grade was dope, it was

I’m working on other projects, such as an almanac and

actually the first full book I read at 8 years old.

a kids’ TV show. I am diversifying but don’t ever want to stop rapping.

Have you managed to catch The Raven (a detective/ thriller involving Edgar Allen Poe which came out

If you did make a gigantic robot with the intention

earlier this year) yet?

of killing, which other robots would go into it, transformer style?

I did! I thought the concept was great and I loved the backstory, but I felt like it became too bloody / science

It would be part Optimus Prime, part WALL-E and all

fiction / horror style. It was trying to be Saw, but would


have been doper as a historical detective narrative.

So Dan, can you give us a quick run down of your

Why do you think that so many solo artists are

musical history pre-ducking punches?

returning to the full band sound lately?

I played in a string of shoddy pop punk bands, that just

It sounds better. I think there is a lot to be said for a

used to rip off The Ataris and a ska/punk band called

really sparse solo song or aggressive solo set but that

Brassphemy for years. Now I play in Broken Window

added diversity with other musicians really does work,

Effect and Whiskers (far less embarassing, well BWE

especially on record.

is anyway.) So you’ve based material on Bukowski and John What led to you releasing through lockjaw records?

Fante - which other authors would you like to dedicate EPs to?

The guys at Lockjaw are incredible people: Honest, heartfelt and totally DIY. Plus, I love all the bands on the

Too many! Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kafka, Chbosky,

label, they’re good friends and are all really important

Carver, Kaufman, loads more too!

to the punk scene in more ways than one. In ‘A Night In The Cells’ you touch on a few ideas that seem extra poignant in light of the Ian Tomlinson trial. Do you feel like there’s any hope for our country when police can kill a man and walk away punishment free? Yeah I guess there are, I think that’s why I felt a lot of connectivity to that case and when the injustice of that verdict came through I was horrified. ‘A Night In The Cells’ is a true story, it was something that happened to me and that never got taken to court. It doesn’t bode well for our future if the ‘justice’ system manages to acquit murderers just because they are in positions of power.

CURVES n' nerves So, what led to the break up of Manbearpig? Simply put, our beloved bassist Brown Lurrrs is moving to Hong Kong in August thus scuppering our plans of selling out and becoming huge. It would be easy enough to find another bass player and carry on, but MBP has always just been about us three boys being dysfunctional and drunk together and it would feel too strange without one of us. Plus to this day I’ve never met anyone else who abuses his bass quite as well as Louie does. It’s a shame, and I wish we had wrote and recorded a few more songs in our time but we still did way more than I ever thought we would. MBP is special one and I’ll miss it an awful lot How biographical was your material? Some of the Manbearpig material describes some fairly skins-esque material so do you tend to play up experiences for the music or do you actually live in a Norwich version of Skins? No one I know has ever died in a pool, but a lot of the lyrics do come from personal experience mixed up with film

After the break up of Norwhich’s favourite emo band Manberpig, Cal Hudson decided to start writing acoustic tunes under the name Curves And Nerves. Here’s our interview with him.

& music references, especially with the later songs.

still managed to mess it up live an awful lot..

The characters that crop up are all amalgamations of people I know, all be it slightly jazzed up versions. A

Why should we listen to Curves and Nerves?

fair few songs concern best friend/beloved producer Louis Robinson who had a pretty dodgy year a while

I’m not entirely sure you should, but if you do happen

back and made me cry on the back of a bus. He’s

to have a penchant for basic guitar playing and semi-

alright now but he was so shit for a long, long time and

intelligent lyrics about Cal Hudson’s many insecurities

made for delicious lyrical content. To say thank you his

then it might be worth a pop.

name is now branded into my skin for life. So how did the Curves and Nerves / Ducking Do you want to reach out to a different audience

Punches / Bad Ideas / Rob Lynch euro tour come

with Curves and Nerves?

about? I can see the connection between the first three but isn’t Rob a little indie?

Not at all, but having said that we’ve never really known who our audience actually consists of anyway.

Me, Dan (Ducking Punches) Rob & Sam (Bad Ideas)

I’m very proud to say that the people who listen to us

are all good buddies anyway so regardless of the

seem to actually really like us rather than just a load

music, we all still wanted to go on a little holiday. I

of trendy elitists jumping on a bandwagon. Yeah, the

guess it could be seen as quite a weird bill but as I was

emo/hardcore revival kids seem to dig us to a certain

saying earlier I don’t think that is a bad thing in any way.

extent, but after creeping on people’s Last FM pages,

Where I’ll just meander through a whole song without

MBP crops up in between indie bands, hip-hop, shitty

a hook, Rob knows how to pen a big fucking chorus.

nu-metal and loads more besides. I like that. All music

That doesn’t mean we’re not inspired by the same

is good music. I can’t stand people who exclusively

things and hopefully the good folk on the continent will

listen to hardcore, or think that all hip-hop is stupid etc

appreciate it in equal measures. I know I will.

How does the writing process differ between the

2012 seems to be the year of the reunion - if you

two projects?

could reunite one uk punk band, who’d it be?

I do find myself taking a lot longer writing for Curves,

Does it have to be a UK band? Everyone knows

simply because I can’t hide behind distortion and have

American bands are miles better. If it does have to

to try and interest people with just my whiney little voice

be though I’ll go for Seafood because they at least

and an acoustic guitar. MBP was and always will be a

sounded American. But if I’m cheating I’ll go for the

very simple affair. 4 chords, some dodgy palm muting,

best band to ever exist; Lifter Puller. Both are suitably

root note basslines and 4/4 drumming. Somehow we

obscure, I think you’ll agree.

TOUR 2012

The Winter Passing hail from Ireland and play

but seemed to really enjoy the night. The next morning

emo tinged pop punk. They wrote this diary for

we cooked breakfast and met up with everyone before

AlreadyHeard.Com whilst touring with Forrest

leaving for Cork. It was my first time being in Cork City

earlier this year and kindly gave us permission to

since I went on a school tour there in primary school!

reprint it here.

It’s a nice place, Neil took an hour driving around the city looking for a place to park.

UK Tour Day One: Cork, Ireland We played a venue called Fred Zepplins, it was a really So we met up with the lads in Forrest when they got

cool little room above a pub on Parliament St in Cork.

off the ferry in Dublin. We got a bus back to Roscrea

The show went well, A bunch of people came out.

to hang out, we ended up going to a party and then to

Forrest completely blew me away, I’m grateful to be

a club. None of the lads have been to Ireland before

hanging out and watching them play every night for

the next 10 days. Time Spent played a set too, it went

Day #3 & #4: Glasgow, Scotland & Leeds, England

well. Boy versus Romeo opened and really impressed me, they remind me of The Story So Far which isn’t a

We had a 6 hour drive from the ferry port in Wales to

bad thing at all.

Glasgow, because it was our first time in the van, the journey seemed to fly by. We pulled up at the venue

We drove back to my house in Roscrea later that night,

around 6 and met Keir, the dude who was putting us

some of the guys went to Neil’s house. We leave for

on. The venue had a vegan and veg restaurant above

Dublin in a little while to play Thomas House tonight,

it. Kearney from Forrest was excited to eat there

it’s our release show. We’re going to show the Forrest

because it was the first time could actually eat a good

lads the touristy things in Dublin this afternoon and

veg dinner.

then Nandos. The show itself was great, a band called Scores. Day #2: Dublin, Ireland

opened the show and did a Jimmy Eat World cover! Everyone we met was really nice and very helpful with

Everyone woke up yesterday morning feeling so fresh

everything. Struggletown Records had a distro set up

after a good nights sleep, we had breakfast and all

at the show, we could be working with them sometime

met up and my house to get all our shit together before

in the future.

leaving for Dublin. Some of us got the bus and the rest travelled in Chelle’s car. The Forrest lads got to hang

We left Glasgow around 12 that night and pulled into

for a bit and see some of the touristy things in Dublin

a service station somewhere along the motorway, 9 of

before we had to go to the venue.

us had to sleep in the van. Jordon from Forrest and I crashed on top of some gear in the back of the van,

The show was awesome, all our friends came out, I

apparently I woke up screaming from a nightmare

played 3 sets, people bought merch and some people

during the night, I can’t really remember it but the lads

sang along which was delish. When we were loading

say I did!!

out of the venue, there was a junkie on the street looking for a phone to ring someone off. In Ireland there

We woke up all tired and feeling shit the next morning

is a network service called Meteor and they have free

and drove to Leeds To hang out for the day. We checked

calls to everyone on that network. The junkie walked

into the etap hotel and went for food in Nandos, then

over to us and asked Ryan from Forrest if he had “free

we went for some drinks and Col got a free shot for

085?”, Ryan replied “what the fuck is that?” .. It was

his birthday off the bar staff in wetherspoons. We’re

quite funny at the time, the junkie tried to rob some

leaving for Norwich in a bit, we play King’s Pub tonight

drink from the bar upstairs in Thomas House before

with High Hopes. Looking forward to hanging and

walking off into the rain!

drinking vitamin water on the way down the country.

We all crashed on the floor in Time Spent’s rehearsal

Day #5 & #6: Norwich, England & London, England

space as it was really close to the ferry port. We had to load all our gear into two taxis at 6am this morning

We woke up in Leeds on Thursday and went for subway

which was a nightmare while John and Col flew to

before leaving the hotel. It tools us about 5 hours to

Manchester to collect our van. I’m writing this post from

get to Norwich, the weather was really nice. We loaded

the ferry, we’ve got free wifi, I’ve just finished a delish

all the gear in to the venue and met a bunch of nice

breakfast. Going for a nap before our 6 hour drive to

people. Then we went for a walk around Norwich and


chilled in a park and had a number.

The show was cool, Forrest soundchecked everlong which was nice and they brought a cake on stage for Col’s birthday. Best lads. After the show we left to drive to London to stay with our friend Jack Taylor. One of the beat guys I know. The next day we hung out in Kingston all day, in my opinion it’s the coolest part of London I’ve been to. The show itself was great also, a bunch of Friends I’ve met on the Internet came out to watch us and it was a really fun show, Gnarwolves and Bangers both blew me away. We got pizza and went back to jacks to hang out with everyone. Us Forrest and Gnarwolves all stayed at jacks, we had a laugh. There was bodies everywhere. After getting showers in a swimming pool in Kingston, we got breakfast and left for Ipswich. We’re here now having tea in a cafe by the marina. Stoked for the show tonight, I don’t want tour to end. I’m in my element. Day #7: Ipswich, England We got to Ipswich quite early yesterday so we had the day to hang out and check out the town. Col, Jordan and I went to Portman Road to check out the stadium. I got a my first burrito of tour also. We spent the rest of the day at the venue hanging. Afterwards we came to stay with our friend Jake at his house just outside Ipswich. He was too good to us. He’s got a pet budgie too named Bert. Col loved him. Tour is almost over, we’re leaving for Wales in a few minutes. I’m having the time of my life. Day #7 & #8: Swansea, Wales We left Ipswich around midday on Sunday to head back to Wales. Everyone got a nice sleep at Jakes house and had the best showers of the whole tour. We had scones and tea for breakfast, they were great. It dawned on me when we were leaving Ipswich that I hadn’t taken near enough photos on my camera from tour so I made it my business to take as much as possible for the remaining days. We arrived in Swansea around half 7, I was really looking forward to

getting to Wales as the lads had talked shit about

We drove through a mountain range in Wales on our

it for the entire tour and I knew I’d love it. We got

way to Holyhead, had a little accident where the van

some food in Weatherspoons and met some of the

hit a wall (minor job, everyone was fine) and then we

lads friends who came to hang, all great people.

missed our ferry but luckily jumped on the next one going to Dublin. I’m home now and it feels weird,

They took us to a spot they call “the tower” which is

I’m glad to be chilling on my bed and tipping to the

a huge apartment block that goes up 30 floors with

kitchen for tea whenever I feel like it but all I wanna do

a restaurant on top, you can pretty much see the

is get back out on the road and tour again and in more

entire city from up there and the sea on the other

places. Thanks to everyone who helped make this

side, it blew me away. We went to stay in Jack, Ollie

happen, it means the world to us and Forrest.

and Kierans house afterwards, we hung out, drank tea and playing xbox, everyone had fun. The next

Shout out’s to John Helen, Iano, Sean, Keir, Lacey, Joe

morning we woke up and went for breakfast with

Hart, Yeoj, Dan, Jack, Jake, Toby, Big Jack, Kieran,

forrest and their gang at a diner called uplands, it

Ollie, Beth, the rest of the Wales crew, Gnarwolves,

was delish. We then walked about Swansea for the

Bangers, Pipedream and every person/band I left

day, ate ice cream from Joes before heading to the

out. In other news we’re going back into the shed to

venue to set up.

write some new songs, we’re putting a tape out soon through View From The Attic Records.

The last show was in a venue called Mozarts in Swansea. It was a house that was made into a venue, it looked incredible and the bar staff gave both Bands a free pint when we were loading in, always a plus. The show for me, was my favorite of the entire tour, all our new friends came out along with a whole other bunch of people packed into this tiny venue, Pipedream opened the show and impressed me so much, FFO: Jawbreaker. We ended up being pretty drunk by the time we played, I couldn’t stop smiling for the whole set. Forrest set in particular completely blew me away, they were so tight. The show was a perfect way to cap off one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a person and as a band. Afterwards we went to a party with a bunch of people in Neath, South Wales at Jordon’s girlfriends house. She’s got a jacuzzi in the back yard, a few of us jumped in. We were up super early this morning to drive to the ferry port, leaving the lads was pretty hard, I think Kate actually cried. I knew we’d get on with Forrest but I didn’t think we’d literally become best friends with them.

Before I joined AlreadyHeard I was invited to take part in a feature about the popularity of cassette’s as a format. Since it turned out so well we’ve decided to reprint it here. In recent years there has been a downturn music

cassette releases, a format that, for some, has long

consumers purchasing physical releases, with many

been forgotten about since it’s decline in the early

choosing digital downloads as an alternative. In the

1990’s. In 2012 several labels are regularly producing

year 2012, this is a common, well-known fact. Year in,

compact cassette releases, with the likes of Doghouse

year out stories appear announcing the decrease in

Records, Lost Tape Collective, Pinky Swear Records

CD sales and online sales increasing.

and amongst others being part of the cassette revival.

However despite this favouritism towards digital

To begin with, why do you think labels, especially

downloads, there are some consumers who still prefer

independents, have started producing cassette

to purchase. In recent years, one physical format has

releases again?

continued to increase in sales and that is the vinyl format. In 2011 there was a fourteen percent increase

David Conway (Doghouse Records): For me it just

in vinyl sales.

took me back to a far more innocent time in my life as a music lover. Cassettes were the first format I

Nevertheless for independent labels, the production

bought. I remember very vividly buying Stone Temple

cost to produce vinyl releases can be costly, and in the

Pilots, White Zombie, Morbid Angel, Danzig and Alice

current hard economic times, it can more than often be

In Chains tapes at the mall; going home and putting

challenging for small labels to produce such releases

them in my Sony boombox and just reading the j-card

and to please music fans.

foldouts over and over again. That format and the way it plays really pushes you to sit and listen to the entire

But there are some labels who are finding away

body of work. It’s sort of the exact opposite experience

around the demanding production cost and satisfying

to the iTunes/mp3 way of digesting music. This was

customer needs. They are doing this by producing

also pre-file sharing so you cherished a record when

you saved up and got it. You judged it as a full body of

collectable feel and/or look to it, along with a sensible

work and not just a file you can listen to for 30 seconds

price tag. This is where cassette tapes fall in nicely.

and make a decision about if it stays on your hard drive

You can have a lot of fun having them make, coming

or not.

up with colour ideas, artwork ideas, anything and do it

‘I think the cassette is relevant because a lot of the bands we love released their music on cassette in the late 80’s & early 90’s. That physical aspect is difficult to replicate with digital downloads.’ Justin Collier (Lost Tape Collective): I think everyday

with a very affordable budget.

that digital music comes more of the norm, there is a certain group of people who are romantics and want

Richard Heaven: I think it’s down to two things -

something physical to hold in their hand… even if they

one is cost, and the other is how we perceive music

are listening to the MP3’s, they still want the physical

nowadays. I think the ballpark figure for 100 cassettes

copy for their collection…. so whether its vinyl,

duplicated and printed on is around £110 which is

cassettes, flexies, etc - people like to collect stuff… at

considerably cheaper then vinyl and well below the

least some people.

often quoted minimum for CD printing/duplication. Also I feel that the industry as a whole has come to terms

I sound like a grumpy old man, but to me I really

with the idea that - as long as you include a download

love cassettes because of how clunky they are and

code - you can sell music in any format. Vinyl, cassette,

because trying to skip tracks almost gives you a

watch, stickers, frisbee… the possibilities are endless.

nervous breakdown. It allowed the artist to say “here

So if the music suits the format, why not work with

is my album as I intended it to be listened to, good


luck trying to fuck with that.” I started doing them for Doghouse and Working Group bands because it’s

Saying that, It does seem that some of the larger labels

just something different on the physical side. We’ve

are jumping on the bandwagon a little. Does Bridge

stopped making cds for most bands and I always

Nine really need to release their music on cassette as

like some physical format for our records, even for

well as vinyl and CD? Of course not - if you can afford

the smallest bands. This format is cost effective and

to press records on multiple colours as well as produce

always causes a double-take at the merch stand.

1000 CDs claiming a DIY format like cassettes could be considered simple posturing.

Steven Hill: Personally I think the cassette is relevant to our label because a lot of the bands we love released

Why do you think fans/consumers are buying

their music on cassette back in the late 80’s and early

cassette tapes, especially when digital downloads

90’s. That physical aspect is difficult to replicate with

is more common in this day and age?

digital downloads. David Conway: I think people are buying tapes for Lee Burgess: To begin with, we feel it’s always nice for

a few reasons. For me, I’m buying them because

bands to have a physical copy of their music to sell,

I do like a physical form of a record to have on my

whether it be at shows or online, for fans to pick up

shelf. Something to support the band and to also

and appreciate owning a physical copy over a file sat

just have visually in my home to enjoy. My usual way

somewhere on their hard drive. Sometimes, for people

with music is stealing the digital and buying the vinyl

to actually buy a physical copy, and it’s unfortunate

or cassette version of it. I probably shouldn’t say that

to put it this way, it has to have a unique, quirky,

being in the music business, but I support bands the

way I would love to see all fans support bands; go see

demand is for our bands. I like it being limited.  

them play, buy a shirt, buy these fun boutique items and realistically it’s hard to convince me to buy an

Justin Collier: The minimum amount you have to order

iTunes album when those other things are better fan-

for cassette is far lower than vinyl so it becomes a lot

experiences for me. It’s all about respecting the fan

cheaper. If you want to do 50 copies, its easy to do for

and giving them a way to support your band that isn’t

cassette where as its impossible to do for vinyl.

insane. Telling them to buy mp3s’ is on the verge of Steven Hill: Purchasing tapes is much cheaper

being insane.

than pressing vinyl, you can also take control over Steven Hill: I think fans and consumers like to collect

the length of the run more easily - you need to get at

things, pieces of a band’s history. Cassettes are nice

least 300 records pressed before it’s worthwhile

and cheap to buy, small and easy to store. I think the

price wise, tapes are so cheap that you could do

vast majority of them don’t get played much, compared

anywhere between 5 and 500 if the demand was there.

to vinyl/CD/Digital, but they look cool and limited

Most people do lower numbers and vary colours/

edition runs of anything are popular these days.

cover designs, for maximum attraction to fans and collectors.

‘How many bedroom labels can afford to drop £600 on pressing a record? Making 100 tapes and selling 80 of them is much better than pressing 300 records and having 220 under your bed.’ Lee Burgess: There are people out there, like

Lee Burgess: Massively so, especially for vinyl! We

ourselves, who try our best to buy a band’s music if we

haven’t actually put anything out on CD because I feel

dig them. We aren’t going to say that we don’t illegally

they’re rather worthless and not really fun to collect,

download music, because we do, and understand the

as they’re usually produced on a high mass scale

perks of that as well, but for an artist or label to put

(dependant on the artist of course) and you literally buy

out a cassette tape, in the region of £2-4 in limited

them to rip the tracks for mp3 format anyway. But that’s

numbers, with cool artwork and a DIY feel to it, along

irrelevant to the question.

with a free download accompanying it, it isn’t much to put out to purchase a physical copy and support

I’d say tapes cost about a third of what vinyl costs to

independent bands and labels in continuing their

get pressed. Plus with vinyl, the majority of the costs

journey for as long as possible.

are in the setup. So you have to get a few hundred made to kind of try and reduce the cost per unit to

For independent labels, is producing cassettes a

make it affordable for fans to buy.

cheaper alternative to vinyl and cd’s? In saying that, if you want to work with an artist, and David



in the nicest way of meaning it, you don’t think they

cheap. There are no additional costs like vinyl

could shift 300 7” records, cassette tape releases are

mastering, startup costs, etc etc and you can do pretty

a fabulous option to have as the cost per unit for 30 or

much whatever quantity you want at a little over a

for 100 is pretty similar, so small runs are possible and

dollar each. We are typically doing 200-300 cassettes

it’s fun to release.




for our releases and that seems to be about where the

Richard Heaven:   My gut reaction is to say ‘yes’ to

more about collecting the color and the pressing

vinyl but that wouldn’t be completely honest. If you

information instead of the experience of listening to the

can manufacture 300 7”s for £600 then there is very

vinyl itself. The cassette, for me, is about listening to it…

little difference in price per unit but there lies the issue

since it’s kinda a shitty format sonically. I’m obsessed

- how many bedroom labels can afford to drop £600 on


pressing a record? Can the band even shift 300 units? Probably not on the scale we’re talking. So it may be

Steven Hill: I would say the value of the tape is being

about the same cost per unit to press vinyl but making

able to pass on the saving to the customer, with vinyl

100 tapes and selling 80 of them is much more sensible

costs being relatively high and volumes matching those

then pressing 300 record and being left with 220 under

costs, you need to be pushing people to commit to

your bed. I hope that makes sense.

buy at £5 a unit roughly - and you need to ensure high volumes of purchases in a shorter period of time to

Now for CDs - that’s a minefield. You could go all

break even. Tapes are more relaxed, because you don’t

ACDSleeve and make something awesome, spending

shell out a high amount to start with you can keep a

£3.50-4 per unit or you could just photocopy an insert

healthy stock and let people pay a low price for them,

and stick a CDr in a plastic sleeve which will cost just

like £2/£3.

a few pence. There’s too many variables. For the sake of argument, the Dashwood ‘Hurt/Heal’ EP we released

Lee Burgess: Definitely! Money is tight, especially in

cost about the same per unit as the Burn Daylight

independent music. A limited run of cassette tapes is

cassettes which came out the same time. If you want to

far more cost effective to work with, as it costs less to

make something worth having then I reckon the cost is

produce, and it’s an easy option to repress for a similar

about the same.

price if your first run sells out; in comparison to putting far more money into a larger pressing of vinyl and

Does production cost become a big factor when

risking the chance it might not sell well.

deciding to produce tapes compared to other formats?

Do you think there is a nostalgic factor behind the revival of the format?

David Conway: Yes, this sort of ties into the last question, but deciding to spend $300 on tapes is much

David Conway: Definitely. 10000%

easier on the business side than $5,000 to make a run of 12 inch records.  We can then assess how the band

Justin Collie: Absolutely, it goes back to what I was

is growing from there and move into vinyl.

saying earlier about people being romantics. They just want something to hold in their hand

Justin Collier (Lost Tape Collective): I typically


release cassettes that we’re already released on another

Steven Hill:   I would say nostalgia features highly in

format so I don’t have to pay to record the album, so the

the appeal of tapes/cassettes in recent times. I think

production costs are strictly for the cassette itself so the

fans of punk/hardcore etc are always looking back to

overhead isn’t nearly as high.

it’s heyday in the 80’s and trying to emulate that attitude. Another important factor is the DIY element, taking

For me, the sort of starter package now is digital +

the production into your own hands, again it relates to

cassette and then roll into vinyl when the band is of the

nostalgia - but it’s nice to be in charge of the production

right size. We still will do some 7inches and 12inches

process from start to finish.

for established bands, but the costs are high up front. I also think the whole vinyl thingis a bit bloated now. It’s

Lee Burgess: Yes, I feel the main nostalgic factor is

the collectability in combination with the support for the

the songs and then fall in love with the album when it

scene. Combine the two and it keeps fans happy and

shows up on their door steps a week later.

bands happy. Fans want to hear new music, bands want to produce new music. If a cheap, collectable

Steven Hill: I would say Vinyl and Cassette go hand

format can help combine the two then it’s brilliant.

in hand to an extent, although there are huge divides in collector opinion. I think the purists would always

Richard Heaven: Not really. I remember buying the

choose wax since the physical nature of the grooves

odd cassette from Woolworths as a young kid (I’m 21)

allows a hi fidelity sound, compared to laser etching

but I’ve got much warmer memories of buying vinyl

on CDs and especially magnetised tape on cassettes,

records from HMV whilst in college. I think it boils down

that said I know people who prefer cassettes

to cassettes - like DIY CDs - allowing small bands

aesthetically - However I would return to my original

to self release for their fans than any real nostalgic

point that as nostalgic, DIY based media Vinyl and

reasons. Plus it is a satisfying ‘fuck you’ to the major

Cassettes are essentially components of the same

labels and their soul sucking, mass produced jewel

aspect of the industry at this point, lower cost, easier

case CD releases when you buy a cassette which has

access products that collectors and fans can buy for

been produced at home and the profit goes straight

low prices.

back to the band/indie label. Lee Burgess: There is definitely a positive correlation Has the increasing popularity of vinyl influenced

between the two, yes. I, along with I suspect most

the revival of the cassette in anyway?

people who read this, started collecting vinyl records before cassette tapes. Maybe due to the fact more

Justin Collier: It all feeds into peoples need or want

larger bands release their music through vinyl, CD

to have an actual physical product. Punk always goes

and digitally, and cassette tapes are seen or smaller

against, or at least differently than what is popular;

artists, I don’t know. But I think it would be cool to

people hear a song in H&M, “shazam it”, download it

see bigger bands putting music out on cassette

and dance to it at the club. Punk kids hear it in their

tape. It’s something I’d love to get involved with if

friends car, look it up online, order the cassette or LP,

the chance occurred. But back to the question; with

get the immediate digital download, fall in the with

vinyl increasing in popularity, with wacky colour ways,

Lee Burgess: It depends on the scene or band I think. Especially in hardcore there is. Look at Survival, they’ve sold out of 3 pressings over 5 colours and a US pressing in less than 6 months. That shit is mental! Richard Heaven:  It’s entirely subjective. The fact that Gav from Dividers (who runs What We Should Be Doing. So much love for that label) always seems to sell out of releases show that there is a big enough interest in cassettes out there for it to be a valid format - but only if you produce it in sensible numbers. If he made 500 copies of the next Ten Speed Bicycle EP then no, there wouldn’t be enough interest. But 100 copies? Sure. limited artworks, cool packages etc, collectability

Do you think this interest will continue to grow?

became a big thing in the scene and it’s a new way for bands to make an extra sale and be able to stay on

David Conway: I think to a degree, but like I said, it’s a

the road and afford to record, and a new way to aid a

very awkward format, so it’s going to remain something

fans collection.

that appeals to a very select group of people. 

Is there a big enough interest from fans in

Justin Collier: I don’t expect to start selling thousands


of cassettes (I’d be delusional if I did) but I do hope more punk kids get into buying physical music, supporting

David Conway: It’s not huge.   It’s a very boutique

bands/labels and enjoying music somewhere other

item. We know we can sell 200 and enjoy doing that.

than their computer or iPod, but at the same time, if they

It’ll NEVER be a format that takes over in a big way.

don’t its fine. They can still enjoy the “free downloads” section on the Lost Tape webstore.

Justin Collier: “big enough” is a subjective term. Is it big enough for me to buy a house from running a

Steven Hill: I think we are at the upward slope, heading

primarily cassette based label? No, definitely not.

towards the peak of the DIY/Cassette and Vinyl trend

It is big enough for me to keep releasing cassettes

right now, I think vintage is in, and 90’s fashion and

because theres a small but steady amount of people

culture is being emulated, once we move on to the next

picking them up? Yes!

thing, we’ll look back to digital and CDs. But smaller labels like us will continue to produce physical formats

Steven Hill: Cassette interest can only be gauged

like Cassette and Vinyl, for as long as it is within our

on the relevance of the artist to the medium, I doubt if

means to do so. I think the demand will rise, and

Coldplay released their next album on tape, they would

plateau for a while, before declining again.

shift many copies, because their fanbase probably doesn’t have tape decks, or the interest in the medium.

Richard Heaven: Maybe. It seems to be ‘hip’ to love

A hardcore band however can sell out of a run of tapes

older formats at the moment, but I can see that dying a

on a tour without much problem. It’s horses for courses

little in a few years. DIY won’t let it die though.


JUST ADD MONSTERS Seek. Strike. Destroy






Sophie Porter’s

Given a name








is welcome

punk for people







make human pyramids.

to and


images of fluffy






you mistake

Whiskers for an

With six



songs clocking in at just over 12



minutes, this EP isn’t long enough


to become repetitive. Hightlights

endearing accent adds something

with a frenetic assault, straddling



to the plethora generic acoustic

elements of groove metal and DC

Bear Vs Gorilla and Apollo. The

acts out there. She sits somewhere

hardcore. It rushes by in sub-minute

tone doesn’t vary much throughout

between Ducking Punches and

bursts, only catching its breath at

the six tracks but if it isn’t broken,

Billy Bragg with her lyrics providing

the very last. Whiskers showcase

why fix it? This isn’t reinventing the



wheel but it’s a solid slab of fast

domestic violence (“Is it fear // or

choruses, tongue in cheek lyrics

punk, suitable for hardcore kids

is it love?”), working class life and

discussing facial hair, and a tight,

and punks alike. FFO Propaghandi,

illness. She provides a relentlessly

gritty performance – they might just

Lucky One Dies First and nipple

grimy picture of reality through the

be the most fun band I’ve heard all


medium of lovely punk/folk.

year. Joe Sullivan

Self Released

Aaahh!! Real Records / Stephie Cospey

Aaahh!!! Real Records





Live Learn Crash Burn






outfit peddling music to accompany


a lazy day in the sun. Instead their


self-titled EP rattles your speakers







For a band with



on feeling lost. That’s not to diminish

a live show as

thing that you’ll

the other two tracks, which are also



hello good and well worth the half-





Tethers is that



Noyo are a band





To summise, punchy, raw, to the

onstage energy won’t transfer to

your attention. The EP grips you

point. Get it. Listen to it. Be thankfull

the studio. That isn’t a problem for

like a vice. It’s raw, stripped back,

bands like Noyo exist.

Portsmouth’s LODF as they race

punchy math rock, but with an

through 11 tracks in just under

accessible edge to it. At 3 tracks



long, it’s a bitesized outing from the

Work Place Jerk Face, Take Your

Portsmouth lads, but it’s perfectly

Pick and ‘Roid Rage. LODF are

formed and gorgeously packaged.

clearly a punk band, there are the



occasional sections




hour run time.

- Tim Callaghan-Martin.


although they seem

The trio bring their A-Game on this

perfectly natural and don’t detract


from the overall sound. Live Learn

guitars carve deep grooves atop

Crash Burn is a fantastic debut -

an energetic drumbeat, whilst the

here’s to album number two!

vocalists distinctive tones lament

Animal Defence Records



Animal Defence Records

DETACHED Clock And Compass


‘ll get the cliched

pop punk sensibilities.

Wake Up offers



With eleven tracks clocking in at


of the way first:

just under forty minutes, Detached




only let the pace slow once with the

good ska which


more dub-based Ride It Out. Pretty


ska punk then

Shitty City could easily be a Pacer

anyone. It’s all

Finding Time isn’t likely to convert

song if they were into Streetlight

very polished and, although the

you. There, I’ve said it. If you do

Manifesto as much as they were

lack of grit might be an issue for

happen to enjoy the sound of brass

early Saves The Day whilst the intro

those who are more ska-punk than

and upbeat upstrokes then I’m

to Drunken Dramtics & Cult Classics

straight up ska, it’s good to see a

sure you’ll find at least something

sounds like Reel Big Fish in their

smaller band take this level of care

to fall in love with here. Detached

prime. It’s easy to throw all these

on production. Vocalist Christie

clearly wear their influences on their

comparisons around but it’s worth

Connolly will be compared to

sleeves, to the extent of covering

taking a second to appreciate how

SB6’s Laila K but that’s quite unfair

the intro of NOFX’s Drugs Are Good

far they’ve come since their last EP.

- Christie has a much smoother,

at the beginning of Double Vodka &

They’ve finally defined their sound

more straight up vocal style which

Regret. In a way this really sums up

and have shown no fear in taking

really suits the Allstars. This isn’t

the type of ska punk you’re getting

the best parts of other ska stalwarts

a bad album by any stretch of the

here - if you enjoy NOFX’s Ska

to make a damn fine album.

imagination but it could have been


you ska


of feel


stronger cut down.

tracks and early Less Than Jake then you’ll click with Detached’s

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Self Released

RIVALRIES Out Of Town And Back Again




Adventures Of Fi In Space

R i v a l r i e s


bandcamp and

around the bush




- this is upbeat






have of




E n d A n d ,







aggressive and

and I think that





perfectly sums up their approach

there’s very little which hasn’t been

comes bowling forth at a time

to pop punk. Drinking, hanging

done before. The musical leanings

when noise is having something of

out with friends and going to



a resurgence of late. The Brooklyn

shows all feature in the four tracks

crude, Blink182 humour on tracks

Boys have essentially merged two

offered here. It’s a surprisingly

like Lee’s Song and Danger Wank.

earlier EP’s with this release, yet

positive record and, whilst the more

I’ve Never Met You is probably the

to new listeners such as myself, it

introspective lyrics of bands like

strongest track on offer here with

feels fresh enough to retain interest.

The Wonder Years are currently

a stronger skater punk emphasis

It’s a great effort, and when they

very popular, it’s great to hear

then anything previous to it. Fans

are let off the leash, and just go for

something more traditional. This

of Bad Religion will love this. I can

broke, the results are magnificent.

isn’t a perfect record - there’s a

imagine this being fantastic live but

“So What Now” is furious and

couple of moments where it seems

on record they need something

growling, and packing enough

too sugary - but it is an enjoyable

a little more individual to make an

energy to go toe-to-toe with an

slab of summery pop punk.


entire warren of Energizer bunnies.

Household Name Records

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Disconnect Disconnect Records



ONSIND Anaesthesiology


Self titled





New Homes / New Hopes It’s





to be said for

make a political



music that gets

album - it’s hard



right to the point

to make a good


and doesn’t dick

political album.

around and right

Luckily ONSIND


from the bat, Saint Max provides a

manage to make great political

looking past that obvious influence,

bombastic affair with retro-tinged



the biggest issue faced by ‘New

guitars and shimmering horns.

personal and never belittles the

Homes/New Hopes’ is that this

His Self-titled EP was recorded in





his Scottish hometown on vintage




little spark or personality. Lyrics

analogue equipment. It shows too,



are bland and insipid, and guitars

you can really feel the warmth in the

although their commentary on the

dissipate into choppy atmospherics

songs, partly from the melodies, but

political system, the prisons and

just as they threaten to spiral into an

just as much from Max’s wry and

immigration never becomes too

exciting rock ‘n roll kick. Overall it’s

homespun lyrics. It’s not exactly

formal and loses it’s human touch.

frustrating – Amateur Historians are



Pokemon City Limits and God

clearly talented. There are nuggets

pushing, but It’s not a bad thing to

Hates Facts are personal highlights

of good ideas littered throughout,

be revisiting old sounds, especially

although there isn’t a weak song on

but the band holds back every time

when done this well.

the album. Long live ONSIND!

you want them to jump forward and

Self Released / Tim CM

Plan-It-X Records / Discount Horse

shake you. Joe Sullivan

THE BONES Monkeys With Guns













so But




Five years after






give away with



Boulevard Bones


truth, something

their name they






H a r d c o r e

with their fifth






Heavy The

album, Monkeys With Guns. For



music is designed to mosh to and

anyone who’s unfamiliar with The

scene. I don’t know when Hardcore

get people moving and that’s about

Bones, they play Punk n Roll with a



it, the lyrics range from boring

fair size dollop of Motorhead thrown

decided to make all their lyrics

samey shit to just being downright

in for good measure. When they’re

about the truth/reality and people

stupid, nothing great and nothing

good, their very good - there’s a

not telling them/not acknowledging

exactly bad either. Badlands follow

hint of Against Me! in Wendy whilst

it but since The River Card haven’t

in a similar fashion, but just not

Burnout Boulevard’s intro wouldn’t

moved off the fucking subject for 7

playing quite as fast and missing

be out of place on any Off With

years I guess they must a lot of lying

out and putting in cowbell into

Their Heads album. At it’s worst,

& delusional people around there.

Hardcore. The vocals are harsh,

The Bones vocal style begins to

Musically it’s slightly more boring

and so are the songs, who knows

sound a little... farmer, although

than the lyrical subject, essentially

what they’re singing about, if you

this is still a rather enjoyable, if not

its music for people who don’t want

like heavy it’ll probably be up your

instantly memorable, album.

to move on with their stagnant lives.


People Like You Records

Self Released / Jon Andrews

Pinky Swear Records/Jon Andrews




GREYLINES Somewhere Behind

KEROUAC Heavy Hearted

LANDSCAPES Life Gone Wrong a











harkening back



has left a large







has been











this is my first




time listening to them) I was left


feeling pretty deflated. This is

they’d recorded in one place - really

standard fare ‘emotional hardcore’

2000’s – think Finch or Brand New – Greylines


incorporate catchy melodies with


searing guitars and a thumping rhythm section without descending

does their legacy justice. Stand out


into poppy hooks. The lyrics hit the

tracks include Pale and Lay Of The

yelped vocals, only straying from

usual touch points of relationships

Landfill from their debut album and

this for the occasional spoken word

& trauma, perhaps suffering at

I Owe Some People The World But


times from a level of opaqueness,

I Owe You Shit from their split with

line. Think Defeater, More Than Life

and the band are occasionally

The Long Haul although there really

or a more polished Modern Life Is

guilty of descending into over-

isn’t much filler here at all. The

War. Unfortunately those bands,

dramatics. They aren’t reinventing

remix and acoustic cover seem a

unlike Landscapes, also back it

the wheel, but with such a solid and

little out of place at the end of the

all up with intelligent, genuinely

well-rounded effort overall it’s hard

record but aside from really, I can’t

emotive lyrics. Unfortunately this is

to find too much fault. Joe Sullivan

fault their output. RIP.

incredibly cliched. (Jon Andrews)

Close To Home Records

Holy Roar Records

City Of Gold Records




The EP is




G.D.P a great











The Domestics









of what


Life Is Shit is

D u c k i n g




punk a




on DaDa Tunes

straight forwards, fast punk rock.

Records. The four songs on offer

Records. Brian Johnsons Hat is

With the 6 tracks clocking in at

here have a folkier lean than a lot

reminiscent of Garrison, setting the

just under ten minutes, no single

of Dan’s earlier stuff but it still has

pace for the record. The Rain Will

track outstays it’s welcome. Culture

that punky edge that we’ve come

Never End is a tasty slab of garage

Marines is probably my favourite

to expect. Whist none of the songs

punk, although it is probably the

with it’s gang vocals and rant filled

are quite as catchy as the songs

least memorable of the three. The

verses whilst Idiot Jamboree is

featured on ...Chinaski, I Am Arturo

Posters Are Falling Off My Wall is

reminiscent of early Discharge,

Bandini does showcase a more

the most catchy of the new songs,

clocking in at only 32 seconds. The

developed Ducking Punches with


G.D.P EP merges the best aspects

a lot more going on musically than

challenge Bristol’s Caves. In many

of both traditional american and

any of Dan’s previous material.

ways this is reminiscent of early

english punk. It’s all more of the

I’m looking forwards to hearing

Iggy And The Stooges material,

same, but that isn’t a bad thing

the next album as there is a clear


when you’re The Domestics.

progression going on here.

catchy. Great stuff.

Self Released

Lockjaw Records

DaDa Tunes Records

they do best -







RUN WALK (Health)

DESOLATED Verse Of Judas


Run, WALK! are



from their self-


no point crying



over it, it’s a






on full and




a c o u s t i c songs



heartbreak with

with this gem of an album to ease

mission to punch God square in the

gruff vocals sung over the top.

the pain. (Health) is discordant and

face with Verse of Judas, but where

Nothing ground breaking here.

noisy, while still shining a light on

The Birth of Corruption and The

The gruff vocals can sound a little

the more indie influences that have

Sixth Day were rough and ready

forced at times which distracts from

ran through their too-short career.

slabs of violence this seems to fall

what could be very good songs.

Matt’s vocals are sharp and he uses

flat. Where and how this neutering

However, Hey Annie stands outs as

his bass brilliantly to create a strong

took place is hard to say; but the

a beautiful track about a couple’s

melody one minute and fractured

bands anger is rendered impotent.

last night together. Unfortunately

slabs of distortion the next; while

Paul doesn’t sound evil anymore,

the first track is the highlight and



he sounds like he needs to catch

the rest of this EP fails the grab

clashing cymbals and fills. (Health)

his breath and the slam parts are

me. This is just personal preference

peaks with Under a Rock, which

just mosh fodder now, thrown in

though so give this free download a

builds and falls beautifully, closing

willy-nilly. The only crushing thing

go if you’re looking for some simple

the bands greatest achievement

here is the disappointment.

songs of heartbreak and lost love.

with Holy style. Roar Records / Matthew Tilt

Holy Roar Records / Matthew Tilt

Self Released / Darren D

they’ve left us





Mainland is a

THE EJECTIONS Sick Of Being Critics



Its its gruff,

Punk, Rock, it’s


its also


shorter than my attention


so I can make it through the entire thing easy as pie! If you like your punk fast, not particularly bothered that production may or may have happened during its inception and



fun. before the last note of City Dweller’s tunes half has had time to ring out with a courtesy of more refined, melodic approach, Three

London indie

based without losing any of the urgency. punx The vocal lines in particular are

City Dweller, great, at times resembling an (even and two pop-punk bangers from more) unhinged David Byrne. Nottingham’s finest, Plaids. City Plaids show a whole lot of promise, Dweller are the noisier of the two, perfectly marrying riotous popcoming on like a super sped- punk with indie sensibilities. Top

the songs being about political

up Archers of Loaf, drenched in stuff, again. screechy feedback and angular

leanings (maybe) and songs about

guitar lines. ‘Repeat After Me’ is a

drugs and stuff it’ll be right up your

catchy jaunt that channels both the

alley. It’s nothing to take seriously

rhythmic qualities of Fugazi along

and its upbeat enough to be able to

with the delightfully ramshackle

listen to happily without wondered

songwriting of bands like Pavement

what they’re trying to say, fantastic!

and Guided By Voices. Top Stuff. Plaids don’t fuck about with their side of the split. ‘Five’ kicks in even

Self Released / Jon Andrews

Self Released

Pornography For Cowards #6  
Pornography For Cowards #6  

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