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Chaos, 2000 Hard Shoulder Two track audio CD Although “Chaos” was the first Hard Shoulder music to be “released” it was not the first created. The music on “Take That And Shove It” (2000) pre-dates it, but was unfinished at the time of this release. The CD was a homemade CDR package of the tracks “Satori” (6ʼ13ʼʼ) and “The Great Wave” (6ʼ37ʼʼ). You can clearly hear the influences of New Order and Nine Inch Nails as well as familiar dance music motifs. The cover was a home-made, inkjet printed gatefold sleeve, with graphics created in Aldus Intellidraw 2.0 and laid out with ClarisWorks 5, probably on an Apple PowerMac 4400, and printed on a Apple Color StyleWriter 2500. The CD also had an inkjet-printed label. Originally, only about 10 numbered CDs were made and distributed to friends and family. The music was created using an “instant music” application called “Music 2000” on a Sony Playstation. All sounds were derived from the included library, and the noise elements created by using various modulation effects. The audio tracks are available online on SoundCloud. Richard Bolam, August 2012

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