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Vicks Humidifier Instructions Symptoms associated with cold and flu can be easily relieved with the Vicks Humidifier. This cool mist humidifier is very easy to use and easy to maintain and care for. It also has the specially added feature of a scented pad heater that allows Vicks Vapo active ingredients to spread throughout the room for more beneficial usage. The following are Vicks Humidifier instructions for easy guidelines in using this product. The first step is to set up the humidifier. Take the Vicks Humidifier out of the box and inspect if there are any damages. Examine the water reservoir well and check if there are any cracks. Never use the humidifier if there are any damages observed. Keep the humidifier on a flat surface and make sure that it is located where wires can be tucked safely out of sight to prevent people from tripping over them. It should be placed far from walls and furniture. Ensure that the directional mist nozzle will not point directly to the walls, furniture, or people who will use the humidifier. After completing the setup, Vicks Humidifier is now ready to use. The next step to learn is how to operate the humidifier. If it is not used, the humidifier should be unplugged from the electrical outlet. Before using it, the cord should be unplugged and the power switch should be in "Off" position. The water tank should be removed and filled with cool tap water first, then place it back on the base. Look over the rest of the humidifier and inspect the base and nebulizer to check if these are clean and dust-free. Hands should be dried before plugging the humidifier in. The power switch can then be turned to the "On" position. The special scent pads should also be cared for and maintained well. The Vicks Humidifier's scent pad heating mechanism is an added feature for greater relief from cold and flu symptoms. The scent pad slot can be found under the water tank. Remove the water tank first from the base in order to see this scent pad slot. Place the scent pad carefully into the slot before replacing the water tank, and then turn the humidifier on. The scent pad will give added comfort that can last up to 8 hours. Avoid touching the scent pad. Immediately wash hands once any contact occurs. The area of the scent pad heater is kept warm and active when the humidifier is on, so extra caution should be used when the scent pad is being removed from the heater. The next step is to learn about condensation. The Vicks Humidifier should not be placed in a completely closed room. There should be enough room for exhaust in order to avoid condensation buildup on walls, windows, and furniture caused by the humidifier's moisture. This could be prevented by leaving the room's door open. However, if there is still condensation evident in the room, the power know should be adjusted to decrease the intensity of the mist. Lastly, daily humidifier maintenance should also be noted. The humidifier should never have water kept inside it when it is not in use. Keep in mind that the water tank should always be removed and emptied of excess water, then completely dried off afterwards. Old scent pads should be pulled out of the pad slot and thrown away. Adhere to these very easy to do and easy to remember Vicks Humidifier Instructions for longer use and greater enjoyment of this incomparable and beneficial cool mist humidifier.


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feature of a scented pad heater that allows Vicks Vapo active ingredients to spread throughout the

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