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Pray for Kenya

“Because God is Love� - James

By Richard Close Servant A donation book for: Kitale Deliverance Church and Encouragement Inc.

It is Tuesday night prayer at Brooklyn Tabernacle, I’m drowning in the ocean of praise of all nations. I am reflecting about what an amazing adventure life becomes when we truly give ourselves to do the Lord’s will, in Jesus’ name. My heart drifts to the mission at Zambia, the orphans, teachers, pastors and farms. The wonderful spirit within Africa’s people The point the US news seems to completely miss. When Father tugs on our hearts like this, it is time to listen and obey. The Blackberry vibrates and Pastor Vic Rader asks me to come to the orphanages of Kenya. As it is when walking with Father, The world of busy schedules, tight finances, a fiance and children, all make way for His will. God will have His way. Just say, “Yes, Lord,” and life changes. In a matter of weeks, we are traveling through the small villages of North West Kenya, Meeting with both small and large church pastors. Now I sit with all I need in America Watching a spiritual/tribal war in Kenya unfold. At times the tears are uncontrollable, as I try to select a few of the thousands of images on my laptop. Like Jesus weeping when seeing His friends suffer, I pray these images open your hearts. These are not just Africans in some distant war, These are our brothers, sisters and children. I pray these images will encourage you embrace and help them.

Although Father intimately knows each soul behind the image, Many within these pages I have come to know personally. Living in the orphanage in Waybe, Kenya, I wake up to warm milk with tea and children’s laughter. I walk the kids to school with the oil trucks and ox carts. Playing ball in the slums with plastic bags wrapped with string, I am blessed by the incredibly sweet laughter of the children. At times, playing with street kids, a young child would sink into my arms crying. I rub their back praying, “Jesus Loves you so much.” They would run back into the fray laughing. There is a Pastor Paul in Uganda. We fund him for approximately 30 children and check in with him. When we meet, he states that he is “so blessed.” His little mud church sleeps 43 kids on the floor each night. Perhaps another 100 children arrive for feeding by day. The skinny pastor in old dirty clothes Again says, “We are so very blessed.” Beyond the terror of the news, Kenya is filled with thousands of wonderful Christian souls. They humble us in our materially obsessed world. I am not a professional photographer, Yet I woke each morn and asked Father what He wanted you to see... His miracles at work. Weeping in the Tabernacle, I pray for the many I met and Love. A sister of the Prayer Band lays a loving hand on me, “God’s hand is on Africa, don’t worry.” Let us not standby and watch Kenya drown. When Peter tried to walk on water out to Jesus... fear caused him to sink. He cried out to Jesus and was lifted back into the boat. These images are for you to witness His wonderful people, for your heart to open, and for you to do the Father’s will.

A Loving Benefit Book By: The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. Join: Blog: Purchase: Servant Author Photographer Richard C. Close Thanks and Blessing to Rev. Moses Wanyonyi and Margaret of the Dilerance Church of Kitale and to the children of Kitale. All my love for Rev. Vic Rader and the amazing work of Encouragement Inc. orphanages

Copyright 2008 Richard C. Close This book may not be reproduced or disseminated for commercial use in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever (including by photocopy or by electronic means) without the express written permission of the author. All rights, including the right of translations and excerpts are reserved. Made in USA

Companion book to “The Beatitudes” and “Inside the Gospel Rescue Mission” by Richard C Close are available at

Pray for Kenya

Pray For Leaders

Nambali Leadership Training

Supervisor of 200 Small Churches

Kimilili Leadership

Waybe Leadership Training

Pray for these Pastors of Kenya

In the front lines, these pastor’s must be both humble to hear Father and like a rock in faith.

Kitale in NW Kenya is like the end of the line. Rev. Moses Wanyonyi and Margaret, his wife, of the Deliverance Church, serve everything from street kids of Kitale to teachers in local schools. Raised from nothing in mud huts of the slum, they know how only God truly transforms. After the CNN photo-op is long gone, the Saturday morning routines its feeding, cleaning and counseling hundreds of dirt covered street kids continues. In a brief pause, she leans against an office pole observing the sea of children and volunteers. There is little from the states to help, funding is never enough, and somehow it all works. God provides.

Feedings, housing, and microeconomics all help, but they do not save a soul ravaged by poverty, cruelity, corruption and war. Sitting with Pastor Moses in a taylors home, a story unfolds of having his sewing machines stolen, starvation, depression and Christian love. It’s about love that embraces a whole family, forgiveness, mercy, help, encouragement, a place to stay, new sewing machines, and a new life. It is a local church, friends, community and the witness of the power of mercy in Jesus that is so alive today. To save an individual, family, slum or country, we need to be consistant, loving and always available.... Just like God. It is easy for the academics and press to mock a few Christians, but for thousands of years, Christians have demonstrated the capacity to “out-love” the suffering in the world. And while the political climate and funding changes like the wind, there is always a faithful missionary somewhere, holding the line when the machetes, burning and starvation come to poverty’s door. Jesus’ love is like that.


The Loved

The Unloved

The Lost


Father knows each mother, each child, each tear, before it hits the floor.

The Slum Tests Your Soul Anger or Love Greed or Grace

Girls & Boys


Each night, we would sit on John and Nancy’s steps selling goods to the street traffic. Sunset would come while playing with street kids, talking about Jesus, our wives, kids, America, bishops and business.

Proud of their democracy, Kenyan’s work so hard and with such humble pride. “Come,” he says “let me show you my wife, business and children.” As he shows me his milling and carpentry businesses, he says, “I need an investor for more material.” I tell him, I am short $1,200 for December’s rent for my son and me, could he help me, seeing he had his own business? We both laugh and watch his kids play.


Kenya is filled with orphanges and those who do His will.

Home At The Waybe Orphanage: Each morning is prayer, warm milk and tea with the staff over the coal stove. Laughter in the silence of sleepy kids before school.

Every morning the dirt and bad beans must be separated from the good ones for the Orphan’s food. Life is like that... Serparating good from bad and then eating.

Again and again each day the same tasks: To love and serve the children



They call themselves Servants. They Work, Raise Childen and Love no Matter What Happens.


Waybe Encouragement Orphans Walk to School... They LOVE school.

Deliverance Church, Kitale Slums

Oh, Father, Hear Our Prayers... In You, All Things are Possible... Kitale

Why did Father send me to Kenya? He Wants Us To Know That these Mothers Are Our Mothers, These Fathers Are Our Fathers, These Children Are Our Children. Each One Has a Name, A Soul, A Love, A Life. His Will Is To Serve and Protect Them. His Will Is Love and Mercy, For “God is Love.” We must Ask Ourselves, Do We Do God’s Will Or Our Own?

All Glory to God Our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. May we ask a few things of you? First: If this book has opened your heart, send this book to someone you love or you feel should read it. It is Free to send in its entirety. Second: Help. Not out of guilt, but because you love God and what He is doing. I am not a fan of middle men or big marketing programs. I give directly to those who can use it. No organization funded me to do this. Father God and Jesus saved my life both physically and spiritually. It is my way of showing the depth of His Love and Mercy to this hard world. Please... Love one another. Please support your churches mission efforts. If your heart feels moved, please donate to those who are in these pages at: or email me about the church in Kitale with Rev. Moses. Third: If you wonder if one day all races will give glorious praise, worship and love one another in Jesus’ name, come to There you will witness the crossroads of the world loving one another. Fourth: When you separate the money, power and politics from Christianity, you fall in love with Jesus’ life. When you take Jesus down from the big church, you can call Him your own and place Him deep in your heart. You will be transformed and life will become an amazing adventure. Jesus is a relationship and not a religion. Jesus only makes sense when you embrace Him inside of your heart. Fifth: All around you there are people who desperately need you. Love them. Help them. Open your heart to do your Father’s will and what a heaven you will see. When you get there, look me up and tell me all about it. In His Eternal Love, Richard email: 2008 Copyright Richard Close Remember: Images and this book are not for church worship, resale or commercial use without written permission from the author. However, you are encouraged to send it unedited to someone you love for free.

Pray for Kenya  

Photography and writings on Kenya Rift Valley about the work of the Purpose Driven Church in Kitale Kenya and Kenya Orphans. More can be fou...

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