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Brand Identity Final Project

Created by Richard Bremner

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Logo examples

Logo examples

Color Study

First graphics I gathered into from was Google images, looking for patterns and trends within the graphic world. What I discovered was the graphics I was most drawn to was the clear and crisp look of fonts such as Sublime Digital, Graphik and other like minded graphics. I also had to look at my goals and what spoke to my persona. Color wise, I am drawn to warm-welcoming colors because of how I am. At the same time, I like to be structured and organized.

R=251 G=176 B=59 R=247 G=147 B=30 Black 90% R=193 G=39 B=45 R=217 G=224 B=33 R=241 G=90 B=36

I decided to run with a color scheme similar to the one below, the warmth of the colors draws the consumer in and gives feelings of comfort. This has been proven time and time again with major corporations such as McDonalds and KFC.

Concept Art

Concept Art

Logo Choice

Ultimately I had many choices to make and have even less color options. I had come up with 5 possible different names each with their own characteristics. Some of the stemmed the feeling of excellences while others leaned towards creativity. I wanted a fine balance between the 5 points I had set out in my creative brief equally. It was down to these 6 choices I gave further analyzing. Each one was given a certain tag-line but one that stuck in many situations was “What Ignites you?”. These words speak to many if not all people from pretty much any background. I started to Think of the spirit of fire, the Olympics, the statue of liberty and even the beginning of time. Every idea starts with a spark and is a journey treaded by many in the everyday life and in the business world. This I felt spoke to many of the points I outlined in my creative brief, which gave me an astonishing understanding of why creative briefs are so useful. At that point the choice was clear: Engorge Graphics. The name was unique and is not copyrighted within the United States or in Canada. Whats more, the color scheme fit bang on, like a puzzle piece being fit into place. But just in case, I experimented with one of the other logo’s to see what it had to offer. R-Block design was next in that list of choices, with the use of sleek and original design with an non-copyrighted name.

Color Schemes Logo Colors

From the colors above, I used a mixture of the colors through gradients and background schemes. For the R-block design Logo, I had only used the red from the color scheme with a 70% to 100% black gradients to give it’s own unique style. I looked at both objectively and saw what each emblem had: R-Block Design -Clean and sleek -3 dimensional, isometric design -Unique Name -Good in use of various contrasts -Draws in the viewer with the 3 dimensional -Structured design, Sturdy Enflame Graphics -Warm, Welcoming colors -Crisp font choice, giving a feeling of pride or excellence -Tag-line thought provoking, challenging -Good contrast options -Coherent Design, colors, tag-line, emblem and name all relate in some shape or form -Meaning can relate: Spirit of fire, the burning desire, the flame of victory, the spark of an idea, the flames of the forge at work, -Good Strength in the signature, very sturdy in presence -Interesting curvature with structure, keeping the viewer curious as to what the emblem represents I looked at all these points and the ratio is 6:8. Enflame remained my final choice as it is the most coherent and engaging of the logos. After some discussion with my instructor, I decided to change the logo name from Engorge to Enflame, as the word “Engorge” ccould send the wrong message to clients.

Final Application The result

The letterhead, envelope and business card have all two things in common: The blend burn effect and subtle curving graphic. Both these factors draw you in to observe the character and the feelings expressed by the brand. Desire to ignite change and ideas is infinite in it’s mass, and the brand speaks all this within a simple business card or letterhead and with the name change the it all flows as one coherient design.

62 Taylor Rd. Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1J1 Business: (705) 645-9480 Fax: (705) 645-5674

nflame r aphics What Ignites You?

Creative Brief Richard Bremner, Graphic Designer and creator of Engorge Graphics Excellence, Integrity, Dedication, Communication and most of all Creativity. These 5 points are what define what I aim for, but not who I am. I like to listen, I like to open new doors to opinions never taken into perspective and most of all I just want to be a friend. The audience I seek is broad and the possibilities are endless, and I want to be a conduit of not only my own creativity but to others as well. I wish to enable my clients to bring their vision to life and seek out new markets and designs.

Dedication In my personal words, “To have a disturbing amount of work ethic”. To be one-on-one in client interviews to break down everything they want for them, to meet their goals. Meeting the goals on time and bringing what is needed to the table.



Connection to the client is incredibly important, as a client that doesn’t connect to their designer can The desire to pursue the clients needs to the very and will have a disconnected brand. Not only your end, to never stop until the client is above and be- client, but the consumers as well. Building a large yond satisfied. Ironically, it is also to accept when social network can truly amplify a company’s potenthe designer is wrong. In the world of excellence we tial and something I have seen companies fail with must accept mistakes and take responsibility and severe consequences. It is proven that as consumer understand we are all human and perfection is met being heard is a satisfied consumer. Being connectthrough trial and error. ed on a personal level is great to have for advertisement and brand promotion.


To uphold professional conduct, to unify and structure the design process. To pursue organized presentation and to build upon the lessons of mistakes. To be human, to accept we are capable of anything we put our mind to. Creating an environment that promotes creativity and understanding. To help change and accommodate for those who are lost in the world of creativity.

Creativity To let the mind wander and take hold, let dreams come alive before our eyes and take what the clients needs are and bring them to the next level. To endorse a creative environment to help promote new solutions and help promote new brands.

References Trademark name Research

All images were researched on google under “Graphic Design Logos” and “Logo Designs” Please leave feedback on this spread as I am trying to get feedback for my portfolio, please and thank you!

Brand identity final  

Brand Identity School Project that I am trying to get feedback for. Comments much appreciated. U can Email feedback at Richardb_hope@hotmail...