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If You Are Planning An Event, You Must Call Your West Palm Beach Party Rental Company There are several different things to consider when you're booking a party. For example, what size of dance floor will you need for dancing? Three square feet of dancing space for each party guest is the standard. That said, it is highly unlikely that all of your party guests are going to be out on the floor at the same time. A safe estimation would be two-thirds to three-fourths of the attendees out on the floor at any time. If there are 300 guests, that means that you multiply 300 by 2/3 or 3/4 (200 party guests or 225 party guests, respectively) and then multiply those numbers out by three. For 200 dancing guests, you will need 600 square feet of dance space to be safe, or a 20x30 dance floor. A 25x25 foot dance floor or around 675 square feet of dance space will be needed to allow for 225 party guests. When you need to figure out how to allow for your expected guest list, call a West Palm Beach party rental company to discuss your alternatives to figure out what size panels you'll require. How much stemware and how many plates will you need for refreshments and food? Stemware is easy: assume one glass per guest per hour and you're probably in the clear. Plates, however, a trickier to estimate because the quantity depends upon whether there's a buffet or multiple courses. If you will be serving a dinner which involves multiple courses, you will need one small plate for hors d'oeuvres and also one plate per person per course. For a buffet dinner, assume that fifty percent of the people will go for seconds, and provide 1.5 plates per person. For a small plate buffet with stations, opt for more plates (3-5) per person and more plates for extended parties. Remember: it’s advisable to have too many plates than not enough. When should you reserve all the necessary equipment? Typically speaking, a month beforehand is an adequate period of time to reserve the equipment that you want. The earlier you plan and make reservations, the better, since the equipment you ultimately decide to go with can change as your plans change, and you’re much less likely to be charged for reservation changes the earlier the changes are made. Will you need the equipment brought to you and is there an option to pick it up at the showroom or warehouse? Sometimes you can save money by picking it up yourself if you have the appropriate transportation, and if you reside outside the West Palm Beach party rental company’s delivery area you may need to be able to transport it yourself. Does the price of rental include assistance with set-up? Typically, the cost of rental doesn't include the price of set-up, but some companies offer assistance with set-up as well as tear-down for an extra fee. For tents, stages, dance floors, and other things requiring some degree of technical expertise, you will want to know beforehand whether you and your helpers will be capable of setting up on your own, or whether you will require additional technical support that the West Palm Beach party rental company will provide. Make sure to inquire about the guidelines for missing or damaged supplies and cleaning the equipment you've rented. Find out the company's requirements for the rental items you are returning; for example, do the linens have to be laundered, should the stemware be rinsed and

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If You Are Planning An Event, You Must Call Your West Palm Beach Party Rental Company can the plates be only scraped of debris or do they need to be washed? Some companies will give you answers to these questions on their website in a FAQ section, but if not, call or email the company directly for answers. You also will want to know whether the company offers a damage waiver and exactly how long you have to return all equipment. Depend on Celebration Party & Event Services for any West Palm Beach party rental wishes! Find out more about Celebration Party & Event Services by visiting their web site which is

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If You Are Planning An Event, You Must Call Your West Palm Beach Party Rental Company