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Your editor Arsene Tsokeng

Welcome to our Fearless Movement. ‘‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Be Insprised

Everytime I do something, whether it is personal or professional, I give it my all. Working for fashion advertising companies, I have seen it all and have gained a lot of insightful experience. But I have always felt I can do more than that, I want to go my own way, perhaps different from what is out there at the moment and what people comfortably lay their eyes on and buy it, but still my own. It’s all in the name. With it I am trying to prove a point that anything you set your mind on can be achieved even though circumstances might not seem like it will. My name is Arsene Tsokeng, your editor for this and many more issues to come (fingers crossed), and I will put it as it is : I want to be successful. But not in a greedy way at all. I want to inspire anyone who either has worked with me on this project or at least just list through these few glossy pages. I want you to feel like you do not have to be afraid to express yourself in any way, not just fashion. In this industry it is all about connections but I prefer to call it making friends, finding a muse in each and every one of them,as well as trying to inspire them. I have had the pleasure of working with some great minds and talented people on this issue. You might not know their names just yet but you certainly will in the near future, their work is something you will want to see more of. They were kind enough to work through their free time and even get together to freeze outside on a bridge in a middle of a night in Central London just to get that perfect shot. I want to say a huge thank you to these amazing artists whose work you will get to experience on the next few pages and I want to assure you will want to see more of they have to offer. Arsene Tsokeng, the fearless editor (interviewed and edited by Richard Vasko)

Credits Arsene Tsokeng editor

Illy Jay cover model

David Ferreira designer

Jiois Gallo model

Noriko Okaku animation artist

Richard Vasko model

Sorapol desginer

Raya Martini model

Luca Sherico make-up artist

Vivienne Zhang model

Tanya Sammati make-up artist

Lucie Jury model

Cheong Il Ryu photogrpher

Kristine Ellen Lett model

Mert Degirmendereli photographer

Robyn Beven model

Sara Chergui blogger

Classic Beauty Model 1

Girls getting lost out of place at a fashion party. Makeup: Tanjs Sammati Maodels: Vivienne Zhang, Lucy Jury Designer: Sorapol

Welcome to the Fashion Party

Photographer: Mert Deginmendereli

Photographer: Mert Deginmendereli


he main theme of my work is about explore the variety, eclectic nature and strangeness underlying everyday things and actions. I am attempting to alter the way in which apparently ordinary objects are perceived. Elements are highlighted and their context altered looking at my work. The receiver find their sometimes complacent view of things is subverted and refreshed. My video work incorporates drawing, collage, photography, painting and animation.

Noriko Okaku Japan


made this when I was doing an artist in residence in Denmark. I was going to express something universal through this imaginary character, Mrs. Triangle, but it ended up as my self-portrait. But I still believe that this story can be read in various ways and meanings by the audience. I was very careful and try to be precise to convey what I see visually in my mind. All things happening in this video are metaphor of what I see and feel through my daily life.

I am pretty positive person but I can see some dark aspects in this video but I show it as it is also part of my life. Maybe I don’t call it “dark” it could be more melancholy aspect? By the way,some people find this work funny but some think it is very strange and dark! ‘‘


Barbara D’Altoé

We had the pleasure to be invited to MAISON RoDE fashion show in Bricklane on their London Tour from Milan.What an experience it was. It was great to see such delightful emerging talent and be part of the journey. The fashion was electric and captivating. After the show, we got to discuss (with the deisgner) about their fashion project and its debut. MAISON RoDE is a small fashion house based on the artistic metamorphosis of materials considered “refuses”. The aim of each creation is to give a surreal vision of life, fashion and art. Created by Barbara D’Altoé, MAISON RoDE became a real company one year ago, making every hand-made object its point of strength. kadi, silk and wool, in their variations, leather and eco-leather from recycled remnant of sofa factories, leftovers of tyres, inner tubes and rubber raised to the nobility of elements. Ecology, diversity and grit mark all the productions of the fashion house, that gives a new soul to discarded wheels.



Photographer: Cheong Il Ryu


A late night at the Paino in petite Paris. One of the most amazing clubs in Paris. As we walked in, we were welcomed by a gentle man in a 1940’s parisian suit playing on a french bells nipples. A sweet welcome. The club was dark with jazz music in the background and people dressed in 50’ costumes, some were nude. Well, life is an experience right.


‘‘I’m A Fearless Bitch!’’ Raya Martini, the queen of La Flash CoCotte Paris It was such a pleasure to meet the fearless queen on my Paris Trip. ‘‘I’m Fearless. Why should I live in fear?!’’ Yes, she is a boy but she loves being a girl and looks even more fabulous that way. “I’m a model and a superstar”, she says. So we thank Raya For sharing her fierce and fearless self with us. Live the life that’s yours, make your own rules!

Merci Raya

David Ferriera Design Illy Jay Model Photographer: Arsene Tsokeng

David Ferriera Design

David Ferriera

23 Year old from Portugal. What is so fearless about this young designer? As discribed by David, he likes to find something that is ugly,boring and uninteresting, and make it into something beautiful. His designs daring and bold.

He wants it to be a tool of impowerment for women. It was a great pleasure to meet such talented artist and have his work feature on the cover. After stopping David Ferreira in a Soho bar, we bluntly asked if we could work on a shoot with one of his design peieces. We planed a meeting for the shoot the following Saturday. The 23 year old Protuguese designer is a student at University of Westminister.

DReam Boy

“Fear is within us alway but it’s our williness to break free from all the clouding sounds surround

ing us to face those fears which makes us fearless.”

Arsene Tsokeng

Dream Girl

“ It always seems impossible, until it is done. � Nelson Mandela

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