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Thanks to Reiki healing home study courses, becoming a Reiki Master is easier now than it has ever been. For many years, in fact almost since its existence, information about Reiki was kept secret. But, there is no reason for this secrecy. The secrecy does not make the practice any more or less powerful. Why should an energy source that is infinite only be available for use by a select few? People who still insist on the idea that Reiki knowledge should be kept secret are probably misguided. But, it is their choice and Reiki has much to do with the power of personal choice. Hawayo Takata, the first person to teach Reiki in the United States, charged $10,000 for the privilege of becoming a Reiki Master. Chujiro Hayashi, her teacher, cautioned his students about publicizing their knowledge, according to an early Japanese newspaper article. The same article indicates that the fees he charged were considered a "great deal of money" at that time. Today, Reiki healing home study courses are reasonably priced and much can be learned for free, thanks to the internet and masters who wish to share their knowledge with others. Charging a fee for training a master is understandable, but the high fees charged by Hawayo Takata were never part of Usui Reiki, that is the healing art practiced and taught by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1920s. The stories concerning the origins of charging for Reiki were part of Mrs. Takata's teachings and it is now known that the history of Reiki taught by Mrs. Takata was inaccurate, to say the least. Usui owned and operated a simple school or dojo and the fees he charged are unknown. Mrs. Takata maintained that Reiki had "died out" in Japan after World War II. We now know that the society established by Usui, the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkei or Usui Kai, exists in Japan to this day. Part of Mrs. Takata's tale was that Hayashi was the "Grand Master" of Reiki and that he passed the title onto her before his death. She maintained that becoming a Reiki Master required that a person be instructed by a "grand master" or someone who had been instructed by a grand master. We now know that the title was something that she invented. The Usui Kai has a president, but that is the extent of the titles used by the society. Hayashi was a student of Usui and he did train Mrs. Takata, but he was never a "Grand Master". He was never even president of the Usui Reiki society. But, none of this is really important, except to say that anyone can learn to use Reiki. Training is

sometimes included in massage or healing touch courses. You can learn by attending seminars or private classes. Or, you can learn in the privacy of your own home at your own pace with Reiki healing home study courses. Some of which are very good. ==== ==== For More Information Please Go To: ==== ====

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