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Breaking the Mold standing up for truth amidst judgment

Robby Rabbit and Sammy Snake belonged to two completely different worlds. When their paths crossed, they developed a lasting bond that transformed their lives forever...

Breaking the Mold short story.

One day, Robby Rabbit and Sammy Snake bumped into each other while taking a stroll by the pond. Their families were far behind, so they decided to break the rules and talk to each other. "Hi Sammy, what are you doing way out here?" asked Robby. "I start my day off by slithering by the pond every morning." said Sammy. Robby excitedly replied, "Really? I come here every morning too! How come I never see you?" "You don't see me because I hide from you." said Sammy. The hurt in Robby's eyes was evident. He held back tears as he replied, "I'm sorry. It's clear that you're uncomfortable talking to me. I'll leave." "Wait! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm not allowed to like you. That's why I hide. I'm sorry!" screamed Sammy as Robby began to hop away.

Robby turned around and said, "Why can't you like me? It makes no sense to hate each other just because our ancestors had a stupid fight." “You're right. Why don't we stroll by the pond together every morning? No one will see us.� said Sammy. "Sure!" replied Robby, flashing a big smile. After a few weeks, Robby and Sammy were inseparable. They decided to bring their friendship into the open, regardless of what their families may think. Robby and Sammy nervously gathered their families and declared their friendship. Both families were upset and disagreed with their decision, but chose to accept the friendship because they loved Robby and Sammy. Sammy and Robby had broken the mold. Slowly, both families began to interact together and the rivalry was soon forgotten.

MORAL: Let your own conscience, not the opinions of others, be your guide.

Breaking the Mold personal reflection.

If Sammy and Robby had listened to their families, they would've missed out on an enriching friendship. Thankfully, they decided to think for themselves. It's important to form your own opinions about others.

When you judge someone based on your own personal interactions, you'll be able to make an informed decision. Often times, you'll come to realize that interacting with those which were once considered to be "off limits" leads to the most fulfilling friendships and romantic relationships.

When someone imparts judgment on your decisions, they are penetrating your boundaries. Therefore, you have every right to say, "I appreciate your opinion, but I will base my decisions on what I feel is right."

If you fall in love with someone that has a tainted reputation or you become friends with your brother's enemy, it's natural to be worried about disappointing your friends and family.

You have the right to disagree with another person, including a member of your family.

However, if your family and friends truly love you, they will want you to be happy regardless of their personal feelings.

Reacting in this manner isn't considered to be disrespectful. You're simply preserving your right to think freely.

Follow your heart and let your instincts lead the way. Soon you'll see that this is the formula for paving your road to happiness!

Breaking the mold is sometimes necessary to build a stronger sense of self. It's easy to follow the herd. Making your own decisions takes courage.

Self-Reflection Questions: • Have you ever dated someone that was considered to be off limits? • Do you subconsciously follow the leadership of your friends or relatives? • Do you impart your judgment onto others to try to control the outcome of a situation?

Breaking The Mold  
Breaking The Mold  

A story showing us how we should accept others who are different to the way we are or the way we think.