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How To Pick A Mutual Fund In A Troubled Market? The recent developments in the Eurozone caused European markets to face more pressure, making the North American markets revert to a condition of hypersensitivity; Richard Cayne Meyer says that every little move or remark from the Eurozone is affecting the North American markets adversely, causing speculation among investors.

The market conditions being so volatile, that even professional investors are failing to figure out the Eurozone, no wonder it is extremely tough for a part-time or amateur investor to make any sense of the current state of the markets! What is to be done in these disconcerting markets?

Think Long Term Richard Cayne Meyer says that if you are choosing funds for your retirement accounts, the timeline for such an investment is usually long-term. The seemingly not-so-attractive funds can be purchased at a bargain when the markets are troubled. A long term investment, such as of a span of 30 years or so, especially those related to the selective markets in the Eurozone or in Asia, are cheap presently, and in the long run can prove to be an attractive investment.

Buying with Knowledge and Awareness Global financial markets while being highly volatile, offer a lot of scope for an investor, if he deeply evaluates the condition of the global financial system. Richard Cayne Meyer suggests taking a close look at how the fund's assets are invested, before you invest in an international mutual fund.

Avoid Buying and Selling If you are a long-term investor, Richard Cayne Meyer suggests not to buy and sell funds. Instead reallocate them. Reallocating is an alteration in the way of dividing your funds amongst the different allocations of your portfolio. For people who are amateurs, or with less knowledge of the trade, should ideally consult a good financial advisor, before undertaking a reallocation process.

Control What You Can The future of the market cannot be precisely predicted, even by the best and the most experienced investors. Nobody knows what the next government policies might be, and how they might affect the markets in the future. Richard Cayne Meyer says that the biggest mistake that an amateur investor can make is attempting to predict the future. Richard Cayne Meyer says that it is a much better idea to control what you can. It is possible to control how much in fees you pay, and if you can choose funds with comparatively low turnover, keeping it’s expenditures in check. Maintaining an appropriate allocation within your portfolio is also suggested. Richard Cayne Meyer says that anything other than a strong plan of action with clearly defined strategies never really results in making profits.

The Conclusion Nobody knows what will happen in the market tomorrow, but that should not deter an investor to make sound investments into international funds. If you discover an international fund that suits your investment goals, consider taking Richard Cayne Meyer’s advice and buy while the others are still nervous. Richard Cayne of Meyer International in Bangkok Thailand being a native of Montreal Canada is currently the Managing Director of the Meyer Group which is wholly owned by Asia Wealth Group Holdings ltd a UK Listed financial holding company on the ISDX Stock Exchange.

How To Pick A Mutual Fund In A Troubled Market?