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DNN Quick Reference Sales Guide

Revised October 2012


▪ Is the leading social content management platform (CMS) for businesses ▪ Helps you build and manage content-rich web sites and online communities that are accessible by any device ▪ Is an extensible platform that gives you a cost-effective way to build and customize your web site

Company highlights

▪ Most widely adopted Web CMS for Microsoft ▪ Largest, most successful open source project for Microsoft ecosystem ▪ 2,000+ commercial customers ▪ 700,000+ websites ▪ 7 million+ downloads ▪ Thousands of commercial apps (avg. price point $90) ▪ 1 million community members ▪ 100+ partners worldwide offering services and hosting ▪ Global presence with offices in North America and Europe ▪ Numerous awards and recognition including the Always On Top 100, Red Herring Top 100 North America, “WCMS Innovator” recognition by Info-Tech Research Group and Inc Magazine Top 500/5000 for 2011 and 2012

core pitcH

core pitcH

QualiFYinG Questions

▪ Tell me about your project. ▪ What is the goal of your website? What are you trying to accomplish? ▪ What are the key features/functionality you want on your new site? ▪ How are you intending to use these features? How are you doing this today? ▪ How are you managing content today? ▪ Why DotNetNuke? What brought you here? ▪ What is your mobile strategy? ▪ What is your social strategy? ▪ What is your role? Who else is involved in the evaluation/decision? ▪ How many content managers/users does/will your site support? ▪ Are you looking at other CMS’s? ▪ What is your timeline for implementation? ▪ What is your budget?

QualiFYinG Questions

▪ What challenges are you facing now?

Features & BeneFits

Benefit Performance & Scalability


Features $ ▪ Page/module caching $ ▪ Web Farm Support (Cache Synchronization) $ ▪ Cloud File Storage (Azure/Amazon) ▪ Multi-Site support $ ▪ Azure-ready $ ▪ Health Monitoring $ $ $ $ $ $ $



Document Management eCommerce

▪ Fully Tested & Verified ▪ 24x7 Security Center (Pro-active security notifications) ▪ Content Approval Workflow ▪ Granular Permissions ▪ Security Roles ▪ Application integrity ▪ Health Monitoring ▪ Active Directory Authentication Provider ▪ Site Groups

▪ Device Detection/Redirection $ ▪ Mobile Site Template ▪ Mobile Site Previewer $ ▪ Premium 51 degrees mobile device detection database $ ▪ Site Groups $ $ $ $ $

▪ Fully Supported – Unlimited Technical Support ▪ Knowledgebase – Full access ▪ Phone support with guaranteed two hour response ▪ Developer Support ▪ Health Monitoring ▪ Full Documentation

$ ▪ Document Library with Cloud Support $ ▪ SharePoint 2007/2010 publishing $ ▪ SharePoint List Support $ ▪ eCommerce solution for small portfolio of goods or services

$ = only available in commercial editions = newly available in version 7.0



Content Management


$ $ $

Customize & Extend


▪ Extend with pre-built apps & skins ▪ Develop custom extensions ▪ Skins to change site appearance ▪ CSS to manage visual design ▪ Services framework based on Web API $ ▪ UI customization via Telerik RadControls ▪ Content localization ▪ Social activity feed ▪ User relationships ▪ Social groups ▪ Member directory ▪ Message center ▪ Interactive profiles ▪ Social authentication ▪ Social API

Features & BeneFits

$ $

▪ Add and edit content through web browser ▪ Rich HTML PRO text editor - Content Approval Workflows - Version Compare - Auto Save & Rollback ▪ Role based content editing ▪ Google Analytics Pro ▪ Advanced Site Search ▪ User Switcher ▪ User account management ▪ Multi-site management ▪ Site settings ▪ File management ▪ Cloud file storage (Amazon/S3 Folder Provider) ▪ Cross Site Module Sharing ▪ Drag & Drop ▪ New Default.css ▪ New Control Panel & Module Actions ▪ Site logs ▪ Vendor & affiliate management ▪ Bulk email & newsletters

Features & Benefits—details

Performance & Scalability ▪▪Page/Module Caching ––Page Caching – Lets your site save entire pages of rendered content to a cache located in memory, in your database or on disk. ––Module Caching – Stores module content in a centralized database for faster page loading without the need for web server processing; works for both core and custom modules. ▪▪Web farm support – PE/EE provides cache synchronization to support web server farms. ▪▪MS Azure and Amazon S3 Cloud Services Support – PE/EE includes a folder provider option for both Amazon S3 and Azure File Storage. ▪▪Multi-Site Support – Thousands of sites can be run through a single instance of DotNetNuke, including both parent and child sites. ▪▪Azure Ready – Core platform can run in Windows Azure (including SQL Azure) ▪▪Health Monitoring – DotNetNuke pings your website to ensure it’s up and running and we notify you in the event of a failure. Acts as a keep alive service to keep the application running.

Security ▪▪Tested & Verified – PE/EE have been fully tested and verified by the DotNetNuke Corporation (on top of being tested by the open source DNN community). ▪▪24x7 Security Center ––Pro-active notifications of updates, new releases, improvements, and maintenance. ––Continuously alerts your administrators to download relevant security updates. ▪▪Content approval workflows ––Ensures content changes are reviewed and approved before they go live. ––Approval workflows can be configured in a top down hierarchy at the site, page, and module level. ––Workflows can have an unlimited number of states and reviewers. ▪▪Granular permissions ––In the Community Edition only two options are available: “View” and “Edit”. ––In the commercial editions users and groups can be given permission to: view content, add child pages, add modules to a page, copy modules from one page to another, delete content from a page, export a page template, import a page template, or manage page settings. ▪▪Security Roles ––Administrators can assign roles for different types of users including registered users, subscribers, content providers, affiliates, and media. Users can belong to more than one group. ––Administrators can then access and edit access rights for each group ––Rights can be assigned to an entire site, a single page, or to individual modules on a page. ▪▪Application integrity – Installed files are checked against the standard release files and any inconsistencies are reported. This includes files that are out of date or have been modified. ▪▪Health Monitoring – DotNetNuke pings your website to ensure it’s up and running and we notify you in the event of a failure. ▪▪Active Directory Authentication Provider – Ability to login using your organizations active directory credentials ▪▪Site groups ––Site administrators can manage users across multiple web sites. ––Users can log onto multiple sites using the same credentials. ––Simplified screens let administrators set up and manage granular permissions for users across many sites.

Mobile ▪▪Device Detection and Redirection – DotNetNuke can automatically detect the type of mobile device accessing your site and redirect the request to a page optimized for that device. ▪▪Premium 51 Degrees mobile device detection database ––DotNetNuke bundles the 51 Degrees Device Detection Repository (DDR) which contains data for thousands of devices and processes over 179 million device lookups per month. ––PE/EE bundles the Premium DDR which includes over 100 device attributes and is automatically updated on a weekly basis. ––CE includes the Lite version which only includes three device attributes (IsMobile, Width, Height) and doesn’t contain the popular “IsTablet” attribute. The Lite version is also only updated on a quarterly basis. ▪▪Mobile Site Templates ––Dynamically renders content based on device size. ––Provides an easy-to-use interface to develop mobile websites and a mobile-optimized menu structure. ▪▪Mobile Site Previewer – Lets you see how mobile content will look on thousands of different device types including Android, iOS, Windows Phone7 and Blackberry devices. ▪▪Site Groups ––Administrators can manage users across multiple web sites and log onto multiple sites using the same credentials. ––Simplified administrative screens let administrators set up and manage granular permissions for users across many sites.

Support ▪▪Unlimited technical support – PE/EE include tech support through the DotNetNuke Support Network. DNN tech support professionals provide first-level support and DNN engineers provide second-level support. ▪▪Elite Support ––Phone support with priority trouble ticket management and two-hour response time. ––Extended support hours (6am to 6pm PST). ––Available for an additional charge. ▪▪Developer Support ––Provides design and architecture reviews, developer mentoring, and web content strategy consulting. ––Provided by DNN Developer Support Team. ––Available for an additional charge. ▪▪Knowledge base – Access to DNN support network online knowledge base. ▪▪Health Monitoring – DotNetNuke pings your website to ensure it’s up and running and we notify you in the event of a failure. ▪▪Full product documentation – Full product documentation including User and Super User manuals.


Features & Benefits—details (continued)

Document Management ▪▪Document Library ––Hierarchical folder structure shown by folder or category. ––View, add, edit and delete access rights for users or groups. ––Monitor changes via alerts and subscriptions. ––Document versioning allows users to save document versions and rollback to previous versions. ––Document workflow engine to ensure changes are reviewed before being published. ––Download statistics at the folder or category level. ▪▪SharePoint Integration ––Publish documents from SharePoint 2007 or 2010 to a DotNetNuke website. ––Automated document publishing. ––Publish existing SharePoint views and folders. ––Publish existing SharePoint lists to a DNN site. SP Lists are used to create project plans, directories and lists with documents as attachments. ––Specify whether deleted documents are automatically removed from a DotNetNuke site. ––No costly SharePoint Connector license required.

eCommerce ▪▪eCommerce engine – Create online store to easily sell a small portfolio of goods or services. ––Simplified product management. ––Manage orders, discounts and calculate taxes. ––PayPal and Authorize.Net payment options.

Content Management ▪▪Rich HTML Pro Text Editor – Provides rich content editing tools including image management, spell checking and document versioning, version comparison, auto save and recover. ▪▪Content Approval Workflows ––Ensures content changes are reviewed and approved before they go live. ––Approval workflows can be configured in a top down hierarchy at the site, page, and module level. ––Workflows can have an unlimited number of states and reviewers. ▪▪Google Analytics Pro – Support for advanced Google Analytics tracking, including visitor type, landing page, and role or referrer segmentation. ▪▪Advanced Site Search – Search crawler that can index multiple web sites for centralized search results. Also indexes documents. ▪▪User Switcher – Enables superusers to sign in as a site user to troubleshoot problems. ▪▪User Account Management – Lets you create and manage user accounts and assign users to security roles. ▪▪Multi-site Management – Create and manage multiple web sites with multiple domains all with a single instance of DotNetNuke. ▪▪Site Settings – Manage search engine descriptions, welcome messages, logos, site skins and containers. ▪▪File Management – Lets you upload files to the site and manage hierarchical file structures. ▪▪Cloud File Storage – Physical documents can be stored in the DNN file system, database or on Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure ▪▪Cross Site Module Sharing – Use a module and associated content on multiple DNN sites. ▪▪Drag & Drop – Drag and drop modules between panes or from the control panel. ▪▪Default.css – Controls fundamental styles & appearance for default controls like the control panel, module actions, drag & drop. Updated to improve performance, ease of use & reliability for building skins & modules.

▪▪New Control Panel – More intuitive. Personalize with bookmarks. Quick access to common tasks. ▪▪ Module Actions - Manage button replaced with actions menu (edit, manage, move) for greater consistency with design skins ▪▪Site logs – Lets you track users and visitors by generating detailed reports. ▪▪Vendor and affiliate management ––Administrators can store ads and statistical information. ––They can manage start and end dates for ad campaigns, track impressions and calculate cost per impression. ▪▪Bulk email and newsletters – Administrators can compose and send bulk email messages to specific users or groups.

Customize & Extend ▪▪Extend with pre-built apps & skins ––Lets you develop and extend a site by adding modules and skins from the DotNetNuke Store or Extension Forge. ––You can find, purchase and install from within the DotNetNuke CMS. ▪▪Develop custom extensions – DNN open development framework lets you easily develop custom applications and extensions. ▪▪Change site appearance with skins – Change the design of your entire site or individual pages using either pre-built or custom design templates. ▪▪Manage visual design with CSS – Use built-in styles sheets to modify elements such as font type, color, bullet points and background color. ▪▪Service Framework ––Includes the jQuery, jQueryUI and Knockout.js development libraries. ––Enables site developers to easily integrate their web site with other websites or mobile devices. ––Enables developers to build highly interactive web applications that behave like more like desktop applications. ––Based on Microsoft’s WebAPI ▪▪UI customization with Telerik RadControls ––Includes a Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX license for an unlimited number of developers. ––Allows developers to implement a standard UI for custom module development. ▪▪Social API – Enables you to write applications that access and control activity feeds, user relationships, social groups, user profiles, and notifications. ▪▪Content Localization – Create a site in a single master language and then create and manage multiple localized versions of the site.

Social ▪▪Activity feed – Interactive activity feed lets community members interact in a manner similar to the way they do on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. ▪▪User relationships – Lets users “friend” and “follow” other users or groups. Allows users to approve or reject friend requests. ▪▪Social groups – Users can create, join and share content on social interest groups. ▪▪Interactive user profiles – Site members can manage their personal profile with privacy controls, personal file storage, a user-focused activity feed and complete message center. ▪▪Member directory – Users can find and connect with other users on the site. ▪▪Social authentication – Users can register and login to a DNN website using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ credentials. ▪▪Social API – Enables you to write applications that access and control activity feeds, user relationships, social groups, user profiles, and notifications.

Kill points


Claims/known for:


▪▪ Acquia offers hosting, support and professional services for the Drupal open source CMS ▪▪ Similar to DNN in that they are a commercial business based on an Open Source CMS ▪▪ But they don’t offer a commercial version of Drupal because of restrictions in Drupal’s GPL open source license

▪▪ No implementation for .NET ▪▪ Does not offer commercial version of Drupal ▪▪ Drupal is community driven – no corporation behind it ▪▪ Infrequent and unpredictable product releases ▪▪ Difficult upgrade process due to breaking changes in new releases


Claims/known for:


▪▪ Like DNN, Ektron sells a .Net based CMS ▪▪ Proprietary offering that is targeted at the very high end of the market with an ASP of around $30,000 ▪▪ Extensive partner ecosystem ▪▪ Over 8000 customers

▪▪ Closed platform is not as flexible or extensible as DNN platform; lacks open API ▪▪ Lacks commercial market for applications and design templates which increases development costs ▪▪ Limits to the number of users and domains ▪▪ Significantly higher price than DNN ($40K on average for Perpetual License + Maintenance to $200K for unlimited concurrent users) ▪▪ Lacks social features


Claims/known for:


▪▪ Like DNN, Kentico offers a CMS based on Microsoft’s .Net platform ▪▪ Offers packaged solutions for Marketing Automation, Communities & Intranet ▪▪ Based in the Czech Republic

▪▪ Closed platform is not as flexible or extensible as DNN platform ▪▪ Limited U.S. support/presence; based in Czech Republic and targets Europe ▪▪ Limited number of third party apps available (approx. 250) ▪▪ Smaller installed base than DNN; only 12,000 sites deployed ▪▪ Limits for number of users, sites, and bundled add-ons ▪▪ Lacks key social features like an activity feed


Claims/known for:


▪▪ Like DNN, Sitecore offers a CMS based on Microsoft’s .Net platform ▪▪ Proprietary offering that is targeted at the very high end of the market with an ASP of around $40,000 ▪▪ Everything you need out of the box ▪▪ Provides complete marketing automation solution ▪▪ Leader on Gartner CMS quadrant

▪▪ Closed, proprietary platform requires custom coding, no open API ▪▪ Lacks commercial market for applications and design templates which locks customer into Sitecore for expensive custom development ▪▪ Significantly higher priced than DNN ▪▪ Lacks many social features

Sitefinity (Telerik)

Claims/known for:


▪▪ Division of Telerik, a leading supplier of developer tools ▪▪ DNN partners with Telerik to distribute the HTML editor and RadControls in our commercial product ▪▪ Sitefinity is their CMS offering, with strong out of the box usability

▪▪ Limited to one domain (for all editions), limits on # of concurrent users and content items on site for all editions except $20K Enterprise Edition ▪▪ Source code only available in the ($20K) Enterprise Edition ▪▪ Highest support level guarantees (only) 24-hour response time ▪▪ Limited number of apps in its online marketplace (under 100) ▪▪ No training offered by Telerik ▪▪ Lacks social features



▪▪ Like DNN, an open source CMS based on the .Net framework ▪▪ As an open source platform, they are also open and extensible for 3rd party development ▪▪ Strong presence in Europe – based in Denmark

▪▪ Open-source project with limited enterprise support: 12 person shop ▪▪ No commercial CMS offering; sells only support and limited number of modules (document management, forms, content staging) ▪▪ Limited U.S. support/presence; based in Denmark and targets European markets ▪▪ Fewer 3rd party extensions, templates and applications (hundreds vs. 10,000 for DNN) ▪▪ Less functionality out of the box than DNN ▪▪ Small partner network: only 10 partners listed in North America ▪▪ Very technical CMS requires users to have extensive technical expertise ▪▪ Move to V5 on MVC broke existing apps, had to abandon and revert to V4


Claims/known for:


▪▪ L.A.M.P.-based Open Source project and popular blogging platform now increasingly used as a CMS ▪▪ owned by Automatic Corporation provides a free blogging platform

▪▪ No implementation for .Net ▪▪ Extremely limited CMS capabilities; lacks: – Content approval workflows – Document management – Security roles – Multi-site support – User management – SharePoint integration – Packaged commerce solution – Packaged social features ▪▪ Wordpress like Drupal is an Open Source project – Infrequent and unpredictable product releases – Difficult upgrade process due to breaking changes in new releases

Enterprise Social Tools (Jive, SocialCast, Yammer, Telligent, etc…)

Claims/known for:


▪▪ A number of companies market social solutions for either Enterprise Social Networks or Online Communities ▪▪ They provide out-of-the-box solutions for group collaboration ▪▪ Many are pioneers in adapting social paradigm for the enterprise

▪▪ Social solutions lack content management functionality including workflows, permissions, portals, and site groups ▪▪ Expensive to license and customize; DNN has lower software and customization costs ▪▪ Causes customer to create “silos” of data and user accounts ▪▪ Requires customer to manage web content with one system and social content with a second ▪▪ Many solutions are difficult to extend and customize

Kill points

Claims/known for:


Brand Name Accounts

SuperShuttle (Veolia Transportation) Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Using DNN for public facing site, intranet, extranet

▪▪Workflow/granular permissions ▪▪Elite Support ▪▪Web farm caching provider

Why DNN? ▪▪One group had experience with DNN ▪▪.NET ▪▪CMS capabilities ▪▪Flexibility ▪▪Value/$

Status: Live Case Study: NO URL:

Kingston Technology Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Public facing site refresh ▪▪Moved from custom ASP site to DNN

▪▪Localization ▪▪Web farm caching provider ▪▪Workflow/granular permissions ▪▪Content Staging

Why DNN? ▪▪Value ▪▪Flexibility and extensibility ▪▪Multi-lingual support ▪▪.NET based

Status: Live Case Study: NO URL:

Brand Name Accounts

Hilton Grand Vacations Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Leading provider of timeshare properties at upscale resorts ▪▪Outdated L.A.M.P.-based web platform was cumbersome and difficult to integrate with back-end systems ▪▪Switched to DNN for multiple public facing sites via web and mobile

▪▪DNN Enterprise Edition ▪▪Web farm support ▪▪Mobile ▪▪HTML Pro module ▪▪Form Master

Why DNN? ▪▪.NET/compatibility with back-end Microsoft systems ▪▪Scalability/ability to handle heavy periodic loads ▪▪Unified platform to manage multiple sites ▪▪Mobile support

Status: Live Case Study: NO URL:

XOS Digital DNN Products/Features

▪▪XOS Digital Sports Network uses DotNetNuke to power college sports sites including: ––PAC-12 ––NCAA ––Big East ––MAC ––Rose Bowl ––Purdue ▪▪XOS Digital delivers content on desktop, mobile, tablet and Smart TV ▪▪XOS Digital provides design, development, licensing and marketing services

▪▪Upgraded from Community Edition to DNN Professional Edition ▪▪6 Servers, 2 Web Farms ▪▪Mobile ▪▪Customer Development Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:

Why DNN? ▪▪.NET/compatibility with back-end Microsoft systems ▪▪Scalability/ability to handle heavy periodic loads ▪▪Unified platform to manage multiple sites




WINS (continued)


Sports Direct Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪UK’s largest sports retailer ▪▪Largest DNN eCommerce site; among DNN’s largest license customers ▪▪Over 100 online properties including Dunlop, Slazenger, Lonsdale, Everlast, Kangol, Karrimore and Antigua

▪▪Web farm support ▪▪Extensibility ▪▪Skinning engine

Why DNN? ▪▪Scalability: web farm support ▪▪Extensibility: integration with existing eCommerce system (MSFT Commerce Server)

Status: Live; currently supporting 500K hits and 13K transactions per day Case Study: NO URL:

Schuler Shoes Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Shoe retailer based in Minneapolis ▪▪DNN-powered eCommerce site integrated with Schuler business operations

▪▪Granular permissions ▪▪Content approval workflows ▪▪DNN Form & List module ▪▪Open, extensible API (integration with eCommerce engine)

Why DNN? ▪▪Needed to replace static site ▪▪eCommerce integration ▪▪Permission-based model for employees to edit content ▪▪Scheduling sales/promotions on site ▪▪Large community of developers

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:


Cornell University (Johnson School of Management) Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Offers 2-year MBA program ▪▪Old site was aging and cumbersome to navigate ▪▪DNN powers new externally-facing site and intranet for students, faculty, and alumni

▪▪Social features (profiles, forums, and relationships in JConnect social alumni portal) ▪▪Modules: DNNArticle from ZLDNN, Events Calendar & Registration from InvenManager

Why DNN? ▪▪Cost ▪▪Social features ▪▪Technical support ▪▪Support for MSFT technologies ▪▪Extensibility through 3rd party module integration

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:

University of New Orleans Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Public university with over 11,000 students, LSU campus ▪▪Needed a permanent solution to replace temporary post-Katrina website ▪▪Supports hundreds of sub-sites used by UNO colleges and departments

▪▪Document Library (versioning documents, statistics, archiving) ▪▪Multi-portal (200 sites) ▪▪Granular permissions ▪▪Content approval workflows

Why DNN?

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:

▪▪Cost ▪▪Time to market ▪▪Active Directory integration ▪▪Multi-portal capability ▪▪Technical Support ▪▪Ability for non-technical content editors to update site ▪▪Document sharing


WINS (continued)


Department of Defense Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Migrating 600+ sites to DNN, including,,, ▪▪Enterprise Edition Site License customer

▪▪Site groups ▪▪Workflow/granular permissions ▪▪Web farm caching provider

Why DNN? ▪▪Security ▪▪Extensibility ▪▪Value

Status: First sites live Case Study: NO URL:

City of Denver Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Redesigned previous site on DNN to improve design, reduce the number of portals and pages ▪▪Created new customer portal to steer constituents to web-based support and away from telephone call centers (“311 help center”)

▪▪Granular permissions ▪▪Multi-portal (70) ▪▪Content approval workflows ▪▪Dynamic forms for 311 help center

Why DNN? ▪▪Scalability ▪▪Cost ▪▪Extensibility (did customer development and integrated with existing applications)

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:


York County, VA Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪DNN powers constituent and employee communications website for county government ▪▪Enables about 70 content managers and supports about 10,000 content pages

▪▪PE ▪▪Granular permissions ▪▪DNN technical support ▪▪Full product documentation

Why DNN? ▪▪Easy to deploy with limited resources ▪▪User friendly ▪▪Affordable

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:

Township of Langley Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪DNN powers constituent and employee communications website for city government ▪▪Supports content management, search, and electronic service delivery

▪▪Google Analytics ▪▪DNN Document Library ▪▪DNN Calendar module integrated with MS Exchange server

Why DNN? ▪▪Seamless integration with existing technology infrastructure (Visual Studio, SharePoint, and .NET framework) ▪▪Support of third-party extensions

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:


WINS (continued)


Northern Health Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪Regional healthcare provider in British Columbia ▪▪DNN powers externally-facing information portal site to provide health info to constituents and customers ▪▪Grew content contributors from 15 to 40

▪▪PE ▪▪Content management system ▪▪Built-in granular permissions

Why DNN?

Status: Live Case Study: YES URL:

▪▪Flexibility ▪▪Support ▪▪Cost

Cleveland Clinic Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪▪DNN used for intranet portal for hospital staff to access critical information and documents ▪▪Regional intranet portals running on CE; considering upgrade to PE ▪▪Public site currently using SharePoint; DNN is a finalist for site migration

▪▪Worfkow/permissions ▪▪Web farm support ▪▪Social features and functionality

Why DNN? ▪▪Workflow/permissions ▪▪Social collaboration ▪▪SharePoint connector ▪▪Flexible and extensible

Status: Intranet and regional intranet portals are live Case Study: NO URL: N/A (intranet only)

Web Communities

Charity Village Overview

DNN Products/Features

▪ Provides services including community forums, job boards, and subject expert content to Canada’s nonprofit sector ▪ Canada’s largest online community in the non-profit space with 70,000 members ▪ Upgraded its web presence with DNN by integrating social features

▪ Social features (activity feed, messaging, groups, profiles) ▪ Granular permissions ▪ Security roles supporting premium memberships & eLearning subscription ▪ Open API enabling integration with eCommerce solution

Why DNN? ▪ Social community features ▪ eCommerce integration ▪ Needed CMS to replace old static site built in HTML using Dreamweaver ▪ Support for Microsoft infrastructure ▪ Ability to separate access to free and paid content ▪ Ability for non-technical users to make changes to site

Status: Live (moving to 6.2) Case Study: YES URL:



Overcome With

Why pay for something I can get for free?

▪▪PE/EE improves site performance, security and scalability ▪▪It enables you to develop and deploy mobile sites ▪▪It is fully supported by DNN Corp ▪▪[See Features & Benefits for features only available via commercial editions]

DNN doesn’t work “out of the box”

▪▪DNN’s framework gives you the ability to extend, customize, and tailor your site to meet your specific needs ▪▪This customization provides you with a source of differentiation and advantage over your competitors ▪▪Lets you create a “best of breed” website by letting you more easily integrate with the leading tools and modules available from the developer ecosystem (many competitors’ modules are not best of breed)

I don’t want to pay an annual fee

▪▪With DNN’s pricing model the initial cost of entry is much lower, saving you money up front ▪▪You can purchase a multi-year license to drive the costs down even further ▪▪DNN’s core licensing is extremely affordable, and in many cases our annual fee is comparable to the annual software maintenance fees of our competitors

CE is good enough

▪▪Is the site important (mission critical) to your business? ▪▪What is the cost to your business if the site goes down? ▪▪What is the cost to your career if the site goes down?

You guys are small; I’ve never heard of DNN before

▪▪DNN has been in the market nearly a decade; it has over 7 million downloads and more than one million registered community members ▪▪DNN currently powers over 700,000 production websites ▪▪DNN currently powers SportsDirect, one of the largest e-commerce sites in Europe, with over 45,000 e-commerce transactions per day ▪▪We have over 125 members in our ISV program and our online marketplace contains over 10,000 apps from over 800 ISVs


Overcome With

I don't trust open source ▪▪With DotNetNuke you get the advantages of Open Source with a commercially supported product offering

▪▪Open Source software is among the most robust, stable, and secure software on the market (think of Linux, PHP…) ▪▪With more developers exploring vulnerabilities and providing patches, open source software tends to be more secure than proprietary software

.NET is old technology

▪▪.NET is a market-tested, end-to-end framework that is fully supported by Microsoft, probably the world’s leader in providing application infrastructure for the enterprise ▪▪It’s a safe bet that Microsoft will continue to provide full support and upgrade paths for .NET for the foreseeable future ▪▪No one ever got fired for buying Microsoft

It’s too hard to design in ▪▪DNN has skinning capability that lets you easily create a wide variety DNN; can’t create a good of great looking sites looking site ▪▪It comes with sample sites which you can modify to create the look you want ▪▪Cool sites designed on DNN include:

We had a bad experience ▪▪Monthly release cycle enables us to address stability or usability issues with you several years ago that may arise; we have made significant improvements to the product over the last several years/months

▪▪A poor experience could have been impacted by a poor implementation as opposed to the underlying product

▪▪Our installed base is testimony to the strength of the product: we wouldn’t have 1 million users and 700K+ sites if the product was unstable or of low quality

DNN only drives small sites

▪▪DNN is currently running SportsDirect, one of the largest e-commerce sites in Europe, with over 45,000 e-commerce transactions per day


▪▪We have resources available to make sure your experience with DNN is positive (e.g., training, developer support services, partner network, The Store)



Elite Support

▪Phone support with priority trouble ticket management and twohour response time ▪Extended support hours (6am to 6pm PST)

Developer Support

▪Design and architecture reviews, developer mentoring, and web content strategy consulting ▪Provided by DNN Developer Support Team


▪On-site custom training ▪Custom webinars ▪Canned online training and webinars

Why Buy?

▪Superior support coverage reduces risk, especially for mission-critical websites ▪Full source-code access for modules (CE only has source code for core framework) allows you to understand best practices, repurpose code

▪Fast-track development projects ▪Performance/security tuning ▪Optimize site architecture to maximize success for your DNN site

▪Get up to speed on the basics of DNN and developing to it ▪Fully utilize DNN to create differentiated, easy-to-manage websites ▪Provide training to multiple developers and team members ▪Tailored to your specific needs and skill levels



DNN Sales Guide