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Media Kit

This contains valuable information belonging to 7th Heaven Calendars. This document is intended to be reviewed by potential business sponsors, all figures, graphs, and marketing strategies are protected. Any form of reproduction of this document made without the consent of 7th Heaven Calendars is prohibited and will be prosecuted in a Court of Law pursuant to Arizona State Laws.

About 7th Heaven Calendars 7th Heaven Calendars is a local swimsuit calendar, sister company to 7th Heaven Boutique. 7th Heaven Calendars was established in 2013 by local modeling liaison, Richard Baldwin. The idea behind 7th Heaven Calendars is to establish an Arizonan calendar that showcases local modeling talent and businesses across The Valley, in a bold, sexy, tasteful and eloquent manner, capturing fans across the nation and world. 7th Heaven Calendars enables talent to grow not only as a model but also as a brand ambassador for their business sponsors. While allowing reputable businesses an affordable marketing outlet that directly supports the modeling industry, along with benefiting their brands exposure and clientele. 7th Heaven Calendars chooses not to work with modeling talent who have been involved with any nude or pornographic material. As an organization, 7th Heaven Calendars holds the highest industry standards for our models and takes great value in developing role models and leaders. We value each one of our sponsors and as such, pay great detail in who we cast and how our talent are portrayed.

Quality You Can See From A Distance 11� X 16� Dimensions Thick, durable card stock giving the calendar a good weight and feel. 12 of the finest swimsuit models. Designed to compliment the talent, while showcasing product and sponsors.

Marketing 7th Heaven Calendars aggressively markets each calendar edition. Along with promoting the calendar, we go great lengths to provide our sponsors with; not only visual exposure, on the printed calendar, but also superior website marketing and social media support.

Average Hits Per Month 3,500-5,000 Highest Traffic Months November & December Distribution in 18 Months Total: 3,000+ through Calendar Sales and Giveaways Received Orders from 18 States and 6 Countries Social Media Exposure Fan Page 3,333 Group Page 1,997

Personal Profiles 57,416 Friends Created Model Profiles & Fan Pages 20,258 Fans

Potential Exposure Through Sponsors Fan Pages Roughly 1,000,000+ Total Facebook Exposure Roughly 1,083,004

Followers:1090 Posts: 536 Likes: 24,191 Average 45 likes per image

Followers:130 Pins: 641 Followers:259 Tweets: 254

EVENTS Aside from website and social media traffic, 7th Heaven Calendars remains active within the community and with our sponsors. 7th Heaven Calendars looks to host at least 1 calendar signing event per month in a variety of venues across the valley. To Date: 7th Heaven Calendars has worked with the following venues and establishments creating and executing events: Smashboxx The MINT

American Junkie

Spanish Fly

Scottsdale Nights The Chandler St. Patty’s Festival Gas Light Inn Art Gallery

El Hefe


Buddy Stubbs Bike Week Bike Bash

Estetica Cosmetic

7th Heaven Boutique

7th Heaven Calendars is the perfect fit for entertainment venues who look to host exciting events month-to-month. With our unique and effective marketing techniques we are able to draw old and new patrons into your venue. If you would like to host a 7th Heaven Calendars signing event please email for further details.






$500 Multiple Month Sponsorship 1 Mo. $500 2 Mo. $750 (25% off) 3 Mo: $975 (35% off)

Sponsor your favorite model or sponsor the month(s) that benefits your businesses busy times of the year!




*One Time Fee *365+ Days of Advertising *Grow Your Social Media Fan Base *Exposure locally, nationally and worldwide

All spoonsors will receive online marketing in addition to being featured on the printed publication. -Details on page 6 Product Sponsors: If you would like to see your brand modeled; whether it be a swimsuit or accessories, you may sponsor a model or month and receive a legible text credit on the printed product in addition to online marketing, see page 6.

Front Cover Sponsorship Essentially there are two cover sponsor placements, both sponsors would share the two bottom corners of the cover. Design depends on the company logo however, the design will give both sponsors equal appeal. Cover Sponsorship Cost: $1,500 (one time fee) Exclusive Cover Sponsor: $2,500 ($500 discount)


NEW to the 2015 YEAR Inside 7th Heaven Calendars 2015 will be an additional page, the first page after the cover. This page is reserved for business sponsors who may not have the budget to sponsor a model or month but see the value in marketing with 7th Heaven Calendars! This insert page will only have Sponsors Logos along with website information, contact number along with the option of including a promotion. Ex: Mention you saw us in 7th Heaven Calendars 2015 and receive a 10% discount.


*All business sponsors who sponsored the cover or month(s) will be featured on the back cover. Sponsors on the insert page will not be featured on the back cover.

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Company Logo Website Phone # Promotion (optional)

Sponsor - Online Marketing Benefits

COVER and GOLD SPONSORSHIP -Skyscraper Banner Width: 900 px Height: 150 px - Vertical Banner Width: 200 px Height: 400 px *72 DPI on all banner ads. - Hyper-linked LOGO on the header of the website Banner ads are featured throughout 7th Heaven Calendars website. Sponsors have the option to design their own banner ads or have their banner ad designed by 7th Heaven Calendars. ALL banner ads are hyper-linked from 7th Heaven Calendars website to the sponsors website. Once your banner, is clicked your site will pop-up in a new window. SILVER SPONSORSHIP - Skyscraper Banner - Hyper-linked LOGO on the header of the website *In the event that there are too many logos to fit on the header, 7th Heaven Calendars will replace any logos of sponsors from the previous year that may not have re-sponsored.

BRONZE SPONSORSHIP ($150/Product Sponsors) -Vertical Banner

ALL SPONSOR LOGOS are featured with a hyper-link under the SPONSORS tab, in addition to being featured on the MODELS PROFILE under the 2015 tab on 7th Heaven Calendars utilizes ALL of our fan pages and model profiles to add exposure to our sponsors. Each day we suggest ‘friends’ to like a variety of our sponsors Facebook fan page. As such, we track the growth by recording the day we sent the invitations, what the fan page was at (number) the day of and what the fan page number is 24 hours after suggesting our friends.

In May of 2014 7th Heaven Calendars added 2,078 NEW FANS to our SPONSORS FAN PAGES!!! *7th Heaven Calendars promotes each sponsor’s fan page on their sponsored month and as frequently as possible dependant on their sponsorship package. GOLD and COVER Sponsors are promoted with the highest frequency.

Where Do Your


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Did you know 7th Heaven owns a 32 ft. RV that has been completely customized, from the wrap on the outside to the wrap around LOVESAC Couches and Rockefeller Sound System inside? 7th Heaven uses the RV as a billboard as well as a source of transportation to and from events. The 7th Heaven RV wrap features a variety of 7th Heaven Calendars’ models and website information. Aside from the RV being a visual stimulus, it may also be rented out for special occasions and large events.

Sponsorship Dollars Go


7th Heaven Calendars is unique in the way we compensate and treat our talent. Each model with 7th Heaven Calendars receives base pay along with a swimsuit for shooting with the calendar. We don’t just stop there though; in order to better empower our models to earn more money with 7th Heaven Calendars, they receive commissions for any sponsors they gain and for any calendars they sell, both online and on consignment or at events. Because our models are able to earn more with 7th Heaven Calendars we see a greater participation rate than most publications. This greatly attributes to building the bonds between models and businesses both large and small. Since the models have a chance to earn sponsors they become better brand ambassadors for every sponsor because of that personal sense of accomplishment, and seeing the rewards of their hard work. Sponsorship dollars also go towards the cost of shooting and printing. Here are a variety of shoot concepts we are considering including in the 2015 edition, some of these shoots have specific costs. - Mermaid (underwater Cost $800)

- Exotic Animal (petting zoo cost) - In private jet hanger - Butterfly Release ($1 per Butterfly) - Chinese Cultural Center - Chihuly Blown Glass Exhibit @ Botanical Gardens - Waterfall (Sedona) - Ghost Town - Vintage Car - Beach Cruiser / Roller Skates

2015 EDITION 7th Heaven Calendars anticipates the 2015 edition to be printed and ready to purchase by October 2014!

Any assistance procuring shoot locations, accessories and/or props would be greatly appreciated. All contributions will be recognized on the printed publication in addition to online advertisement.

Shoot Concepts Continued... - Pin-up - Sail boat - High-end Luxury Pool - Masquerade | Evening Entertainment Venue Did you know, 7th Heaven Calendars test shoots with each of our models before they are cast for the calendar? This guarantees us to have the best quality of models. The images collected from the test shoot and each models final shoot are released throughout the year. We design these images into online advertisements of each model, in order to better expose our sponsors and maintain our fans interest throughout the year. CASTING 7th Heaven Calendars is currently finalizing casting for the 2015 edition. Models selected so far can be seen on our site under the 2015 tab. If your company has a model you would like to be considered, please ask them to fill in the application online at ON THE HORIZON... 7th Heaven Calendars is always evolving, here are a few of the calendars ambitions for the new year. - Create iPhone and Android App - Merchandising - Tanks, Maxi Dresses, Tee Shirts, Yoga Pants - Looking to gain a national distributor and to increase local distribution points. - Desktop Calendar in addition to wall hung calendar MARKET COMPARISON Out of 15 Arizonan magazines called none of them offered a full page ad for under $1,000. None of the magazines offered to assist in building my brands website or social media marketing for the same cost of an ad. If I wanted a year’s worth of advertising, it would take 12 payments...

Ready to Become A Proud Sponsor of 7th Heaven Calendars? Instagram: @7thheavencalendars Twitter: 7heavencalendar

T: 480.306.2013

7th Heaven Calendars 2015 Media kit  
7th Heaven Calendars 2015 Media kit  

An in-depth look at 7th Heaven Calendars sponsorship information for the 2015 calendar. #Arizona #7thheavencalendars #Sponsors #advertisin...