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Fouadisms Calligraphy with a Spontaneous Realisms Flavor

Fouadisms: Journey with lines and colours Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 2013 All copy rights reserved Š

Fouadisms Journey with lines and colours

Welcome Welcome to this journey of lines and colours .. I pray you find it inspirational as well as enjoyable ..

The Artist Lord Richard-Fouad MacLeod, or Richard as he prefers to be called, is an Arabic calligraphy Lebanese artist with Turkish roots. In the summer of 1972 Richard was born in Lebanon but soon he moved with his father to Saudi Arabia to spend the next 14 years. Richard learned Arabic Calligraphy in Saudi Arabia as a child with the support and help of his father who is a calligraphist himself. He is a refugee who ran away from the Lebanese and Syrian oppression and came to the UK in 2001 seeking asylum. Richard is currently researching at the Sunderland University the link between the Arabic calligraphy and the Islamic identity and its influence on Muslims in Britain.

By Gez Bevan

In his research he designed the first Arabic-British script in history which he calls QEII (Queen Elizabeth the 2nd). Richard is expected to be awarded his MA in the summer of 2014 The professional background of Richard is quite diverse Graduated as an architect from the American University of Beirut in 1997 Graduated as an Immigration Caseworker from the School of Law in London in 2003 Gradated as a Massage therapist from the Newcastle College in 2007 Graduated as a Filmmaker from the Teesside University in 2009 He is a self-taught photographer, writer and a poet.

Since 2010 Richard took Art as full time job with diverse portfolio of work which varies from painting to film making and providing consultancy services to British companies who target the Arabic audience. Richard has exhibited in UK and USA where he sell most of his artwork. Some of Richard’s paintings are donated to charities and then auctioned for a high price. He also gives a lot of his time to charities to help them raise funds by creating individualised pieces for attendees in his unique vibrant and abstract style.

The Philosophy To me painting is a representation of an emotional state with colors and lines .. despite my rigid training as a calligraphist I like to have more spontaneity in my lines and I love to have a burst of colors to express my emotions .. I also use the backgrounds to embed “Whispers� which can be names or words or simply chaos ! .. My paintings are like humans .. you can’t just look at them from one angle and see it all .. in order to see them well you will need to see them from

different angles .. because each angle will reveal a different light, shade and secret .. and the more you got closer the more you will feel it .. understand .. and really get close to it .. I like to fuse Western lines with the Eastern structures .. and my message with my art is always: Love, Peace and Harmony .. and my aim is always to portrait Islam in a good light .. to shoe the world that Islam love Art and appreciate Art and produced Art for centuries and continues to be so ..

Constance Briscoe is the first and Black judge in the English legal system. Commissioned by the Newcastle University, I tried to sum up the secrets of her success with six paintings. All based on the biography of Constance Briscoe and her achievements, the six words are listed in a particular order, representing advice to anyone who seeks success. It all starts with Education then Working and Mastering with Sedulity and Sincerity and despite all the difficulties, having the Faith in your dream.

The paintings have 4 layers First Layer, “The whispers” Words of feelings and names, floating in the background engraved in the grooves. We start to see more of the white noise in the background of this portrait.

The separate panels represent the different life phases with Faith being the last one, for reaching it is usually associated with inner peace, a phase many of us reach after a long journey in life.

Third Layer, “Now” Elegant, unique, bold, and mysterious! The colors come together to present the mature and feminine Judge.

The paintings have words and shapes blending in the background which representing the whispers Constance Briscoe had and has in her life. Words included are the name of the painters, the word mother, the word father and other words and names.

Second Layer, “The Youth Years” A light pink wash on the white background with the words more of the basic colors representing the Youth with all its romance, eagerness and naivety

The Fourth Dimension, “Perspective” These paintings are meant to represent a portrait of Constance Briscoe. An individual – like many of us- who you will need to see in different “Lights” and “Perspectives” in order to capture all the “colours” of this unique personality. Give it a try, try to look at the paintings from a different angle and see what happens! Acrylic on canvas 65cm x 200cm x 6


Constance Briscoe


Martin Luther King

I chose “Al-Taghra /‫ ”الطغراء‬design for Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Al-Taghra” is a very famous Turkish symbol of power and influence. The first version of “Al-Taghra’” was designed for an Ottoman Sultan in early 1300, it went on to become the official stamp of each sultan afterwards. According to the Arabic Wikipedia, both ‘Akihito’, the Emperor of Japan and the Russian president “Vladimir Putin’ had their signature designed in “Al-Taghra” style. In terms of Arabic calligraphy this is a very creative design but have no specific meaning. It’s more of an abstract calligram. Never the less, it’s a challenge to adopt words within such a calligram. In this design I applied my own style of “Calligrams of Spontaneous Realism” philosophy portraying my own vision of “ Dr. King”. In the painting you can see sketch lines around the name of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. to represent his life and the personal development he went through, the character forming and maturing through a journey of struggle!

The word God or “Allah” in Arabic is attached to the name right at the top representing the constant presence of God in Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s life. The non-blended golden strokes represents the people imposed glorifying of the humble man. Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s effect extends after his death though his speeches and actions. Two lines reach out in life after his death. His legacy continues –the two lines- continue in the painting, with interruptions and more struggle until they reach out and hold up “Dream”. Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s famous phrase, “I have a dream”, is painted with clear and crisp lines representing the beautiful dream of a man who lived a long struggle to achieve it. The painting is my vision and own reflection on the struggle in Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s life, faith, sedulity, eloquence, leadership and humbleness. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, un-perfect world and perfect dream. MLK painting is on permanent display at the MLK hall at the Newcastle University

Rabbi Many worshipers from different faiths would call upon their Lord to help, support, give etc .. This inspired my choice for the Newcastle University Mosque’s .. I chose to paint one of the most common words which all worshipers from all faiths would address their Lord with in their pray with ..

My Lord

This painting is an inspiration for many worshipers but each will pray their own unique pray .. Like most of my paintings .. the paintings have “whispers in the background” and you will see some names engraved in the background such as Mohamad PBUH, Fatima PBUH, Ali, Abu Baker, Omar and other ..

Symbolising for worship communality between faiths but also between the different prays as well .. Acrylic on canvas 150cm x 150cm

The Three Heroes Owned by a British privet collector Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 100cm



Using Arabic calligraphy I painted three Ms (or Meems in Arabic) symbolising the three Abrahamic messengers; Moses, Messiah and Mohammad. They are in chronological order from right to left since the script is in Arabic. The painting is to demonstrate that we are unique and equal .. it also talks about the struggle the three heroes lived which makes them human while we forget all this now .. this is demonstrated with the rough texture occupying each Mem while it looks glossy from far ..

There other names as well on the painting .. This is one of my signature paintings and a very popular one. I have painted it numerous times in many styles and sizes for different clients including the British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron and the Waterloo Church of London. The glass version of the Three Heroes is the 2nd Arabic calligraphy sculpture ever made in the UK, the first one was made by me too.

The "Thank You" from the Prime Minister after recieving his Three Heroes painting

The Three Heroes £2000 Glass 61cm x 27cm

The Three Heroes Owned by a British privet collector Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 100cm

The Three Heroes Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 80cm

The Three Heroes Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 80cm

«Mother is 3 quarters of love and Father›s is a qaurter» Mohamad Acrylic with resin cote 100 cm x 80 cm

Mother and Father - Harmony Acrylic with resin cote 100 cm x 80 cm

Mother + Father

I‘m very passionate about Mothers and Fathers and the harmony in their relationship .. this is two examples of my recent work applying a very glossy resin on top of the painting giving it a very modern and look and feel

Prophet’s dream

This was the only Arabic contribution to the national British exhibition of the Lindisfarne Gospel .. which talks about the prophet’s dream and the journey of agony he had to go through and how it came true centuries later .. Watercolor and 24crt gold on card 40 cm x 30 cm

Dream ..

Prophet ..


I employed the natural color blending to express a life struggle which in my views Arabs / Muslims live it in modern times .. In the middle we have the letter M in which stands for Muslims (in the middle Yellow zone) .. they are born mostly into the hot countries Middle East (into the red zone) ..Mixing the yellow with red creates Orange which the combinations stands fro danger / hazards etc .. The same M (Yellow) if to goes into the West’s cold countries (Blue zone) it produce grades of green which stands for prosperity ..

How many individuals struggled to make decent living in the Muslim countries but they flourished in the West ? .. But while they are in the West their hearts still living in the East where they were born .. So you see the Mem is still looking into the Red areas which then made people stuck and unable to live where they are .. This the Diaspora story of many Muslims living in the West .. they miss “Home” every day but they can’t live there ..

Owned by a Pakistani-American collector Acrylic on canvas 200cm x 100cm

The Nile

before time

To me this is the land of Egypt. The land of wonders and pre pyramids at the time before time. The text is a verse from a poem titled “The Nile” by the Egyptian poet Ahmad Shawqi* “From the skies you descended ? .. “or burst from heavens ? .. “strolling down gentle streams ..” Ahmad Shawqi- The Prince of Poets 1932–1868

Arabic calligraphy (Spontaneous realisms painting) Acrylic and watercolor on canvas 80cm x 110cm

Mohamad - a man of Gold Ink painting and gold 24crt A4

Love .. Arabic calligraphy painting Acrylic painting on linen paper A5



This is one of my signature pieces .. I designed this new way of writing the Arabic word Love .. I joined the two letters which together they form the word love in Arabic to look as if they are one but in reality they are two in one ! Which how –in my views- love should be .. I painted this on many occasions in on many sizes for many clients from USA and UK.

Love is everywhere .. Arabic calligraphy painting Ink on linen paper A4

Crying Love .. Arabic calligraphy painting Acrylic painting on canvas 100cm x 60cm

Love is ÂŤHalalÂť .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Ink painting tracing paper

United Colours of Love .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Watercolor painting on linen A4 paper



In Islamic tradition this is a major word since its all what the Lord says for things to be .. which is a relief for many Muslims who pray for the Lord to say the word and make things BE .. In the Western traditions its an invitation for one to be own self and stop worrying about others and simply BE .. I used the geometric Kufi script with 21 gold caret leaves and I painted the background with water color Mixed media on linen paper 20cm x 20cm



I have a passion about the Dot. To me its where beginning and the and .. and in between is all the story ! .. I painted in many size and sold it to many clients ..



The word was designed by Samir Malik and painted by me .. the painting is now owned by the Mayor of London Mr Boris Johnson .. Acrylic on canvas 51 cm x 41 cm

«Uh whom my love gave him (meant as her) dignity and wasted mine (humbled me)» .. Poem ..

This calligrapm is a This a verse from an old Arabic poem .. it translate roughly as «Uh whom my love gave him (meant as her) dignity and wasted mine (humiliated me)» .. The words been organized to put the word “Love” in the heart of the calligram while putting the word dignity above my humiliation .. the Alif of the Love and Dignity stands high while my name (signature) is lying underneath her Dignity .. Ink painting on A4 card

“Say Kind words to them� .. Quran verse 17:23 Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Ink painting on linen A4 paper

Ishiq - Passion .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Ink painting on linen A4 paper


Arabic calligraphy contemporary paint Acrylic painting on linen A4 pap

Mohamad (PBUH) .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper


ting per

People ..

Each Mem stands people who follow one of the three Heroes .. All equal and uniqualy beauitful Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Salam .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Duaa (Pray) .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Tafahom (understanding) .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Love & Peace Dove .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Farah (Joy) .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Zainab .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Lawn (Colour) .. Arabic calligraphy contemporary painting Acrylic painting on linen A4 paper

Ali ..

Arabic illustration on pa Ink on A3 paper


Allah ..

Arabic illustration on paper

Ink on A3 paper

Love ..

Its complicated .. Ink on A3 paper

Allah ..

Ligth and spiritual .. Ink on A3 paper


spontaneous realisms arabic calligraphy Lord Richard-Fouad MacLeod +44 (0) 77 22 333 99 1

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