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Melondipity Has Finalized its First Catalog and is Now Offering its Products on a Wholesale Basis Melondipity has finalized its first catalog and is now offering a selection of its products on a wholesale basis. Their products range from hats for newborns, babies, toddlers and kids under multiple categories like Sun Hats, Flower Hats, Animal Hats, Beanie Hats, Crochet Hats, Fashion Hats, and Stocking Hats. Their adorable and perky range of hats promises a perfect fit for every baby. Their hats, apart from being cozy, comfortable and cute, are great way for mothers to help protect their baby from harsh environmental conditions. Their range of sun hats is designed for both comfort and fashion, and most importantly, to help protect baby's head, face and ears from the sun. Right from their start, Melondipity has chosen some of the best baby hat options in the World, and their collection continues to grow to ensure each and every customer has a product fit for her. The baby hats now available in their collections feature hats with animal characters, flowers, traditional stocking hats, and sun hats, just to name a few. Their baby hat collection offers some of the cutest and most practical ways to keep babies warm and protected. Their hats are protective, comfortable and fun for any baby to wear. The baby hats Melondipity offers have many textures blended with different designs, coupled with a range of colors, making their range of baby hats some of the most popular and unique baby accessories available around the globe. About - Melondipity offers a variety of styles, hand-picked by their Melondipity Moms, from cuddly animal hats and beanie hats to warm ear-flap and flower hats and headbands -- both baby boy hats and baby girl hats. If someone is looking for adorable and unique baby hats, toddler hats and kids hats then it’s the right place to browse. The one-of-a-kind products they offer are hand-selected to be not only adorable and unique, but also of the highest quality. They are continually adding new styles and sizes to To know more about them, please visit Contact Address -: 3850 Bessemer Rd Suite #120 Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 872-222-9428

Melondipity Has Finalized its First Catalog and is Now Offering its Products on a Wholesale Basis