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Richard Fox // As a recent graduate of the BMA Honours program of Waikato Institute of Technology, I have spent the last 6 months interning in design for industry leading companies Needles and Threads and Mr Vintage. These developments in my first year out of study have given me the confidence and requisite experience to further my graphic design career. While managing these internships I have also spent much of 2013 training for the now completed UCI BMX World Championships and working as the owner/operator/ creative director of my own clothing label called Unspoken Clothing. While I am proud of what I have achieved already I know there is much for me to learn in the industry. My experiences have proven me to be a hard worker and someone that can learn on the fly, so while I have developed as a designer I am determined to gain more expertise in an industry I am passionate about.

Education And Qualifications:


BMA - Honours (Graphic Design)

For a reference and more examples of work, please don’t hesitate to ask.

BMA (Graphic Design) Waikato Institute of technology.

Skills & Creative programs include: - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - Microsoft Word and email applications

Richard James Fox Graphic Designer // Clothing Design & Illustration 27/10/1990 E: M: 027 322 3817

Logo Design: MediaPA / / Fluid & Flow / Unspoken Clothing

Unspoken Clothing // Unspoken Clothing an ode to standing out rather than fitting in, big ideas instead of small minds, and not settling for mediocre threads. Fresh designs inspired predominantly by BMX, music and urban culture. Unspoken is that nagging feeling when you put on that shirt that is the ‘safe choice’. Unspoken is that time when you lost ‘the girl’ to that guy in the cool threads. Unspoken is dope designs on dope shirts. Unspoken Clothing

Unspoken Clothing

Little Help Project 2013 // AS Colour’s Little Help Project was inspired by the huge amount of untapped t-shirt design talent that exists in Australia and New Zealand. My Zombiie Girl Artwork used in Unspoken Clothing was selected as one of the top 20 Finalists in Round one 2013.

Little Help Project 2013

Needles & Threads // The concept behind Needles & Threads is to provide a place for like minded men who want to shop for handpicked New Zealand and International men’s fashion sourced from around the world. My role as the Design Intern was to clear cut images for the online store and design up Banners & advertisements for online and print. Needles & Threads

Mr Vintage // Mr Vintage is an online T-shirt brand. You may have seen some of their t-shirts around, they’re New Zealand themed t-shirts. Mr Vintage started back in 2004 with Rob Ewan the creator when he was just working out of a basement. They have grown a lot since then and pretty much do everything: screen-printing, the website, design, marketing & customer service. My Role as the Design Intern was to create concepts, mock up artworks and design shirts along with some of the new ideas coming soon at Mr Vintage.

Mr Vintage // This project brief was to produce a branding for a member of the New Zealand high performance BMX team. The objective was to produce a visual identity for the rider. Number Stickers Stickers Number Board Bike Artwork Race Shirt

WWF Climate Change // At current levels, unless we contain global warming under 2째C, by 2050 one third of all animal species will be at risk of extinction and two billion people will be left without drinking water. For this project we were required to make a fold out publication & poster as a handout to raise awareness of this issue. The specifications simply restricted the design to an A3 size paper. Student Work

Draw Inc Poster // Draw Inc is an art collective that fosters creative work and showcases their multidisciplinary work on an ongoing basis. It provides graduates and affiliates with an environment where artists, practitioners and admirers of art can network, exhibit and gain exposure within the creative sector. The brief set for this project was to create a new poster for an upcoming art gallery to be held at draw inc with the main attraction of local tattoo artists. “Bird artwork is not my own it is property of Draw Inc.� Draw Inc

Dan Aux Poster // The Australian-born DJ arrived in New Zealand from Newcastle five years ago, moving against the trans-tasman exodus, and moving onto our airwaves and festival stages. The brief set for this project was to create a poster for an upcoming event at a local bar in Hamilton.

Dan Aux

Skinny Mobile // Skinny is a mobile phone brand that’s different. They have stripped everything back, so you’re only paying for stuff you actually want. It’s all about living Skinny, being smarter, only paying for stuff you actually want and keeping your money for way more awesome things you actually want to spend it on. The brief for this was to come up with a fresh new artwork, for the Skinny crew’s that will be worn by the promo team and the skinny team.

Skinny Mobile

Richard Fox Graphic Design 2013

Richardfoxdesign 13  
Richardfoxdesign 13  

22, Auckland, NZ. As a recent graduate of the BMA Honours program of Waikato Institute of Technology, I have spent the last 6 months interni...