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Classroom Presenter for the XO Laptop CSE 477 Spring 2008 urses/cse477/08sp/projectwebs/c/web

Basic Concept • Vision – Re-create Classroom Presenter for OLPC (XO) • Cheaper hardware and software increases availability

– Expands educational value of the XO • Allows teachers and students to collaborate with classroom content such as activities and exercises • Offer teachers ability to use or enhance existing lesson plans • Interactive style engages students and encourages expression

Related Work • UW Classroom Presenter – Richard Anderson, et. al., UW CSE – CP on lower-power platforms, Craig Prince

• Intel Classmate PC • XO Activities – Image Quiz Activity – Read Activity

• Multiple Mice for Computers in Education in Developing Countries – Pawar, Pal & Toyama at Berkeley

Scenario •

Teacher initializes Classroom Presenter on “Instructor XO”

Students log onto their XO and connect to instructor XO via wireless mesh network

Students see class content on their XO and perform exercises

Teacher collects submissions and discuss as a class

Teacher can broadcast one student submission to entire class

Features (Beta 1) – Slide Decks

Slide decks are resumed through the Journal

Support JPEG, SVG, and PNG graphic formats

Slide alterations are automatically saved back to the journal

Features (Beta 1) – Sharing Locked/Unlocked

Shared Activity

• Instructor starts CP and shares activity • Students join shared activity • Instructor can control students’ navigation

Features (Beta 1) – Ink

Instructor can draw on slides and students will see the instructor’s ink

Students can draw on own slides and submit ink back to the instructor

Features (Beta 1) – Submissions 1. Students complete objective

4. Teacher broadcast a submission

2. Students submit

3. Teacher views submissions

Implementation – Overview • Four main components: – User Interface – Ink – Sharing – File I/O

• Languages/Libraries – Python – pyGTK+ – Cairo – Telepathy

Implementation – GUI & Ink • Toolbars


– Activity – Navigation – Ink

• Slide Thumbnails • Submission List • Slide Viewer slideviewer



• Text Entry Pane

Implementation – Sharing • Telepathy and the Sugar Presence Service • DBUS Tubes   – Remote Procedure Call for shared navigation, instructor ink, and submissions

• Stream Tubes – HTTP for initial deck transfer

• Works over mesh network and wireless access points

Implementation – File Format & I/O • Deck consists of an XML file containing index and ink, and a collection of graphic files • Encapsulated as a .cpxo file, which is a ZIP archive • Decks stored in the Sugar datastore; accessible through the Journal

Evaluation – Application Constraints • Usability testing – Completeness – Ease of use

• Performance testing (next week) – Logged timestamps for: • activity initialization • sharing and deck submissions • navigation and redrawing

– Compared with other XO activities & UW Classroom Presenter

Evaluation – Classroom • Demoed May 20th at Arbor Heights Elementary School – Third grade class of 25 students and 8 XOs – Provided live usability and performance test

Evaluation – Student Submissions

Evaluation – Feedback • Mark Ahlness – 3rd Grade Teacher – “I have not had an hour like this - ever.” – “To think that this program could run in a remote village anywhere in the world, even one without electricity - well, that really excites me. I think a few of my kids got that as well.”

• XO Community – Developers’ Mailing List – “. . . I just wanted to congratulate you and your colleagues for a cool project.  I think it will be extremely useful when it is done.” • Carol Lerche – XO developer

Unknowns • Don't know how Classroom Presenter scales – Large classrooms (30+ students) – Large slide decks (20+ MB) – Both?

• Windows XP on the XO – Questionable support for the Sugar platform (Sugar Labs) – Unknown effect on potential acceptance of CP

• Problems with slide deck sharing (stream tubes) – Mesh network: fails occasionally – Wireless LAN: multiple downloaders known to cause failures

Future Work •

Slide deck creation tools –

Templates / available lesson plans

Another activity

Classroom Presenter cross-platform compatibility –

Instructor with Windows PC and students with XOs

Compatibility with other commodity hardware

Multi-lingual support

Stylus on the track-pad to simplify adding ink

XO-2 (2010) -- Dual touch screens