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Restaurant Written by: Richard Baldwin

Pastas, pizzas and fine Italian cuisine; simply the best way to describe what you have to look forward to when dining out at Caves and Ives. While there are several Italian focused restaurants in the Arizona Valley there are none who offer the same relaxed atmosphere and mouth watering scents wafting in the air as Caves and Ives. You may be thinking to yourself, “have I seen Caves and Ives?” Where is Caves and Ives and what can I expect when dining there? Do not fret my friends. Caves and Ives just recently launched their Grand Opening near the Biltmore area in the hustle and fine bustle of 44th St and Indian School. You can find Caves and Ives on the south side of Indian School Rd. between 40th and 44th St. in a neatly trimmed and modern adobe building sitting just above Sacks Art of a Sandwich shop. As Arizonians we are blessed with sun kissed and breezy afternoons almost year around. Having said this “we” know what a relaxed and resort feel is when it comes to our patios. I feel Caves and Ives truly maximized on this understanding in their sleek and sexy design of their entire establishment. The floor plan is open and decadent with nicely topped leather wooden chairs, richly varnished table tops


and deeply seated leather and fabric chairs ready for you to take a load off. My favorite accent is the cabana style fine linens eloquently draped between stone pillars. I always enjoy a restaurant which is confident in their kitchen; not only in their platted meals ushered from the kitchen to the dining room, but also in the design of the exposed kitchen to the dining room. It shows confidence in their chef and staff because they suddenly are exposed to any and all watching eyes. Caves and Ives is also very comfortable on the wallet. It’s hard to find such detail, lavishness and superbly prepared meals at an affordable restaurant these days. Yet, as I scanned through the menu I noticed there was not a single meal priced over fifteen dollars, with the average falling right in the seven to eight dollar range. No restaurant is complete without the proper wine and ales to percolate your taste buds as you await your meal. You’ll be very pleased to hear Caves and Ives carries a very extensive and finely chosen wine list, which you can enjoy by the glass or bottle, and several world-class and premium crafted domestic and imported beers. Also be sure to enjoy their happy hour from 4 - 6 p.m. daily.

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