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I started Benzo in 1998. Benzo comes from car fuel (benzin in Russian pronunciation). In Moscow, most of the cars still don’t have catalysts, in this way our bodies take part in the recycling of oil. We breathe Benzo in and we breathe less Benzo out. It’s always the same. Gas has become a part of our metabolism. At the beginning Benzo music was created with USSR equipment – old Sowjet synths and guitar pedals. Also all kinds of Samples – Russian Vinyl, Cassettes and Field Recordings. My wish was to create some short stories or novel in musical form. The content of narrative was my experience of daily life in Moscow. Benzo in 2013 remains basically the same.

Benzo “” Performance

My concept of live Benzo performance is to be as close to regular rock music live performance as I can. On stage I do not use computer, MIDI or sequencer.

Everything is played manually as the rock musicians do. “” sounds like a vinyl LP from seventies with total duration about a 40 minutes. The right definition would be a “concept album” – my personal impressions what the city of Moscow is about – a set of narrative audio Polaroid’s. Track list: 1. weather report 2. the square 3. freedom 4. tears 5. nails 6. void 7. cross 8. mother 9. love 10. raw Two Bonus Tracks – Special Tracks created for event/festival and premiered there.

Benzo – “” at The Morning Line Vienna, Music Festival 2012 Benzo –“” at Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw 2013

Benzo – “” promo videos:

2013 - Benzo -"" - Love 2013 - Benzo -"" - A Girlfriend

Richardas Norvila/Benzo Moscow, South Port, in November 2013

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Benzo/Richardas Norvila Updates:

2013 benzo moscow today performance press release  
2013 benzo moscow today performance press release