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Melondipity Enables Customers to Choose from the Widest Variety of Toddler Hats Perfect for children of all ages, Melondipity is an online store for baby and toddler hats that are designed to be comfortable in every season. The bucket and sun hats are designed not only to keep the little one in fashion, but also protected from the sun. The company delivers sun protection hats that come in a variety of styles, fabrics, sizes, and colors. The company's wide brimmed sun hats, bucket sun hats and white sun hats are among the most popular. Their bucket hats are yet another way to protect your infant or toddler from the sun. The company also stocks numerous baby sun hats with a strap under the chin. The strap helps keep the sun hat on the baby's head and makes it more difficult for them to remove it. While addressing the media, Jason Guerrettaz, CEO of United Commerce Group, the owner of stated, “All baby hats and toddler hats at Melondipity provide necessary protection against the weather and are adorable. Our baby sun hat collections have the perfect touch of uniqueness and chic that blends style, quality and value into a single product.� Melondipity also offers other hair accessories for babies, kids and toddlers. These accessories include attractive hair clips and headbands. The store only offers its clients products made of the very highest quality fabrics that are comfortable for all babies, kids, and toddlers.

About the Company Since its beginning in 2009, Melondipity has become a nationally recognized name for their adorable and unique hats, with loyal customers in all 50 states and several countries throughout the world. The company prides themselves on hand-selecting all their products and making each customer feel as special as the unique headwear they purchase. At Melondipity, their number-one goal has always been to provide a great experience for customers through the products they offer, their user-friendly and beautiful website and overall customer care. To know more, please visit:

Melondipity Enables Customers to Choose from the Widest Variety of Toddler Hats